Edamame Steakhouse Menu Prices: How much is Edamame Steakhouse?

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In the vibrant world of gastronomy, there are dining destinations that transcend ordinary meals and transform them into unforgettable experiences. Edamame Steakhouse is one such gem, a culinary haven where the finest cuts of meat meet the expertise of skilled chefs to create an exquisite fusion of flavors. In this article, we delve into the reputation and popularity of Edamame Steakhouse, uncovering what makes it a must-visit for connoisseurs of fine dining. Below are the latest Edamame Steakhouse menu prices.


Kitchen Lunch

Served with miso soup & white rice.
(Lunch) Chicken Katsu$13.14
(Lunch) Pork Katsu$13.14
(Lunch) Chicken Teriyaki$13.14
(Lunch) Garlic Noodle$13.14
(Lunch) Tofu Teriyaki$13.14
(Lunch) Nabeyaki Udon$13.14
(Lunch) Vegetable Tempura$11.94
(Lunch) Tempura Udon$13.14
(Lunch) Beef Teriyaki$14.34
(Lunch) Shrimp and Veg. Tempura$13.14
(Lunch) Salt Pepper Shrimp (8)$17.10

Lunch Bento Box

Served with white rice, miso soup, salad, California roll & shumai
(Lunch Bento) Salmon Teriyaki$16.74
(Lunch Bento) Chicken Teriyaki$16.74
(Lunch Bento) Shrimp Teriyaki$16.74
(Lunch Bento) Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura$16.74
(Lunch Bento) Chicken and Veg. Tempura$16.74
(Lunch Bento) Beef Teriyaki$16.74

Sushi Lunch

Served with miso soup.
(Lunch) Crazy Shrimp Roll$16.74
(Lunch) Sushi Combo$14.34
(Lunch) Godzilla Roll$15.54
(Lunch) Yellow Dragon Roll$16.74
(Lunch) Sashimi Combo$16.74
Sushi and Sashimi Combo$19.14

Maki Roll Lunch Special

Served with miso soup.
Choose Any 3 Rolls$15.54
Choose Any 2 Rolls$11.94

Hibachi Lunch

Served with miso soup, white rice, fried rice on grill
(Lunch) Hibachi Steak$17.22
(Lunch) Filet Mignon$18.42
(Lunch) Hibachi Chicken$15.54
(Lunch) Mikado Special$17.22
(Lunch) Hibachi Shrimp$16.02
Edamame Special$19.62
(Lunch) Ginji Special$17.22
(Lunch) Fuji Special$17.22
(Lunch) House Special Steak$17.22
Vegetable Lunch$13.14
(Lunch) Banzai Scallop$17.22
(Lunch) Samurai Special$19.62


Shirley Temple$3.55
Sweet Ice Tea (1L)$3.45
Sparkling Water$3.55
Can soda$1.75
Pepsi (1L)$3.45
Pink Lemonade (1L)$3.45
Virgin Fruit Punch$5.40
Diet Pepsi (1L)$3.45
Ginger Ale (1L)$3.45
Spring Water$2.35

Kitchen Special

Black Pepper Filet Mignon$29.94
Thai Seafood$33.54
Ginger Chicken$25.14
Thai Curry Chicken$25.14
Thai Curry Shrimp$27.54
Salt Pepper Shrimp (14)$27.06
Ginger Shrimp$27.54
Mango Chicken$27.06

Appetizer from Sushi Bar

Tartar with Avocado$13.14
Sashimi Appetizer (7)$13.14
Tuna Dumpling$13.14
Sashimi Jalapeño$13.14
Fried Salt and Pepper Shrimp Appetizer$14.93
Sushi Appetizer (5)$11.94
Tuna Tataki$13.14
White Tuna Tataki$13.14
Rainbow Naruto$14.34

Appetizer from Kitchen

Gyoza (6)$8.34
Crab Rangoon (6)$8.10
Shumai (6)$8.34
Veggie Spring Roll (3)$7.50
Japanese Pancake$6.66
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura Appetizer$11.94
Fried Chicken Wings$10.75
Harumaki (3)$7.14
Veggie Tempura Appetizer$9.54
Rock'n Shrimp$13.86
Beef Stick (2)$9.06
Chicken Satay (2)$9.06
Crispy Calamari$12.66
House Special Ravioli$9.54
Smoked Salmon Spring Roll (2)$8.94
Fried Scallop (6)$7.50
Chicken fingers$10.26
Chinese Hamburger$13.14
Edamame Veggie Dumpling$9.90
Fried Salt and Pepper Shrimp Appetizer (Appetizer from Kitchen)$14.93
Shrimp and Pork Dumpling$10.26
Shrimp dumpling$10.95
Age Tofu$7.50
Fried Oyster (6)$8.70
Fried Salt and Pepper Squid$13.14
Potato Shrimp (6)$11.70
Hamachi Kama$14.34

Soup & Salad

Miso Soup (Pint)$3.06
Kani Salad$8.94
Seaweed Salad$7.50
House Salad$5.40
Wonton Soup (Pint)$5.94
Avocado Salad$9.00
Miso soup (Quart)$5.46
Wonton Soup (Quart)$10.20
Seafood Soup (Quart)$12.60
Vegetable Soup (Quart)$10.20
Tuna Avocado Salad with Spicy Sauce$13.86
Salmon Avocado Salad W. Spicy Sauce$13.86
Grilled Shrimp Salad$12.54
Edamame Special Salad$11.94

Sushi & Sashimi Entrée

Served with miso soup, and salad.
Spicy Maki Combo$23.94
Salmon Girl$26.94
Sushi Dinner$27.54
Sushi for 2$52.74
Sashimi Dinner$29.94
Tricolor Sashimi$31.86
Sushi and Sashimi Combo for 1$33.54
Sake Don$25.14
Makimono Combo$22.74
Tuna Boy$27.54
Red and White Sushi$27.54
Unagi Don$26.34
Edamame Love Platter$82.74
Tekka Don$28.26

Makimono (Rolled Sushi)

Spicy Crunchy Tuna and Cucumber Maki$8.70
Shrimp Tempura Maki$11.46
California Maki$7.50
Sweet Potato Maki$7.14
Spider Maki$14.34
Rainbow Maki$13.62
Spicy Crunchy Salmon and Cucumber Maki$8.70
Philadelphia Maki$7.50
Avocado Maki$6.18
Alaskan Maki$7.50
Tuna Avocado Maki$8.40
Avocado cucumber Maki$6.30
Salmon Avocado Maki$7.50
Shrimp Avocado Maki$7.14
Caterpillar Maki$13.62
Spicy Crunchy Yellowtail and Cucumber Maki$8.70
Sake Maki$7.14
Eel Avocado Maki$8.40
Dragon Maki$13.62
Cucumber Maki$6.30
Peanut Avocado Maki$6.30
Crunchy Roll$7.50
Boston Maki$7.38
Manhattan Roll$7.50
Tuna Cucumber Maki$8.40
Spicy Crunchy Scallop and Cucumber Maki$8.70
Salmon Skin Maki$6.90
Tekka Maki$7.50
Futo Maki$9.60
Negihama Maki$7.14
Oshino Maki$6.30
Salmon Cucumber Maki$7.50
Tofu Maki$6.30
Kappa Maki$5.70
Shrimp Cucumber Maki$7.14
Ebi Mango Maki$7.50
Eel Cucumber Maki$8.40
Spicy Crunchy White Tuna and Cucumber Roll$8.70
Chicken Tempura Maki$10.26

Chef Special Rolls

Godzilla Roll$15.54
Crazy Shrimp Roll$16.74
Volcano Roll$16.74
Sexy Girl Roll$19.14
Fried Lobster Roll$15.54
Cowboy Roll$17.94
Samurai Roll$17.94
Shrimp Mango Roll$16.74
Black Dragon Roll$16.74
Sunny Bomb$15.54
Outstanding Roll$16.74
Fantastic Roll$16.74
Green Caterpillar Roll$15.54
Rocky Mountain Roll$16.74
Boston Red Sox Roll$16.74
Pink Lady Roll$17.94
True Love Roll$18.90
Spicy Tuna Sandwich$16.74
Sweet Heart Roll$15.54
Yellow Dragon Roll$16.74
New England Patriots Roll$16.74
Sakura Roll$15.54
Angry Bird$19.14
Kiss of Fire$17.94

Sushi a la Carte

Salmon (Sake)$7.50
Tuna (Marguro)$7.86
Eel (Unagi)$7.86
Yellowtail (Hamachi)$7.86
Octopus (Tako)$6.30
Shrimp (Ebi)$5.94
Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko)$6.66
Egg (Tamago)$4.80
Seared Tuna$7.86
White Tuna$7.50
Striped Bass (Suzuki)$6.66
Red Snapper (Tai)$6.66
Smoked Salmon$6.66
Scallop (Hotategai)$7.14
Crab Meat (Kani)$5.46
Mackerel (Saba)$5.58
Squid (Ika)$6.66
Salmon Roe (Ikura)$7.86
Tofu (Inari)$5.10


Battered fried served with miso soup, white rice, and salad.
(Entree) Katsu$20.34
(Entree) Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura$21.54
(Entree) Vegetable Tempura$17.94
(Entree) Chicken and Vegetable Tempura$20.34


Broiled of perfection smothered in our homemade teriyaki sauce. Served with white rice, miso soup, and salad.
(Entree) Chicken Teriyaki$22.38
(Entree) Beef Teriyaki$26.34
(Entree) Salmon Teriyaki$25.02
(Entree) Shrimp Teriyaki$23.94
(Entree) Tofu Teriyaki$17.94

Edamame Bento Special

Edamame Bento Special$28.74

Hibachi Dinner

Hibachi dinner our great tasting food is presented to you as a tasting food is presented to you as a complete culinary masterpiece. Begin with a delicate miso soup. Followed by a crispy salad served with homemade ginger dressing. Shrimp appetizer prepared at teppanyaki table in front of you by your chef and served with house dipping sauce, with flashing knives, your chef slice your entree into bite-size pieces for your dining pleasure, each entree comes with hibachi vegetables and white rice
(Dinner) Hibachi Filet Mignon$31.74
(Dinner) Hibachi Steak$27.54
(Dinner) Hibachi Chicken$23.94
(Dinner) Samurai Special$37.14
(Dinner) Edamame Special$38.34
(Dinner) Filet and Chicken$35.94
(Dinner) Hibachi Salmon$29.94
(Dinner) House Special Steak$27.54
(Dinner) Hibachi Shrimp$25.14
(Dinner) Mikado Special$32.34
(Dinner) Lobster Dinner$38.34
(Dinner) Calamari Dinner$27.54
(Dinner) Calamari and Chicken$28.74
(Dinner) Banzai Scallop$28.74
(Dinner) Ginji Special$29.94
(Dinner) Fuji Special$33.54
(Dinner) Shogun Special$33.54
(Dinner) Kobe King$40.74
(Dinner) Sea of Japan$41.95
(Dinner) Banzai Special$40.74
(Dinner) Tokyo Special$32.34
(Dinner) Fantasia Japan$51.54
Vegetable Dinner$21.06
Tofu and Broccoli Dinner$22.74

Hibachi Side Order

Accommodated w. complete hibachi dinner only. This is not an Entree.
(Side order) Filet Mignon$13.86
(Side order) Chicken$9.45
(Side order) Steak$11.46
(Side order) Fried Rice$3.60
(Side order) Shrimp$10.26
(Side order) Vegetable$8.70
(Side order) Yaki Soda$4.20
(Side order) Scallop$11.46
(Side order) Lobster$15.54
(Side order) Salmon$10.26
(Side order) Calamari$10.26
(Side order) Tofu$8.70

Kid's Meal

Under 12 year old
Kid's Chicken$16.74
Kid's Steak$17.94
Kid's Shrimp$17.94

Fried Rice & Rice

Hibachi Fried Rice$8.70
Chicken Fried Rice$10.74
Vegetable Fried Rice$9.54
Beef Fried Rice$11.10
Shrimp Fried Rice$12.30
White Rice$2.40
House Fried Rice$16.74
Brown Rice$3.60
Sushi Rice$3.60


Yaki Soba$16.74
Yaki Udon$16.74
Tempura Udon$16.74
Nabeyaki Udon$19.14
Shrimp Yaki Udon$16.74
Garlic Noodle$23.94
Seafood Yaki Udon$20.34
Shrimp Yaki Soba$17.70


Fried CheeseCake$6.30
Mochi (2 pieces)$5.10
Vanilla Ice Cream$5.10
Ice Cream Tempura$6.30


Shirley Temple$3.55
Virgin Pina Colada$5.45
Can soda$1.75
Japanese soda$3.90
Soft drink (1L)$3.45
Sparking water$3.55
Spring water$2.35
Virgin Banana Cow$5.45
Virgin Fruit Punch$3.55
Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri$5.45
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A Culinary Oasis: The Genesis of Edamame Steakhouse

Edamame Steakhouse is born from a passion for culinary perfection. The name itself pays homage to the Japanese soybean, a symbol of health and vitality. Just as the edamame bean nourishes the body, Edamame Steakhouse seeks to nourish the soul through its exceptional cuisine. With a commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients and a dedication to crafting exceptional dishes, the restaurant has earned its place as a culinary oasis in a sea of dining options.

Artistry on the Plate: Edamame Steakhouse’s Culinary Mastery

At the heart of Edamame Steakhouse lies a dedication to culinary artistry. Each dish is a canvas upon which skilled chefs paint a masterpiece of flavors and textures. From the first sizzling sounds of a perfectly seared steak to the harmonious pairings of seasonal ingredients, every plate tells a story of craftsmanship and innovation. The marriage of tradition and modernity is evident in every bite, captivating the senses and elevating the dining experience to new heights.

A Culinary Destination: The Popularity of Edamame Steakhouse

The popularity of Edamame Steakhouse is a reflection of its commitment to excellence. Diners are not just patrons; they become part of a culinary journey that celebrates the art of gastronomy. From intimate dinners to celebratory gatherings, the restaurant offers an inviting ambiance that sets the stage for memorable moments. The attentive staff, well-versed in the nuances of the menu, guide guests through a dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

In Conclusion: Edamame Steakhouse’s Enduring Legacy

Edamame Steakhouse has etched its name as a destination for those who seek more than just a meal. It is a celebration of culinary passion, an exploration of flavors, and a testament to the power of a well-crafted dish to create lasting memories. Its reputation as a beacon of culinary excellence is well-earned, a result of its unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience.

In a world where dining experiences have the ability to transport individuals to new realms of taste and sensation, Edamame Steakhouse stands as a beacon of gastronomic brilliance. With each bite, patrons partake in a culinary adventure that bridges continents and unites cultures. As the popularity of Edamame Steakhouse continues to soar, it solidifies its place as a culinary destination where dreams of exceptional dining come true.

Edamame Steakhouse Promos 2024

Edamame Steakhouse Promos 2024

To learn more about Edamame Steakhouse or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://edamamenewton.com/.