Lord of the Fries Prices: How much is Lord of the Fries?

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In the ever-evolving culinary landscape, certain names shine like beacons, drawing food enthusiasts with the promise of unique flavors and a distinct reputation. One such name that has carved its niche in the hearts and taste buds of many is “Lord of the Fries.” Beyond being just a fast-food joint, this establishment boasts a reputation and popularity that stem from a perfect blend of taste and innovation. As we unravel the crispy journey of Lord of the Fries, we’ll explore how this eatery has mastered the art of perplexity and burstiness, captivating appetites and imagination alike. Below are the latest Lord of the Fries menu prices.


Value Burgers

Chick'n Jnr$8.11

Limited Time

Plant Based Lamb Style Souvlaki$18.20
Giant Curry Roll$7.97
Giant Curry Roll x 2$13.37


Shoestring Fries$6.96
Classic Fries$6.55


Chilli Egg Muffin$8.36
Egg & Bacon Muffin$8.34
Egg & Patty Muffin$9.04
Chick’n Waffle$11.90
Hash & Patty Muffin$9.07
Chick'n Waffle$12.56
Hash Brown$2.43

Featured items

Classic Hot Dog$11.57
Stinger Burger$16.43

Big Burgers

Original Burger$10.34
Big Original Burger$11.94
Spicy Burger$10.04
Big Spicy Burger$11.94
Big Garden Burger$11.03
Big Chick'n Burger$11.81
Big Parma Burger$12.68
Aloo Tikki Burger$14.73
Big Phish Burger$13.34
The Lot Burger$14.90
Big The Lot Burger$14.13
Biggie Burger$15.04
Nature Burger$14.95

Mini Burgers

Mini Original$5.96
Mini Spicy Burger$5.91
Original Mini Burger$5.84
Mini Garden Burger$5.82
Garden Burger$7.27
Mini Chick'n Burger$5.78
Chick'n Burger$10.04
Mini Parma Burger$6.30
Mini Phish Burger$6.97
Parma Burger$10.52
Phish Burger$8.82

Hot Dogs

Melbourne Hotdog$9.98
Spicy Hot Dog$11.57


Melbourne Premium Hotdog$13.49
Chicago Premium Hotdog$13.49

Premium Burgers

Premium Original Burger$17.51
Premium Spicy Burger$17.44
Premium Garden Burger$15.72
Premium Chick'n Burger$15.72
Premium Parma Burger$16.76
Premium The Lot Burger$19.29
Mac N’ Cheese Burger$13.31


Sweet Potato Fries$9.03
Chunky Fries$6.43

Halal Snack Pack

Classic Fries Halal Snack Pack$14.95
Chunky Fries Halal Snack Pack$14.95
Shoestring Fries Halal Snack Pack$14.95
Sweet Potato Fries Halal Snack Pack$17.25


Onion Rings$9.82
Fried Chick'n$12.80
Mac and Cheese Balls$9.66


Mac 'n Cheese Balls$9.73


American Classic Sauce$1.94
Belgian Classic Sauce$1.94
Indian Classic Sauce$1.78
Middle Eastern Classic Sauce$1.94
Parisian Classic Sauce$1.94
Vietnamese Classic Sauce$1.94
African Deluxe Sauce$3.84
French Canadian Deluxe Sauce$3.84
Italian Deluxe Sauce$3.84
Malaysian Deluxe Sauce$3.51
Mexican Deluxe Sauce$3.73

Munch Boxes

Nugget Munch Box$9.48
Onion Ring Munch Box$9.48
Mac n' cheese munch box$9.40
Mixed Munch Box$12.68
Sampler Munch Box$18.57
Fried Chick'n Munch Box$12.67
Phish Munch Box$12.65

Classic Sauces

Middle Eastern$2.09

Deluxe Sauces

French Canadian$4.19

Other Sauces

Sour cream$1.75
Napoli sauce$1.75
Sweet Chilli$1.75


Pepsi Max 600ml$5.57
Diet Coke$2.30
Coke Zero$2.30
Charlies Juice - Apple 300ml$5.55
Coke - No Sugar$2.30
Vanilla Coke$2.31
Coke Classic$2.54
Mt Franklin Water$4.35
Lipton Iced Tea - Peach 500ml$5.76
Vitamin Water$4.85
Jarrito's Range$4.85
Schweppes Lemonade 600ml$5.51
Fuze Ice Tea$4.85
Keri Juice$4.36
Solo Lemon 600ml$5.57
Mt Franklin Sparkling Water$4.35
Pepsi 600ml$5.54
Lipton Iced Tea - Lemon 500ml$5.65
Pepsi 300ml$4.79
Pepsi Max Vanilla 600ml$5.53
Cool Ridge Spring Water 600ml$4.68
Lipton Iced Tea - Mango 500ml$5.65
Mountain Dew Energise 600ml$5.49
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A Flurry of Flavors: The Perplexity of Choice

At Lord of the Fries, simplicity meets complexity in a symphony of flavors that beckon both the casual diner and the fervent foodie. The menu is a treasure trove of variations on a universally beloved treat: fries. From classic shoestring fries to sweet potato delights and even zucchini alternatives, the sheer variety on offer adds an element of perplexity that entices patrons to explore beyond their comfort zones.

But the true magic lies in the array of globally-inspired sauces that accompany these fries. The concoctions span the spectrum from tangy to spicy, from smoky to sweet. Imagine indulging in poutine-style fries topped with savory gravy and melty cheese curds, or dipping into a vibrant truffle aioli that elevates the humble fry into a gourmet delight. The complexity of flavors mirrors the diverse palates of modern diners, inviting them to embark on a tantalizing journey of taste.

Beyond Fries: Bursting with Creativity

What sets Lord of the Fries apart is its dedication to burstiness, transcending the confines of traditional fast food. The establishment’s creativity extends beyond the fryer, evident in its plant-based offerings that cater to a wide range of dietary preferences. This innovation is a reflection of modern food trends and a growing consciousness about sustainability and health.

The burstiness comes alive in the vibrant fusion of cultures and cuisines. Picture Korean-inspired kimchi loaded fries or Indian-spiced curry fries. These unexpected fusions celebrate culinary diversity and provide a delightful contrast to the conventional fast-food experience. The atmosphere within the eatery is equally lively, with colorful decor and a sense of community that further enhances the burstiness of the overall experience.

Crispy Legend: The Reputation and Popularity

Lord of the Fries’ reputation is akin to a legendary tale whispered among food enthusiasts. What began as a humble food truck in Melbourne, Australia, has burgeoned into an international phenomenon, capturing hearts across continents. The brand’s commitment to quality ingredients, innovative recipes, and sustainable practices has paved the way for its enduring popularity.

The digital age has played a pivotal role in amplifying the reputation and popularity of Lord of the Fries. Social media platforms and review websites have become platforms for patrons to share their gastronomic adventures, thereby propelling the brand’s reach beyond physical boundaries. The burstiness of online interactions mirrors the diverse offerings of the eatery, creating a captivating narrative that invites both local and global audiences.


Lord of the Fries stands as a testament to the intricate dance of perplexity and burstiness within the culinary world. Its diverse menu and innovative approach redefine fast food, inviting patrons to partake in a symphony of flavors and experiences. As reputation and popularity intertwine, Lord of the Fries remains a crisp example of how a simple concept can evolve into a global sensation. So, whether you’re a devoted foodie or a casual snacker, take a bite into the crispy journey that is Lord of the Fries, and experience the magic of taste and innovation.

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Lord of the Fries FAQ

How much is Lord of the Fries's Shoestring Fries?

Shoestring Fries – $6.90

How much is a Original Big Burger at Lord of the Fries?

Original Big Burger – $10.95

How much are Chick'n Big Burger at Lord of the Fries?

Chick’n Big Burger – $10.95

How much does a Lord of the Fries's Egg & Patty Muffin Cost?

Egg & Patty Muffin – $8.68

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