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Amidst the diverse world of culinary experiences, Hai Hai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi emerges as a culinary gem that masterfully blends flavors and traditions to create an exceptional dining adventure. With a commitment to serving delectable steaks and crafting sushi creations that tantalize the senses, this establishment has carved a reputation that resonates with food enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Join us on a journey as we uncover the essence of Hai Hai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi and explore the factors that have propelled its reputation and popularity to remarkable heights. Below are the latest Hai Hai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi menu prices.


Sushi & Sashimi Lunch

Served with house soup, house salad, chef's choice of nigiri and sashimi.
S1. Sushi Lunch Special$8.95
S2. Sushi Lunch Deluxe$9.95
S3. Sushi Supreme Lunch$11.95
S4. Sushi Roll Combo$9.95
S5. Sushi & Sashimi Lunch$14.99
S6. Sashimi Lunch$10.95
S7. Unagi Don$8.95
S8. Chirashi Don$11.95


A1. Edamame (Soy Bean)$4.59
A2. Gyoza$5.49
A3. Sushi Appetizer 1$4.20
A4. Sushi Appetizer 2$8.99
A5. Sashimi Appetizer$8.50
A6. Crab Egg Roll$5.59
A7. Beef Tataki$9.50
A8. Tuna Tataki$9.50
A9. Special Cucumber Roll$5.50
A10. Fried Calamari$4.95
A11. Tempura$5.50
A12. Chicken Skewer$6.95
A13. Steak Skewer$7.95

Soups & Salads

S1. Miso Soup$2.00
S1. House Soup$3.00
S2. House Salad$2.50
S3. Baby Octopus Salad$5.50
S4. Cucumber Salad$3.25
S5. Seaweed Salad$4.99
S6. Squid Salad$4.25
S7. Sunomono$4.50

Sushi & Sashimi Dinner

Served with house soup, house salad, chef's choice of night and sashimi.
S1. Sushi 7$11.95
S2. Sushi 9$14.95
S3. Sushi 11$17.95
S4. Maki Combo$11.99
S5. Sashimi Regular (12 Pieces)$19.95
S6. Sashimi Supreme (18 Pieces)$25.95
S7. Sushi & Sashimi Dinner$24.95
S8. Sushi Combo$17.95
S9. Dinner for 2$39.95

Japanese Noodle Soups

Chicken Noodle Soup$9.50
Egg Noodle Soup$9.50
Scallop Noodle Soup$11.75
Shrimp Noodle Soup$10.50

House Special Rolls

H1. Mountain Fuji Roll$12.99
H2. Cowboy Roll$8.99
H3. Dynamite Roll$8.99
H4. Rainbow Roll$8.75
H5. Sexy Roll$9.95
H6. Shrimp Tempura Roll$9.59
H7. Spider Roll$8.99
H8. Super Crunch Roll$10.59
H9. Tokyo Roll$8.59
H10. Volcano Roll$8.99
H11. Yami-Yami Roll$9.59

Sushi Rolls

S1. Crab Roll$4.50
S1. Salmon Roll$5.99
S2. Tuna Roll$4.50
S2. Yellowtail Roll$4.50

Premium Rolls

P1. California Roll$5.59
P2. Fried California Roll$6.25
P3. Special California Roll$5.59
P4. Alaska Roll$6.95
P5. Atomic Roll$8.29
P6. Caterpillar Roll$8.25
P7. Crunch Roll$5.25
P8. Dragon Roll$9.00
P9. East West Roll$7.59
P10. Eel Roll$5.59
P11. Georgia Roll$8.50
P12. Lobster Roll$10.99
P13. Pacific Roll$6.50
P14. Philadelphia Roll$6.95
P15. Salmon Skin Roll$5.75
P16. Smoked Salmon Roll$5.99
P17. Spicy Salmon Roll$6.50
P18. Spicy Tuna Roll$6.50
P19. Spicy Yellowtail Roll$6.75
P20. Tiger Eye Roll$6.95
P21. Ultra Crunch Roll$7.99

Hand Rolls

Per piece.
Eel H.R$3.95
Salmon H.R$3.95
Tuna H.R$3.95
Spicy Salmon H.R$3.95
Spicy Tuna H.R$3.95
Spicy Yellowtail H.R$3.95
Yellowtail H.R$3.95
Shrimp Tempura H.R$4.99

Vegetable Maki

V1. Avocado Roll$3.95
V1. Cucumber Roll$3.25
V2. Avocado-Cucumber Roll$3.95
V2. Asparagus Roll$3.95
V3. Green Roll$4.50

Sushi Ala Carte

Flying Fish Egg$3.50
Red Clam$3.50
Salmon Egg$4.00
Smelt Egg$3.50
Smoked Salmon$4.00
Sweet Shrimp$5.50
White Tuna$4.00

Side Orders

E1. Fried Rice$3.00
E2. Steamed Rice$1.50
E3. Filet Mignon$10.50
E4. N.Y. Steak$11.00
E5. Shrimp$7.50
E6. Scallop$7.50
E7. Chicken$8.50
E8. Lobster$14.95
E9. Salmon$7.25
E10. Vegetables$4.95
E11. Chicken Fried Rice$8.30
E12. Shrimp Fried Rice$9.30
E12. Steak Fried Rice$10.99


D1. Green Tea Ice Cream$2.50
D2. Fried Ice Cream$4.95


Iced Tea$1.95
Hot Tea$1.95
Diet Coke$1.95
Mr. Pibb$1.95
Orange Soda$1.95
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Savoring Tradition in Every Bite

Hai Hai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi is more than just a restaurant; it’s a cultural journey that celebrates the art of culinary tradition. The establishment’s dedication to sourcing the finest cuts of meat and preparing them with meticulous care results in steaks that are a fusion of flavor and tenderness. But the culinary journey doesn’t stop at the steaks; it extends to every dish on the menu.

The menu at Hai Hai pays homage to the vibrant and diverse flavors of Japanese cuisine. From elegantly crafted sushi rolls to exquisite sashimi, each dish is a testament to the establishment’s commitment to delivering an authentic dining experience. With every bite, patrons embark on a gastronomic adventure that captures the essence of Japan’s culinary heritage.

Crafting a Reputation Through Excellence

The reputation of Hai Hai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi is built upon a legacy of culinary excellence and an unwavering dedication to delivering unforgettable meals. With each plate that leaves the kitchen, the establishment crafts a memory that lingers on the taste buds and in the hearts of its patrons. Beyond simply providing delectable food, Hai Hai creates an ambiance that exudes warmth and sophistication, making every visit an experience to cherish.

The interior design of Hai Hai is a blend of modern elegance and Japanese aesthetics. Upon entering, guests are greeted with an atmosphere that reflects the establishment’s commitment to both tradition and comfort. This attention to detail enhances the overall dining experience, promising not just a meal, but an encounter that resonates with a sense of cultural appreciation.

A Symphony of Sushi Creations

Hai Hai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi is not just about steaks; it’s a symphony of sushi that delights the palate. The establishment’s sushi creations are a canvas of color and flavor, showcasing the expertise of sushi artisans who carefully craft each roll. From traditional favorites to innovative rolls, the sushi menu at Hai Hai is a testament to the establishment’s dedication to offering a diverse and tantalizing sushi experience.

The staff at Hai Hai are more than just servers; they are guides who lead patrons through a culinary journey of sushi exploration. Their knowledge and passion add an extra layer of depth to the dining experience, making each visit a chance to discover new flavors and appreciate the artistry behind each creation.

A Flavorful Future Awaits

As Hai Hai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi continues to flourish, its reputation and popularity show no signs of slowing down. The establishment’s knack for blending tradition with innovation ensures its place as a sought-after dining destination. With each visit, diners embark on a journey that celebrates the art of culinary craftsmanship and cultural appreciation.

Hai Hai’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices adds a contemporary dimension to its legacy. Patrons can savor their meals with the knowledge that the ingredients have been sourced responsibly. This dedication to mindful practices aligns seamlessly with the values of today’s conscious diners.

A Culinary Journey through Flavor and Tradition

In conclusion, Hai Hai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi is a testament to the art of culinary excellence and a dedication to creating memorable dining experiences. Its reputation as a provider of outstanding dishes and a cultural haven is a reflection of its commitment to excellence. With every dish that leaves the kitchen and every memory that is crafted, Hai Hai leaves a lasting impression that goes beyond the taste buds, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking a flavorful and unforgettable culinary journey that celebrates the fusion of flavor and tradition.

To learn more about Hai Hai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.facebook.com/HaiHaiJapaneseSteakHouse/.

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