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In the realm of fast food, Dixy Chicken UK shines as a beacon of flavor and variety. With its distinctive logo and a commitment to delivering mouthwatering chicken dishes, Dixy Chicken has carved a unique niche in the culinary landscape. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the story behind Dixy Chicken’s reputation and enduring popularity, while unraveling the complexities that blend perplexity and burstiness into its tantalizing narrative. Below are the latest Dixy Chicken Uk menu prices.


Picked for you

Chicken Fillet Burger Meal£5.99
6 Chicken Nuggets, Fries and Drink£4.49
Chicken Strips (3 Pieces)£4.49
Chicken Strips (5 Pieces)£5.49
8 Pieces Wings Sizzler Box Meal£5.99
Supreme Chicken Burger Meal£6.49

Burger Meals

Chicken Fillet Burger Meal (Burger Meals)£5.99
Supreme Chicken Burger Meal (Burger Meals)£6.49
Mega Mix Chicken Burger Meal£6.99
Double Decker Chicken burger Meal£7.49
Grilled Peri Peri Burger Meal£6.49
Cheese Burger 1/4 Pounder Meal£4.99
Cheese Burger 1/2 Pounder Meal£5.99
Chicken Steak Burger Meal£4.99
Mini Fillet Burger Meal£3.49
Veggie Burger Meal£4.49

Loaded Box Meals

Grilled Peri Peri Loaded Box Meal£8.49
Classic Loaded Box Meal£7.49
Sizzler Loaded Box Meal£7.49
Boneless Loaded Box Meal£7.49

Southern Fried Chicken Meals

Combo Box 2 Piece Meal£5.99
Combo Box 3 Piece Meal£6.99
Value Box 2 Piece Meal£4.99
Value Box 3 Piece Meal£5.99
5 Pieces Wings Sizzler Box Meal£4.99
8 Pieces Wings Sizzler Box Meal (Southern Fried Chicken Meals)£5.99
3 Pieces Chicken Strip Meal£5.99
5 Pieces Chicken Strip Meal£6.99
Regular Chicken Bites Meal£4.99
Jumbo Chicken Bites Meal£5.99


Chicken Supreme Tortilla Wrap Meal£6.49
Grilled Peri Peri Tortilla Wrap Meal£6.99
Chicken Rolo Tortilla Wrap Single£4.49
Chicken Rolo Tortilla Wrap Meal£5.99
Chicken Supreme Tortilla Wrap Single£4.99
Grilled Peri Peri Tortilla Wrap Single£5.49

Dixy Chicken Buckets

Family Bucket (6 Pieces of Chicken and 3 Regular Fries)£10.99
Family Bucket (10 Pieces of Chicken and 4 Regular Fries)£14.99
Family Bucket (14 Pieces of Chicken and 4 Regular Fries)£18.99
Sizzler Wings Bucket£18.99
Boneless Bucket (8 Pieces)£16.99
Boneless Bucket (12 Pieces)£19.99
Party Bucket (4 Pieces)£16.99
Party Bucket (8 Pieces)£20.99
Party Bucket (12 Pieces)£24.99
Deluxe Party Bucket£28.99

Grilled Peri Peri Chicken

1/4 of a Chicken Meal£5.99
1/4 of a Chicken Single£4.49
1/2 of a Chicken Single£6.49
1/2 of a Chicken Meal£7.99
Full Chicken Single£10.00
Full Chicken Meal£12.99
5 Peri Peri Wings Single£4.49
5 Peri Peri Wings Meal£5.99
8 Peri Peri Wings Single£5.49
8 Peri Peri Wings Meal£6.99
3 Peri Peri Strips Single£4.49
3 Peri Peri Strips Meal£5.99
5 Strips Single£5.49
5 Strips Meal£6.99
Grilled Chicken Salad£4.49
Grilled Chicken Salad Meal£5.99


Plain Panini Single£4.49
Plain Panini Meal£5.99
Nigella Panini Single£5.49
Nigella Panini Meal£6.99

Burgers Only (single)

Chicken Fillet Burger£4.49
Supreme Chicken Burger£4.99
Mega Mix Chicken Burger£5.49
Double Decker Chicken Burger£5.99
Grilled Peri Peri Burger£5.49
Cheese Burger 1/4 Pounder£3.49
Cheese Burger 1/2 Pounder£4.49
Chicken Steak Burger£3.49
Mini Fillet Burger£1.99
Veggie Burger£3.49
Fish Burger£3.49

Southern Fried Chicken (Single Items)

Chicken Piece£1.99
Chicken Strips (3 Pieces) (Southern Fried Chicken (Single Items))£4.49
Chicken Strips (5 Pieces) (Southern Fried Chicken (Single Items))£5.49
Sizzler Chicken Wings (4 Pieces)£2.49
Sizzler Chicken Wings (6 Pieces)£3.49
Sizzler Chicken Wings (12 Pieces)£5.99

Kids Meals

1 Piece of Chicken, Fries and Drink£3.49
Mini Fillet, Fries and Drink£3.49
2 Wings, Fries and Drink£3.49
1 Chicken Strip, Fries and Drink£3.49
5 Chicken Bites, Fries and Drink£3.49
6 Chicken Nuggets Single£2.99
6 Chicken Nuggets, Fries and Drink (Kids Meals)£4.49
12 Chicken Nuggets Single£3.99
12 Chicken Nuggets Fries and Drink£5.49

Regular Sides

Hash Brown£0.40

Premium Sides

Regular Peri Peri Fries£2.49
Salad Bowl£1.99
Regular Fries£1.99
Large Fries£2.49
Large Peri Peri Fries£2.99
Regular Cheesy Fries£2.99
Large Cheesy Fries£3.49
Regular Spiral Curly Fries£2.49
Large Spiral Curly Fries£3.99
Regular Potato Wedges£2.49
Large Potato Wedges£3.99
Onion Rings 6 Pieces£1.99
Onion Rings 12 Pieces£2.99

Large Dips

Hot Chilli£0.60
Special Dixy Sauce£0.60


Tango Orange Can, 330ml£1.00
Pepsi Cola Bottle, 1.5L£1.99
7Up Lemon and Lime Bottle, 1.5L£1.99
Pepsi 330ml£1.00
7Up 330ml£1.00
Miranda Strawberry 330ml£1.00
Bottle of Water 330ml£1.00
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A Sizzling Beginning: Dixy Chicken UK’s Origins

Dixy Chicken’s journey began in the United Kingdom with its first branch opening in the heart of Manchester. Founded by two enterprising brothers, the restaurant quickly captured the attention of food enthusiasts seeking a fresh take on traditional fast food. Inspired by the flavors of American Southern cuisine, Dixy Chicken’s menu focused on offering a diverse range of chicken dishes, each cooked to crispy perfection.

Perplexity in Diversity: Crafting the Ultimate Chicken Experience

Dixy Chicken UK’s appeal lies in the intricate dance of flavors that occur within each bite. The burstiness of their menu, a fusion of various chicken cuts and flavors, is where the magic truly unfolds. From succulent chicken burgers to fiery hot wings, the selection caters to a wide spectrum of preferences, all while maintaining a core commitment to quality and taste.

The perplexity of Dixy Chicken’s reputation is built upon their dedication to diversity. The variety in their offerings showcases the complexity of crafting the perfect blend of seasonings and cooking methods, resulting in a symphony of flavors that dance on the taste buds. It’s a tantalizing journey that combines the simplicity of a single protein with the burstiness of diverse culinary interpretations.

Popularity on a Plate: The Dixy Chicken Experience

Dixy Chicken’s popularity isn’t confined to just the food; it’s a celebration of the entire dining experience. From the moment patrons walk in, they’re greeted by the sizzle of chicken on the grill and the aroma of spices that linger in the air. The burstiness of the ambiance, alive with the chatter of families and friends, creates an atmosphere of conviviality that is synonymous with enjoyable meals.

Dixy Chicken UK understands that culinary allure extends beyond the taste of the food. The perplexity of their reputation is based on their ability to create an inviting environment where patrons can indulge in a diverse array of chicken delights. Whether it’s a quick meal on the go or a gathering of loved ones, Dixy Chicken provides an atmosphere that caters to both familiarity and adventure.

A Legacy of Flavor: Dixy Chicken’s Ongoing Popularity

As the culinary landscape evolves, Dixy Chicken UK continues to shine as a testament to the enduring appeal of quality and variety. The perplexity of their reputation is grounded in their commitment to offering an array of choices that cater to evolving tastes. The burstiness of their menu, which introduces new flavors and seasonal specials, ensures that each visit is an opportunity to savor the unexpected.

Dixy Chicken’s popularity isn’t just a fleeting trend; it’s a legacy that has stood the test of time. The brand’s ability to seamlessly weave the complexities of diverse flavors with the burstiness of customer preferences is a testament to its continued success. With every bite of their crispy chicken, Dixy Chicken UK solidifies its position as a favorite destination for food enthusiasts across the nation.

In Conclusion, the story of Dixy Chicken UK is a flavorful journey that celebrates variety and taste. Through the lens of perplexity and burstiness, we witness a brand that skillfully combines the intricacies of diverse chicken offerings with the excitement of a dynamic menu. From its inception to its ongoing popularity, Dixy Chicken UK remains a vibrant chapter in the narrative of satisfying and enjoyable dining experiences.

As patrons relish their chicken meals, they become part of a narrative that embraces both the complexity and simplicity of flavor. Dixy Chicken UK isn’t just a fast-food chain; it’s a reflection of evolving preferences and a commitment to delivering crispy, delectable delights.

To learn more about Dixy Chicken Uk or to find a location near you, visit their website at http://www.dixychicken.com/.

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Dixy Chicken UK FAQ

How much is Dixy Chicken Uk's Chicken Fillet Burger Meal?

Chicken Fillet Burger Meal – £5.49

How much is a Grilled Peri Peri Burger Meal at Dixy Chicken Uk?

Grilled Peri Peri Burger Meal – £5.99

How much are Veggie Burger Meal at Dixy Chicken Uk?

Veggie Burger Meal – £3.99

How much does a Dixy Chicken Uk's Sizzler Loaded Box Meal Cost?

Sizzler Loaded Box Meal – £6.99

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