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In the bustling landscape of fast-casual dining, a name that has captured the attention of food enthusiasts and seekers of bold flavors is Mad Mex Australia. With a reputation that resonates with both Mexican cuisine aficionados and those looking for a quick yet satisfying meal, Mad Mex has become a go-to destination for a taste of the vibrant flavors of Mexico. Join us as we delve into the culinary journey, reputation, and popularity that define Mad Mex Australia. Below are the latest Mad Mex Australia menu prices.



Naked Burrito 'Bowl' Combo x1$22.96
Nachos Combo x1$23.96
Quesadilla Combo x1$22.94
Grande Melt Combo x 1$23.96
Small Burrito Combo x 1$19.58
Small Naked Burrito 'Bowl' Combo x 1$19.58

Family Combo

Burritos Combo x 2$45.07
Taco Kit$46.47

Popular Items

Naked Burrito 'Bowl' Combo$21.00



Combos x 1

Burrito Combo$21.04
Nachos Combo$21.50
Quesadilla Combo$21.04
Ensalada Combo$21.00
Grande Melt Combo$21.54
Small Burrito Combo$17.54
Small Naked Burrito 'Bowl' Combo$17.68


Grande melt$15.83

Combos para 2, 4 or 10

Burrito x 2$39.47

Small and Kids

Small Naked Burrito 'Bowl'$11.52
Small Nachos$13.26

Small Meals & Kids

Cheese Quesadilla$6.72

Featured items

Small Burrito$11.81
Burrito Combo x 1$22.96


Organic Kombucha - Lemon, Lime & Mint$5.50
Organic Kombucha - Ginger Lemon$5.50
Organic Kombucha - Raspberry Lemonade$5.50
Mexican Jarritos - Cola$6.00
Mexican Jarritos - Guava$6.00
Mexican Jarritos - Lime$6.00
Pepsi Can$3.50
Pepsi Max Can$3.50
Solo Can$3.50
Sunkist Can$3.50
Spring Water$3.50
600ml Pepsi$5.65
600ml Pepsi Max$5.65
Red Bull$5.64
600ml Solo$5.65
600ml Sunkist$5.65
Red Bull Sugar free$5.65
Peach Lipton Ice Tea$5.64
Lemon Lipton Ice Tea$5.64
Red Bull Tropical$5.70
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A Mexperience Beyond Boundaries

At the heart of Mad Mex Australia lies a commitment to authenticity, quality, and the celebration of Mexican culture through food. From the sizzle of grilled meats to the aromatic spices that fill the air, Mad Mex aims to recreate the vibrant culinary scene of Mexico. Every dish is an exploration of flavors that range from the familiar to the daring, providing patrons with an opportunity to indulge their taste buds in a Mexperience like no other.

Crafting Flavorful Narratives

One of Mad Mex Australia’s unique strengths lies in its ability to craft flavorful narratives through its diverse menu offerings. Each dish tells a story that pays homage to Mexican street food and traditional favorites. From burritos bursting with fillings to tacos adorned with zesty sauces, every bite at Mad Mex is designed to transport diners to the vibrant markets and bustling kitchens of Mexico.

Moreover, Mad Mex Australia empowers diners to customize their meals to suit their preferences. The “Build Your Own” concept allows patrons to choose from a variety of proteins, fillings, and toppings, ensuring that every visit offers a personalized Mexperience. This interactive approach enhances the dining experience, making it more than just a meal but a culinary adventure.

A Flavor Revolution that Transcends Borders

The popularity of Mad Mex Australia can be attributed to its innovation, accessibility, and the ever-growing demand for bold and exciting flavors. The restaurant has transformed traditional Mexican cuisine into a convenient and customizable format, making it accessible to a wide range of diners. This adaptability is a major factor in its widespread appeal among different age groups and demographics.

Mad Mex Australia has also embraced the digital age, utilizing social media platforms to engage with its audience. The visually appealing presentation of its dishes, coupled with engaging content, has helped create a digital buzz that translates into real-world traffic. The restaurant’s online presence has enabled it to connect with a broader audience and showcase its culinary offerings to those seeking unique dining experiences.

A Commitment to Quality and Freshness

Central to Mad Mex Australia’s reputation is its unwavering commitment to using high-quality and fresh ingredients. The restaurant prides itself on preparing its dishes with real food that is free from artificial additives and preservatives. This dedication to quality not only ensures a flavorful dining experience but also resonates with health-conscious diners who value transparency in their food choices.

Furthermore, Mad Mex Australia places a strong emphasis on sustainability. The brand’s “Responsible Mex” initiative focuses on reducing its environmental footprint through practices such as compostable packaging and responsible sourcing. This commitment aligns with the values of socially conscious consumers and contributes to the restaurant’s reputation as a responsible and ethical dining choice.


Mad Mex Australia stands as a testament to the power of bold flavors, innovation, and cultural celebration in the realm of fast-casual dining. With its commitment to authenticity, customization, and quality, the restaurant has carved a niche for itself in the hearts of food enthusiasts and those seeking a Mexperience that transcends borders. As it continues to capture the essence of Mexican cuisine and create flavorful narratives through its menu, Mad Mex Australia remains a culinary destination that delights, satisfies, and offers a taste of Mexico’s vibrant spirit.

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Mad Mex Australia FAQ

How much is Mad Mex Australia's Quesadilla?

Quesadilla – $14.09

How much is a Quesadilla Combo at Mad Mex Australia?

Quesadilla Combo – $21.04

How much are Fiesta at Mad Mex Australia?

Fiesta – $141.29

How much does a Mad Mex Australia's Cheese Quesadilla Cost?

Cheese Quesadilla – $6.58

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