Kabu Japanese Steakhouse Ans Sushi Menu Prices: How much is Kabu Japanese Steakhouse Ans Sushi?

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In the realm of gastronomic experiences, there exists a haven that seamlessly blends the art of Japanese steakhouse cuisine with a rich array of flavors – Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi. With a reputation that shines as brightly as a well-seasoned grill and a popularity that continues to flourish, this establishment is more than just a dining spot; it’s a harmonious blend of tastes and culinary mastery that captivates taste buds and creates cherished memories. Below are the latest Kabu Japanese Steakhouse Ans Sushi menu prices.

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Most Ordered

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Hibachi Combo$36.95
Philadelphia Roll$10.40
Crab Rangoon$7.15
Kabu Maki Special$16.90
California Roll$9.10
Side Fried Rice$5.20
Hibachi Steak Lunch$18.20
Shrimp Tempura Roll$13.00
Hibachi Chicken Lunch$16.90
Baltimore Roll$11.70
Soft Drinks$3.85

Lunch Special

Kabu Maki Special (Lunch Special)$16.90

Sushi Lunch Platter

Served with soup or salad.
Sushi A$14.30
Unagi Don$16.90
Sashimi Special$19.50
Sushi B$19.50
Sushi, Sashimi Special$20.80

Hibachi Lunch Single Entrées

Hibachi Steak Lunch (Hibachi Lunch Single Entrées)$18.20
Hibachi Shrimp Lunch$18.20
Hibachi Chicken Lunch (Hibachi Lunch Single Entrées)$16.90
Hibachi Filet Mignon Lunch$20.80
Hibachi Vegetarian Lunch$13.00
Hibachi Sea Scallops Lunch$19.50
Hibachi Salmon Lunch$18.20
Hibachi Lobster Lunch$27.30

From Kitchen Kabu Bento

Served with Kabu salad, half California roll, and rice.
Teriyaki Shrimp Lunch$15.60
Teriyaki Steak Lunch$15.60
Teriyaki Chicken Lunch$14.30
Shrimp Tempura Lunch$15.60
Salmon Teriyaki Lunch$15.60
Coconut Shrimp Lunch$15.60
TEMPURA Vegetarian Lunch$13.00

Appetizer From the Kitchen

Crab Rangoon (Appetizer From the Kitchen)$7.15
BBQ Kalbi Short Ribs$13.00
Gyoza (Appetizer From the Kitchen)$7.15
Chicken Satay$7.15
Shrimp Tempura$10.40
Vegetable Tempura$9.10
Fried Calamari$10.40
Coconut Tempura Shrimp$10.40
Fried Oysters$10.40
Chicken Lettuce Wrap$11.70
Soft Shell Crab$10.40
Grilled Calamari$13.00
Hamachi Kama$15.60

Appetizer From Sushi Bar

Sushi Candy$12.40
Dragon Ball$12.40
Rainbow Naruto$12.40
Tuna Tataki$12.40
Tuna Tartare$12.40
Sushi Sampler$12.40
Sushi Sandwich$12.40
Jalapeño Yellowtail$14.95
Sashimi Sampler$12.40
White Tuna Sashimi Roll$12.40

Soup & Salad

Miso Soup$3.90
Mushroom Soup$3.90
Kani Salad$7.15
House Salad$3.90
Seafood Miso Soup$9.10
Fuji Salad$11.70
Seaweed Salad$7.15
Squid Salad$7.15
Avocado Garden Salad$9.10

Hibachi Dinner Entrées

Dinner starts with mushroom soup, freshly tossed Kabu house salad, hibachi noodles, flaming shrimp appetizer, rice, and lightly seasoned hibachi vegetables.
Hibachi Chicken dinner$29.85
Shrimp Flambé dinner$36.35
New York Steak dinner$36.35
Hibachi Salmon dinner$36.35
Sea Scallops dinner$40.25
Filet Mignon dinner$41.55
Hibachi Lobster dinner$55.85
Kabu Vegetable Dinner$25.95

Hibachi Combination Entrées

Hibachi Combo (Hibachi Combination Entrées)$36.95
Filet Mignon and Scallops dinner$45.45
Emperor's Feast dinner$51.95
Kabu Dinner$59.75
Seafood Delight dinner$54.55
Shrimp and Lobster dinner$51.95
Filet Mignon and Lobster dinner$51.95
Lovers Dinner (for 2)$106.55

Kitchen Entrées

Served with house salad, rice, and mushroom soup.
Chicken Teriyaki Style$20.80
BBQ Kalbi Short Ribs Teriyaki Style$30.00
Steak Teriyaki Style$24.70
Vegetable Tempura Style$19.50
Shrimp Tempura Style$24.70
Salmon Teriyaki Style$24.70
Shrimp Teriyaki Style$24.70
Coconut Shrimp Teriyaki Style$24.40

Noodles and Rice

Served with house salad and mushroom soup.
Drunken Noodles$19.50
Teriyaki Fried Rice$20.80
Pad Thai$20.80
Yaki Udon$22.10
Pineapple Fried Rice$20.80
Yaki Soba$19.50

Children's Entrées

Includes Japanese mushroom soup, hibachi noodles, rice, and hibachi vegetables.
Children's Hibachi Shrimp$18.00
Children's Hibachi Steak$18.00
Children's Hibachi Chicken$16.85

Special Rolls

OMG Roll$18.15
Hot Lover Roll$15.55
King Crab Republic$19.45
M16 Roll$16.85
Volcano Roll$19.45
Kiss of Fire$15.55
Amazing Roll$15.55
Maryland Roll$18.85
Jack's Roll$16.85
Sweet Heart Roll$18.15
Arigato Roll$16.85
Tuna Hana$18.15
Tiger Roll$15.55
Tuna Amazing$18.15
Yummy Roll$15.55
Laurel Roll$19.45
American Dream Roll$20.75
Lobster Chacha$20.75
Submarine Roll$18.15
Dancing Angel$18.15
New York Roll$18.15

Sushi or Sashimi

please choose Sushi or Sashimi
Hokkigai Surf$7.80
Shiro Maguro$7.80
Smoked Salmon$7.80

Sushi or Sashimi Entrée

Maki B$23.35
Maki A$19.45
Maki C$25.95
Sashimi Dinner$25.95
Sushi and Sashimi Platter$33.80
Party Boat$129.35
Sushi Dinner$23.35
Unagi Don (Sushi or Sashimi Entrée)$26.00
Love Boat (for 2)$71.50

Vegetarian Rolls / Hand Rolls

Sweet Potato Tempura Roll$8.10
Kappa Maki$6.75
Oshinko Maki$6.75
Green Maki$8.10
Avocado Maki$6.75
Asparagus Maki$6.75

Raw Rolls / Hand Rolls

Philadelphia Roll (Raw Rolls / Hand Rolls)$10.40
Spicy Tuna$9.10
Alaska Roll$12.35
Ocean Roll$11.70
Spicy Salmon$9.10
Salmon with Mango$9.10
Spicy Yellowtail$9.10
Salmon with Avocado$9.10
Tuna with Cucumber$9.10
Salmon with Cucumber$9.10
Yellowtail with Cucumber$9.10
Christmas roll$10.40
Rainbow Roll$18.15
Tuna with Mango$9.10
Tuna with Avocado$9.10
Yellowtail with Avocado$7.80
Yellowtail with Mango$9.10

Cooked Rolls / Hand Rolls

Shrimp Tempura Roll (Cooked Rolls / Hand Rolls)$13.00
Baltimore Roll (Cooked Rolls / Hand Rolls)$11.70
California Roll (Cooked Rolls / Hand Rolls)$9.10
Dynamite Roll$14.25
Boston Roll$10.40
Pearl River Roll$12.35
Kani Tempura Roll$10.40
Spider Roll$12.95
Dragon Roll$18.15
Eel Avocado$12.67
Eel Cucumber$11.70
Salmon Skin$9.10

Extra Orders

Side Fried Rice (Extra Orders)$5.20
Side Noodle$5.20
Sea Scallops (hibachi side)$14.30
Hibachi Steak (side order)$11.70
Hibachi side Chicken$10.40
Jumbo Shrimp(hibachi side)$11.70
White Rice$4.00
Hibachi side Vegetables$7.80
Salmon (hibachi side)$11.70
Filet Mignon(hibachi side)$14.30
Sushi Rice$5.85
Lobster(hibachi side)$19.50


Ice Cream$5.20
Fried Cheesecake$7.80
Mochi Ice Cream$6.50
Fried Ice Cream$7.80


Thai Tea$5.55
Soft Drinks (Drinks)$3.85
Iced Tea$3.85
Hot Green Tea$3.85
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An Ambiance of Elegance and Authenticity

Stepping into Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi is akin to stepping into a world where flavors are celebrated, and guests are embraced with warmth. The ambiance is thoughtfully curated, marrying the elegance of a Japanese steakhouse with the modern appeal of a contemporary dining space. From the soft lighting to the carefully chosen decor, every detail is meticulously considered to create an environment that beckons patrons to embark on a culinary journey beyond the ordinary.

The allure of Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi extends beyond the realm of mere dining. The attentive staff, the sizzle of grills, and the promise of exquisitely prepared dishes converge to establish an ambiance that caters to both the discerning palate and those seeking an immersive culinary adventure.

A Culinary Symphony of Tradition and Innovation

The menu at Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi unfolds like a symphony of culinary excellence, seamlessly celebrating the art of steakhouse cuisine and the depth of Japanese culinary traditions. At its heart lies the steak offerings – a testament to the establishment’s dedication to delivering sizzling excitement and flavor. Each cut of meat is carefully chosen, thoughtfully seasoned, and grilled to perfection, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors that delight even the most refined taste buds.

However, Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi ventures beyond the realm of steaks; it’s an exploration of the rich tapestry of Japanese flavors. From beautifully presented sushi platters to expertly crafted tempura dishes, the culinary artisans at Kabu ensure that each creation reflects their commitment to providing a holistic dining experience. The fusion of ingredients, techniques, and cultural influences culminate in a culinary masterpiece that delights every palate.

A Reputation For Culinary Excellence

Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi has meticulously cultivated a reputation that mirrors the excellence of its culinary creations. It’s not just about the food; it encompasses the entire dining experience. This reputation has been nurtured through years of delivering impeccable service, exceptional flavors, and an ambiance that resonates with patrons. The establishment’s name is synonymous with excellence and an unwavering dedication to culinary artistry.

This reputation is further solidified through personal experiences. Diners, captivated by their visits, transform into enthusiastic advocates, eagerly sharing their stories with friends, family, and acquaintances. These personal endorsements stand as a testament to the lasting impact that Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi has on its patrons.

The Allure of Growing Popularity

The popularity of Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi is akin to a rising tide that continues to surge. It’s not just a place to savor a meal; it’s a culinary sanctuary that resonates with a diverse range of patrons. Families seeking a memorable dining experience, friends gathering for a special occasion, and aficionados of Japanese cuisine all find solace within the inviting ambiance of Kabu.

Amidst a dynamic culinary landscape, the popularity of Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi continues to flourish. This is a testament to the establishment’s ability to consistently deliver not just a meal, but an experience that resonates with various tastes. The harmonious blend of cultural authenticity and culinary expertise creates an environment that appeals to both loyal patrons and those eager to explore new flavors.

A Culinary Legacy of Authentic Flavors

In conclusion, Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s a celebration of culinary excellence and enduring popularity. With a reputation that shines as brightly as its thoughtfully prepared dishes and a popularity that soars higher each day, it stands as a testament to the power of providing exceptional dining experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned gastronome or someone ready to immerse yourself in the intricate flavors of Japan, Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi invites you to step into its world. Embark on a culinary journey that pays homage to tradition, revels in culinary excellence, and leaves a lasting impression. Allow your senses to be captivated, your palate to be delighted, and your heart to be embraced by the flavorful charm that is Kabu Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi.

Kabu Japanese Steakhouse Ans Sushi YouTube

To learn more about Kabu Japanese Steakhouse Ans Sushi or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://kabujapanesesteakhouse.com/.

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