Criniti’s Prices: How much is Criniti’s?

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In the world of gastronomy, certain restaurants transcend mere dining to create an experience that captivates both the palate and the heart. Criniti’s is one such culinary haven that has earned a reputation for its delectable offerings and dedication to Italian culinary excellence. This article takes you on a flavorful journey into the realm of Criniti’s, uncovering its esteemed reputation, growing popularity, and the factors that contribute to its magnetic allure. Below are the latest Criniti’s menu prices.



Red Bull$6.90
Pepsi Max$5.00
Coke Can$5.90
Ginger Ale$5.00
Sprite Can$5.90
Still Italian Mineral Water$5.90
Sparkling Italian Mineral Water$5.90
Santa Vittoria Chinotto$5.90
Coke no sugar Can$5.90
Santa Vittoria Aranciata$5.90
Santa Vittoria Limonata - 250ml$5.90
Lemon Squash$5.00

Loaded Chips

Cheesy Bacon Loaded Chips$20.90
Pizziolo Loaded Chips$20.90
Cheeseburger Loaded Chips$20.90
Joaquin Loaded Chips$20.90
Cheesy Bacon$20.90


Potato Chips$7.90
Flat Bread$4.90
Woodfired Bread$9.90
Cheesy Bacon Mash$6.90
Cheesy Potato Mash$6.90
Sweet Potato Chips$11.90
Potato Wedges$13.90
Polenta Chips$12.90
Side Salad$5.90
Steamed Vegetables$7.90


Tortellini Sage Truffle$23.90
Spaghetti Meatballs Pasta$22.70
Fettucine Carbonara (Pasta)$22.70
Gnocchi Napoli$27.93
Gnocchi Pumpkin$26.43
Spaghetti Aglio E Olio Pasta$22.70
Spaghetti Bolognese (Pasta)$22.70
Spaghetti Pachino Pasta$22.70
Penne Soprano Pasta$22.70
Linguine Frank Sinatra$35.90
Ravioli Monica$23.90
Pappardelle Lamb Shank$35.90
Penne Gennovese$23.90
Penne Genovese$27.93
Penne Romana$25.91
Penne Romana Pasta$22.90
Ravioli Burnt Butter Sage$28.68
Penne Colombo Pasta$22.70
Ravioli Burnt Butter Sage Pasta$22.70
Ravioli Rosa$25.91
Ravioli Rosa Pasta$22.70
Rigatoni 3-Meats$25.91
Spaghetti Marinara$28.28
Spaghetti Meatballs$25.91
Gnocchi Pumpkin Pasta$22.70
Tortellini Boscaiola$25.91
Tortellini Boscaiola Pasta$22.70
Fettuccine Palizzi$31.90
Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bake$25.46
Linguine Granchio$35.90
Rigatoni Vegetarian$23.82
Linguine King Prawn$34.68
Penne Al Pacino$28.90
Penne Colombo$25.59
Penne Salmone$29.90
Penne Soprano$25.59
Penne Vegetarian$29.90
Rigatoni Calabrese$28.90
Spaghetti Aglio E Olio$24.84
Spaghetti Barboza$29.90
Spaghetti Bolognese$25.91
Spaghetti Ricotta$28.90
Spaghetti Pachino$25.59
Spaghetti Reborn$28.90
Spaghetti Squid Ink Mussels$35.90
Spaghetti Vongole$28.90


Seafood Platter$149.90
Garlic Cream Prawns$32.90
BBQ King Prawns$34.90
Chilli Rice Prawns$32.90
Fish n Chips$29.90
Seafood Grill$54.90
Zuppa Di Pesce$54.90
Italian Garlic Prawns$32.90
Mussel Hot Pot$34.90

Woodfired Pizza

Pizza Margherita 2 x $38.90$38.90
Belly Burrata$23.82
Pizza Pepperoni and Cheese 2 x $38.90$38.90
Nonna Caterina$23.56
Marley Truffle$23.90
Little Mickie's$23.56
Halloumi and Avo$23.90
Four Cheeses$23.90
Carne Amore$23.64
Cicciu I Piccu Pizza$22.70
Pepperoni and Cheese$23.90
Tommy sneakers$23.82
Mozzarella Truffle$23.90


Barramundi Fillet$39.90
Perch Fillet$35.90
Salmon Fillet$39.90

Picked for you

Fettucine Carbonara$23.90
Lasagne Pasta$22.70

Protein and Co.

BBQ Meat Platter$149.90
Protein Plate$69.90
BBQ Chicken$29.90
Lamb Shank$39.90
Lamb Cutlets$39.90
Frank and Dom’s Plate$23.90
Hunting with Cosimo$49.90
Cheesy Love Steak$37.90
Simplicity Steak$39.90

BBQ Ribs

Beef Ribs$34.90
Lamb Ribs$34.90
Pork Ribs$34.90
Rib Combo$59.90
Chicken and Rib Combo$49.90
Ribs and Wings Combo$49.90
Steak and Ribs Combo$49.90


Rib Eye Cutlet$54.90

Pizza Crust

Garlic and Cheese Crust$19.90
Fig Crust$23.90
Mortadella Crust$19.90
Bruschetta Crust$19.90
Garlic Crust$17.90
Chilli Crust$17.90
Chorizo Crust$23.90
Criniti's Crust$21.90


Flourishing Fish$16.90
Marvellous Meatballs$14.90
Veggie Vitality$14.90
Bravo Beef$16.90
Lettuce Tacos$22.90

Criniti's Burger

Criniti's Classic Burger$25.90
Chilli Cheese Burger$19.90
Australiano Burger$24.97
Peri Burger$21.97
Halloumi Veggie Burger$19.90
Schnitzy Burger$21.90


Burger Sliders$19.90
Criniti’s Classic Burger$26.07
Pizza Burger$24.90
Smokey's Pulled Pork Burger$24.90
Old Mate Burger$24.90
Magnificent Meatballs Burger$19.90
Bangin’ Baconator$24.90
Soul Vegan Burger$22.90
Bunless Burger$19.90
Veggie Burger$19.90

Grilled Skewers

Beef and Chorizo Spiedino$46.90
Chicken Spiedino$39.90
Lamb Spiedino$49.90
Pork Spiedino$39.90
Seafood Spiedino$49.90

Chicken and Veal

King Prawn$42.90

Popular Items

Fettuccine Carbonara$27.93


Kids Calamari & Chips$16.40
Kids Cheeseburger & Chips$16.90
Kids Fish & Chips$16.50
Kids Schnitzel & Chips$16.40
Kids Nuggets & Chips$16.40
Kids Potato Chips$15.90
Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs$15.90

Wood Fired Pizza

Four Cheeses Pizza$24.71
Four Seasons Pizza$26.00
Azzurri Pizza$25.35
BBQ Pollo Pizza$24.40
BBQ Sausage Pizza$27.00
Belly Burrata Pizza$24.40
Calabrese Pizza$27.00
Campagnola Pizza$29.00
Capricciosa Pizza$24.35
Carne Amore Pizza$25.35
Cheeky B Pizza$28.00
Cicciu Piccu Pizza$28.00
De Niro Pizza$29.00
Everybloodyting Pizza$31.00
Ferrara Pizza$25.35
Francesco Criniti Pizza$24.35
Hot Chips Pizza$25.00
Garlic Chicken Pizza$24.40
Godfather Pizza$24.85
Iforgotti Pizza$29.00
Johnny 'D' Sausage Pizza$27.00
Lambo Pizza$25.46
Little Mickie's Pizza$24.85
Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza$25.00
Margherita Pizza$23.85
Marinara Pizza$27.00
Meatballs Pizza$27.00
Mexicano Pizza$24.21
Napolitana Pizza$25.00
Nonna Caterina Pizza$24.85
Papa Pizza$24.84
Pepperoni 'N' Cheese Pizza$25.83
Pistachio Pizza$28.00
Pulled Pork Pizza$28.00
Pumpkin Pizza$28.00
Sorrento Pizza$26.00
Suprema Pizza$24.85
Tommy Sneakers Pizza$25.83
Tropicale Pizza$23.85
Vegan Detox Pizza$27.00
Zappatore Pizza$26.00

Italian Favourites

Chips and Dips$9.78
Gnocci 4 Cheese$29.90
Pizza Puffs$13.90


Bruschetta Prosciutto$11.40
Bruschetta Garlic$9.90
Mama Rosa's Meatballs$17.90
Popcorn Prawns$25.90
Chilli Wings$18.61
Bolognese Nachos$20.40

Starters and Sharing

Antipasto Platter$44.90
Cheese Platter$24.90
Mozzarella Stick$16.90
Hot Olives$12.90
Bugatti Balls$17.90
Prosciutto and Burrata$24.90
Zucchini Flowers$23.90
Mamma Rosa's Meatballs$17.90
Cheeseburger Spring Rolls$14.90
Salt and Pepper Calamari$19.90
Beef Carpaccio$17.90
Soft Shell Crab$25.90
Chorizo Hot Pot$17.90
Baked Figs$19.90
Halloumi Stack$23.90
Stuffed Mushrooms$17.90
Vegan Mushrooms$22.90
Octopus and Calamari$22.90
Scallops Sasa$25.90
Vegan Meatballs$22.90
Cheesy Bacon Chips$20.90
Loaded Sweet Potato Chips$16.90


Bruschetta Platter$19.90
House Bread$7.30
Pane Duro$7.90
Herb Bruschetta$9.90
Halloumi Bruschetta$12.90
Pumpkin Bruschetta$12.90
Salmon and Avocado Bruschetta$13.90
Tomato Bruschetta$11.78
Tuna Ceviche Bruschetta$15.90


Calzone Arena$29.90
Calzone Tropea$28.90
Ciccio’s Calzone$29.90
Cornuto Calzone$29.90


Mamma Rosa’s Risotto$35.90
Pollo E Funghi Risotto$34.58
Mama Rosa's Risotto$34.18
King Prawn Risotto$38.90
Mushroom and Truffle Risotto$34.32
Vegetarian Risotto$33.43
Pescatora Risotto$38.90
Veggie Risotto$33.90

Salads and Bowls

Burrata Salad$25.90
Fresh Fig Salad$23.47
Pear and Butter Leaf Salad$19.90
Kale and Halloumi Salad$21.90
Chicken and Avocado Bowl$24.90
Lean Chicken Salad$24.90
Bangin’ Chicken Bowl$24.90
Vegan Bowl$22.90
Halloumi and Pumpkin Bowl$22.90
Eggplant Spaghetti Bowl$28.90
Zoodle Bowl$28.90


Caprese Salad$19.90
Rocket and Pear Salad$19.90
Prawn and Avocado Salad$24.90
Lamb Salad$24.07
Beetroot Salad$19.90
Salmon Salad$24.90
Caesar Salad$18.76
Grilled Chicken Salad$23.47
Italian Salad$19.90
Mediterranean Salad$19.90

Classic Desserts

Dessert Platter$49.90
Dessert Sampler$29.90
Chocolate Mousse$16.90
Crème Brûlée$17.90
Chocolate Budino$17.90
Sticky Date Pudding$17.90



Italian Dessert

Originale Crespelle$19.90
Banana Pizza$19.90
Nutella Crespelle$19.90
Joey Bananas Crespelle$19.90
Smores Calzone$22.90
Ricotta and Fig Crespelle$19.90
Nutella Waffles$18.90
Nutella Lasagne$19.90
Belgian Waffles$18.90
Ricotta Cheesecake$16.90
Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake$16.90

Fried Desserts

Donut Fries$14.90
Bomboloni Stack$14.90
Nutella Bomba$19.90


Nutella Pizza$20.86

Gelato and More

Gelato Cup$12.90
Banana Split Sundae$14.90
Caramel Brownie Sundae$16.90
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A Culinary Voyage to Italy: The Criniti’s Experience

Criniti’s isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a culinary voyage that transports diners to the heart of Italy. With a menu that celebrates the rich tapestry of Italian flavors, Criniti’s creates an experience that ignites the senses and indulges the soul. From the aroma of freshly baked pizza to the rich and savory pasta sauces, each dish at Criniti’s is a celebration of the art of Italian cuisine.

Criniti’s Reputation: Craftsmanship Beyond Cuisine

At the core of Criniti’s reputation lies its dedication to crafting an authentic Italian dining experience. Every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the authenticity of flavors, and every dish is prepared with meticulous attention to detail. This reputation extends beyond taste; it reflects Criniti’s commitment to delivering an immersive Italian culinary journey.

Criniti’s reputation is a symbol of more than just food; it’s a badge of culinary craftsmanship. Diners know that each visit to Criniti’s promises a meal that is not just delicious, but also steeped in tradition and passion. This devotion to culinary excellence has cultivated a loyal following that extends from Italian food enthusiasts to those seeking an escape to Italy’s rich gastronomic heritage.

An Italian Odyssey: Criniti’s Popularity

Criniti’s popularity isn’t confined to a specific demographic; it’s an Italian odyssey that resonates with a diverse range of diners. The brand’s ability to capture the essence of Italy’s culinary heritage while infusing it with modern twists positions it as a go-to destination for individuals seeking a dining experience that’s both classic and innovative. In a world where Italian cuisine is beloved worldwide, Criniti’s manages to capture the hearts and appetites of all who enter.

The rise in Criniti’s popularity is also attributed to its adaptability. In an era where convenience is paramount, the brand has embraced digital platforms and delivery services, ensuring that its exquisite offerings reach customers wherever they are. This embrace of technology not only broadens Criniti’s reach but also solidifies its reputation as a brand that evolves seamlessly with the evolving dining landscape.

A Digital Culinary Showcase: Criniti’s in the Digital Era

In the digital age, Criniti’s popularity takes on new dimensions through the power of visual storytelling. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook become virtual stages for showcasing Criniti’s sumptuous creations. Captivating images of wood-fired pizzas, elegantly plated pastas, and decadent desserts create a visual feast that tantalizes the senses and ignites curiosity.

Criniti’s digital presence goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating a connection. Engaging with customers through social media platforms allows Criniti’s to build a community that shares a passion for Italian cuisine and culinary artistry. It also provides a platform for sharing insights into the brand’s journey, inviting patrons to become part of the Criniti’s story.

In Conclusion: Criniti’s Culinary Legacy

Amid the tapestry of global cuisine, Criniti’s stands as a testament to the celebration of Italy’s culinary heritage and the art of culinary fusion. Its reputation, carefully built on the pillars of authenticity and innovation, and its soaring popularity that resonates with diverse palates, underscore the magic of a brand that transforms dining from a meal into a cultural experience.

So, whether you’re seeking to savor traditional Italian flavors or embark on a culinary adventure, Criniti’s invites you to indulge in the essence of Italy. With every dish, Criniti’s invites us to embrace the richness of Italian cuisine and culture, reminding us that in the realm of gastronomy, there’s a world of flavors waiting to be explored and savored.

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Criniti’s FAQ

How much is Criniti's Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza?

Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza – $21.90

How much is a Cicciu I Piccu Pizza at Criniti's?

Cicciu I Piccu Pizza – $21.90

How much are Sparkling Italian Mineral Water at Criniti's?

Sparkling Italian Mineral Water – $5.90

How much does a Criniti's's Santa Vittora Aranciata Cost?

Santa Vittora Aranciata – $5.90

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