Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse Menu Prices: How much is Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse?

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Nestled within the heart of [Location], Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse is an enchanting culinary haven that beckons food enthusiasts to indulge in an unforgettable gastronomic journey. Known for its delectable sushi creations and captivating hibachi performances, this establishment has carved a reputation for itself as a cherished dining destination. Let’s take a delightful plunge into the world of Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse and uncover the secrets behind its well-deserved popularity. Below are the latest Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse menu prices.


Kitchen Appetizers

A1. Edamame$4.50
A2. Baked Mussels (2 Pcs)$4.00
A3. House Salad$2.75
A4. Gyoza Dumpling (5 Pcs)$5.00
A5. Japanese Egg Roll (4 Pcs)$5.95
A6. Tempura Vegetable$5.95
A7. Tempura Chicken$5.95
A8. Tempura Crabstick$5.95
A9. Tempura Shrimp (3 Pcs)$5.95
A10. Fried Calamari$8.50
A11. Beef Tataki$9.50
A12. Grilled Squid$10.00
A13. Grilled Shrimp Asparagus$10.00
A14. Baked Scallop (2 Pcs)$10.00
A15. Grilled Yellowtail Neck$12.50
Hibachi Chicken Dinner$21.00

Sushi Bar Appetizers

A16. Snow Flower$12.95
A17. Sashimi Appetizer$11.95
A18. Sushi Appetizer$10.95
A19. Tuna Tataki Appetizer$10.95
A20. Tuna Tar Tar$10.95
A21. Tuna Tataki Salad$10.95
A22. Spicy Tuna Salad$9.95
A23. Baked Salmon$9.95
A24. Fish Salad$9.95
A25. Sunomono$8.95
A26. Cucumber Salad$5.25
A27. Seaweed Salad$4.95
A28. Squid Salad$5.95
A29. Snow Crab Salad$6.95
A30. Yummy Salad$7.95


SP1. Miso Soup$2.75
SP2. Clear Soup$2.75
SP3. Combination Seafood Soup$10.00
SP4. Vegetables Tempura Udon Soup$12.00
SP5. Chicken Tempura Udon Soup$13.00
SP6. Shrimp Tempura Udon Soup$15.00

Kitchen Entrée

Served with miso soup, house salad and fried rice.
D1. Combination Tempura$16.95
D2. Tempura Vegetables$12.95
D3. Tempura Chicken & Vegetable$14.95
D4. Tempura Shrimp & Vegetable$16.95
D5. Teriyaki Chicken$14.95
D6. Teriyaki Salmon$16.95
D7. Teriyaki Shrimp$16.95
D8. Teriyaki Steak$16.95
D9. Teriyaki Filet Mignon$24.00
D10. Teriyaki Dinner Combination$17.95
D11 Beef Asparagus Maki$14.95
D12. Pan Seared Filet Mignon$24.00

Noodle Entrée

Served with miso soup and house salad.
D13. Vegetable Yaki Soba$11.95
D14. Chicken Yaki Soba$12.95
D15. Seafood Yaki Soba$14.95
D16. Vegetable Yaki Kim Chi Udon$11.95
D17. Chicken Yaki Kim Chi Udon$12.95
D18. Seafood Yaki Kim Chi Udon$14.95

Rice & Noodle Bowls

R1. White Rice Bowl$2.00
R2. Sushi Rice Bowl$2.25
R3 Fried Rice Bowl$2.75
R4. Chicken Fried Rice (White Meat)$10.00
R5. Shrimp Fried Rice$11.00
R6. Filet Mignon Fried Rice$12.00
R7 Combination Fried Rice$12.00
R8. Vegetable Fried Rice$9.00
N1. Chicken Noodle$10.00
N2. Shrimp Noodle$11.00
N3. Filet Mignon Noodle$12.00
N4. Combination Noodle$12.00
N5. Vegetable Noodle$9.00
Hibachi Rice$2.75

Sushi Entrée

Served with house salad.
D19. Love Boat for 2$49.95
D20. Sushi Boat for 2$35.95
D21. Sushi & Sashimi Combination$32.95
D22. Sashimi Regular$14.95
D23. Sashimi Deluxe$20.95
D24. Chirashi$15.95
D25. Sushi Deluxe$15.95
D26. Sushi Regular$12.95
D27. Tuna Bowl$13.95
D28. Eel Bowl$12.95
D29. Maki Combination$11.95

Special Rolls

SR1. Fire on the Bayou$15.50
SR2. Po-Boy Roll$16.50
SR3. Snow Angel Roll$16.50
SR4. Rock-N-Roll$10.50
SR5. Fuji Hana Roll$15.50
SR6. Dragon Roll$10.50
SR7. Filet Mignon Roll$14.50
SR8. Godzilla Roll$16.50
SR9. Butterfly Roll$15.50
SR10. Super Dragon Roll$16.50
SR11. New Orleans Roll$14.50
SR12. Tiger Roll$10.50
SR13. Cajun Roll$10.50
SR14. Westbank Roll$13.50
SR15. Vincent Rol$12.50
SR16. Lobster Tsunami Roll$16.50
SR17. Flower Roll (5 Pcs)$16.50
SR18. Super Yummy Roll$15.50
SR19. Soy Paper Roll$9.50
SR20. Lsu Roll$15.50
SR21. Volcano Roll$10.50
SR22. Gustav Roll$16.50
SR23. Crispy Roll$15.50
SR24. Big Easy Roll$15.50
SR25. Tropical Roll$15.50
SR26. Louisiana Roll$15.50
SR27. Sunshine Roll$12.50
SR28. Burning Man Roll$16.50
SR29. Hawaiian Roll$13.50
SR30. Jackpot Roll$15.50


Eight pcs.
Alaska Roll$5.25
Avocado Roll$4.25
BBQ Eel Roll$5.75
BBQ Yellow Tail Roll$5.75
Boston Roll$6.25
California Roll$5.25
Catepillar Roll$12.25
Crabstick Roll$5.25
Crawfish Roll$5.25
Crunch Dynamite Roll$5.75
Crunch Roll$4.75
Cucumber Roll$4.25
Dynamite Roll$5.25
Fresh Salmon Roll$5.25
Fresh Scallop Roll$5.75
Fresh Yellow Tail Roll$5.25
Lion Roll$10.25
Philadelphia Roll$4.95
Rainbow Roll$11.25
Salmon Skin Roll$5.25
Seaweed Crunch Roll$5.25
Shrimp Roll$5.25
Shrimp Tempura Roll$7.25
Smoked Salmon Roll$5.25
Snow Crab Roll$5.25
Spicy Tuna Roll$5.25
Spider Roll (5 Pcs)$9.25
Tempura Eel Roll$5.75
Tuna Avocado Roll$5.25
Tuna Roll$4.95
Vegetable Roll$4.25
Spicy Crushes Roll$5.95

Special Roll

Eight pcs.
Big Easy Roll$15.50
Burning Man Roll$16.50
Butterfly Roll$15.50
Cajun Roll$10.50
Crispy Roll$15.50
Dragon Roll$10.50
Filet Mignon Roll$14.50
Fire on the Bayou$15.50
Flower Roll (5 Pcs)$10.50
Fuji Hana Roll$15.50
Godzilla Roll$16.50
Gustav Roll$16.50
Hawaiian Roll$13.50
Jackpot Roll$15.50
Lobster Tsunami Roll$18.50
Louisiana Roll$15.50
Lsu Roll$15.50
New Orleans Roll$14.50
Po-Boy Roll$16.50
Rock - 'N - Roll$10.50
Snow Angel Roll$16.50
Soy Paper Roll$9.50
Sunshine Roll$12.50
Super Dragon Roll$16.50
Super Yummy Roll$15.50
Tiger Roll$10.50
Tropical Roll$15.50
Vincent Roll$12.50
Volcano Roll$10.50
Westbank Roll$13.50
King of the Ocean Roll$18.00


Three pcs.
Crab Stick$5.95
Fresh Salmon$5.95
Lemon Fish$5.95
Red Snapper$5.95
Smoked Salmon$5.95
Yellow Tail$6.95


Two pcs.
Albacore (Sushi)$3.95
Baby Soft Shell Crab$5.50
BBQ Eel$4.50
Crab Stick (Sushi)$3.95
Egg Custard$3.95
Escolar (Sushi)$3.95
Fresh Salmon (Sushi)$4.50
Fresh Scallop$4.50
Fresh Yellow Tail$4.50
Lemon Fish (Sushi)$3.95
Mackerel (Sushi)$3.95
Octopus (Sushi)$3.95
Red Snapper (Sushi)$3.95
Salmon Roe$4.50
Smelt Roe$3.95
Smoked Salmon (Sushi)$3.95
Spicy Tuna$4.50
Squid (Sushi)$3.95
Tuna (Sushi)$4.50

Hand Roll

One pc.
Avocado Roll (Hand Roll)$3.00
BBQ Eel Roll (Hand Roll)$5.75
BBQ Yellow Tail Roll (Hand Roll)$5.00
Boston Roll (Hand Roll)$5.50
California Roll (Hand Roll)$5.25
Crawfish Roll (Hand Roll)$5.25
Crunch Roll (Hand Roll)$5.75
Cucumber Roll (Hand Roll)$3.00
Fresh Salmon Roll (Hand Roll)$4.00
Fresh Scallop Roll (Hand Roll)$5.00
Fresh Yellow Tail Roll (Hand Roll)$4.50
Salmon Skin Roll (Hand Roll)$4.00
Shrimp Roll (Hand Roll)$4.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll (Hand Roll)$6.50
Smoked Salmon Roll (Hand Roll)$4.00
Snow Crab Roll (Hand Roll)$5.25
Spicy Tuna Roll (Hand Roll)$4.50
Spider Roll$7.50
Tuna Avocado Roll (Hand Roll)$5.25
Tuna Roll (Hand Roll)$4.50
Vegetable Roll (Hand Roll)$3.50

Sushi Box

Six pcs.
Crab Stick (Sushi Box)$8.50
Eel (Sushi Box)$9.95
Fresh Salmon (Sushi Box)$8.95
Mackerel (Sushi Box)$8.95
Rainbow Box$10.95
Smoked Salmon (Sushi Box)$8.95
Tuna (Sushi Box)$9.95
Yellow Tail (Sushi Box)$9.95


DS1. Ice Cream$3.50
DS2. Mochi (2 Pcs)$4.50
DS3. Crunch Ice Cream (2 Pcs)$4.50
DS4. Tempura Banana$4.95
DS5. Tempura Cheesecake$4.95
DS6. Fried Ice Cream$5.95


Unsweet Iced Tea$2.00
Sweet Iced Tea$2.00
Iced Green Tea$1.50
Hot Green Tea$1.50
Shirley Temple$2.50
Fruit Juice$2.75
Voss Water$3.00
Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water$3.00
Bottled Water$1.50
Kid’s Slushie$4.00
Ramune Japanese Soda Bottle$2.75
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Savoring Sushi Creations: An Ode to Culinary Craftsmanship

At Fuji Hana Sushi Bar, the art of sushi-making transforms into a form of culinary craftsmanship. Patrons are treated to a wide array of sushi creations that celebrate the delicate balance of flavors, textures, and aesthetics. From the vibrant colors of the Rainbow Roll to the harmonious blend of ingredients in the Dragon Roll, each dish is a testament to the skill and creativity of the sushi chefs. The result is an experience that engages the senses and introduces diners to the captivating world of sushi.

Hibachi Magic: A Culinary Performance Like No Other

The hibachi grill at Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse is not just a cooking surface; it’s a stage where culinary magic comes to life. Skilled hibachi chefs showcase their talents with mesmerizing flair, skillfully flipping spatulas, creating flaming onion volcanoes, and crafting sizzling dishes right before diners’ eyes. This interactive and theatrical experience adds an element of excitement to every meal, turning dining into an unforgettable performance.

Culinary Fusion: Where East Meets West

Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse is renowned for its culinary fusion that seamlessly blends Eastern traditions with Western influences. The hibachi offerings, inspired by Japanese teppanyaki, merge with the popularity of steakhouse classics. This combination of flavors and techniques creates a unique dining experience that transcends cultural boundaries, allowing patrons to enjoy the best of both worlds in a single meal.

Crafting a Legacy of Flavor: The Reputation of Fuji Hana

The reputation of Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse is rooted in its dedication to crafting a legacy of flavor. Every dish is a manifestation of the restaurant’s commitment to using the finest and freshest ingredients, ensuring that every bite is a celebration of taste. Whether it’s the precision-cut sashimi or the succulent hibachi-grilled meats, every element of the menu reflects the establishment’s unwavering pursuit of excellence.

A Gathering of Tastes: Where Friends and Flavors Meet

Beyond its culinary offerings, Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse serves as a hub for gathering friends, family, and flavors. The inviting ambiance and warm hospitality create an environment where patrons can enjoy both memorable meals and meaningful moments. From intimate dinners to celebratory gatherings, the restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere enhances the joy of coming together over a shared love for food.

Popularity Fueled by Authenticity and Innovation

The popularity of Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse can be attributed to its harmonious blend of authenticity and innovation. The establishment remains true to traditional culinary techniques and flavors while embracing the evolving palate of modern diners. This balance ensures that the restaurant appeals to a wide range of tastes, captivating both those seeking the comforts of tradition and those eager to explore new and exciting flavors.

A Feast for the Senses: Beyond Taste

Dining at Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse is a feast for the senses. The aroma of sizzling meats, the visual spectacle of hibachi performances, and the inviting presentation of each dish come together to create an immersive experience. The restaurant understands that dining is not just about taste; it’s about engaging all the senses to elevate the enjoyment of every bite.

A Legacy of Culinary Excellence: Fuji Hana’s Impact

Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse leaves a lasting impact on patrons by creating memories that extend beyond the dining table. From the first bite to the final farewell, every moment spent at the restaurant is etched into the hearts of its visitors. The legacy of culinary excellence and the commitment to creating remarkable dining experiences make Fuji Hana a destination that patrons return to again and again.

Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse: A Culinary Oasis

In the bustling world of dining, Fuji Hana Sushi Bar and Hibachi Steakhouse stands as an oasis of flavors and experiences. It seamlessly combines the elegance of sushi craftsmanship with the excitement of hibachi performances, resulting in a dining adventure that captivates the senses. From the authenticity of its dishes to the warmth of its hospitality, Fuji Hana has earned its place as a beloved dining establishment that continues to enchant and delight.

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