JoJo’s Wings Canada Prices: How much is JoJo’s Wings Canada?

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When it comes to finger-licking good chicken wings, JoJo’s Wings Canada has become a go-to destination for food enthusiasts. Renowned for its delectable wing varieties and commitment to quality, this Canadian establishment has earned a stellar reputation and is rapidly gaining popularity among wing aficionados. In this article, we explore the enticing world of JoJo’s Wings Canada, diving into its well-deserved reputation and the reasons behind its growing fame.

Below are the latest JoJo’s Wings Canada menu prices.


Picked for you

1lb Chicken Wings$18.16

Cold Drinks

Bottle of Diet Coke$3.49
Bottle of Coke$3.49
Bottle of Sprite$3.49
Bottled Water Dasani$2.91
Bottle of Ginger Ale$3.49

Milkshakes (16 oz)

Nutella Milkshake$7.41
Oreo Milkshake$7.41
Cookies and Cream Milkshake$7.49
Rainbow Milkshake$7.82
Smarties Milkshakes$7.82
Kit Kat Milkshakes$7.82
Turtles Milkshakes$7.82

Popular Items

Greek Salad (Small)$5.99



Georges BBQ Chicken

1/4 Chicken Dinner$11.59

Banquet Wraps

BBQ Chicken wrap$13.99
Messy Chicken Wrap$13.99
Chicken Fingers Wrap$10.99
Chicken Wrap$10.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap$11.99
Chicken Bacon Wrap$12.77
Chicken Souvlaki Wrap$10.99
Pork Souvlaki Wrap$10.99
Chicken Gyros Wrap$10.99


Double Burger$13.55
Cheese Burger$11.99
Classic Burger$11.05
Bacon & Cheese Burger$12.92
Chicken Breast Burger$12.03
Jojo's Burger$14.05
Haddock Fish Burger$13.88
Greek Burger$12.64
Breaded Chicken Burger$11.99
Fish Burger$11.99
Beyond Meat Burger$11.49


Chicken Souvlaki on a Pita Sandwich$11.06
Pork Souvlaki on a Pita Sandwich$9.99
Chicken Fingers$9.49
Chicken Gyros on a Pita Sandwich$10.99
Club House$13.76
BLT Sandwich$10.35
Bacon and Egg Sandwich$10.35
Chicken Finger Sandwich$8.99
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$8.99


Greek Salad (Large)$8.99
Caesar Salad (Small)$5.99
Caesar Salad (Large)$8.99
Chef Salad (Small)$6.09
Chef Salad (Large)$9.09
Caesar Salad$8.27
Village Salad (Small)$6.77
Village Salad (Large)$9.77
Fruit Salad (Small)$5.99
Fruit Salad (Large)$8.99


1/4 Chicken and Half Rack Ribs$19.19
1/2 Rack Ribs$13.99

Philly Cheese

Steak Philly$15.19
Chicken Philly$14.95


Onion Rings$4.12
French Fries$3.99
Sweet Potato Fries$3.99
Greek Fries$5.08


Vanilla Milkshake$5.87
Chocolate Milkshake$5.90
Strawberry Milkshake$5.90


Beef Philly$14.55
Meat Lovers Philly$17.49


Bottle Water$1.75
Bottled Water$1.67
Bottled Pop$3.49
Lemom Lemon 7up$2.99
Pure Leaf Lemon$3.99
Pure Leaf Green Tea$3.99
Gatorade Fruit Punch$3.49
Gatorade Blueberry$3.49
Chocolate Milk$2.25
Orange Juice$2.49
Apple Juice$2.49





Family Meals

Family Meal 1$27.70
Family Meal 2$36.42
Family Meal 3$49.13
Family Meal 4$39.66
Family Meal 5$47.70

Ben & Jerry's

Ben and Jerry's Netflix and Chill'd Ice Cream$9.66
Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia$9.39
Ben and Jerry's Brownie Batter Core$9.66
Ben and Jerry's Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz$9.70
Ben and Jerry's Salted Caramel Almond$9.56
Ben and Jerry's Core Peanut Butter Fudge No Bake$9.59
Ben and Jerry's Tonight Dough$9.59
Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream$9.66

Sweets and Desserts

2 Pancakes with Chocolate chip, Strawberry, or Banana$7.99

Monster Cupcakes

Cookies and Cream Cupcake$6.19
Caramel Pecan Cupcake$6.28
Peanut Butter Nutella Cupcake$6.19
S'mores Cupcake$6.09
Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake$6.20
Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake$6.20
Velvet Classic Cupcake$6.16

Souvlaki Sticks


Small Poutines

Small Original Poutine$7.99
Small Cheesy Poutine$9.49
Small Canadian Poutine$9.49
Small Philly Steak Poutine$10.99
Small Philly Chicken Poutine$10.99
Small Meat Lover Poutine$10.99
Small Veggie Poutine$9.49
Small Greek Poutine$9.49
Small Burger Poutine$9.99
Small Breakfast Poutine$9.99
Small The Pig Poutine$10.99
Small The Works Poutine$14.99

Large Poutines

Large Original Poutine$9.99
Large Cheesy Poutine$12.49
Large Canadian Poutine$12.49
Large Philly Steak Poutine$13.99
Large Philly Chicken Poutine$13.99
Large Meat Lover Poutine$13.99
Large Veggie Poutine$12.49
Large Greek Poutine$12.49
Large Burger Poutine$12.99
Large Breakfast Poutine$12.99
Large The Pig Poutine$13.99
Large The Works Poutine$19.99

Non Dairy Flavours

Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert$9.99
Ben and Jerry's Netflix and Chill'd Non-Dairy$9.99
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The Art of Wing Perfection: JoJo’s Culinary Mastery

JoJo’s Wings Canada has mastered the art of crafting mouthwatering chicken wings that are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and bursting with flavor. Their dedication to culinary excellence is evident in every bite.

A Flavorful Variety Extravaganza:

At JoJo’s, wing lovers can delight in a diverse range of flavors and styles. From classic Buffalo wings to tangy barbecue, zesty lemon pepper, and spicy Asian-inspired varieties, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The menu caters to different heat preferences, offering mild, medium, and hot options, ensuring there’s a perfect wing for everyone.

Quality Ingredients and Preparation:

To deliver wings of exceptional taste and texture, JoJo’s Wings Canada uses only the finest ingredients. Locally sourced, fresh chicken wings are carefully marinated and expertly cooked to achieve the perfect balance of tenderness and crispness. Each wing is coated with flavorful sauces or dry rubs, elevating the taste to new heights.

A Stellar Reputation: JoJo’s Commitment to Excellence

JoJo’s Wings Canada has built a stellar reputation in the culinary scene, driven by its unwavering commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and a memorable dining experience.

Superior Taste and Consistency:

Consistency is key at JoJo’s, ensuring that each visit guarantees the same exceptional taste and quality. By meticulously following their tried-and-tested recipes and maintaining strict cooking standards, JoJo’s delivers wings that never disappoint. Wing enthusiasts can rely on JoJo’s for a consistently outstanding culinary experience.

Impeccable Customer Service:

JoJo’s Wings Canada goes beyond serving mouthwatering wings; they prioritize exceptional customer service. From the moment guests step through the door, they are greeted with warmth and attentiveness. The friendly staff is knowledgeable about the menu, always ready to offer recommendations and ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Growing Popularity: The Wing Revolution

JoJo’s Wings Canada’s popularity is on the rise, and it’s no surprise given their dedication to culinary excellence and customer satisfaction.

Expanding Footprint and Positive Reviews:

JoJo’s has been gaining attention and positive reviews, fueling its popularity. The establishment has expanded its footprint, opening new locations to cater to the increasing demand from wing enthusiasts. Word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews have played a significant role in spreading the word about JoJo’s irresistible wings.

Social Media Engagement and Foodie Culture:

In today’s digital age, JoJo’s Wings Canada has harnessed the power of social media to engage with customers and promote their brand. Their active presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook allows them to connect with foodie communities, sharing tempting wing photos and enticing specials. The intersection of social media and the thriving foodie culture has contributed to JoJo’s growing popularity.


JoJo’s Wings Canada has established itself as a culinary gem, delighting chicken wing enthusiasts with its flavorful varieties, commitment to quality ingredients, and exceptional customer service. With a well-deserved reputation for culinary mastery, consistency, and an expanding footprint, JoJo’s continues to soar in popularity. For a finger-licking good time and a memorable dining experience, JoJo’s Wings Canada is the ultimate destination for wing lovers across the nation.

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JoJo’s Wings Canada FAQ

How much is JoJo's Wings Canada's Hamburger?

Hamburger – $10.32

How much is a Veggie Burger at JoJo's Wings Canada?

Veggie Burger – $10.99

How much are Double Burger at JoJo's Wings Canada?

Double Burger – $12.66

How much does a JoJo's Wings Canada's Classic Burger Cost?

Classic Burger – $11.05