Freshii Canada Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Freshii Canada menu prices.

Item Price


Super Mushroom Gummies $27.59
Bye Bye Stress Gummies $27.59
Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies $27.59

Picked for you

Buddha Satay Bowl $11.74

Meal Deals

Meal Deal for 2 $26.99
Meal Deal for 3 $39.99
Burrito Night $39.99


Frozen Yogurt $5.97
Greek Yogurt Parfait $5.97
Miss Vickies Sea Salt and Vinegar $2.06
Coconut Chia Pudding $6.14
Energii Bites $2.99
Freshii Sweet Potato Chips $2.15
Miss Vickies Original $2.04
Cocoa Energii Bites $3.49
Energii Pack $1.31
Freshii Avocado Oil Chips $2.15
Peanut Butter Energii Bites $3.52
Freshii Salt + Vinegar Chips $2.15
Freshii Salt and Vinegar $2.15
Miss Vickies Jalapeno $2.09

Kids Menu

Kid Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla $6.59
Kid Cheesy Quesadilla $6.01
Kids Power Bowl $7.05
Kid Chicken Noodle Soup $5.99
Kid Superfood Salad $6.58
Kids Strawberrii Banana Smoothie $7.26
Kid Kung Fu Bowl $6.01
Kid Strawberry Banana Smoothie $6.00

Freshii Combos

Family Special $39.99
Family Feast $54.57


Keto Cobb Salad $14.96
Give Yourself a Boost $22.79

Limited Time Offer

Beyond Chilii $10.24
Biiblos Bowl $11.15
Cocoa Bites $2.99

Grilled Breakfast Burritos

Ranchero Burrito $7.38
Steak, Egg and Cheese Burrito $8.62
Steak egg and Cheese $8.39


Grocery Bundle $55.00
Vegetarian Essentials Bundle $57.56
Keto Essentials Bundle $57.30
Paleo Essentials Bundle $57.56
Essential Beverage Bundle $31.12
Essential Snacking Bundle $15.63

Grilled Egg Pockets

Spinach, Mushroom, & Cheese Pocket $4.79
Kale, Mushroom and Cheese $5.23
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Pocket $4.97

Popular Items

Oaxaca $10.77
Tex Mex $10.27
Buddha's Satay $9.84
Teriyaki Twist $9.73
Pangoa $10.70
Cobb $11.88
Fiesta $10.91
Mediterranean $11.36


Cobb Salad $12.92
Fiesta Salad $12.09
Market $11.34
Market Salad $12.39
Kale Caesar $10.71
Kale Caesar Salad $11.82
Metaboost $11.71
Umamii Salad $10.88
Metaboost Salad $11.73
Umamii $10.91


Huevos Bowl $8.39
Cali Bowl $9.59
LF Parfait $5.99
Coconut Chia $5.99

Breakfast Bowls

Huevos Breakfast Bowl $8.39
Cali Smoothie Bowl $9.78
Green Eggs and Kale Bowl $7.44
Green eggs and Kale $7.19


Cobb Wrap $11.71
Fiesta Wrap $10.89
Market Wrap $11.18
Kale Caesar Wrap $10.60
Umamii Wrap $9.68
Metaboost Wrap $10.54


Baja $10.20
Custom Bowl $10.75
Teriyaki Twist Bowl $10.83
Mediterranean Bowl $12.35
Smokehouse $9.77
Buddha's Satay Bowl $9.69
Pangoa Bowl $11.77
Oaxaca Bowl $11.97
Bamboo $10.68
Bamboo Bowl $11.93
Tex Mex Bowl $12.14
Smokehouse Bowl $11.98
Baja Bowl $10.51

Breakfast Essentials

Hard Boiled Eggs $3.06

Juices & Cleanses

Green Genius Juice $8.37
Antioxidant Elixir $4.36
Renew Juice $8.37
Reset Juice $8.37
Recharge Juice $8.36

Jus / Juices

Regain / Reset $8.07
Renouveau / Renew $8.07


Green Genius $7.77
Reset $7.77
Renew $7.77
Recharge $7.77
Immune Elixir $4.25
Charcoal Lemonade $7.77
1 Day Cleanse $47.66
3 Day Cleanse $138.00
5 Day Cleanse $228.00


Tex Mex Burrito $10.84
Buddha Satay Burrito $10.74
Khao San $8.96
Khao San Burrito $9.11
Pangoa Burrito $11.10
Teriyaki Twist Burrito $10.07
Buddha's Satay Burrito $8.49
Custom Burrito $9.54
Oaxaca Burrito $11.26
Bamboo Burrito $11.14
Smokehouse Burrito $10.39
Baja Burrito $9.59
Mediterranean Burrito $11.79

Kids' Menu

Cheesy Cheddar Quesadilla $5.99
Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla $5.95
Kung Fu Bowl $5.95
Chicken Noodle Soup $5.97
Super Kids' Salad $5.95
Kids Strawberry Banana Smoothie $6.02


Freshii Green $7.15
Freshii Green Smoothie $7.18
NEW Freshii Green 12oz $7.19
NEW! 12oz Mixed Berrii $7.38
24oz Strawberrii Banana $9.83
Banana Nut Crunch $7.09
Banana Nut Crunch Smoothie $7.19
NEW Freshii Green 24oz $9.59
NEW! 24oz Mixed Berrii $10.18
Strawberry Banana Smoothie $6.98
Freshii Green 12oz $7.39
Recoverii $7.74
Recoverii Smoothie $7.78
Freshii Green 24oz $10.13
Strawberry Banana $7.13
Kid Strawberry $5.99
12oz Strawberrii Banana $7.32
Kid Banana $5.99
12oz Tropical Mango $7.37
24oz Tropical Mango $9.85
12oz Chocolate Peanut Butter $7.39
24oz Chocolate Peanut Butter $9.93


Spicy Lemongrass Soup $8.88
Superfood Soup $9.05
Superfood $8.99
Tortilla Soup $9.64
Tortilla $10.79


Super food Soup $8.99


Custom Salad $9.53
Custom Wrap $8.35
Custom Soup $8.74

Juice Cleanse

1 Day Juice Cleanse $47.59
3 Day Juice Cleanse $136.76
5 Day Juice Cleanse $225.72

Collations / Snacks

Pudding de chia à la noix de coco / Coconut Chia Pudding $6.26


Canada Dry $2.82
Superfood Pink Sparkling Lemonade $4.79
Dasani $2.58
Superfood Blue Sparkling Lemonade $4.79
Diet Coke $2.85
Dasani Water $2.62
Dasani Berry $1.94
Diet Coke 355ml $2.08
Ginger Lemonade Kombucha $4.79
AHA Watermelon Lime $2.15
Dasani Lemon $1.95
Nitro Cold Brew Coffee $4.79
AHA Blueberry Pomegranate $2.15
Bottled Diet Coke $3.17
Dasani Lime $1.95
Ginger Ale 355ml $2.08
AHA Peach Honey $2.15
Bottled Ginger Ale $3.17
Smart Water $3.37
Smart Sparkling $3.28
Nestea lemon $2.97
Vitamin Water Multi-V $3.47
Perrier $2.83
Vitamin Water XXX $3.45
Vitamin Water Zero Orange $3.39
Vitamin Water XOXOX $3.46
Ginger Kombucha $4.74
AHA Lime & Watermelon $2.15
Vitamin Water Essential $3.52
Vitamin Water Zero $3.53
Raspberry Kombucha $4.77

NEW! Tacos

Tacos for Two with Chips + Dips $33.59
Chipotle Tacos $15.59
Street Corn Tacos $15.59
Taco Combo $19.19
BBQ Ranch Tacos $15.59
Queso Tacos $15.59
Tacos for Two with Salad $35.94
Chips, Dip + Drink $3.60


VW Muti-V $2.79
VW XXX $2.79
VW Zero Orange $2.79
VW XOXOX $2.79
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About Freshii Canada

If you’re looking for healthy and delicious meals that are perfect for on-the-go, Freshii Canada is the perfect destination for you. With locations across the country, Freshii Canada is known for its fresh ingredients, customizable options, and convenient grab-and-go options.

At Freshii Canada, the focus is on healthy and fresh ingredients that are prepared in-house daily. The menu features a variety of options, including salads, bowls, wraps, and soups that can be customized to suit your tastes. Whether you’re looking for a vegetarian option or a protein-packed meal, there’s something for everyone at Freshii Canada.

One of the best things about Freshii Canada is the customizable options. The menu offers a variety of bases, proteins, toppings, and dressings, making it easy to create a meal that’s tailored to your preferences. The grab-and-go options, such as the pre-made salads and bowls, are also a great way to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal without the wait.

In addition to the meals, Freshii Canada also offers a variety of drinks and snacks to accompany your meal. The smoothies, such as the Green Energy and the Strawberry Banana, are popular choices, while the energy bites and the chips are the perfect way to satisfy your snack cravings.

While prices can vary depending on the location and the type of meal you choose, Freshii Canada offers a variety of affordable options that are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal without breaking the bank. The prices are competitive with other fast-casual dining options, and the quality of the food is well worth it.

If you’re interested in dining at Freshii Canada, it’s important to check the website for location and hours information. While the restaurant can accommodate walk-ins, it’s often busy during peak hours, so it’s recommended that you order ahead online or by phone to avoid waiting in line. Freshii Canada also offers catering services for events and parties, making it a great option for feeding a crowd.

In conclusion, Freshii Canada is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for healthy and delicious meals that are perfect for on-the-go. With a variety of customizable options and grab-and-go options, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a satisfying meal that fits your lifestyle. So why wait? Visit Freshii Canada today and experience the magic of fresh ingredients and customizable options for yourself!

To learn more about Freshii Canada or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Freshii Canada FAQ

How much is Freshii Canada's Ranchero Burrito?

Ranchero Burrito – $7.19

How much is a Vegetarian Essentials Bundle at Freshii Canada?

Vegetarian Essentials Bundle – $57.56

How much are Beyond Chilii at Freshii Canada?

Beyond Chilii – $10.24

How much does a Freshii Canada's Huevos Bowl Cost?

Huevos Bowl – $8.39