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In the realm of gastronomy, the Golden Steer Steakhouse stands as an emblem of culinary tradition and excellence, where every bite tells a story of flavor and heritage. With a dedication to serving top-quality steaks and preserving a legacy that spans decades, this establishment has carved a reputation that resonates with food enthusiasts far and wide. Embark on a journey with us as we delve into the essence of the Golden Steer Steakhouse and uncover the elements that have propelled its reputation and popularity to remarkable heights. Below are the latest Golden Steer Steakhouse menu prices.


Appetizers (Dinner Specials)

Fried Smelts$9.25
Baked Clams (6 Pieces)$10.50
French Fried Jumbo Gulf Shrimp (8 Pieces)$19.75

Seafood (Dinner Special)

Broiled Boston Scrod$21.75
Atlantic Salmon$23.95
Shrimp Scampi$22.50
Broiled Pacific Grouper$23.75
1 lb. (Split) Crab Legs$46.75

Steak, Chicken, Chops (Dinner Special)

A meat lovers paradise.
Fried Chicken$15.95
Chicken Piccante$15.95
Baby Steer Liver$16.50
Beef Stroganoff$18.95
16 oz (Boneless) Ribeye$33.95
U.S. Prime T-Bone Steak$32.95
Chicken de Jonghe$15.95
Chicken Francesca$15.95
Greek Style Pork Chops$16.50
8 oz New York Steak Combo$28.50

Vegan Selection (Dinner Special)

For the healthier option.
Vegetarian's Delight$14.95


Feta Cheese Plate$7.25
Fresh Gulf Shrimp Cocktail$13.95
BBQ Baby Back Ribs (for 2)$16.95
Broiled Mushrooms$8.75
Baked Shrimp de Jonghe$13.95

Soup, Salads & Sides

Baked French Onion Soup$5.50
House Salad a la Carte$4.95
Greek Salad a la Carte$10.25
Broccoli Spears (for Two)$5.95
Asparagus Spears (for Two)$5.95

Golden Steer Special Sandwiches

All sandwiches served with French fried potatoes.
Our Famous Steerburger$9.95
Steerburger with Melted Bleu Cheese$11.25
Steerburger and Cottage Cheese Plate$10.95
Rib Eye Steak Sandwich (10 oz)$19.25
Steerburger with Cheese$10.95
Grilled Reuben Sandwich$10.95
Chicken Breast Sandwich$12.25
Filet Steak Sandwich (8 oz)$23.50


All our dinners served with choice of our baked French onion or house salad and choice of potato/vegetable.
Grecian Style Chicken (Half Chicken)$15.95
Prime Filet Mignon (10 oz)$33.95
King Size Prime N.Y. Cut Sirloin Steak (18 oz)$43.85
Skewer of Sizzling Steak en Brochette$25.50
Baked Shrimp de Jonghe (Dinners)$25.50
Beef a la Colbert (11 oz)$27.75
Greek Style Chicken Breast (10 oz)$15.95
Prime Top Sirloin Butt Steak (12 oz)$26.50
Ladies Prime N.Y. Cut Sirloin Steak (13 oz)$33.95
Chopped Sirloin Steak (16 oz)$17.50
French Fried Jumbo Gulf Shrimp (6 Pieces)$24.50
Pepper Steak (10 oz)$24.95
Taki's Steak Mediterranean Style (11 oz)$27.95

Taki's Specialties

From the original owner, taki, we continue to bring you some of his favorites!
BBQ Baby Back Ribs$23.50
Combination BBQ Chicken & Ribs$21.95
BBQ Chicken$15.95


Because there is always room for dessert.
Home-made Tiramisu$4.95
Ice Cream$3.75
Home-made Chocolate Mousse$4.95
New York Cheesecake$4.75
Mexican Coffee$8.50


Hot Tea$2.50
Ice Tea$3.00

Appetizers (Lunch Special)

Fried Smelts$8.75

Salad (Lunch Special)

All salads are served with a cup of soup.
Spinach Salad$8.50
Chicken Caesar Salad$9.95
Tuscany Tuna Salad$9.50

Seafood (Lunch Special)

Sauteed Tilapia$10.95
Broiled Boston Scrod$13.50
Shrimp Scampi$16.75
Fried Ocean Perch$11.50
Atlantic Salmon$13.95

Steak, Chicken & Chops (Lunch Special)

All entrees are served with salad and a cup of soup.
Italian Sausage Sandwich$8.50
Baby Steer Liver$9.75
Chicken Regina$10.50
Chicken de Jonghe$10.50
Greek Style Pork Chops$10.75
Hot Turkey Sandwich$9.50
Breaded Pork Tenderloin$10.50
Chicken Francesca$10.50
Chicken Marsala$10.50
Beef Stroganoff$11.75

Specialty of the House

Taki's Famous Steer Burger$9.25
Bleu Cheese Burger$10.50

Golden Steer Favorites

Tenderloin Filet Steak Sandwich$20.25
French Dip Sandwich$9.95
Broiled Steerburger$9.75
Corned Beef$9.50
Gulf Shrimp Salad$14.50
Broiled Prime Rib-Eye Steak (10 oz)$17.25
Reuben Sandwich$9.75
Barbecued Beef$9.75
Hot Sirloin of Beef Sandwich$10.50

Luncheon Suggestions from Our Open Hearth

Includes salad and potato.
Tenderloin en Brochette$18.50
Pepper Steak$14.50
Prime Top Sirloin Butt Steak$18.75
Barbecued Canadian Baby Back Ribs$18.75
Roast Prime Round of Beef$12.95
Gulf Fried Shrimp$16.95
Baked Shrimp de Jonghe$16.95
Businessmen's Special: The Beef Eater$11.25

A la Carte

Baked Shrimp de Jonghe Appetizer$12.95
Broiled Mushrooms$7.25
Tossed Chef's Salad a la Carte$8.25
Greek Salad a la Carte$9.25
Cottage Cheese & Fruit$3.95
Gulf Shrimp Cocktail$12.75
Tossed Chef's Salad$4.50
Greek Salad$4.95
Roquefort Dressing$1.25


Because there is always room for dessert.
Home-made Tiramisu$4.50
New York Cheesecake$3.50
Chocolate Sundae$3.50
Home-made Chocolate Mousse$4.50
Ice Cream$3.25


Ice Tea$2.50
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A Time-Honored Tradition of Flavor

The Golden Steer Steakhouse isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a living testament to the art of preparing steaks that honor tradition and flavor. The establishment’s commitment to sourcing the finest cuts of meat and treating them with respect and expertise transforms each steak into a masterpiece of tenderness and taste. But the magic doesn’t end with the steaks; it extends to every dish on the menu.

The menu at the Golden Steer pays homage to the culinary treasures that have stood the test of time. It features an array of dishes that celebrate the richness of American cuisine. From classic steakhouse staples to innovative creations, each dish reflects the establishment’s dedication to delivering an exceptional dining experience. With every bite, patrons embark on a culinary journey that embraces the flavors that have defined generations.

A Reputation For Excellence

The reputation of the Golden Steer Steakhouse is built upon a legacy of culinary excellence and a commitment to delivering unforgettable meals. With each plate that leaves the kitchen, the establishment crafts a memory that lingers on the taste buds and in the hearts of its patrons. Beyond providing mouthwatering dishes, the Golden Steer creates an ambiance that exudes warmth and nostalgia, making every visit an experience to cherish.

The interior design of the Golden Steer reflects a blend of classic charm and timeless elegance. Upon entering, guests are enveloped in an atmosphere that pays tribute to the establishment’s history while providing a comfortable space for dining. This attention to detail enhances the overall dining adventure, promising not just a meal, but an encounter that resonates with a sense of tradition.

Crafting Moments to Remember

The Golden Steer Steakhouse transcends being just a place to eat; it’s a sanctuary where memories are forged and moments are celebrated. The attentive service and meticulous attention to detail contribute to an experience that goes beyond mere sustenance. The staff at the Golden Steer aren’t just servers; they are storytellers who guide diners through a culinary journey that embraces the past and the present.

What truly sets the Golden Steer apart is its ability to create moments that transcend the ordinary. Whether it’s a family gathering, a romantic evening, or a special celebration, the establishment’s ambiance and offerings add an extra layer of significance to the occasion. This personalized touch transforms first-time visitors into devoted patrons who return not only for the food, but for the stories they know will be woven into their experience.

A Flavorful Future Awaits

As the Golden Steer Steakhouse continues to thrive, its reputation and popularity show no signs of slowing down. The establishment’s ability to honor tradition while embracing innovation ensures its place as a beloved culinary destination. With each visit, diners embark on a journey that pays homage to culinary heritage while embracing the delights of the present.

The Golden Steer’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices adds a modern dimension to its legacy. Patrons can savor their meals with the knowledge that the ingredients have been sourced responsibly. This dedication to mindful practices resonates with the values of today’s conscious diners.

A Culinary Gem Preserved Through Time

In conclusion, the Golden Steer Steakhouse is a testament to the art of steak preparation and an unwavering dedication to crafting memorable dining experiences. Its reputation as a provider of exceptional dishes and an atmosphere steeped in tradition is a reflection of its commitment to culinary excellence. With every steak that leaves the kitchen and every memory that is created, the Golden Steer Steakhouse leaves a lasting impression that extends beyond the palate, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking a flavorful and unforgettable culinary journey through the passage of time and taste.

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