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In the realm of culinary delights, few names evoke the same sense of comfort and indulgence as “I Love Dumplings Australia.” This cherished eatery has woven itself into the tapestry of Australian dining, offering a tantalizing array of dumplings that are as flavorful as they are beloved. Let’s embark on a savory journey to uncover the enticing reputation, unwavering popularity, and the essence of what makes I Love Dumplings a culinary sensation. Below are the latest I Love Dumplings Australia menu prices.



Pork dumplings$11.80
Shao Long Bao$10.80
Stir Fried Hokkien Noodle with Beef$11.80
Honey Chicken with Rice$11.00

Most Popular

Stir Fried Hokkien Noodle$11.80
Father's Day Banquet$88.80

Family Feeds

Footy Feast$31.90
Family Feeds$40.80

Richmond Chef's Special

Seasoned Duck$22.80
Stewed Pork Belly$22.80
Soy Sauce Fried Rice$12.80
Vegetarian Fried Rice$12.80

Dumplings and Entree

Pork Dumpling$6.00
Pork Dumpling (Dumplings and Entree)$6.00
Beef and Lamb Dumpling (Dumplings and Entree)$7.00
Chicken and Corn Dumpling$7.00
Steamed Prawn Dumpling$10.80
Shao Long Bao (Dumplings and Entree)$10.80
Sichuan Chili Sauce$1.00
Spring Onion Pancake$4.80
Spring Onion Pancake (Dumplings and Entree)$4.80
Steamed BBQ Pork Buns$10.80
Steamed BBQ Pork Buns (Dumplings and Entree)$10.80
Vegetarian Spring Roll$5.00
Steamed Pork Wonton$11.80
Steamed Pork Wonton (Dumplings and Entree)$11.80
Deep Fried Pork Wonton$6.80
Roasted Duck Pancake$10.80
Salted Pepper Tofu$8.80
Salted Pepper King Shrimp$11.80
Salted Pepper Calamari$11.80
Honey King Shrimp$11.80
Gluten Free Pork Dumpling Steamed 12 Pcs$13.00
Gluten Free Pork Dumpling Pan Fried 12 Pcs$13.00
Gluten Free Vegetarian Dumpling Steamed 12 Pcs$13.00
Gluten Free Vegetarian Dumpling Pan Fried 12 Pcs$13.00
Apple Crumble Spring Roll 2 Pcs$5.00
Chicken Dim Sim (3pcs)$6.80
Steamed Creamy Custard Lava Buns (3pcs)$8.80

Wok Works - Main Course

Lamb Spare Ribs$19.80
Honey Chicken$18.80
Kung Po Chicken$18.80
Sweet Sour Chicken$18.80
Sweet Sour Pork$18.80
Stir Fried Green Beans$16.80
Stir Fried Green Beans (Wok Works - Main Course)$15.80
Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetable and Tofu$15.80
Steamed Chinese Broccoli$14.80
Salted Pepper Calamari (Wok Works - Main Course)$19.80
Stir Fried Beef with Mongolian Sauce$19.80
Stir Fried Beef with Black Pepper Sauce$19.80
Stir Fried Beef with Black Bean Sauce$19.80
Stir Fried Beef with Satay Sauce$19.80
Stir Fried Chicken with Mongolian Sauce$19.80
Stir Fried Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce$19.80
Stir Fried Chicken with Black Bean Sauce$19.80
Stir Fried Chicken with Satay Sauce$19.80
Lamb Spare Ribs with Homemade Sweet Chili Sauce$30.00

Noodle and Rice

Stir Fried Hokkien Noodle with Beef (Noodle and Rice)$11.80
Stir Fried Hokkien Noodle with Chicken$11.80
Chicken Laksa$12.80
Seafood Laksa$14.80
Combination Laksa$12.80
Vegetarian Laksa$11.80
Steamed Rice$2.80
Special Fried Rice$12.80
Lamb Spare Ribs with Rice$14.00
Honey Chicken with Rice (Noodle and Rice)$11.00
Kung Po Chicken with Rice$11.00
Sweet Sour Chicken with Rice$11.00
Sweet Sour Pork with Rice$11.00
Stir Fried Green Beans, pork mince on Rice$11.00
Stir Fried Green Beans on Rice$10.00
Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetable and Tofu on Rice$10.00
Stir Fried Beef with Rice$11.00
Stir Fried Chicken on Rice$11.00


Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup$5.00
Hot and Sour Soup$5.00

Soft Drink

Pepsi (375ml)$3.50
Pepsi Max (375ml)$3.50
Solo (375ml)$3.50
Lemonade (375ml)$3.50
Sunkist (375ml)$3.50
Bottled Water (600ml)$3.00
Coke (375ml)$3.50

Most popular dumplings

Pork dumplings (Most popular dumplings)$11.80
Vegetarian Dumpling$11.80
Chicken and Prawn Dumpling$12.80
Beef and Lamb Dumpling$12.80
Seafood Dumpling$15.80
Chicken and sweet corn dumpling$12.80
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Crafting Dumpling Magic

At the heart of I Love Dumplings Australia’s reputation is its dedication to the art of dumpling crafting. With a variety that spans across traditional and inventive flavors, the restaurant has mastered the delicate balance of flavors and textures that make dumplings an irresistible delicacy. From delicate parcels filled with savory meat to vibrant vegetarian options bursting with freshness, each dumpling is a testament to the careful craftsmanship that goes into every dish.

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

The popularity of I Love Dumplings isn’t solely due to its mouthwatering creations; it’s a result of its ability to marry tradition with innovation. While honoring the time-honored techniques that make dumplings an international favorite, the restaurant also introduces innovative twists that surprise and delight the palate. This harmonious blend of the familiar and the unexpected caters to a diverse array of diners, from purists to adventurous food explorers.

A Culinary Journey of Comfort

The allure of I Love Dumplings Australia isn’t confined to its delectable offerings; it’s also rooted in the sense of comfort and nostalgia it provides. Dumplings, often associated with comfort food, have the remarkable ability to transport patrons to memories of home-cooked meals and family gatherings. I Love Dumplings has successfully created an environment where diners can savor not only delicious food but also heartwarming moments.

An Abode of Authenticity

I Love Dumplings’ reputation is not only built on the authenticity of its flavors but also on the genuine connections it fosters with its patrons. The restaurant’s cozy ambiance and welcoming staff contribute to an atmosphere that feels like an extension of home. Whether sharing a meal with loved ones or embarking on a solo culinary adventure, customers are enveloped in an environment that exudes warmth and genuine hospitality.

A Flavorful Tapestry of Diversity

Beyond the flavors of the dumplings themselves, I Love Dumplings Australia’s popularity is also a celebration of diversity. The restaurant’s menu mirrors the multicultural fabric of Australia, offering dumplings that pay homage to various culinary traditions. This inclusivity ensures that every diner can embark on a journey of flavors that transcends borders and boundaries, fostering a sense of unity through the joy of food.

A Haven of Culinary Exploration

The enduring popularity of I Love Dumplings is a reflection of its commitment to catering to both the culinary traditionalist and the daring explorer. Its extensive menu, ranging from classic staples to innovative creations, ensures that every visit is an opportunity for discovery. Whether sampling a familiar favorite or venturing into uncharted dumpling territory, patrons can indulge in a culinary adventure that promises satisfaction.

A Culinary Odyssey Continues

As I Love Dumplings Australia continues its flavorful journey, its reputation and popularity remain as vibrant as the flavors it serves. The restaurant’s dedication to crafting exceptional dumplings, fostering authentic connections, and celebrating culinary diversity has solidified its place as a cherished dining destination. With each dumpling bite, I Love Dumplings reaffirms its commitment to excellence and its role in the culinary narrative of Australia.

In conclusion, I Love Dumplings Australia stands as a testament to the art of dumpling crafting, a fusion of tradition and innovation, and the creation of heartwarming dining experiences. Its reputation as a beloved eatery is a reflection of its dedication to creating culinary magic that resonates with diners on multiple levels. As I Love Dumplings continues to delight taste buds and create connections, its legacy of flavor and hospitality is destined to enrich the palates and hearts of food enthusiasts for generations to come.

To learn more about I Love Dumplings Australia or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.ilovedumplings.net.au/.

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I Love Dumplings Australia FAQ

How much is I Love Dumplings Australia's Stir Fried Hokkien Noodle with Beef?

Stir Fried Hokkien Noodle with Beef – $11.80

How much is a Father's Day Banquet at I Love Dumplings Australia?

Father’s Day Banquet – $88.80

How much are Soy Sauce Fried Rice at I Love Dumplings Australia?

Soy Sauce Fried Rice – $12.80

How much does a I Love Dumplings Australia's Steamed Prawn Dumpling Cost?

Steamed Prawn Dumpling – $10.80

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