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Sushi, an original Japanese dish, has become a popular dish in the United States, partly due to its delicious flavors, ease of eating, and variety of ingredients. But it’s the kind of dish that can come across as extreme – it’s either made with exotic ingredients at sky-high prices or made with cheap ingredients resulting in bland flavors. Below are the latest Fusian menu prices.


seasonal selections

tofu coconut curry bowl$19.63
chicken coconut curry bowl$19.63
pineapple sticky rice$6.32
Mango Sticky Rice$6.35
wonton chips$4.82
tuna poke nachos$16.93
mango ahi tuna bowl$19.17
Shrimp + Mango Roll$14.74

secret menu

crab rangoon roll$13.83
surf + surf$14.00
the Joe Bur-roll$13.15
teriyaki chicken roll$13.83
tofu thai crunch roll$14.69
super spicy tuna roll$14.74
avocado roll$7.56
crunchy pb + j$6.33

Picked For You

custom sushi roll$6.84

rice bowls

take-home meal kits with 4 servings! kits include cooked rice, whole produce (for you to prep at home!), and our sauces, seasonings, + toppings! most meals take about 15 minutes from start to finish!
custom rice bowl$5.78
spicy salmon poke$17.36
chicken + rice$14.78
roasted salmon bowl$17.36
spicy shrimp bowl$17.36
tuna poké*$18.17
salmon poke$17.36
philly bowl$17.36


Coconut Curry Bowl$10.38
Luke's Lobster Roll$19.98

sushi rolls

kids bento box$9.51
spicy tuna bites$7.58
spicy salmon*$12.79
rainbow roll*$14.93
spicy tuna*$13.49
philly roll*$12.79
spring chicken$12.82
roasted salmon crunch$13.67
crispy shrimp$13.24
the vegan$9.58
pb + j$5.94
MEAL BUNDLE - california roll, crispy shrimp roll, + chicken gyoza$33.95
roasted tofu roll$13.21

salad bowls

custom salad bowl$10.38
salmon superfood$16.29
tofu thai crunch$14.82


FUSIAN [Re]Fresh$3.63
Topo Chico$3.48
San Pellegrino$3.04
Boxed Water$3.48
liquid death still water$3.56
Mexican Coke$3.48
Diet Coke$2.17
liquid death sparkling water$3.56


cucumber salad$3.74
cup of sauce$5.08
side of sauce$5.06
seaweed salad$4.11
carrot-ginger salad$4.11
chicken potstickers$8.82
spicy edamame$4.11
tempura shrimp app$9.51
miso soup$3.74
salted edamame$4.19
veggie potstickers$8.82
side of rice$4.19
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About Fusian

And then came Fusian, a chain of sushi-centric restaurants, which introduced the concept of sushi in a novel way. But it isn’t just a fad either as the chain is becoming more popular among foodies and gourmands due to its make-your-own concept. The Fusian prices are budget-friendly, too, without compromising on the excellent quality of the sushi – truly, the food is delicious, if not scrumptious, that you will forget you’re on a diet!


Zach and Josh Weprin, who are brothers, and Stephan Harman, their childhood friend were fresh college graduates when they decided to open their own business. They explored the culinary landscape in their hometown, Cincinnati, and realized that there wasn’t a dedicated sushi restaurant geared toward the downtown lunch rush. They decided to open a sushi-centric restaurant but with a novel twist that will keep customers coming back for more of its healthy, nutritious and delicious food.

And thus Soho Sushi was born. But they quickly learned that the name didn’t fit their vision for the brand and, thus, they came up with the word “Fusian”, a merging of the words “fusion” and “Asian”. The trio chose it because it represented their vision for the restaurant – a place where healthy Asian cuisine merged with on-the-move American flair.

The first Fusian restaurant opened in 2010 in Cincinnati while the second one opened in October 2011. Then and now, the brand’s slogan has been, “Easy. Casual. Sushi” – and these three words have served as the guide for the three co-founders’ decisions for their business.

What They’re Famous For

Many Fusian fans have dubbed the chain as the Chipotle of sushi, a moniker that the chain’s restaurants feel flattered about because Chipotle is the poster child for enviable success in the fast casual segment. The comparison comes from the way that customers at Fusian also build their own sushi – they move down the food counters, choose from the wide selection of ingredients, and build their personalized sushi rolls.

Why Eat Here

Are you a fan of sushi but you want something new to break up the monotony of the traditional sushi rolls in Japanese restaurants? Are you a newbie to sushi but you don’t want to eat the exotic ingredients? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should give Fusian a try!

You will find that Fusian is such a pleasurable introduction to sushi, a dish that many Americans avoid because of the raw fish ingredient; raw fish can contain bacteria when handled improperly before consumption. But at Fusian, there’s no reason to avoid sushi rolls when there are plenty of equally delicious substitutes for exotic ingredients.

For example, instead of the usual seaweed wrap (i.e., nori), customers can choose soy wraps although the texture will be different. Raw fish isn’t a great thing to eat for many people while crab can cause allergies in many customers, too. But don’t worry as there are several non-traditional sushi proteins – chicken, steak, tuna, salmon, and even roasted tofu.

The tuna and salmon come from sustainable sources and come straight off the fillet for freshness. The tuna, furthermore, is sashimi-grade (i.e., Saku Block) so it’s considered as the equivalent of prime tenderloin.

The bottom line: You can start your sushi journey on a more pleasant note, if you’re a beginner to it. You can also make your own sushi creations or customize your favorite sushi, if you’re already a sushi fan. You will agree that the Fusian experience isn’t boring because every visit can mean new flavors and textures.

The process of making your own sushi rolls is simple and straightforward, too. Get in line and start thinking about your choices in wrap, protein and vegetables. Get your wrap, place your protein choice in it, and throw in as many vegetables as you want in it.

Your custom sushi roll will be cut into 10 pieces and you choose from the toppings. You can then enjoy your sushi any way you like it, whether in the restaurant or on-the-go.

The build-your-own concept is familiar to Americans, thus, the increasing popularity of Fusian. But it isn’t just the concept that makes Fusian a strong player in the fast casual segment.

Fusian is also known for its fast, efficient and friendly service. Often, the restaurant owners even work the line themselves, a personal touch that few other restaurants offer their customers – and the owners are approachable, too!

The restaurants aren’t exactly holes-in-the-wall. These are instead sleek and modern dining establishments with a welcoming atmosphere and a casual yet trendy vibe.

To learn more about Fusian or to find a location near you, visit their website at fusian.com.

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Fusian FAQ

How much is Fusian's custom rice bowl?

custom rice bowl – $4.98

How much is a roasted salmon crunch at Fusian?

roasted salmon crunch – $12.74

How much are Mango Ahi Avocado Bowl at Fusian?

Mango Ahi Avocado Bowl – $15.75

How much does a Fusian's Mango Sticky Rice Cost?

Mango Sticky Rice – $6.08

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