Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse Menu Prices: How much is Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse?

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Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse has established itself as a premier destination for steak lovers, tantalizing taste buds with its succulent cuts of meat, exceptional service, and inviting ambiance. With its commitment to quality ingredients, expertly grilled steaks, and a reputation for excellence, Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse has garnered a loyal following and gained popularity among food enthusiasts. In this article, we explore the captivating world of Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse, uncovering the factors that contribute to its renowned reputation and enduring popularity. Below are the latest Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse menu prices.



Banan Ze Sausage$9.00
Yellow Grits Cornmeal with Snapper Fish (Mayimoulen)$20.00
Yellow Grits Cornmeal with Talapia (Mayimoulen)$9.00
Grits, Shrimp, Eggs$13.00
Banan Ze Hotdog$9.00


Legume ( Jon Jon (Blk Rice))$12.99
Legume (Rice & Red Beans)$11.99
Legume (White Rice & Beans)$11.99
Griot Complete ( Jon Jon (Blk Rice))$11.99
Griot Complete (Rice & Red Beans)$10.99
Griot Complete (White Rice & Beans)$10.99
Griot Simple$8.99
Tasso Cabrit Complete ( Jon Jon (Blk Rice))$17.99
Tasso Cabrit Complete (Rice & Red Beans)$16.99
Tasso Cabrit Complete (White Rice & Beans)$16.99
Tasso Cabrit Simple$12.99
Oxtail Complete ( Jon Jon (Blk Rice))$17.99
Oxtail Complete (Rice & Red Beans)$16.99
Oxtail Complete (White Rice & Beans)$16.99
Oxtail Simple$13.99
Tasso Turkey Complete ( Jon Jon (Blk Rice))$11.99
Tasso Turkey Complete (Rice & Red Beans)$10.99
Tasso Turkey Complete (White Rice & Beans)$10.99
Tasso Turkey Simple$8.99
Stew Turkey Complete ( Jon Jon (Blk Rice))$11.99
Stew Turkey Complete (Rice & Red Beans)$10.99
Stew Turkey Complete (White Rice & Beans)$10.99
Stew Turkey Simple$8.99
Fried Chicken Complete (Poulle Fri) ( Jon Jon (Blk Rice))$11.99
Fried Chicken Complete (Poulle Fri) (Rice & Red Beans)$10.99
Fried Chicken Complete (Poulle Fri) (White Rice & Beans)$10.99
Fried Chicken Simple( Poulle Fri)$8.99
Stew Chicken Complete ( Jon Jon (Blk Rice))$11.99
Stew Chicken Complete (Rice & Red Beans)$10.99
Stew Chicken Complete (White Rice & Beans)$10.99
Stew Chicken Simple$8.99
Spaghetti with hotdog$10.99
Spaghetti with Sausage$11.99
Spaghetti with Shrimp$12.99
Spaghetti Sausage Shrimp$15.99
Spaghetti Hotdog Shrimp$14.99
Red Snapper (Fried) Complete$25.00
Red Snapper Fried (Simple)$21.00


White Rice and Beans$3.00
Rice and Beans and Peas$3.00
Mac and Cheese$4.00
Plaintains (3 Pieces)$2.00


Caribbean Flop$3.50
Caribbean Passion Fruit$3.50
Caribbean Lemonade$3.50
Choucoune Soda$2.50
Can Soda$1.00


Griot Simple$9.99
Tasso Turkey Complete$11.99
Tasso Turkey Simple$9.99
Stew Turkey Complete$11.99
Stew Turkey Simple$9.99
Fried Chicken Complete (Poulle Fri)$11.99
Fried Chicken Simple (Poulle Fri)$9.99
Stew Chicken Complete$10.99
Stew Chicken Simple$9.99
Spaghetti with Hotdog$10.99
Spaghetti with Sausage$11.99
Spaghetti with Shrimp$13.99
Spaghetti Sausage Shrimp$15.99
Spaghetti Hotdog Shrimp$14.99
Chicken (Stew or Fried) Simple$9.99
Goat (Simple)$17.00
Oxtail Simple$18.00
Oxtail Complete$23.00
Tasso Cabrit Simple$18.00
Tasso Cabrit Complete$23.00
Boulette Fried Meat Complete$12.00
Boulette Fried Meat Simple$10.00
Family Pack Griot$45.00
Family Pack Chicken$45.00
Family Pack Tilapia$45.00


Can Soda$1.50
Caribbean Flop$5.00
Choucoune Soda$3.00
Caribbean Passion Fruit$5.00
Caribbean Lemonade$5.00


Banan/Ze/Sausage (Boiled Plantain Eggs Sausage)$9.99
Yellow Grits/Cornmeal with Snapper Fish (Mayimoulen)$20.00
Yellow Grits/Cornmeal with Tilapia (Mayimoulen)$9.99
Grits, Shrimp, Eggs$13.00
Banan/Ze/Hotdog (Boiled Plantain Eggs Hotdog)$9.99


White Rice and Beans$3.99
Plaintains (3 Pieces)$3.00
Jon Jon Rice$5.00
Large Jon Jon Rice$12.00
Large White Rice and Beans$12.00
Large Rice and Red Beans$12.00


Soup Joumou$10.00
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Savoring the Art of Steak: The Jacksonville Millhouse Experience

At Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse, diners embark on a culinary journey celebrating the art of steak. The menu boasts an array of carefully selected, premium cuts of meat, ranging from tender filet mignon to flavorful ribeye and robust T-bone steaks. Each steak is hand-cut and expertly grilled to perfection, resulting in a succulent and mouthwatering dining experience. The dedication to the art of steak grilling ensures that every bite at Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse is a celebration of superior flavor and tenderness.

Commitment to Quality Ingredients

One of the pillars of Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse’s reputation lies in its unwavering commitment to quality ingredients. The restaurant sources the finest, locally-sourced meats, ensuring the highest standards of flavor and tenderness. Each cut of meat is carefully inspected and aged to perfection, enhancing its natural flavors and juiciness. The focus on quality ingredients shines through in every dish served at Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse, delighting steak enthusiasts with each savory bite.

A Memorable Dining Experience

Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse goes beyond just serving excellent steaks; it provides a memorable dining experience that adds to its popularity. The restaurant’s elegant and inviting ambiance sets the stage for an exceptional meal. The attentive and knowledgeable staff create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, offering personalized recommendations and ensuring that every guest’s needs are met. From the moment patrons step through the door to the last sip of wine, Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse strives to create a memorable experience that keeps diners returning time and again.

Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

At Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse, every aspect of the dining experience is carefully considered and executed with precision. From the expertly grilled steaks to the thoughtfully curated wine list and the attention to presentation, the restaurant’s commitment to craftsmanship is evident. Each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail, ensuring that the flavors are perfectly balanced, and the dining experience is nothing short of exceptional. The commitment to culinary excellence and attention to detail contribute to the restaurant’s reputation as a haven for steak lovers.


Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse stands as a culinary haven for steak lovers, captivating diners with its commitment to quality ingredients, expertly grilled steaks, and memorable dining experiences. Through the art of crafting superior cuts of meat and providing exceptional service, Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse has earned its renowned reputation. Whether you’re a dedicated steak enthusiast or seeking an extraordinary dining experience, Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse invites you to savor the succulent flavors, indulge in the elegance, and embrace the exceptional craftsmanship that define their culinary offerings. Prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey of flavor and sophistication at Jacksonville Millhouse Steakhouse, where every bite is a celebration of steakhouse excellence.

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