Krispy Kreme Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Krispy Kreme menu prices.

Item Price


Original Glazed Dozen $15.90
Original Glazed Dozen (Doughnuts) $13.84
Classic Assorted Dozen $20.14
Office Pack $56.69
Baker's Choice Assorted Dozen $14.93
Baker's Choice Dozen $15.08
16 Count Assorted Minis $22.16
16 Count Original Glazed Minis $19.38
Double Original Glazed Dozen $24.48
Party Pack $49.60
Double Dozen: Original Glazed + Baker's Choice Assorted $24.81
Custom Assorted Dozen $16.45

Dozens & 16 Count Minis

Pumpkin Spice Cake Dozen $21.43
Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed Dozen $21.11
Pumpkin Spice Specialty Dozen $24.38
16 Count Assorted Holiday Minis $21.44
Santa's Bake Shop Dozen $23.44


Bottled Milk, 2% $2.79
Bottled Milk, Chocolate $2.84
Bottled Milk, Whole $2.88
Bottled Water $2.61
Orange Juice $2.28
Brew Box - Smooth Blend $16.30
Brew Box - Rich Blend $16.26
Smooth Ground Coffee Bag $8.72
Rich Ground Coffee Bag $8.58
Decaf Ground Coffee Bag $8.50
K-Cup® 12-pack - Smooth Blend $9.75
K-Cup® 12-pack - Decaf $9.74

Pre-Made Coffee

96 oz. Coffee Brew Box - Smooth Blend $14.99
96 oz. Coffee Brew Box - Rich Blend $14.99


White Ceramic Mug $8.22
Doughnut Tumbler $9.15

Bites of Joy

3 Count Assorted Doughnuts $7.07
Original Glazed Doughnut Holes 24 Count $8.53
6 Count Assorted Doughnuts $15.01
3 Count Original Glazed Doughnuts $6.40
Original Glazed Doughnut Holes 10 Count $4.70
6 Count Original Glazed Doughnuts $13.12

Coffee & Drinks

Coffee Brew Box $20.53
Bottled Orange Juice $2.99

Bottled Beverages

Dasani Bottled Water $4.64
Minute Maid Orange Juice $3.03
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About Krispy Kreme

The perfect doughnut should have a fine crispy skin and a soft yet chewy center, perhaps with a creamy filling inside. Such are the qualities of every Krispy Kreme doughnuts that make them among the best in the industry. Even the non-doughnut fans are likely to agree as soon as they get their first bite. Krispy Kreme prices are very similar to that of other donut shops.

Satisfying your cravings for Krispy Kreme doughnuts should be easy, too, since the chain has thousands of shops across the United States and abroad. Keep in mind, too, that the offerings may vary from one region to the next but you have the assurance that every doughnut will taste so heavenly you will come back for more.


During the Great Depression, Vernon Rudolph and Ishmael Armstrong established the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Company that exclusively sold doughnuts; the nephew-and-uncle team did so in a rented store in Nashville, Tennessee. But the company had its beginnings in Armstrong’s small general store in Paducah, Kentucky where he sold his popular doughnuts.

By 1937, Vernon opened his own doughnut shop in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The doughnut shop’s popularity grew and so Vernon decided to open more stores, most of which happened in the 1950s. By the 1960s, the doughnut brand was well-known in the Southeast United States.

Today, the chain of Krispy Kreme shops is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JAB Beech, a German investment firm.

What They’re Famous For

Krispy Kreme is, of course, known for its relatively extensive lineup of doughnuts in several varieties, flavors and fillings. The doughnuts are the perfect balance of soft, sweet and creamy, a combo of qualities that makes them a cut above the rest of the competition.

Why Eat Here

The first thing that many customers observe upon walking into a Krispy Kreme store is the nice smell of doughnuts being fried or baked. There’s an underlying aroma of cinnamon, powdered sugar, and strong coffee that draws you in deeper into the store, look into the shelves, and choose your sweet fix for the day. The thought of enjoying a cup of java and a round piece of sweet heaven will get your mouth salivating even before you get your order!

The types of doughnuts on the shelves are enough to satisfy the taste of even the most discriminating doughnut fan. The choices include glazed doughnuts, filled doughnuts, and cake doughnuts, all of which come in several distinctive flavors from the classic chocolate to the seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice for Halloween. The shelves are definitely colorful because the doughnuts are usually topped with sprinkles, whipped cream, and dried fruits, among others.

A few of the choices you will likely find in a Krispy Kreme shop are Oreo cookies and cream, chocolate iced glazed with sprinkles or filling, chocolate iced with custard filling, chocolate iced cake, cake batter doughnut, and chocolate iced with raspberry filling. Name whatever it is that you want in a doughnut and you will find it in a Krispy Kreme shop.

Aside from the doughnuts available the whole year-round, Krispy Kreme also releases seasonal doughnuts that capture the spirit and festivity of the season. For Christmas, for example, a Santa-inspired belly doughnut is offered and it’s a scrumptious chocolate-filled doughnut with toppings added to resemble Santa’s belly. For Thanksgiving, the doughnuts can include pumpkin spice, cinnamon swirl, and gingerbread glaze with every doughnut packing plenty of flavor in a single bite and getting you into the holiday spirit.

Krispy Kreme makes great cinnamon doughnuts, too, and we suggest getting them whenever you’re getting a box. The cinnamon swirl doughnut, for example, has an intense cinnamon sugar coating, cinnamon cream cheese rings, and an appealing clove aroma – and it isn’t a sickeningly sweet treat either. The pumpkin spice doughnut has delicious pumpkin pie filling with subtle hints of nutmeg and cinnamon while the gingerbread glaze reminds us of the classic Christmas cookie.

The Krispy Kreme staff are always friendly, usually serving their customers with a smile. Even when you’re taking too long to choose your order, you will find them being patient. You don’t have to wait long for others to finish with their orders, fortunately, because everything seems so appealing and so it makes sense to add them to the box.

You can eat your orders in the shop or have them placed in a box for takeout. You can pay via cash or credit card; for now, Apple Pay and Google Pay aren’t accepted in most stores. Many shops have bike and car parking lots, as well as outdoor seating. Most of them also provide free Wi-Fi access to customers and, thus, these are good places to get some work done.

The facilities are well-maintained with the restrooms typically stocked with basic toiletries. These are also kid- and disabled-friendly, too.

The crowd is an interesting mix of students and children, young professionals and employees, and families. There’s a dynamic vibe in the store with the noise level being average.

To learn more about Krispy Kreme or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Krispy Kreme FAQ

How much is Krispy Kreme's Baker's Choice Dozen?

Baker’s Choice Dozen – $14.76

How much is a Baker's Choice Assorted Dozen at Krispy Kreme?

Baker’s Choice Assorted Dozen – $14.94

How much are Thanksgiving Dozen Up at Krispy Kreme?

Thanksgiving Dozen – $20.89

How much does a Krispy Kreme's Classic Assorted Dozen Cost?

Classic Assorted Dozen – $18.57