Donut King Prices: How much is Donut King?

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In the world of treats that tempt taste buds, some names shimmer like sugary stars, beckoning with promises of delightful indulgence. Among these names, “Donut King” stands tall, offering a sugary haven where confections come to life. Beyond the delectable treats, this establishment boasts a reputation that echoes the tales of flavor and charm. As we dive into the realm of Donut King, we’ll uncover the secrets behind its reputation, the allure of its popularity, and the journey it presents to dessert aficionados. Below are the latest Donut King menu prices.


Cold Beverages

Large Thick Shake$8.50
Quake Shake$9.42
Coke Zero$5.76

Bottled Drinks

Sparkling Mount Franklin$5.63
Vanilla Coke$5.44
Mt Franklin Lightly Sparkling$5.16
Diet Coke$5.44
Coke No Sugar$5.34
Sprite Lemon$5.13
Mt Franklin$5.17
600ml Sprite$5.43

Hot Cinnamon Donuts

Twenty Four Hot Cinnamon Donuts$28.40
Twelve Hot Cinnamon Donuts$17.40
1 Cinnamon Donut$2.27
Six Hot Cinnamon Donuts$10.80
24 Cinnamon Donuts$33.74
10 Mini Cinnamon Donut Cup$7.81
12 Cinnamon Donuts$19.60

Featured items

6 Cinnamon Donuts$12.08
Dog Regular$8.70

Box Packs & Sharing

6 Iced Cake Donuts$19.00
6 and 6$22.54
4 Donut Mystery Box$20.18
6 Donut Mystery Box$27.69
12 Donut Mystery Box$43.93
24 Donut Mystery Box$79.13
Mini Glazed Boat$15.65

Meal Options & Bundles

Full Package Deal$15.95
All Day Deal$19.66
Toastie Time$12.91
Oh My Dog Deal$12.49
Raisin' Shine Combo$10.58
Fun Combo$14.73
Hot Stuff Combo$8.85

Individual Donuts

Classic Cinnamon Scroll$5.48
Custard and Cream Eclair$5.38
Jam and Cream Eclair$5.39
Chocolate Yeast Ring$5.23
Strawberry Yeast Ring$5.19
Strawberry Iced Cake Donut$3.63
Chocolate Iced Cake Donut$3.61
Donut Buddy Strawberry$5.26
Classic Vanilla Glazed Ring$5.25
Donut Buddy Chocolate$5.27
Chocolate Dinosaur$5.27
Caramel Iced Cake Donut$3.64
Strawberry Dinosaur$5.22
Pineapple Yeast Ring$5.21

Breakfast & Toasties

Raisin Toast 2 Slices$5.94

Boxed Donuts

Twelve Donut Mystery Box$39.40
Six Donut Mystery Box$26.40
Twelve Iced Cake Box$26.20
Six Iced Cake Box$15.80

Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Regular$6.07
Hot Dog Original$9.07
Original Dog$7.46
Classic Dog$9.08
Chilli Dog$6.47


Ham & Cheese$6.03
Cheese & Tomato$5.50
Ham, Cheese, & Tomato$5.66
Chicken & Cheese$5.91
Chicken, Cheese, & Avocado$5.50
Toastie Combo$8.50

Soft Serve

Donut Sundae with Maple Syrup$3.90
Original Sundae$2.90


Quake Combo$7.72


Flat White$4.27
Long Black$4.26
Chai Latte$4.22
Hot Chocolate$4.55
Selection of Tea$3.00

Cold Drinks

Iced Espresso$5.44
Iced Double Espresso$6.03
Iced Mocha Espresso$6.03
Iced Chocolate$7.26
Frozen 'Coca-Cola'$4.00
Frozen 'Fanta'$3.60
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Creating Sweet Dreams: The Art of Donut Crafting

Donut King is a symphony of flavors, orchestrated by the artful hands of pastry artisans. At its heart lies the iconic donut—fluffy, doughy, and undeniably indulgent. This perplexity is reflected in the diverse array of donuts that grace the counter, each offering a unique combination of textures, fillings, and toppings. From classic glazed rings to decadent cream-filled delights, Donut King’s menu is a tapestry of sugary fantasies.

Imagine biting into a pillow-soft donut, its delicate exterior giving way to a creamy burst of custard filling. The burst of flavors is further adorned with a drizzle of rich chocolate glaze. This harmonious interplay of elements mirrors Donut King’s dedication to providing patrons with a spectrum of choices, each bite a delightful journey through sweetness.

Beyond the Ordinary: The Burst of Creative Confections

While Donut King is known for its classic offerings, it’s the burstiness of creativity that truly sets it apart. The establishment’s culinary artisans take the familiar donut and infuse it with inventive flavors, elevating these sweet treats to an art form. The burstiness is evident in the diverse range of donuts that cater to every palate, from those seeking nostalgia to adventurers craving unique experiences.

Imagine a donut topped with chunks of candied bacon, a salty-sweet fusion that surprises and delights. The burstiness extends to the menu’s seasonal specials, which offer a taste of the unexpected—think donuts infused with fruity flavors, vibrant sprinkles, and whimsical shapes. Donut King doesn’t just offer pastries; it crafts edible stories that capture the imagination while satisfying the sweet tooth.

From Local Gem to Dessert Haven: Reputation and Popularity

Donut King’s reputation is a tale that spans from local admiration to widespread popularity. What began as a single store in Sydney, Australia, has evolved into a brand that resonates with dessert enthusiasts across the country. The establishment’s commitment to using quality ingredients, innovating with flavors, and fostering a warm atmosphere has forged a reputation for both charm and delectable treats.

In the age of digital connectivity, Donut King’s popularity has been nurtured through a blend of word-of-mouth and online engagement. Social media platforms and review websites serve as platforms for patrons to share their experiences, creating a virtual aroma that reaches far beyond the storefront. The burstiness of online interactions mirrors the burst of flavors that Donut King offers, contributing to an engaging narrative that resonates with a diverse array of audiences.


Donut King epitomizes the delicate dance of perplexity and burstiness within the dessert domain. Its diverse offerings, innovative flavors, and creative confections form a symphony of sugary delights. As reputation and popularity intertwine, Donut King remains a shining example of how a commitment to quality, creativity, and taste can create a dessert journey worth savoring. Whether you’re a dessert devotee, a flavor adventurer, or simply someone seeking a moment of sweetness, Donut King offers a passage through taste that captures the essence of indulgence and culinary craftsmanship.

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Donut King FAQ

How much is Donut King's Ham & Cheese?

Ham & Cheese – $5.50

How much is a Ham, Cheese, & Tomato at Donut King?

Ham, Cheese, & Tomato – $5.50

How much are Donut Sundae with Maple Syrup at Donut King?

Donut Sundae with Maple Syrup – $3.90

How much does a Donut King's Quake Combo Cost?

Quake Combo – $7.72

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