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In the vibrant tapestry of culinary excellence, there exists an oasis that seamlessly marries the art of seafood with a legacy of authenticity – Joe’s Stone Crab. With a reputation that glimmers like a freshly caught gem and a popularity that continues to surge, this establishment isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a symphony of flavors and timeless charm that captivate taste buds and create cherished memories.

Below are the latest Joe’s Stone Crab menu prices.


Most Ordered

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Joe's Fried 1/2 Chicken$8.95
Chopped Salad$15.95
Joe's Key Lime Pie Slice$12.95
Large Stone Crabs$93.95
Hashed Brown Potatoes$15.95
Creamed Spinach$15.95
Select Stone Crabs$68.95
Stone Crab Bisque$12.95
Medium Stone Crabs$58.95
Grilled Tomatoes (3)$12.95
Chicken Fingers$14.95
Joe's Whole Key Lime Pie (9in)$39.95

Stone Crabs

Stone Crabs are chilled, cracked & served with Mustard Sauce, Butter & Lime
Large Stone Crabs (Stone Crabs)$93.95
Jumbo Stone Crabs$143.95
Select Stone Crabs (Stone Crabs)$68.95
Medium Stone Crabs (Stone Crabs)$58.95


Coconut Shrimp$21.95
Shrimp Cocktail$23.95
Conch Fritters$19.95
Peel and Eat Shrimp$12.95


Stone Crab Bisque (Soups)$12.95
Chicken Soup$11.95
Manhattan Clam Chowder$12.95
Turkey Chili$11.95


Dressing Choices: Joe's Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Oil & Vinegar, or Caesar
Chopped Salad (Salads)$15.95
Lobster, Lump Crab and Shrimp Salad$37.95
Caesar Salad$15.95
Mediterranean Salad$15.95
Joe's Cole Slaw$9.95
Joe's Mustard Sauce (16oz)$10.95
Joe's Vinaigrette Salad Dressing (16oz)$10.95


Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes$37.95
Joe's Fried 1/2 Chicken (Entrees)$8.95
Ginger Salmon$35.95
Lobster Mac and Cheese$36.95
Chicken Fingers (Entrees)$14.95
Orange Chicken$17.95

Sandwiches & Burgers

Lobster Roll$39.95
Lobster Reuben$39.95
Tuna Salad Sandwich$15.95
Mahi-Mahi Sandwich$24.95
Kobe Hot Dog$19.95
Crab Cake Sandwich$24.95
Shrimp and Crab Roll$21.95
Turkey Burger$17.95
Chicken Breast Sandwich$15.95


Hashed Brown Potatoes (Sides)$15.95
Creamed Spinach (Sides)$15.95
Mac and Cheese$15.95
Grilled Tomatoes (3) (Sides)$12.95
Lyonnaise Potatoes$15.95
Garlic Creamed Spinach$15.95
French Fried Potatoes$8.95
Skinny Fried Sweets$11.95
Cottage Chips$11.95


Joe's Whole Key Lime Pie (9in) (Desserts)$39.95
Joe's Key Lime Pie Slice (Desserts)$12.95
Apple Pie Slice$12.95
Chocolate Chip Cookie$5.95
Chocolate Pecan Pie$12.95
Chocolate Chip Brownie$5.95
Homemade Granola (contains nuts)$11.95
Rice Krispie Treat$5.95
Milk Chocolate Nonpareil$7.95
Rainbow Jellybeans$7.95
Key Lime Jellybeans$7.95


Joe's Merchandise
Joe's Coffee Mug$9.95
Copper Mug$9.95

Most Ordered

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Large Stone Crab Claws$88.95
Hashed Brown Potatoes$14.95
Creamed Spinach$11.95
Select Stone Crab Claws$68.95
Lobster Mac and Cheese$34.95
Grilled Tomatoes$11.95
Shrimp Cocktail$21.95
Joe’s Famous Cole Slaw$9.95
Skinny French Fried Sweets$9.95
Stone Crab Bisque$12.95
Medium Stone Crab Claws$58.95

NYE Specials

Jumbo Stone Crab Claws$138.95
Large Stone Crab Claws (NYE Specials)$88.95
Select Stone Crab Claws (NYE Specials)$68.95
Medium Stone Crab Claws (NYE Specials)$58.95
Lobster Mac and Cheese (NYE Specials)$34.95
Shrimp Cocktail (NYE Specials)$21.95
Hashed Brown Potatoes (NYE Specials)$14.95
Lyonnaise (NYE Specials)$14.95
Skinny French Fried Sweets (NYE Specials)$9.95
Joe’s Famous Cole Slaw (NYE Specials)$9.95
Joe’s All Green Salad$11.95
Manhattan Clam Chowder w/ Bacon$12.95
Stone Crab Bisque (NYE Specials)$12.95
Creamed Spinach (NYE Specials)$11.95
Creamed Garlic Spinach$11.95
Grilled Tomatoes (NYE Specials)$11.95
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An Ambiance of Seaside Elegance

Stepping into Joe’s Stone Crab is akin to walking onto the shores of a coastal haven where flavors are celebrated and guests are welcomed like old friends. The ambiance is thoughtfully curated, blending the elegance of oceanfront dining with a contemporary allure. From the soft lighting to the maritime-inspired decor, every detail is meticulously chosen to create an environment that invites patrons to embark on a culinary journey beyond the ordinary.

The allure of Joe’s Stone Crab lies in its commitment to crafting a dining experience that transcends mere sustenance. The attentive staff, the murmur of conversations, and the promise of exceptional flavors converge to establish an ambiance that caters to both the discerning palate and those seeking an authentic seafood adventure.

A Culinary Symphony of Oceanic Treasures

The menu at Joe’s Stone Crab reads like a symphony of oceanic treasures, celebrating both the art of seafood preparation and the essence of time-honored recipes. At its core are the stone crab offerings – a testament to the establishment’s dedication to delivering the finest of maritime delicacies. Each crab is handpicked, expertly cracked, and served with precision, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors that captivate even the most selective taste buds.

However, Joe’s Stone Crab goes beyond crab; it’s a journey through the bounty of the sea. From succulent lobster tails to tantalizing shrimp creations, the culinary artisans at Joe’s ensure that each dish reflects their commitment to providing a comprehensive seafood experience. The fusion of ingredients, culinary techniques, and the essence of the ocean results in a culinary masterpiece that delights every palate.

A Reputation For Oceanic Excellence

Joe’s Stone Crab has meticulously cultivated a reputation that mirrors the excellence of its seafood creations. It’s not just about the food; it encompasses the entirety of the dining experience. This reputation has been nurtured through years of delivering impeccable service, remarkable flavors, and an ambiance that resonates with patrons. The establishment’s name is synonymous with excellence and a steadfast commitment to culinary authenticity.

This reputation is fortified through personal experiences. Diners, captivated by their visits, transform into devoted advocates, enthusiastically sharing their stories with friends, family, and acquaintances. These personal endorsements stand as a testament to the lasting impact that Joe’s Stone Crab has on its patrons.

The Allure of Ever-Increasing Popularity

The popularity of Joe’s Stone Crab is akin to a tidal wave that continues to surge. It’s not just a place to dine; it’s a culinary sanctuary that resonates with a diverse spectrum of patrons. Families seeking a memorable meal, couples looking for romance, and seafood aficionados seeking the finest oceanic fare all find solace within the inviting atmosphere of Joe’s.

Amid a dynamic culinary landscape, the popularity of Joe’s Stone Crab continues to thrive. This attests to the establishment’s ability to consistently deliver not just a meal but an experience that resonates with various tastes. The harmonious fusion of oceanic splendor and culinary mastery creates an environment that appeals to both steadfast patrons and those eager to explore new flavors.

A Culinary Legacy of Maritime Charm

In conclusion, Joe’s Stone Crab isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a tribute to the art of seafood excellence and enduring popularity. With a reputation that gleams as brightly as its thoughtfully prepared dishes and a popularity that continues to climb, it stands as a testament to the power of delivering remarkable dining experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned seafood enthusiast or someone ready to immerse themselves in the flavors of the ocean, Joe’s Stone Crab invites you to step into its world. Embark on a culinary journey that celebrates maritime elegance, revels in culinary authenticity, and creates memories that linger long after the final bite. Allow your senses to be captivated, your palate to be delighted, and your heart to be embraced by the maritime charm that is Joe’s Stone Crab.

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