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In the enchanting world of gastronomy, Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood stands as a culinary sanctuary that skillfully blends delectable dishes with an unparalleled reputation. With a legacy steeped in excellence, this esteemed establishment has etched its name into the culinary tapestry through a harmonious fusion of esteemed repute and an enduring wave of popularity. Join us as we embark on a savory journey to unveil the narrative of Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood – a tale interwoven with history, culinary expertise, and the very essence that fuels its resounding acclaim. Below are the latest Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood menu prices.


Appetizers (Cold)

Served chilled.
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail$16.00
Oyster Cocktail$10.00
Little Neck Clams Cocktail$9.00
Grilled Asparagus Vinaigrette$9.00
Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers$9.00

Appetizers (Hot)

Served hot.
Maryland Crab Cakes$14.00
Steamed Little Necks$14.00
Pan Seared Diver Scallops$18.00
Fried Calamari$10.00
Clams Casino$9.00
Asparagus En Carrozza$9.00

Salads and Soups

Madison Salad$7.00
Sliced Tomato and Onion$7.00
Caesar Salad$7.00
Warm Spinach Salad$8.00
Lobster Bisque$7.00
French Onion Soup$7.00

Madison's Specials

Rack Of Lamb$38.00
Grilled Pork Chops$26.00
Roast Long Island Duckling$28.00
Chicken Milanese$25.00


Linguine with Clam Sauce$21.00
Fettucine Alfredo$18.00
Penne Ala Vodka$18.00

Aged Certified Black Angus Steaks

New York Sirloin$38.00
Filet Mignon$32.00
Rib Eye$42.00


Colossal Shrimp Scampi$30.00
Grilled Grand Banks Sword Fish$30.00
Diver Sea Scallops$35.00
Norwegian Salmon$30.00

Side Orders

Mashed Potatoes$6.00
Homemade Steak Fries$6.00
Fresh Creamed Spinach$6.00
Steamed Asparagus$6.00
Baked Potato Idaho$6.00
Sweet Potato Fries$6.00
Steamed Broccoli$6.00
Sauteed Mushroom$6.00
Baked Sweet Potato$6.00
Caramelized or Crispy Fried Onion$6.00

Children's Menu

Chicken Fingers and Fries$12.00
Petite Pasta Dishes$8.00
Petite Burger with Fries$10.00
Cheese Ravioli$10.00
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A Legacy of Culinary Mastery: Unveiling the Heritage

Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood is more than just a dining destination; it’s a living testament to a legacy that spans generations. Established in 1995 by the visionary Chef Caroline Madison, this culinary gem was born from a passion to showcase the art of steak and seafood in an ambiance of sophistication. Enriched by Chef Madison’s culinary background and her commitment to crafting dishes that pay homage to the bounties of land and sea, the steakhouse emerged as a sanctuary of culinary excellence that captivates all who enter.

The journey of Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood commenced in a modest setting, where Chef Madison channeled her culinary prowess into creating steak and seafood masterpieces that embarked on a journey to tantalize palates. Guided by an unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients, a devotion to the art of culinary finesse, and a dedication to creating a dining experience that is both elegant and inviting, the restaurant quickly captured the hearts of discerning diners and critics alike. As time unfolded, the establishment expanded not only in size but also in its transformation into a dining haven that beckons and captivates.

A Symphony of Flavors: Savoring Culinary Treasures

Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood unveils a menu that unfolds like a symphony, orchestrating a harmonious blend of flavors designed to gratify even the most discerning palates. At the heart of this epicurean journey lies the steak and seafood selection – an array of culinary triumphs ranging from succulent filet mignon to pristine seafood platters. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared and presented, resulting in a crescendo of flavors that tantalize the senses. However, the culinary journey extends beyond the main courses.

The culinary narrative at Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood encompasses a variety of appetizers that awaken the taste buds. From elegant oysters on the half shell to delicate shrimp cocktail, the appetizers serve as a prelude to the gastronomic adventure that awaits. For those who revel in oceanic delights, an array of seafood treasures awaits, meticulously prepared with the same care and precision that grace the steak selection.

Enhancing the dining experience are a variety of sides that elevate the flavors of the main dishes. From creamy lobster bisque to vibrant seasonal vegetables and the restaurant’s signature truffle mashed potatoes, each element is thoughtfully crafted to complement the overall meal, resulting in a culinary symphony that resonates with the senses.

A Nexus of Excellence and Admiration: Decoding the Allure

The allure of Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood isn’t a mere coincidence; it’s a meticulously woven tapestry composed of various elements that converge to create an unparalleled dining experience.

An Exemplar of Culinary Finesse: From the moment patrons step into Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood, they’re enveloped by an ambiance that seamlessly blends sophistication with comfort. Every detail, from the elegant decor to the attentive staff, reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence that resonates with diners, fostering a loyalty that transcends fleeting trends.

Tradition Meets Culinary Innovation: Rooted in culinary tradition, Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood also embraces innovation. Chef Madison and her team passionately explore new flavors, techniques, and seasonal ingredients, ensuring that the menu remains a canvas of culinary creativity. This harmonious blend between heritage and innovation guarantees a dining experience that remains perpetually enticing.

A Hub of Community and Connection: Beyond being a dining establishment, Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood fosters a sense of community engagement. The restaurant actively participates in local events, supports charitable causes, and collaborates with neighboring businesses, creating an environment where patrons feel like cherished members of an extended culinary family.

In a culmination that seamlessly bridges tradition with contemporary allure, Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood stands as a testament to culinary finesse, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a passion for crafting enduring culinary memories. Whether indulging in the succulent steak, immersing in the inviting ambiance, or savoring the gracious service, Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood captures the hearts – and palates – of all who enter its embrace. When the craving for a dining experience that transcends the ordinary beckons, heed the call and immerse yourself in the world of Madison Steakhouse & Fine Seafood. Your taste buds will forever be grateful.

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