H&H Brazilian Steakhouse Menu Prices: How much is H&H Brazilian Steakhouse?

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H&H Brazilian Steakhouse has become a culinary destination, captivating taste buds with its authentic Brazilian cuisine, vibrant atmosphere, and commitment to providing a memorable dining experience. With its reputation for quality cuts of meat, traditional flavors, and warm hospitality, H&H Brazilian Steakhouse has gained popularity among food enthusiasts. In this article, we embark on a flavorful journey through the world of H&H Brazilian Steakhouse, exploring the factors that contribute to its renowned reputation and enduring popularity. Below are the latest H&H Brazilian Steakhouse menu prices.


Beer Bottles

Brazil Leopoldina Pilsner 500ml$12.00

Wine Bottles

Fronteira cabernet sauvignon$19.00
Parduccii Pinot noir$19.00
Brazilian Merlot Valdugaa$25.00


Kale Caesar Salad$12.00
Arugula Salad$14.00
Antipasto Salad$19.00
Fennel Salad$19.00

Picked for you

Picanha (8 Oz)$25.95
Truffle Filet Mignon (8 Oz)$36.95
Lamb Chops (8 Oz) plate$34.95
Asparagus Wrapped in bacon$16.00
Ribeye steak ( 10 oz)$35.95


Picanha (8 Oz) (Entrees)$25.95
Truffle Filet Mignon (8 Oz) (Entrees)$36.95
Lamb Chops (8 Oz) plate (Entrees)$34.95
HandH Burger$19.00
Grilled Salmon Plate$25.00
Ribeye steak ( 10 oz) (Entrees)$35.95
Spicy Chicken Breast$17.00
Shrimp Limone$27.00

Small Plates/ Appetizers

Fried Calamari$16.00
Asparagus Wrapped in bacon (Small Plates/ Appetizers)$16.00
Pastel De Carne$9.00
Coxinha De Galinha$11.00
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail$19.00
Pastel De Queijo$9.00
Truffle fries$11.00


Brazilian Cheese Breads$4.00
Mash Potatoes$3.00
Golden Bananas$3.00
White Rice$3.00
Roasted Brussel Sprouts$4.00
Brazilian black beans$4.00


Pudim De Leite$9.00
Peanut butter chocolate cake$9.00
Red velvet cake$9.00

Butcher shop- cook at home RAW

Picanha 1lb Raw$18.00
Lamb Chops Raw Package with 8 racks$40.00
Ribeye 1lb Raw$25.00
Brazilian Sausage Raw pack$15.00
Tri-tip Beef 1lb Raw$15.00
Filet Mignon 1lb Raw$28.00


Guarana Antartica$5.00
Coca-cola Mexican Glass bottle$5.00
Guarana Antartica Diet$5.00
Sparkling Water$7.00
Sprite Mexican Glass bottle$5.00
Diet Coke can$4.00
Water Glass bottle$7.00
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Indulging in Authentic Brazilian Delights: The H&H Brazilian Steakhouse Experience

At H&H Brazilian Steakhouse, diners are treated to an immersive culinary experience that celebrates the flavors of Brazil. The restaurant offers a unique dining concept known as rodizio, where an endless selection of grilled meats is brought directly to the table. From tender sirloin to juicy sausages, H&H Brazilian Steakhouse ensures that guests can savor the full range of Brazilian flavors. The rodizio-style service allows diners to choose their favorite cuts and enjoy a continuous flow of meats, creating a feast fit for food enthusiasts.

Quality Cuts for Unmatched Flavor

One of the cornerstones of H&H Brazilian Steakhouse’s success lies in its commitment to using quality cuts of meat. The restaurant sources the finest beef, pork, and poultry, ensuring that each bite showcases the rich and robust flavors of Brazil. Expert grillmasters carefully season and grill each cut to perfection, resulting in tender and flavorful meats. H&H Brazilian Steakhouse’s dedication to quality ingredients and culinary expertise shines through in every dish, elevating the dining experience and setting it apart from the rest.

A Vibrant and Welcoming Atmosphere

Beyond the exceptional cuisine, H&H Brazilian Steakhouse offers a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that adds to its popularity. The restaurant’s lively decor, warm colors, and energetic music create an ambiance that reflects the vibrant spirit of Brazil. Guests can immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere, enjoying the lively beats of samba and the joyous energy that fills the restaurant. The friendly and attentive staff contribute to the overall enjoyment, providing personalized service and ensuring that every visit is filled with warmth and hospitality.

Preserving Brazilian Traditions and Culinary Heritage

H&H Brazilian Steakhouse takes pride in preserving Brazilian traditions and culinary heritage. The rodizio-style service is deeply rooted in Brazilian dining culture and showcases the country’s love for grilled meats. The experienced waitstaff, dressed in traditional attire, exemplify the warmth and hospitality for which Brazilians are known. They guide guests through the dining experience, explaining the different cuts of meat and ensuring that each diner’s preferences are met. The commitment to preserving traditions and providing an authentic Brazilian dining experience contributes to H&H Brazilian Steakhouse’s reputation for excellence.


H&H Brazilian Steakhouse stands as a gateway to the vibrant flavors and traditions of Brazil, captivating diners with its authentic cuisine, vibrant atmosphere, and warm hospitality. Through its dedication to quality cuts of meat, traditional flavors, and immersive dining experience, H&H Brazilian Steakhouse has earned its renowned reputation. Whether you’re a fan of grilled meats, seeking an authentic Brazilian dining experience, or simply looking to indulge in the vibrant flavors of Brazil, H&H Brazilian Steakhouse invites you to savor the unmatched cuts, embrace the lively atmosphere, and celebrate the culinary heritage that defines their offerings. Prepare to embark on a culinary journey where every bite at H&H Brazilian Steakhouse is a testament to the passion, flavors, and warmth of Brazil.

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