Leon Prices: How much is Leon?

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In the realm of conscious dining, “Leon” stands as a beacon of wholesome and flavorful cuisine. This article invites you to explore the world of “Leon,” unraveling its esteemed reputation, growing popularity, and the facets that contribute to its position as a beloved destination for nourishing and delectable meals. Below are the latest Leon menu prices.

Table of Contents

Organic Coffee

Latte - Regular£3.79
Cappuccino - Regular£3.79
Americano - Regular£3.29
Chai Tea Latte - Regular£3.99
Chai Tea Latte - Large£4.29
Vanilla Matcha Latte - Regular£3.99
Vanilla Matcha Latte - Large£4.29
Pink Latte - Regular£3.99
Pink Latte - Large£4.29
Mocha - Regular£3.89
Yorkshire Tea - Regular£2.81
Hot Chocolate - Regular£3.89
Earl Grey Tea - Regular£3.10
Green Tea - Regular£3.10
Peppermint Tea - Regular£3.10
Peppermint Tea - Large£3.20
Lemon and Ginger Tea - Regular£3.10
Lemon and Ginger Tea - Large£3.20


BBQ Chicken Rice Pot£3.99
Jerk Chicken Mezze£4.70
Chicken Mezze£4.49
Black Bean Chili Rice Pot£3.49

Hot Boxes

Lentil Masala Rice Box£6.99
Caribbean Chicken Curry£7.99


Crispy Korean Chicken£7.99

Cold Drinks

Moju Prebiotic£2.99
Karma Cola£2.22
Lemony Lemonade£2.23
Gingerella Ginger-Ale£2.22
Razza Raspberry Lemonade£2.22

Poached Egg pots

Green Shakshuka and Halloumi Pot£4.59

🍪 Freshly Baked Cookies 🍪

LEON Freshly Baked Cookie£2.60
3 Cookies Bundle£6.72

Iced Coffee

Iced Latte - Regular£3.79
Iced Latte - Large£4.09
Iced Americano - Regular£3.29
Iced Americano - Large£3.59
Vanilla Iced Matcha Latte - Regular£3.99
Vanilla Iced Matcha Latte - Large£4.29
Pink Iced Latte - Regular£3.99
Pink Iced Latte - Large£4.29

🍛 Hot Boxes 🍛

Keralan Chicken Curry Rice Box£7.49
Chilli Chicken Rice Box£7.64

Freshly Baked Cookies

Oat and Cranberry Cookie£2.89

🥓 Toasted Sourdough Muffins 🥑

Chorizo and Egg Muffin£5.49
Bacon and Egg Muffin£4.69
Vegan Sausage Muffin 🌱£4.79

Meal Deals

9.99 Lunch Deal£9.99
Breakfast Pot Meal Deal£8.27
Best of LEON Breakfast for 2£19.98
Best of LEON Bundle for 2£25.99

🍞 Lighter Mornings 🍞

Organic Butter Croissant£2.64
Buttered Toast£1.56
Organic Pain au Chocolat£2.74
Grilled Halloumi Mezze£2.51

✨ Meal Deals ✨

Chicken Box Meal Deal£12.45
Grilled Wrap Meal Deal£11.51

Toasted Sourdough Muffins

Vegan Sausage Muffin£4.99

🍏 Fresh Smoothies & Shots 🍏

Mango, Lime and Dragon Fruit Smoothie£4.29
Moju Ginger£2.34
The Power Hour Smoothie£4.29
Clean Green Smoothie£4.29
Moju Hot Shot£1.99

🍊 Cold Drinks 🍊

Honey and Cinnamon Kefir£3.98
Karma Drinks - Karma Cola£2.04
Karma Drinks - Lemony Lemonade£2.05
Karma Drinks - Gingerella Ginger Ale£2.04
Karma Drinks - Razza Raspberry Lemonade£2.04
Dash Peach Spritz£2.10
Dash Raspberry Spritz£2.09
Karma Drinks - Orangeade£1.99

☕ Organic Coffee ☕

Flat White£3.53
Vanilla Iced Latte£3.89
Latte - Large£3.75
Vanilla Iced Matcha Latte£3.89
Cappuccino - Large£3.75
Iced Latte£3.39
Americano - Large£3.25
Mocha - Large£3.93
Hot Chocolate - Large£3.93
Yorkshire Tea£2.49
Yorkshire Tea - Large£3.06
Iced Americano£2.99
Nemi Mint Tea£2.49
Nemi Mint Tea - Large£2.99
Nemi Green Tea£2.49
Nemi Green Tea - Large£2.99
Teapigs Lemon and Ginger£2.49
Teapigs Lemon and Ginger - Large£2.87
Teapigs Earl Grey Strong£2.49
Teapigs Earl Grey Strong - Large£2.99

🍳 Poached Egg pots 🍳

Green Shakshuka and Halloumi£4.49
Salmon and Avocado£4.50
Saucy Beans£2.66
Full English£4.66

🥓 Gluten-Free Toasted Muffins 🥑

GF Chorizo and Egg Muffin£6.49
GF Bacon and Egg Muffin£5.99
GF Sausage and Egg Muffin£5.99
GF Smashed Avocado and Halloumi Muffin 🥑£5.99

🍔 Gluten-Free Burgers 🍔

GF Korean Chicken Burger£9.19
GF Chargrilled Chicken Burger£8.69

🍆 Salad Boxes 🍆

Hot-Smoked Salmon, Lime and Jalapeño£8.49
Jewelled Harissa Chicken Salad£7.99

🍅 Sauces 🍅

Korean Mayo£0.37

🚂 Kids🧸

Little LEON Pick and Mix£4.49

🍯 Probiotic Yoghurt Pots 🍯

Turmeric Honey, Banana and Bee Pollen£3.99
Summer Berry and Pomegranate£3.99

🍴 Big Breakfasts 🍴

The Halloumi Breakfast Box£5.92

🌯 Wraps 🌯

The Jerk n' Jam Chicken Wrap£6.79

Picked For You

Aioli Chicken Rice Box£7.39
Smashed Avocado and Halloumi Muffin 🥑£4.79
The Burger Deal£12.15
Sausage and Egg Muffin£4.69
The Big Breakfast Box£5.89
Breakfast Muffin Meal Deal£9.99
Best of LEON Bundle£15.29
Grilled Halloumi Wrap£6.24
Veggie Breakfast Box£5.15
Smashed Avocado and Halloumi Muffin£4.99
Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets£4.95
Satay Chicken Rice Box£7.74

Breakfast Box Bundle

Breakfast Box Bundle£12.50

Group Meal Deal

Double Combo£25.00
Special Double Double Combo£40.00


Jack Wings£4.75

Grilled Wraps and Sourdough Burgers

Chargrilled Chicken Burger£7.27
Korean Chicken Burger£7.31
Aioli Chicken Wrap£5.75
The Fish Finger Wrap£5.79

Sourdough Muffins

Mushroom and Egg Muffin£4.45
Smoked Salmon and Egg Muffin£4.45

Gluten Free Burgers

Gluten Free Chargrilled Chicken Burger£7.75
Gluten Free Korean Chicken Burger£7.75

Magic Porridge Pots (with Organic Cow's milk)

The Ruby Berry Porridge£3.40
Porridge with Blueberries, Honey and Toasted Seeds£3.00
Porridge with Banana and Cinnamon£3.00
Porridge of the Gods£3.00

Big Hot Boxes, Served With Brown Rice And Fresh Slaw

Aioli Chicken£7.95
Chilli Chicken£7.95
Moroccan Meatballs£7.95
Chicken and Chorizo Club£7.95
Satay Chicken£7.95
Katsu Chicken Curry Rice Box£8.45

Magic Porridge Pots (with Cashew Milk)

Cashew Milk Porridge with Blueberries, Honey and Toasted Seeds£3.00
Cashew Milk Porridge with Banana and Cinnamon£3.00
Cashew Milk Porridge of the Gods£3.00

Egg Pots

Full English Pot£4.45
Halloumi and Mushroom Pot£4.25
Truffle Mushroom Pot£3.40
Saucy Beans Pot£2.35

Little Hot Boxes, Served With Brown Rice

Sicilian Chicken Meatballs£6.64
Home Style Thai Curry£6.95
Leon’s Chilli Con Carne£6.45

Bits in Between

Better Brownie£2.59
Nutty Banana Bread£2.95
Lemon Ginger Crunch£2.59
Cherry Marzipan Slice£2.40
Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie£2.11


Chicken Kale Caesar£7.15
Greens and Grains Chicken Salad£7.99
The New Original Salad£5.95
Greens and Grains Chilli Chicken Salad£8.28
Sunshine Squash Salad£6.99
The Chicken Salad£7.15

Sides and Sharers

LEON Baked Fries£2.75
Original Hummus£2.25
Khobez Flatbread£1.00
Crushed Pea Salad£2.25
Chargrilled Chicken Mezze£4.19
Moroccan Meatballs Mezze£3.95
Extra Vegan Aioli£0.20
Extra Chilli Sauce£0.20
Extra Ketchup£0.20
Extra Korean Mayo£0.20
Thom's BBQ sauce£0.20
Satay Sauce Pot£0.99

Coffee with Organic Cow's Milk, Oat Milk, or Coconut Milk

Hot Chocolate£3.41
English Breakfast Tea£2.29
Large English Breakfast Tea£2.44
Earl Grey Tea£2.29
Large Earl Grey Tea£2.70
Green Tea£2.29
Large Green Tea£2.70
Fresh Ginger Steeper£2.29
Large Fresh Ginger Steeper£2.44
Fresh Mint Steeper£2.29
Large Fresh Mint Steeper£2.44

Childrens Menu

Childrens GFC and Fries£4.25
Childrens Meatballs Rice Box£4.25
Mini Halloumi Avocado Burger and Fries£4.25
Childrens Chicken Rice Box£4.25
Mini Chicken Burger and Fries£4.25


Ginger Kombucha£3.47
Berry and Acai Smoothie£3.74
Clean Green Shake£3.47
Mango and Passionfruit Kefir£3.45
Carrot, Apple, Ginger and Turmeric Juice£3.45
Raspberry, Lime and Earl Grey Iced Tea£3.30
Passionfruit and Lemon Iced Tea£3.30
Apple, Honey and Lavender Juicy Water£3.30
Still Rosemary Water£2.80
Peach, Orange and Rosemary Juicy Water£3.30
Sparkling Rosemary Water£2.80
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice£2.51
Strawberry Lemonade£2.60
Leon Made Lemonade£2.53
Diet Coke£1.95
Coke Zero£1.96
Apple Sparkly Can£1.45
Orange and Mango Sparkly Can£1.45
500ml Still Water£1.57
500ml Sparkling Water£1.57
750ml Still Water£2.09

Lighter Mornings

Megan’s Yoghurt Sundae£2.80
Halloumi Mezze£2.45
Raspberry Pastel de Nata£2.63
Disclaimer: PriceListo gathers actual pricing information from sources such as on-site visits, business websites, and phone interviews. The prices reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources. Naturally, the prices reported on this website may not be current, and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. To obtain current pricing, contact the individual business location of interest to you.
PriceListo Leon (UK) prices provided by PriceListo.

A Culinary Philosophy: The “Leon” Experience

“Leon” is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary philosophy that centers around offering nourishing meals without compromising on flavor. With a menu that celebrates fresh ingredients, vibrant flavors, and mindful preparation, “Leon” presents an experience that nourishes the body and delights the taste buds. From hearty salads to savory wraps, every dish at “Leon” reflects a commitment to offering delicious options that promote well-being.

“Leon’s” Reputation: Embracing Wholesome Deliciousness

At the core of “Leon’s” reputation lies its dedication to embracing wholesome deliciousness as a way of life. Each dish is carefully crafted to provide a balanced blend of taste and nutrition, catering to diverse palates and dietary preferences. This reputation transcends the plate; it embodies “Leon’s” commitment to delivering an experience that resonates with patrons seeking both flavorful and health-conscious options.

The reputation of “Leon” isn’t just a title; it’s a symbol of culinary integrity and balance. Diners understand that each visit to “Leon” offers more than just a meal—it’s an exploration of how food can be both nourishing and delightful, showing that mindful eating can indeed be a delightful journey.

A Nourishment Movement: “Leon’s” Popularity

“Leon” isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a nourishment movement that captivates the hearts and taste buds of health-conscious diners. The brand’s ability to provide options that cater to various dietary needs positions it as a sought-after destination for those seeking flavorful and nutritious choices. In an era where health and taste are both celebrated, “Leon” stands as a guiding light for those who appreciate the harmony between nourishment and indulgence.

The rise in “Leon’s” popularity can also be attributed to its embrace of modernity. In a digitally connected world, where food enthusiasts share their culinary experiences, the restaurant has harnessed the power of social media to showcase its nourishing offerings. This adaptability not only broadens “Leon’s” reach but also solidifies its reputation as a brand that resonates with contemporary diners.

A Digital Feast: “Leon” in the Digital Era

In the digital age, “Leon’s” popularity takes on new dimensions through the magic of visual content. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook become virtual showcases for the restaurant’s nourishing creations. Captivating images of colorful salads, nutrient-rich bowls, and vibrant presentations create a digital feast that sparks both appetite and curiosity.

The digital presence of “Leon” isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about fostering connections and shared dining experiences. Engaging with patrons through social media allows the brand to build a community of health-conscious enthusiasts who share a common love for mindful eating and culinary well-being. It provides a platform for patrons to become part of the “Leon” narrative, turning a dining experience into a collective celebration of health and flavor.

In Conclusion: Savoring the “Leon” Approach

Amidst the array of dining options, “Leon” stands as a testament to the power of wholesome and flavorful dining. Its reputation, built on integrity and culinary balance, and its growing popularity that resonates with diverse palates, underscore the significance of a brand that transforms eating into an experience that nourishes both body and soul.

Whether you’re seeking to savor nutrient-packed meals or embark on a culinary journey that marries flavor with health, “Leon” invites you to embrace the essence of nourishment. With every bite, “Leon” invites us to experience the harmony of flavors, the care in ingredient selection, and the commitment that goes into crafting every dish, reminding us that in the realm of mindful dining, there’s a world of taste and nourishment waiting to be savored and celebrated.

Leon FAQ

How much is Leon's Crispy Sausage and Egg Muffin?

Sausage and Egg Muffin – £4.45

How much is a Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets at Leon?

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets – £4.95

How much are Jack Wings at Leon?

Jack Wings – £4.75

How much does a Leon's Mushroom and Egg Muffin Cost?

Mushroom and Egg Muffin – £4.45

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