Jet’s Pizza Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Jet’s Pizza menu prices.

Item Price


Chocolate Chip Cookie $7.26
12 Piece Cinnamon Stix $6.97
Cinnamon Stix $8.11
Chocolate Chip Brownie $8.81
8” Chocolate Chip Cookie $9.05

Deli Boats

Italian Deli Boat $9.36
Grilled Chicken Deli Boat $6.94
8" Italian Boat $6.09
Ham and Cheese Deli Boat $9.34
Ham & Cheese $8.24
8" Veggie Boat $6.09
Veggie Deli Boat $9.36
Steak & Cheese $7.99
8" Ham and Cheese Boat $6.09
Grilled Chicken $8.48
Steak and Cheese Deli Boat $6.87
Italian $7.75

Jet's Boat

8" Jet's Boat $6.08
8" Premium Mozzarella Cheese and 1 Topping $6.03
Jet's Boat $9.70

Dipping Sauce

Side of Ranch Dipping Sauce $1.15
Side of Pizza Dipping Sauce $1.13
Side of Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce $1.13
Bottle of Caesar Dressing $4.43
Side of Butter Garlic Dipping Sauce $0.97
Bottle of Ranch Dressing $5.90
Bottle of Greek Dressing $5.89
Bottle of Italian Dressing $5.91
Side of BBQ Dipping Sauce $1.06
Side of Mild Buffalo Dipping Sauce $1.06
Side of Hot Buffalo Dipping Sauce $1.00


Jet's Bread $8.98
Jet's Wings - 3 Orders $30.79
12 Piece Jet's Bread $7.15
Deep Dish Bread $8.00
Boneless Wings - 3 Orders $30.52
Boneless Chicken $9.40
Jet's Deep Dish Bread $9.87
Jet's Triple Cheese Turbo Stix $8.96
Pepperoni Jet's Bread $8.90
Jet's Bread - 3 Orders $25.61
Triple Cheese Turbo Stix - 3 Orders $25.61
Jet's Wings $9.10
Jet’s Triple Cheese Turbo Stix $9.02


Antipasto Salad $8.71
Garden Salad $8.79
Greek Salad $8.65

Most Popular

Large Super Special Pizza $17.92

Top Menu Items

Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza $8.99
Create Your Own Large Pizza $13.51

Deep Dish Duo

Deep Dish Duo $18.32


8" Italian Sub $7.33
8" Chicken Parmesan Sub $7.63
8" Pizza Sub $7.33
8" Grilled Chicken Sub $7.33
8" Veggie Sub $7.63

Build Your Own Jet's Pizza

Party Tray $46.14
8 Corner Pizza $20.85
Large Cheese Pizza $13.75
Medium Pizza $10.54
Create Your Own 4 Corner Deep Dish Pizza $9.31
Medium Cheese Pizza $11.33
4 Corner Pizza $13.16
Small Cheese Pizza $9.42
Create Your Own 8 Corner Deep Dish Pizza $16.76
X-Large Cheese Pizza $25.08
Party Tray Cheese Pizza $32.72
Create Your Own Small Pizza $9.51
Gluten Free Pizza $13.75
8 Corner Cheese Pizza $16.06
Create Your Own Medium Hand Tossed Pizza $11.56
Small Deep Dish $11.67
Create Your Extra Large Deep Dish Pizza $17.75
Build Your Own Party Tray $46.60
Build Your Own Gluten Free Pizza $11.47
Create Your Own Party Tray Deep Dish Pizza $33.66
Thin Crust (Small) $13.40
Deep Dish Duo Cheese Pizza $15.68
Deep Dish Duo Pizza $16.73
Bold Fold $14.78
Seasoned Cauliflower (Small) $14.17
Large Deep Dish $18.68

Specialty Pizzas

Super Special $18.98
Super Special Pizza $14.16
BBQ Chicken Pizza $13.72
All Meaty $19.16
Aloha BBQ Chicken Pizza $13.79
BBQ Chicken $19.32
Veggie $17.69
Chicken Parmesan $18.35
Hawaiian Pizza $13.65
BLT $18.80
BLT Pizza $14.30
Eugene Supreme $18.53
All Meaty Pizza $14.11
Buffalo Ranch Chicken $18.89
Hawaiian $18.99
Veggie Pizza $14.14
Chicken Parmesan Pizza $14.16
Jet 10 $20.26
Small Super Special Pizza $13.79
Aloha BBQ Chicken $18.67
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza $14.25
The Eugene Supreme Pizza $14.00
Jet 10 Pizza $15.29
Chicken Bacon Ranch $19.39

Gluten Free Specialty Pizzas

Gluten Free Chicken Bacon Ranch $19.54
Gluten Free All Meaty $20.51
Gluten Free BBQ Chicken $18.88
Gluten Free Jet 10 $20.94
Gluten Free Super Special $19.48
Gluten Free Veggie $19.48
Gluten Free Aloha BBQ Chicken $19.77
Gluten Free BLT $19.12
Gluten Free Buffalo Ranch Chicken $19.33
Gluten Free Eugene Supreme $20.01
Gluten Free Hawaiian $19.33
Hawaiian 8 Corner Pizza $25.77

Build Your Own Pizza

Small Pizza $10.05
Hand-Tossed Pizza $8.99
Medium Round Pizza $17.49
Large Pizza $14.92
Thin Crust Pizza $8.99
Party Tray Pizza $47.35
Large NY Style Round Pizza $14.54
Thin Crust (Large) $18.55
Large Round Pizza $14.88
Small Gluten-Free Pizza $11.09
Hand Tossed Round (Small) $13.39
Small Seasoned Cauliflower Crust Pizza $8.99
Hand Tossed Round (Medium) $13.69
Hand Tossed Round (Large) $18.56

Popular Items

Boneless Chicken Wings $8.93
Boneless Chicken (10 Oz) $8.52
Pepperoni Pizza $18.21

Eight Corner Pizza

8 Corner Pizza Jet 10 $25.33


Build Your Own Pizza (Small) $11.85
Aloha BBQ Chicken (8 Corner Pizza) $22.74
Jet 10 (Large) $24.88
Ny-Style Round (Large) $18.56
Jet 10 (Small) $18.79
Chicken Parmesan (8 Corner Pizza) $21.88
Super Special (8 Corner Pizza) $22.53
Veggie (8 Corner Pizza) $22.53
Buffalo Ranch Chicken (8 Corner Pizza) $22.78

8 Corner Pizza

Build Your Own 8 Corner Pizza $23.14
BBQ Chicken (8 Corner Pizza) $28.13

X-Large Specialty Pizzas

X-Large Specialty Pizzas
X-Large All Meaty $35.68
X-Large Super Special $35.68
X-Large BBQ Chicken Pizza $32.24
X-Large Veggie $35.68
X-Large Chicken Bacon Ranch $35.68
X-Large Eugene Supreme $35.68
X-Large Aloha BBQ Chicken $35.68
X-Large Buffalo Ranch Chicken $35.68
X-Large Hawaiian Pizza $31.26
X-Large Jet 10 $37.20

4 Corner Pizza

Build Your Own 4 Corner Pizza $12.42
BBQ Chicken (4 Corner Pizza) $17.47
Hawaiian (4 Corner Pizza) $17.41
Sausage & Onion $12.96


12 Pieces Cinnamon Stix $6.03
8 Pieces Chocolate Chip Cookie $6.06
Cinnamon Stix - 3 Orders $25.33
8" Chocolate Chip Brownie $6.07

Party Specialty Pizza

Party Specialty Pizza
Party All Meaty $67.30
Party Veggie $67.30
Party Eugene Supreme $67.30
Party Hawaiian Pizza $67.30
Party Super Special $67.30
Party Jet 10 $73.00
Party Aloha BBQ Chicken $67.30
Party Buffalo Ranch Chicken $67.30
Party BBQ Chicken Pizza $67.30
Party Chicken Bacon Ranch $67.30


8" Ham and Cheese Sub $7.63
8" Steak and Cheese Sub $7.74

Small Specialty Pizzas

Eugene Supreme with Italian Sausage $18.44


Antipasto Salad (Party) $35.23
Caesar Salad $7.52
Greek Salad (Party) $34.87
Chicken Caesar Salad $8.44
Party Salad $32.66
Garden Salad (Party) $34.87


Italian Jetzee® $7.05
Steak & Cheese Jetzee® $7.34
Grilled Chicken Jetzee® $7.05
Chicken Parmesan Jetzee® $7.05
Pizza Jetzee® $7.14

Jetzee' Subs

Tuna Jetzee $7.74
Veggie Jetzee $7.20
Ham & Cheese Jetzee $7.03

Classic Subs

Italian Classic Sub $8.84
Italian Sub $7.25
Ham & Cheese Classic Sub $8.84
Ham and Cheese Sub $7.26
Steak and Cheese Sub $7.39
Veggie Classic Sub $8.53
Classic Grilled Chicken Sub $7.96
Grilled Chicken Sub $7.11
Veggie Sub $7.26
Pizza Classic Sub $8.84
Chicken Parmesan Sub $7.49
Pizza Sub $7.25

Dipping Sauces

Ranch Sauce $0.90
Pizza Sauce $0.84
Bleu Cheese Sauce $0.81
Butter Garlic Sauce $0.83


Pepperoni Slice $2.18

Bread Sidekicks

12 Pieces Jet's Bread $7.08
12 Pieces Deep Dish Bread $7.16
12 Pieces Jet's Triple Cheese Turbo Stix $7.05
8 Jet's Wings $8.49

Jet's Dipping Sauces

Jet's Dipping Sauce $0.76
Blue Cheese Sauce $0.81
Ranch Dipping Sauce $0.91

NY Style Round Pizza

NY Style Round Pizza
NY Style Jet 10 $27.67
NY Style BBQ Chicken Pizza $24.95
NY Style All Meaty $25.69
NY Style Buffalo Ranch Chicken $24.95
NY Style Aloha BBQ Chicken $24.95
NY Style Eugene Supreme $25.69
NY Style Hawaiian Pizza $24.95
NY Style Veggie $25.69
NY Style Super Special $25.69


Deep Dish Bread - 3 Orders $25.61
Small Deep Dish Duo $15.56
Detroit-Style Super Special Pizza $57.15
Detroit-Style BBQ Chicken Pizza $57.15
Detroit-Style Jet 10 Pizza $62.16
Build Your Own Pizza Large $16.75
Build Your Own Pizza X-Large $23.58
Detroit-Style Aloha BBQ Chicken Pizza $57.15
Detroit-Style Hawaiian Pizza $57.15
Detroit-Style All Meaty Pizza $57.15
Detroit-Style Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza $57.15
Detroit-Style Eugene Supreme Pizza $57.15
Gluten Free Cheese Pizza $10.13
Detroit-Style Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza $57.15
BLT 8 Corner Pizza $21.78

Specialty Pizza

Mediterranean Pizza $11.85
Small Jet 10 Pizza $14.90
8 Corner All Meaty Pizza $22.98
Cheese Slice $2.43

Party Tray Specialty Pizzas

Philly Cheese Steak $34.90

Signature BBQ Chicken Pizza

Small BBQ Chicken $14.25
Medium BBQ Chicken $16.43
Large BBQ Chicken $18.66
XL BBQ Chicken $23.63
8 Corner BBQ Chicken $22.73

Hot Slices

Slice Combo $5.71

Signature Super Special Pizza

Medium Super Special $16.43
XL Super Special $23.63

4 Corner Specialty Pizzas

4 Corner All Meaty $18.89
4 Corner Aloha BBQ Chicken $18.30
4 Corner BLT $17.09
4 Corner Buffalo Ranch Chicken $17.47
4 Corner Eugene Supreme $17.92
4 Corner Jet 10 $19.42
4 Corner Super Special $17.92
4 Corner Veggie $17.92
4 Corner Chicken Bacon Ranch $18.30

8 Corner Specialty Pizzas

8 Corner All Meaty $31.42
8 Corner Chicken Bacon Ranch $30.65
8 Corner BLT $28.21
8 Corner Buffalo Ranch Chicken $28.93
8 Corner Eugene Supreme $29.53
8 Corner Jet 10 $31.46
8 Corner Super Special $28.52
8 Corner Veggie $28.52
8 Corner Aloha BBQ Chicken $30.65

Small Specialty Pizza

Small BLT $17.10
Small All Meaty $18.92
Small Buffalo Ranch Chicken $17.47
Small Super Special $17.59
Small Veggie $17.59
Small Eugene Supreme $18.90
Small Hawaiian Pizza $17.06
Small BBQ Chicken Pizza $17.15
Small Chicken Bacon Ranch $18.39
Small Aloha BBQ Chicken $18.16

Signature Veggie Pizza

Medium Veggie $16.43
XL Veggie $23.63

Large Specialty Pizzas

Large All Meaty $25.02
Large Chicken Bacon Ranch $24.36
Large Hawaiian Pizza $22.68
Large Buffalo Ranch Chicken $23.21
Large Eugene Supreme $23.74
Large Super Special $22.97
Large Veggie $23.02
Large BLT $22.56
Large BBQ Chicken Pizza $22.71
Large Aloha BBQ Chicken $24.26


10 oz. Boneless Chicken Wings $9.35
Jet Wings $12.17
Boneless Wings $11.51
Jet’s Wings $11.39

Signature Jet 10 Pizza

Medium Jet 10 $17.57
XL Jet 10 $25.83


Dressing Bottles $3.97
Jet's Ranch Dipping Sauce $1.03
Jet's Ranch Dressing Bottle $5.80
Dressing Cup $0.62
Ranch $0.91
Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce $1.03
Wing Sauce $0.93
Pizza Dipping Sauce $0.94
Dressing Cups $0.93
Extra Dipping Sauce $0.88
Brownie $6.23
Side Toppings $0.80
Butter Garlic Dipping Sauce $0.84
Dipping Sauce $0.90
Italian Dressing Bottle $5.77
Greek Dressing Bottle $5.77


Pepsi $2.35
Gatorade Cool Blue $2.05
20 oz. Drink $1.92
Starry $2.37
2-Liter Drink $2.99
Diet Pepsi $2.32
Bottled Soda $1.90
Mist Twist $2.31
2 Liter Soda $2.94
Mountain Dew $2.33
Orange Crush $2.01
Aquafina $2.27
Gatorade Fruit Punch $1.97
Sierra Mist $1.94
Diet Mountain Dew $2.05
Wild Cherry Pepsi $2.01
Dr. Pepper $1.97
Pure Leaf Sweet tea $2.27
Mug Root Beer $1.99
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About Jet’s Pizza

3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the US and Americans eat 350 slices of the stuff per second. With these numbers, it’s quite safe to say that it’s a very popular dish in the country. These figures, also make it easy to see why there are lots of competitors in the field. With our $37 billion annual spending on pizza, it’s just natural that lots of entrepreneurs want in on the pot. Thankfully, with Jet’s Pizza prices and offerings, they maintain their solid spot as one of the most popular pizza chains in the country.

Jet’s Pizza is a solid example of regional cuisine that soared and found its way to other states. With more than 380 stores all over the country, it’s a well-established chain that has gained a good footing in the market. With its continuous growth and popularity, it managed to become the 17th largest pizza chain in the US. Due to this, it shouldn’t be too surprising to know and hear more about this chain in the future.

If you’re interested in what they have to offer, here’s a quick guide on the chain.


The first Jet’s Pizza opened in Sterling Heights, Michigan in 1978 as the Jetts Party Shoppe and Pizzeria. It was a joint venture by brothers Eugene and John Jetts and was housed in what used to be a party store, hence the name. They largely operated as a family-owned restaurant for a decade until they decided to operate as a franchise in 1990.

After two years, they then teamed up with their cousins Jeff and Jim Galloway, Jr. to establish Jet’s America Inc. From there, their operations boomed. Today, they have stores in 20 states.

What They’re Famous For

It might be easy to write off Jet’s Pizza as if it’s another pizza chain that offers the same thing to customers but once you see their offerings, you’ll know that they’re different from the rest. Sure, they still offer pizza flavors that are largely similar to other places but they definitely put their own twist to the staple.

This is why they’re best known for their square deep-dish Detroit-style pizza which is fitting since they are rooted in the area. What sets it apart from the other deep-dish pizzas in the area, however, is its recipe and presentation.

Dubbed and trademarked as the 8-Corner Pizza, Jet’s Pizza’s most popular product is a pair of square deep-dish pizzas. So you get 4 corners in one pie and another 4 corners in the other, totaling to 8 corners all and all. The name sounds gimmicky but given the fact that they also offer the 4-Corner Pizza, so it can also be said that it’s more about the sizing.

Aside from their pizza style, they also made their pizzas their own by using Mama Jett’s secret recipe. Using the finest ingredients available, they were able to whip up tasty pizzas that do not disappoint. Their crusts may be thick but they’re crunchy on the outside and airy and buttery on the inside. Once you bite in one of these, you can easily forget that you got them from a huge pizza chain.

Regular pizzas are also available, however. You can choose them in Thin, NY style, and Hand Tossed Round for the regular varieties. You can also get them flavored without any additional charge to amp up the taste of your pizza. As Seasoned Cauliflower and Gluten-Free crusts are also available, you can further take things up a notch and try a whole different experience at Jet’s Pizza.

Why Eat Here

With the rundown of the things Jet’s Pizza is famous for, it’s highly likely that some folks have already decided to give it a try. However, if you need more nudging, here are a few more reasons to give this chain a shot.

1. They often have great deals and something new to offer.

The stiff competition among pizza chains prompted the players to become quite crafty in enticing the public to pay them a visit or order a delivery. This is why it shouldn’t be surprising that Jet’s Pizza is quite known to be creative in this area. In fact, they regularly offer great deals and new items to keep customers excited. They get extra imaginative around their anniversary so make sure to keep your eyes peeled every month of August.

2. They have a sizeable menu.

Aside from a wide variety of pizza options, Jet’s Pizza also offers lots of other exciting and filling dishes. You can also get subs, calzone-style sandwiches, chicken, salad, and different kinds of bread here.

To learn more about Jet’s Pizza or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Jet’s Pizza FAQ

How much is Jet’s Pizza's Party Tray Cheese Pizza?

Party Tray Cheese Pizza – $32.55

How much is a Large Cheese Pizza at Jet’s Pizza?

Large Cheese Pizza – $3.18

How much are Medium Cheese Pizza at Jet’s Pizza?

Medium Cheese Pizza – $11.06

How much does a Jet’s Pizza's Small Cheese Pizza Cost?

Small Cheese Pizza – $9.72