Gino’s Pizza Canada Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Gino’s Pizza Canada menu prices.

Item Price

Pizza - Specialty

Chicken Shawarma Pizza $15.65

Picked for you

14" Two Topping Large Pizza $15.25
12" Two Topping Medium Pizza $13.43

Build Your Own Panzerotto

7" Panzerotto $4.11
10" Panzerotto $5.60


Wings $10.25

16" Extra Large Pizzas

16" Basic Extra Large Pizza $13.93
16" One Topping Extra Large Pizza $15.83
16" Two Topping Extra Large Pizza $17.96

Salads & Wings

Baked Wings $9.53
Breaded Wings $10.34

Gourmet Pizzas - Favourites

Gourmet Pizza Our Top Sellers
Vegetarian Pizza $13.09
Mexicana Pizza $13.17
Americano Pizza $13.09
Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza $16.26
Bacon Bonanza Pizza $15.53
Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza $13.68
Pisa Pizza $13.26
Grilled Chicken Club Pizza $15.14

10" Small Pizzas

10" Basic Small Pizza $9.42
10" One Topping Small Pizza $10.61
10" Two Topping Small Pizza $11.93


6 Garlic Bread Sticks $4.12

12" Medium Pizzas

12" One Topping Medium Pizza $11.85
12" Basic Medium Pizza $10.48

Popular Items

10 Wings $9.55

Small Gourmet Pizzas - Favourites

Choose from a delicious selection of small specialty pizzas.
Small Vegetarian Pizza $12.56
Small Butter Chicken Pizza $13.97
Small Meat Lovers Pizza $12.56
Small Hawaiian Pizza $12.56
Small Canadian Pizza $12.56
Small Royal Pizza $12.56
Small Meat Mania Pizza $12.56
Small Bacon Bonanza Pizza $14.94
Small Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza $12.56
Small Pisa Pizza $12.56
Small Grilled Chicken Club Pizza $13.75
Small Mexicana Pizza $12.56
Small Americano Pizza $12.56


20 Wings $18.42
30 Wings $28.49

14" Large Pizzas

14" Basic Large Pizza $11.93
14" One Topping Large Pizza $13.43

Medium Gourmet Pizzas - Favourites

Feast on a tasty variety of medium specialty pizzas.
Medium Canadian Pizza $14.18
Medium Butter Chicken Pizza $16.03
Medium Meat Lovers Pizza $14.18
Medium Hawaiian Pizza $14.18
Medium Royal Pizza $14.18
Medium Vegetarian Pizza $14.18
Medium Meat Mania Pizza $14.18
Medium Bacon Bonanza Pizza $16.94
Medium Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza $14.18
Medium Pisa Pizza $14.18
Medium Grilled Chicken Club Pizza $15.62
Medium Mexicana Pizza $14.18
Medium Americano Pizza $14.18

Fresh Salads

Caesar $5.99
Garden $5.99
Greek $9.53
Side Caesar $2.89

Large Gourmet Pizzas - Favourites

Choose from a delicious selection of large specialty pizzas.
Large Hawaiian Pizza $16.24
Large Butter Chicken Pizza $18.43
Large Meat Lovers Pizza $16.22
Large Canadian Pizza $16.24
Large Royal Pizza $16.24
Large Vegetarian Pizza $16.24
Large Meat Mania Pizza $16.24
Large Bacon Bonanza Pizza $19.62
Large Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza $16.24
Large Pisa Pizza $16.24
Large Grilled Chicken Club Pizza $17.79
Large Mexicana Pizza $16.24
Large Americano Pizza $16.24

X-Large Gourmet Pizzas - Favourites

Feast on a tasty variety of extra large specialty pizzas.
X-Large Pisa Pizza $19.02
X-Large Butter Chicken Pizza $21.07
X-Large Meat Lovers Pizza $19.04
X-Large Canadian Pizza $19.04
X-Large Hawaiian Pizza $19.04
X-Large Royal Pizza $19.04
X-Large Vegetarian Pizza $19.04
X-Large Meat Mania Pizza $19.04
X-Large Bacon Bonanza Pizza $23.09
X-Large Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza $19.04
X-Large Grilled Chicken Club Pizza $21.07
X-Large Mexicana Pizza $19.04
X-Large Americano Pizza $19.04

Gourmet Pizzas

Americano $13.28
Bacon Bonanza $15.51
Pisa $13.23
Vegetarian $13.28
Bacon Cheeseburger $13.32
Grilled Chicken Club $14.15
Canadian $13.28
Mexicana $13.23
Hawaiian $13.21
Meat Lovers $13.25
Meat Mania $13.28

20" Party Round Pizzas

20" Basic Party Round Pizza $23.57
20" One Topping Party Round Pizza $25.82
20" Two Topping Party Round Pizza $29.01


Royal $13.23

20" Round Gourmet Pizzas - Favourites

Feast on a selection of mouthwatering, round twenty-inch specialty pizzas.
20" Round Butter Chicken Pizza $31.95
20" Round Meat Lovers Pizza $28.96
20" Round Hawaiian Pizza $28.96
20" Round Canadian Pizza $28.96
20" Round Royal Pizza $28.96
20" Round Vegetarian Pizza $28.96
20" Round Meat Mania Pizza $28.96
20" Round Bacon Bonanza Pizza $34.92
20" Round Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza $28.96
20" Round Pisa Pizza $28.96
20" Round Grilled Chicken Club Pizza $31.95
20" Round Mexicana Pizza $28.96
20" Round Americano Pizza $28.96

20" Party Square Pizzas

20" Basic Party Square Pizza $25.53
20" One Topping Party Square Pizza $28.22
20" Two Topping Party Square Pizza $32.05

20" Square Gourmet Pizzas - Favourites

Satisfy your hunger with one of these delicious twenty-inch square specialty pizzas.
20" Square Americano Pizza $33.06
20" Square Pisa Pizza $33.06
20" Square Royal Pizza $33.06
20" Square Vegetarian Pizza $33.06
20" Square Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza $33.06
20" Square Canadian Pizza $33.06
20" Square Mexicana Pizza $33.06
20" Square Hawaiian Pizza $33.06
20" Square Meat Lovers Pizza $33.06
20" Square Bacon Bonanza Pizza $40.44
20" Square Grilled Chicken Club Pizza $36.75
20" Square Butter Chicken Pizza $36.75
20" Square Meat Mania Pizza $33.06

Build Your Own Pizza

Build your own deliciously unique pizza!
Build Your Own Small Pizza $8.90
Build Your Own Medium Pizza $10.07
Build Your Own Large Pizza $10.99
Build Your Own X-Large Pizza $12.99
Build Your Own 20" Round Pizza $19.99
Build Your Own 20" Square Pizza $21.99
Build Your Own 21"x15" Pizza $19.99


Caesar Salad $6.67
Garden Salad $6.67
Greek Salad $6.63


Garlic Bread $4.58
Garlic Bread Sticks $5.07
Bruschetta $5.79
Cheesy Bread Sticks $6.46
Bruschetta Bread $6.06
Regular Panzerottos $6.03
Grande Panzerottos $7.67
Potato Wedges $3.60
Pringles $1.39
Wedges $3.68
Side salad $2.89
Side Garden Salad $3.30
Side Caesar Salad $3.36
Dipping Sauce $0.86


Pringles Regular $1.29
Pringles BBQ $1.29


Chocolate Lava Cake $3.72


Soft Drinks $1.93
Water $1.79
Juice $2.17
2L Bottle $3.36


Add some dipping sauce to complement your order.
Extra Dipping Sauce $0.61
Extra Side of Wings Sauce $0.61
Extra Side Sauce $0.57
3 Dipping Sauces $1.50
Three Dipping Sauces $1.75
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About Gino’s Pizza Canada

If you’re a fan of traditional Italian pizza made with love, Gino’s Pizza Canada is the perfect destination for you. With locations across the country, Gino’s Pizza Canada is known for its high-quality ingredients, authentic recipes, and friendly service.

At Gino’s Pizza Canada, the focus is on traditional Italian recipes that have been passed down through the generations. The menu features a variety of options, including classic favorites like pepperoni and mushroom, as well as more unique options like the Gino’s special and the Capricciosa. Whether you’re looking for a classic pizza or something a little more adventurous, there’s something for everyone at Gino’s Pizza Canada.

One of the best things about Gino’s Pizza Canada is the focus on quality ingredients. The pizzas are made with fresh dough, homemade tomato sauce, and high-quality toppings that are prepared in-house daily. The combination of fresh ingredients and authentic recipes makes every pizza a delicious and satisfying meal.

In addition to the pizzas, Gino’s Pizza Canada also offers a variety of sides and drinks to accompany your meal. The garlic bread and the wings are popular choices, while the soft drinks and the Italian sodas are the perfect way to quench your thirst.

While prices can vary depending on the location and the type of pizza or side you choose, Gino’s Pizza Canada offers a variety of affordable options that are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious pizza without breaking the bank. The prices are competitive with other pizza chains, and the quality of the food is well worth it.

If you’re interested in dining at Gino’s Pizza Canada, it’s important to check the website for location and hours information. While the restaurant can accommodate walk-ins, it’s often busy during peak hours, so it’s recommended that you order ahead online or by phone to avoid waiting in line. Gino’s Pizza Canada also offers catering services for events and parties, making it a great option for feeding a crowd.

In conclusion, Gino’s Pizza Canada is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for traditional Italian pizza made with love. With a variety of options and affordable prices, it’s the perfect place to indulge in a satisfying pizza that’s prepared with care and attention to detail. So why wait? Visit Gino’s Pizza Canada today and experience the magic of traditional Italian recipes and high-quality ingredients for yourself!

To learn more about Gino’s Pizza Canada or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Gino’s Pizza Canada FAQ

How much is Gino's Pizza Canada's Small Vegetarian Pizza?

Small Vegetarian Pizza – $12.56

How much is a 30 Wings at Gino's Pizza Canada?

30 Wings – $27.42

How much are Pringles Original at Gino's Pizza Canada?

Pringles Original – $1.29

How much does a Gino's Pizza Canada's Doritos Cost?

Doritos – $1.00