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December, 2022 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest La Parrilla Steakhouse menu prices.

Item Price

Quesadillas (Lunch)

Served with French fries, cream & guacamole.
De Pollo (Chicken) $8.99
De Carne Asada (Grilled Beef) $8.99
De Camaron (Shrimp) $11.00

Burritos - Lunch

Served with French fries & cream.
Pollo (Chicken) $7.99
De Carne Asada (Grilled Beef) (Burritos - Lunch) $7.99
De Camaron (Shrimp) (Burritos - Lunch) $9.99

Pollo (Chicken) - Lunch

Plates are served with rice, beans, salad & tortillas.
Pechuga Asada (Grilled Chicken Breast) $7.00
Pechuga Empanizada (Breaded Chicken) $8.00
Pechuga Encebollada (Chicken Breast & Onions) $7.99

Carne (Beef) - Lunch

Plates are served with rice, beans, salad & tortillas.
Carne Asada (Grilled Beef) $7.00
Carne Empanizada (Breaded Beef) $8.00
Bistec Guate (Guatemalan Beef) $8.00
Bistec Mexico (Mexican Steak) $8.00
Bistec Encebollado (Steak & Onions) $8.00

Cerdo (Pork) - Lunch

Plates are served with rice, beans, salad & tortillas.
Carne Adobada (Marinated Pork) $8.00
Costilla Adobada (Marinated Pork Ribs) $7.00
Chuleta Frita (Fried Pork Chop) $7.00
Chuleta Rostizada (Roasted Pork Chops) $8.00
Chuleta Encebollada (Pork Chops with Onions) $8.00

Desayunos (Breakfast)

Desayuno Hispano Americano $8.00
Desayuno Finquero $8.99
Desayuno Del Chef $9.99
Desayuno Ranchero $7.99
Desayuno Guate $8.99
Desayuno Chapin $7.99
Desayuno Blanco $8.00
Desayuno Xela $7.99
Desayuno Super $10.99
Desayuno Don Carlos $11.99
Desayuno De La Casa La Parrilla $8.99
Desayuno Del Rancho $7.99
Desayuno De La Abuelita $7.99
Desayuno Campestre $7.99
Desayuno Mexicano $7.99
Gallo Pinto, Estilo Costarricense $10.00

Aperitivos (Appetizers)

Aperitivo Latino $6.99
Buffalo Wings Con Papas $7.99
Aperitivo Super $14.99
Aperitivo De La Casa $11.99
Appetizer Sampler $10.99

Sopas (Soups)

De Res $7.99
De Gallina $7.99

Ensaladas (Salads)

Ensalada De Pollo (Chicken Salad) $8.00
Ensalada De Carne Asada (Grilled Beef Salad) $7.00
Ensalada De Carne Adobada (Marinated Pork Salad) $7.00
Ensalada De Camarones (Shrimp Salad) $10.00
Ensalada De Mojarra Frita (Fried Tilapia Salad) $10.00
Ensalada De Pollo Y Camarones (Chicken & Shrimp Salad) $13.00
Carne Asada Y Camarones (Ensalada Ricky) (Grilled Beef & Shrimp Salad) $13.00

Quesadillas Chapina

Served with rice, beans, guacamole and cream.
Pollo (Chicken) (Quesadillas Chapina) $9.99
Carne Asada (Beef) $9.99
Camarón (Shrimp) $10.99

Tacos Mexicanos

Tacos De Pollo (Chicken) $6.99
Tacos De Carne (Beef) $8.00
Tacos De Lengua (Beef Tongue) $8.99
Tacos Al Pastor (Marinated Pork) $7.99
Tacos De Chorizo $9.99
Tacos De Longaniza $9.99

Guayo Burgers

Guayo Burger $8.00
Guayo De Pollo (Chicken Breast Sandwich) $8.00


3 por orden.
Tostadas De Pollo (Chicken) $6.99
Tostadas De Carne (Beef) $6.99
Tostadas Al Pastor (Marinated Pork) $7.99
Tostadas De Lengua (Beef Tongue) $8.99


Onions & peppers sauteed to perfection mixed with your meat of choice. Served with rice, beans, salad. Served with tortillas.
Fajitas Mixtas $11.99
Fajitas De Camaron $9.99
Fajitas De Pollo $8.99
Fajitas De Res $8.99


Churrasco De Carne Asada $9.99
Super Churrasco $10.99
Churrasco Xelaju $11.99
Churrasco Quetzal $11.99
Churrasco De Pechuga Asada $9.99
Churrasco De Carne Adobada $9.99


Casado De Bistec Encebollado $12.00
Casado De Chuleta Encebollada $10.99
Casado De Camarones A La Plancha $10.99
Casado De Filete A La Plancha $10.99
Casado De Filete Con Camarones $13.00
Casado De Marscos $13.00


Rellenitos (3) $7.00
Garnachas (5) $8.00
Tacos Fritos (Fried Tacos) $7.00

Refacciones (Tortillas)

Carne Asada (Grilled Beef) (Refacciones (Tortillas)) $6.99
Pollo (Chicken) (Refacciones (Tortillas)) $6.99
Chorizo (Chorizo Sausage) $6.99
Carne Adobada (Marinated Pork) (Refacciones (Tortillas)) $6.99
Longaniza (Longaniza Sausage) $6.99
Pollo Y Camarones (Chicken & Shrimp) $12.99
Camarones Y Carne Asada (Shrimp & Grilled Beef) $12.99

The Grill

Parrillada De Mariscos (For 2) $30.00
Molcajete $18.00
Parrillada Grande (For 2) $35.00
Steak Con Costilla Adobada $14.99
Steak Churrasco $12.99
Steak Con Chorizo Y Longaniza $15.99
Steak Mixto Con Pechuga Asada $14.99
Steak Con Salmon $20.00
Steak Con Camarones $15.99


Served with tortillas.
Bandeja Don Carlos $15.99
Bandeja Quetzalteca $14.99
Mary Tierra $13.00
Bandeja Mixta $14.99
El Paraiso $18.00

Especial De Mariscos (Seafood Special)

Mixto O De Camaron (Shrimp or Mixed Seafood Ceviche) $11.99
Super Mariscada Estilo Latino $13.00
Salmon $13.99
Salmon Con Camarones (Salmon & Shrimp) $16.00
Mojarra Submarina $12.99
Mojarra Frita $11.00
Filete Empanizada $9.99
Filete A La Plancha $9.99
Filete Con Camarones $12.99
Filete Con Camarones Empanizados $12.99
Camarones A La Plancha $9.99
Camarones Al Ajillo $11.00
Camarones A La Mexicana (Picante) $11.00
Camarones Empanizados $11.00

Especiales De La Casa (House Specials)

Especial 3 Carnes $13.00
Pechuga Asada Con Camarones $13.00
Carne Asada Con Camarones $13.00
Churrasco Tipico $13.99
Casado Costarricense $11.99


Guacamole (Smashed Avocado) $5.00
Tostones (Fried Green Plantains) $3.00
Plátanos Fritos (Fried Plantains) $3.00
Papas Fritos (French Fries) $2.00
Tortillas (3) $1.00
Aguacate (Avocado) $3.00
Arroz (Rice) $2.00
Frijol (Beans) $2.00

Kids Menu

With French fries.
Chicken Nuggets Con Papas $3.00
Hot Dog Con Papas $3.00
Burgers Con Papas $4.99
Chicken Sandwich Con Papas $4.99

Batidos De Fruta

Fruit Shake $3.50

Bebidas Calientes (Hot Beverages)

Arroz Con Leche (Milk & Rice) $3.00
Atol De Plátano (Plantain) $3.00
Atol De Elote (Corn) $5.00
Cafe (Coffee) $2.00
Té (Tea) $2.00

Bebidas Frias (Cold Drinks)

Aguas Naturales $3.00
Jarritos $2.00
Soda $1.50

Postres (Desserts)

Tiramisu $5.00
Cheesecake $5.00
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