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The coffee culture is alive and well in the United States and abroad and it’s a cultural phenomenon that the Dutch Bros has a significant hand in! After all, not only is Dutch Bros the largest privately-held drive through coffee chain in the U.S. but its coffee offerings are among the best we have enjoyed so far. Plus, the Dutch Bros prices are affordable enough that more people can actually become active participants of the coffee culture. Below are the latest Dutch Bros menu prices.


Dutch Classics

Chai Tea$3.66
Double Torture$4.24
Golden Eagle Mocha$3.32
White Angel$3.75
Golden Eagle$3.93


Almond Bar$4.20
Banana Bread$4.20
Banana Cream Pie$4.20
Banana Split$3.75
Billy Jean$4.20
Birthday Cake$4.20
Black Forest$4.20
Cake Batter$4.20
Cherry Blossom$3.75
Cinnamon Dolce$4.20
Cinnamon Roll$4.20
Cotton Candy$3.75
Crazy Hawaiian$3.75
Double Chocolate Mocha$4.90
Dream Weaver$3.75
Dutch Canyon$4.20
Flap Jack$3.75
French Toast$4.20
French Vanilla Bean$4.20
German Chocolate$4.20
Jelly Donut$3.75
Molten Lava$3.75
Nutty Irishman$4.20
Peach Cobbler$3.75
Peppermint Bark$3.75
Raspberry Truffle$3.75
Sugar Cookie$3.75
The Bob$3.75
Toasted Mellow$3.75
Vanilla Bean$4.20
White Mocha$4.90
White Zombie$3.75

Items Worth Indulging On

Customers can’t get enough of these dishes, we think you’ll love them too
Dutch Freeze$4.15
Dutch Frost$4.23
Real Fruit Smoothies$4.25
DB Cups$10.00
Nitro Cold Brew$5.85




Cookies & Cream$3.75


Cafe Au Lait$4.11
Keto Americano$4.11


Energy drink.
Og Gummy Bear$4.20

Cold Brew

Cold Brew$6.41
Keto Cold Brew$6.41

Infused Teas & Sodas

Dutch Tea$2.19
Dutch Soda$2.19
Double Rainbro Tea$2.45

Private Reserve

Dutch Cocoa$2.22


Picture Perfect$3.75


Dinosaur Egg$4.20
Double Rainbro$3.75
Dragon Slayer$3.75
Dutch Mojito$3.75
Electric Berry$4.20
Fire Lizard$3.75
Galaxy Fish$4.20
Gem Berry$4.20
Gummy Bear$3.75
Laser Cat$4.20
Majestic Forest$3.75
Palm Beach$3.75
Palm Tree$3.75
Passion Water$3.75
Peach Ring$3.75
Pink Flamingo$3.75
Ray of Sunshine$4.20
Red, White & Blue$3.75
Rocky Point$3.75
Shark Attack$3.75
Starry Night$3.75
Stop Light$3.75
Sweet Sunrise$3.75
The Juice$3.75
The Vampire Slayer$4.20
Tiger's Blood$3.75
Tricky Tre$4.20
Unicorn Blood$4.20

Jr. Mafia

Mini Frost$2.47
Mini Smoothie$2.47
Kids Lemonade$2.50


Muffins Tops$2.25
Granola Bars$2.38


Christmas Morning$3.75
Dirty Chai$4.11


Decaf Ceylon Tea$4.11
Earl Grey Tea$4.11
Green Tea$4.11
Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea$4.11
Paris Tea$3.75


Blueberry Pomegranate$4.44
Caramel Apple$4.44
Green Apple$4.44

Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa$4.11


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About Dutch Bros

Contrary to popular opinion, Dutch Bros isn’t the same as Starbucks and it actually takes pride in a completely different corporate culture and consumer approach. With Dutch Bros, customers aren’t treated as, well, customers but as family and friends with whom the founders, franchisees and baristas share a love for coffee with.


Dane and Travis Boersma founded Dutch Bros on February 12, 1992 in Grants Pass, Oregon where it still maintains its corporate headquarters. The company’s name comes from their Dutch heritage.  

During Dutch Bros’ early years, it sold coffee from pushcarts around the town. Through careful expansion, the chain has grown to include more than 300 coffee stands in Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. Most of these are drive-thrus while the others are walk-in shops.  

What They’re Famous For

Dutch Bros serves a diverse range of coffees and caffeinated beverages, the main offerings, as well as energy drinks, teas, hot cocoa, smoothies, lemonades and sodas. There’s even a secret menu that isn’t so secret, especially for the loyal patrons who make it a point to keep abreast of the latest drinks. 

The chain is also known for its emphasis on its three core values, namely, quality, speed and service. These core values are demonstrated by the baristas and management on a daily basis, from the use of premium ingredients for its beverages to the personalized service given to the customers.  

Why Eat Here

Dutch Bros isn’t Starbucks and its other competitors, far from it! While its competitors emphasize the coffee, the ambiance, and the prestige of sitting in the coffee shop, Dutch Bros’ culture emphasizes the connections they make with their customers.  And it isn’t just empty talk because the care and concern for people becomes immediately evident as soon as you walk in through the door.  

The staff greets customers, many of whom have become regulars, when they walk in. The baristas – or bro-istas, as the company likes to call them because of its family-like corporate culture – smile when talking to their customers, exchange small talk, and even ask about the regulars’ spouses and kids. They also memorize the customers’ preferences, a personalized touch that really gets home the point that Dutch Bros is about making people connections.  

Many of its franchisees even give out free drinks to customers who are experiencing difficult times! We have heard of anecdotes about Dutch Bros coffee shops becoming safe places, in a manner of speaking, for customers.  

How did Dutch Bros establish such a people-centric culture in a coffee industry where the emphasis is on selling more drinks and moving more people in? Since 2008, the company has adopted a previously unheard-of policy for its franchisees that have made the chain more people-friendly. The policy includes the stipulation that potential franchisees must have worked for the company for at least three years, as well as follow strict standards that disallow toxic behavior in the workplace.  

And it is such emphasis on positivity that makes every Dutch Bros visit a pleasure! Chatty baristas aside, the chain likes to play pop music to lighten up the atmosphere, a far cry from the too-professional, too-somber vibe of many snotty coffeehouses.  

Of course, Dutch Bros is serious about its coffee and it shows in the high quality of its beverages. Yes, many of its coffee-based drinks are on the sweet side but most are what coffee should be – smooth on the palate, sexy, and energizing. 

This isn’t surprising as Dutch Bros sources its coffee beans from the best coffee farms in Brazil, Colombia and El Salvador. The chain also roasts its own coffee beans so there’s a consistently high quality to the resulting product.  

The regular menu is already a treasure trove of coffee and caffeinated beverages. But if you want more exotic choices – or perhaps you just want to be a member of an “exclusive club” of die-hard Dutch Bros fans – you may want to order from the secret menu. You can ask the baristas about it, if you’re a first-timer or you want updates; the secret menu changes nearly every month as there are fan favorites added to it.  

We tried the secret menu and found out that there are so many drinks to love. But we loved White Coffee Cookie, Dutch Canyon, and the Nutty Irishman the most while the likes of Toasted Mellow Mocha, Double Rainbro, and Fireball Dub Shot came in a close second.

To learn more about Dutch Bros or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.dutchbros.com.

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How much is Dutch Bros's Kicker?

Kicker – $3.86

How much is a Golden Eagle Mocha at Dutch Bros?

Golden Eagle Mocha – $3.32

How much are Amaretto at Dutch Bros?

Amaretto – $4.20

How much does a Dutch Bros's Cinnamon Dolce Cost?

Cinnamon Dolce – $4.20

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