Lord of the Fries Prices New Zealand: How much is Lord of the Fries New Zealand?

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In the bustling world of fast food, Lord of the Fries New Zealand stands out as a beacon of innovation and deliciousness, captivating taste buds and hearts with its unique offering of vegetarian and vegan delights. With a history rooted in a commitment to providing a healthier and more ethical fast food experience, Lord of the Fries has carved its niche as a go-to destination for both veggie lovers and fast food aficionados. Below are the latest Lord of the Fries Menu Prices New Zealand.



Shoestring Fries$6.90
Hot Cinnamon Donuts (3)$6.90
Classic Fries$6.90
Mini Corn dog Munch Box$9.80


Egg & Bacon Muffin$9.80
Chilli Egg Muffin$8.65
Egg & Patty Muffin$9.80
Hash & Patty Muffin$9.80
Chick'n Waffle$11.50
Hash Brown x2$3.45

Mini Burgers

Spicy Burger$8.50
Garden Burger$8.50
Chick'n Burger$8.50
Phish Burger$9.20
Poutine Burger$9.20

Big Burgers

Original Burger$13.25
Spicy Burger (Big Burgers)$13.25
Garden Burger (Big Burgers)$13.25
Chick'n Burger (Big Burgers)$13.25
Parma Burger$14.35
Phish Burger (Big Burgers)$15.55
The Lot Burger$16.75
Biggie Burger$16.20
Poutine Burger (Big Burgers)$14.35

Hot Dogs


Premium Burgers

Original Burger (Premium Burgers)$17.85
Spicy Burger (Premium Burgers)$17.85
Garden Burger (Premium Burgers)$17.85
Chick'n Burger (Premium Burgers)$17.85
Parma Burger (Premium Burgers)$19.00
The Lot Burger (Premium Burgers)$21.30

Premium Hot Dogs

Melbourne (Premium Hot Dogs)$17.85
Chicago (Premium Hot Dogs)$17.85
Tijuana (Premium Hot Dogs)$17.85


Classic Fries (Fries)$6.90
Chunky Fries$6.90
Shoestring Fries (Fries)$6.90
Sweet Potato Fries$9.20

Halal Snack Pack

Classic Fries Halal Snack Pack$14.95
Chunky Fries Halal Snack Pack$14.95
Shoestring Fries Halal Snack Pack$14.95
Sweet Potato Fries Halal Snack Pack$16.70


Onion Rings$9.80
Hot Cinnamon Donuts (3) (Sides)$6.90
Hot Cinnamon Donuts (6)$12.65

Munch Boxes

Mini Corn dog Munch Box (Munch Boxes)$9.80
Onion Ring Munch Box$9.80
New Mixed Munch Box$12.65
Fried Chick'n Munch Box$13.80
Phish Munch Box$13.80

Classic Sauces

Middle Eastern$1.75

Deluxe Sauces

French Canadian$3.45

Other Sauces

Sour cream$1.75
Napoli sauce$1.75
Sweet Chilli$1.75


Milkshakes (Beverages)$9.20
Keri Orange Juice$4.60
Karma Kombucha$6.30
Karma Cola 300ml$5.75
Gingerella Ginger Ale 300ml$5.75
Lemmy 300ml$5.75
Otakiri Water 330ml$4.05


Hot Cinnamon Donuts (3) (Desserts)$6.90
Hot Cinnamon Donuts (6) (Desserts)$12.65
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A Plant-Based Revolution: The Birth of Lord of the Fries New Zealand

The story of Lord of the Fries New Zealand begins with a vision to revolutionize the fast food landscape. Founded with the intent to offer a menu entirely free from animal products, this establishment embarked on a journey to provide fast food enthusiasts with a more sustainable and compassionate dining option.

Ethical Eating: At the core of Lord of the Fries’ reputation lies its dedication to ethical and environmentally friendly dining. From using plant-based ingredients to minimizing its carbon footprint, every decision is guided by a commitment to a healthier planet and happier animals.

Crafting Culinary Delights: Lord of the Fries New Zealand’s Veggie Creations

The reputation of Lord of the Fries New Zealand is a testament to its culinary prowess, focusing on crafting dishes that are not only satisfying but also a celebration of the diverse flavors that plant-based ingredients can offer.

A Veggie Extravaganza: A highlight of Lord of the Fries’ allure is its ability to reimagine fast food classics without compromising on taste. From hearty vegan burgers to crispy fries served with an array of delectable sauces, every bite is a journey through the flavors of creative plant-based cooking.

A Name that Resonates: Popularity and Beyond

The popularity of Lord of the Fries New Zealand extends beyond its menu. Through glowing reviews and word of mouth, its reputation has grown, making it a sought-after culinary destination for individuals seeking a guilt-free and flavorful fast food experience.

A Meeting Place for Foodies: Lord of the Fries has become a favorite among both vegetarians and non-vegetarians looking to explore a different side of fast food. Its menu caters to diverse tastes, welcoming those who are health-conscious, environmentally aware, and simply in search of something deliciously unique.

Beyond the Fryer: Lord of the Fries New Zealand’s Impact

Lord of the Fries’ influence reaches beyond its counter. It has played a significant role in changing perceptions about fast food and highlighting the possibilities of plant-based cuisine. Its commitment to sustainability and innovation has inspired others to consider the impact of their food choices.

A Legacy of Change: As time moves forward, Lord of the Fries New Zealand continues to cement its place as a trailblazer in the fast food industry. Its dedication to providing an exceptional plant-based dining experience while contributing to positive change ensures that its legacy thrives.

In Conclusion: A Veggie Adventure in Every Bite

Lord of the Fries New Zealand is more than just a fast food joint; it’s an adventure in plant-based flavors and ethical dining. Its reputation, built on innovation and a commitment to delivering a guilt-free dining experience, continues to shine as a beacon for those seeking a fast food journey that is both satisfying and environmentally conscious.

With popularity that resonates across diets and a dedication to promoting sustainable eating, Lord of the Fries New Zealand is a name cherished by food enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Through every bite of a vegan burger and every taste of crispy fries, Lord of the Fries’ dedication to culinary delight stands as a testament, inviting all to embark on a flavorful journey that remains unmatched in its creativity and brilliance.

To learn more about Lord of the Fries New Zealand or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.lordofthefries.co.nz/.

Lord of the Fries New Zealand FAQ

Lord of the Fries New Zealand FAQ

How much is Lord of the Fries New Zealand's Shoestring Fries?

Shoestring Fries – $6.90

How much is a Egg & Bacon Muffin at Lord of the Fries New Zealand?

Egg & Bacon Muffin – $9.80

How much are Chick'n Waffle at Lord of the Fries New Zealand?

Chick’n Waffle – $11.50

How much does a Lord of the Fries New Zealand's Poutine Burger Cost?

Poutine Burger – $9.20

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