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In the world of culinary adventures, where flavors dance and cultures collide, there emerges a vibrant star that not only serves delectable dishes but has also woven a reputable name for itself – Giraffe UK. This article takes you on a journey through the world of Giraffe UK, uncovering the reputation it has cultivated and the widespread popularity it enjoys. Below are the latest Giraffe Uk menu prices.


Breakfast Sides

Baked Beans£1.94
Hash Browns£1.94
Smokey Bacon£2.50
Artisan Sour Dough Toast£2.50
Cumberland Sausages£2.50
Fried Eggs£2.50
Scrambled Eggs£2.50
Poached Eggs£2.50
Roasted Tomatoes£2.50
Smoked Cheddar Cheese£2.00


Sausage Roll£5.67
Veggie Sausage Roll£5.67
Big Brunch£9.28
Veggie Breakfast Plate£11.36
Avocado Smash£4.69
Mexican Tostada£11.00
Nutella & Banana Pancakes£6.95
Veggie Tostada£10.00
Blue Banana Pancakes£6.95
Classic Pancakes£5.95
Avocado Toast£11.00
Maple Bacon Pancake£10.50
Bacon Roll£5.80
Granola Fruit Bowl£5.28
Veggie Brunch£9.28
Gluten Free Brunch£8.70
Smokey Joe Burger£12.28
Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs£8.28
Benny Burger£12.48
Kids Mini Brunch£3.95
Kids Mini Veggie Brunch£3.95
Kids Mini Vegan Brunch£3.95


Rodeo Burger£13.75
Classic Cheese Burger£13.13
California Burger£13.13

Soft Drinks

Fresh Lemonade with Mint£4.50
Fresh Orange Juice£3.50
R Whites Raspberry Lemonade£3.04
Cloudy Apple Juice£3.00
Pineapple Juice£3.00
Cranberry Juice£3.00
Coca Cola£3.55
Coke Zero£3.35
Diet Coke£3.35
Cherry Coke£3.35

Small Plates

Crispy Calamari£6.78
Prawn Gyoza£7.25
Chipotle Chorizo Mac n Cheese£7.25
Halloumi Fries£5.97


Strawberry Smoothie£5.00
Passionfruit Smoothie£5.00
Coconut Smoothie£5.00
Mango Smoothie£5.00
Ginger Smoothie£5.00


Eggs Benedict£12.00


Seasoned fries£4.69
Garden Salad£4.50
Onion Rings£4.50


Pink Caesar Salad£9.31
Ham and Slow Cooked Pork Cuban Sandwich£13.70
Korean BBQ Chicken£13.94

Beers and Cider

Peroni 600ml£6.00


Turkish Flatbread£4.50

Go Vegan

Vegan brunch plate£12.00

Vegan Burgers

Vegan Rodeo Chicken Burger£16.00
Vegan Classic cheese burger£15.00
Vegan California burger£15.00

Vegan Mains

Vegan Duck Stir Fry£15.00

Vegan Small Plates

Vegan Gyoza£7.25
Vegan hummus plate£7.25


2 Classic Burgers & 2 Soft Drinks £20£20.00
3 Appetisers for £14.95£14.95


Karaage Chicken£6.17
Salt and Pepper Squid£5.17
Salt and Pepper Squid for Sharing£8.17
Yaki Gyoza£6.17
Garlic Flatbread£6.17
Steamed Chicken Gyoza£6.17
Steamed Chicken Gyoza <300 Kcal£6.17
Fried Chicken Gyoza£6.17
Padron Peppers£4.48
Padron Peppers <300 Kcal£4.23

Picked for you

Bigger Giraffe Brunch£14.50
Japanese Katsu Curry£14.14
Pulled Beef Birria Tacos£14.50
All day Giraffe Brunch£11.36
Giraffe's Bigger Brunch£11.28
Strawberry and cream pancakes£10.20
Maple Bacon Pancakes£7.77
Eggs Royale£12.00
Thai Duck Stir Fry£13.41

Mains – Bowls

Jackfruit Curry£10.17
Katsu Chicken Curry£10.95
Spicy Rice Bowl£8.26
Malay Curry£13.17
Malay Curry <600 Kcal£13.23
Teriyaki Salmon£14.17
Chicken Teriyaki <600 Kcal£13.26
Beef Bulgogi£12.68


Chicken Teriyaki£13.26

Mains - Seasonal Feel

Naked Burrito£12.68
Naked Burrito <600 Kcal£12.68
Naked Katsu£10.95
Naked Katsu <600 Kcal£10.95

Mains – Burgers

Bacon and Cheese Smokey Joe£12.37
Halloumi and Falafel£10.79
The Classic£10.26
Rodeo Chicken£12.79
Katsu Burger£11.79
The Ultimate Giraffe£14.26
Spicy Korean Kimchi Burger£11.26
Up-Beet Burger£11.68
Pulled BBQ Beef and Slaw£13.26

Mains – Flatbreads

Meat Feast Flat Bread£12.17
Halloumi and Feta Flatbread£10.17

Mains – Salads

Chicken Penang Bang£11.17
Super Freekah Salad£10.17
Super Freekah Salad <600 Kcal£10.17
Rare Beef Teriyaki Salad£12.17


Sweet Potato Fries£3.95
Skin On Fries£3.50
Beer Battered Onion Rings£4.06
Tenderstem Broccoli£2.25
Fried Asian Slaw Topped with Sesame Seeds£3.50

Kids Meal Deals - Main + Drink + Dessert

Kids Katsu Chicken Curry£6.10
Sunshine Chicken Salad£6.50
Fish Fingers£6.19
Beef Burger£6.10
Chicken Burger£6.10
Hidden Veggie Pasta£6.19
Teriyaki Salmon Bowl£6.50


Real Kombucha - Dry Dragon£4.95
Pepsi Max Cherry£3.00
7UP Free 330ml£2.60
Pepsi 330ml£2.80
Pepsi Max 330ml£2.60
Sparkling Mineral Water£2.28
Still Mineral Water£2.28


Chocolate Fudge Cake£7.00
Hot Chocolate Brownie£5.59
Hot Chocolate Brownie <600 Kcal£5.59
Churros <600 Kcal£4.95
Churros to Share£6.95
Chocolate & Hazelnut Filled Churros£5.95
Baked Apple Filled Churros£5.95
Salted Caramel Cheesecake£5.59
Salted Caramel Cheesecake <600 Kcal£5.59
Chocolate and Coconut Torte£5.50


7UP Regular 330ml£2.60

White Wine (Bottles Only)

Inkosi Chenin Blanc£18.48

Sparkling Wines

Prosecco Imperativo Bottle£25.45

Beers and Ciders

Peroni Gluten Free£4.40
Budweiser Prohibition£3.55
Goose Island 312£4.50
Goose Island IPA£4.80
Rekorderlig Ciders Strawberry & Lime£4.95
Rekorderlig Ciders Apple£4.95
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The Story Behind Giraffe UK’s Respected Reputation

In the realm of dining, reputation is a blend of culinary craftsmanship, innovation, and a dash of authenticity. Giraffe UK’s reputation is a narrative woven with threads of dedication, global inspiration, and quality.

Global Fusion of Flavors: At the heart of Giraffe UK’s esteemed reputation lies its commitment to crafting a global fusion of flavors. Each dish on the menu is an exploration of cuisines from around the world, carefully curated to transport diners to distant lands. The brand’s dedication to authenticity ensures that every bite captures the essence of its international inspiration.

Innovative Culinary Offerings: The cornerstone of Giraffe UK’s reputation is its dedication to culinary innovation. The brand embraces the concept of global flavors while infusing creativity and contemporary twists. From classic favorites with a twist to bold new creations, every dish reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering an unforgettable dining experience.

Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere: A respected reputation isn’t just about the food; it’s also about the atmosphere that enhances the dining experience. Giraffe UK’s establishments are designed to be more than just restaurants – they are vibrant havens of comfort and camaraderie. The décor, music, and ambiance create an environment where memories are made.

Unraveling the Phenomenon of Giraffe UK’s Popularity

The popularity of Giraffe UK isn’t a mere coincidence; it’s a phenomenon that has resonated with food enthusiasts far and wide. This popularity can be attributed to a medley of factors that resonate deeply with modern diners.

Culinary Adventures from Around the World: In a world that craves diverse experiences, Giraffe UK’s popularity is rooted in its ability to provide culinary adventures. The brand’s menu caters to a wide range of tastes, offering a virtual journey through global flavors without leaving the table.

Digital Delights: Popularity is also about embracing the digital age, and Giraffe UK does just that. The brand’s user-friendly website and online reservation system cater to the tech-savvy consumer, making it easier than ever to secure a table. This digital presence enhances the overall customer experience and convenience.

Engaging Social Media Connection: Giraffe UK’s popularity is amplified by its engaging presence on social media platforms. By sharing vibrant food images, interactive content, and customer stories, the brand has created a virtual community of food enthusiasts. This engagement fosters a sense of connection beyond the dining experience.

The Recipe Behind Giraffe UK’s Continued Success

The journey of Giraffe UK from an idea to a celebrated dining destination is a blend of culinary excellence, community engagement, and a sprinkle of customer devotion.

Constant Culinary Innovation: While staying true to its culinary identity, Giraffe UK embraces innovation. The brand consistently introduces new dishes that cater to evolving tastes and trends. These offerings not only keep regular patrons engaged but also attract new ones eager to explore the brand’s creative creations.

Customer-Centric Philosophy: Giraffe UK’s journey wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging its dedication to customer satisfaction. Every dish served, every interaction had, reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering an exceptional experience. This customer-centric approach has cultivated loyal patrons who return not just for the food, but for the overall ambiance and service.

Sustainability and Responsibility: Giraffe UK’s reputation is further bolstered by its commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. The brand’s initiatives, such as sourcing ethically and reducing environmental impact, resonate with socially conscious diners and enhance its reputation.

In Conclusion: A Flavorful Expedition

The journey of Giraffe UK from conception to a celebrated dining destination is a testament to the power of culinary craftsmanship, community engagement, and unwavering dedication. With a reputation built on global inspiration and a popularity nurtured through diverse flavors and engaging digital presence, Giraffe UK has left an indelible mark on the dining landscape. Every dish savored, every meal enjoyed within its welcoming premises encapsulates more than just dining; it encapsulates an experience, a connection, and a flavorful expedition worth savoring, time and time again.

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Giraffe Uk FAQ

How much is Giraffe Uk's Giraffe's Bigger Brunch?

Giraffe’s Bigger Brunch – £11.50

How much is a Avocado Smash at Giraffe Uk?

Avocado Smash – £6.95

How much are Granola Fruit Bowl at Giraffe Uk?

Granola Fruit Bowl – £5.50

How much does a Giraffe Uk's Smokey Joe Burger Cost?

Smokey Joe Burger – £12.50

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