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July, 2022 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest CoreLife Eatery menu prices.

Item Price

Kids Power Menu

Kids Power Pasta $5.45
Kids Power Plate $6.10
Kids Cukes & Carrots Salad $5.11
Kids Chicken Noodle Soup $5.10
Kids Cranberry Poppy Salad $5.38
Kids Power Drink $1.45

Popular Items

BBQ Ranch Chicken Warm Rice Bowl $11.84
Chicken Cobb $10.88
Southwest Grilled Chicken & Purple Rice Blend $10.80
Poke Fire Bowl $12.70
Tuna Poke Fire Warm Rice Bowl $12.33
Ranch Flank Steak Warm Rice Bowl $12.90
Spicy Thai Chicken & Rice Noodles $10.35
Korean BBQ Pork Warm Rice Bowl $11.86
Ranch Flank Steak Rice Bowl $13.20
Bbq Ranch Chicken Bowl $12.28
Steak Bacon & Bleu Cheese $10.82
Tuna Poke $11.95
Poke Tuna Grain Bowl $12.28
Spicy Chicken Warm Rice Bowl $11.84
Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl $12.20

Green Bowls

Sriracha Ginger Roasted Tofu $10.08
Steak, Bacon & Bleu Cheese $11.33


Build Your Bowl Your Way $7.50

Grain Bowls

Greens & Ancient Grains $9.83
Spicy Chicken & Ancient Grains $10.51


Mediterranean $10.35
Sriracha Ginger Tofu & Ancient Grains $9.85
Kale Caesar Chicken $10.82
Tuna Poke & Napa Cabbage $12.33


tuna poke & nappa cabbage $12.39
Southwest Grilled Chicken $10.95
steak, bacon & bleu $10.89
caesar chicken $10.89


Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese $12.11
Maple Bacon Brussels Bowl $12.15
Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl $10.35


Chicken Plate $11.95
Steak Plate $12.95
Roasted Tofu Plate $10.95
Tuna Poke Plate $13.95
Hummus/Falafel Plate $10.95
Korean BBQ Pork Plate $13.70

Broth Bowls

Build Your Own Broth Bowl $7.70
Chicken Tortilla Chipotle $10.82
spicy ginger steak & rice noodles $10.89
Spicy Ginger Steak and Rice Noodles $10.81
chicken tortilla & chipotle $10.89
Chicken & Rice Noodle $10.95
Grilled Chicken Tortilla $10.58
Shiitake Mushroom & Roasted Tofu $10.03
Spicy Ginger Steak & Rice Noodle $11.08
Broccoli Cheddar Soup $8.29
Tomato Basil Soup $7.15
Cup Vegetable Broth $3.20
32 Oz. Vegetable Broth $6.78
Cup Beef Bone Broth $4.45
32 Oz. Beef Bone Broth $10.12
Cup Chicken Bone Broth $3.95
32 Oz. Chicken Bone Broth $8.12


Any soup, side or handcrafted beverage with any small bowl. $11.86
Any Small Bowl and a Soup, Side or Beverage! $9.43

Warm Rice Bowls

Ranch Steak Rice Bowl $12.95
Korean Bbq Pork Bowl $12.20


Southwest Chicken Taco $4.21
Buffalo Chicken Taco $4.27
Steak Fajita $4.27
Ahi Tuna Poke Taco $4.30
Greek Chicken Taco $4.27
Korean Pulled Pork Taco $4.20

Kid's Favorites

Kid's Cranberry Poppy Salad $5.62
Kid's Chicken Noodle Soup $5.62
Kid's Power Plate $5.95


Plate - Choose 1 Side $3.00
Plate - Choose 2 Sides $5.50
Plate - Choose 3 Sides $7.00


Single Side $3.00
GF Mac & Cheese $3.41
Two Sides $5.50
Sweet Potato $3.41
Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts $3.82
Three Sides $7.00
Brussels Sprouts $3.00
Street Corn $3.82


Green Tea $2.95
Tropical Green Tea $3.15
Bai Blueberry $3.48
Fresh Squeezed Lemonades $2.95
Bai Pomegranate $3.46
Bottled Water $1.90
Organic Iced Coffee $3.45
Spindrift Sparkling Lemon $2.69
Fiji Water $2.68
Beet Lemonade $3.28
BAI Peach $3.49
Bai Coconut Water $3.45
Honey Ginger Lemonade $3.28
Bai Dragonfruit $3.45
Spindrift Sparkling Raspberry Lime $2.67
Bai Watermelon $3.47
San Pellegrino $2.68
Bai Clementine $3.47
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About CoreLife Eatery

Modern life can be so hectic that it’s easier and faster to place a microwave dinner into the oven, wait for a few minutes, and eat what’s on the plate. But such convenience comes with a price – the ingredients aren’t as fresh, natural (i.e., no preservatives and additives), and delicious as whole foods. There’s also the fact that the nutrients in whole foods, especially in raw foods, beat those in processed food by a mile and a half.

This is what the founders of CoreLife Eatery want to change by introducing customers to whole foods. Just take a look at its menu and you will agree that, indeed, it delivers on its promise to become the chain of restaurants that provide customers with an empowered attitude for an active healthy lifestyle. The CoreLife Eatery prices are reasonable, too, so eating healthy meals every day sans the hassles of preparation is possible.


In May 2015, CoreLife Eatery started as Core, a restaurant established by Larry Wilson, Todd Mansfield, and John, Lisa and Megan Caveny. The co-founders each have knowledge and skills that they brought to the business – Wilson is a restaurateur with several Hoopla! frozen yogurt and Moe’s Southwest Grill franchises to his name, Mansfield is a nutrition expert, and Cavenys were also café owners.  The first Core restaurant in North Syracuse, in fact, was the Cavenys’ former Jo-Li-Me café.

Recently, the co-founders rebranded Core as CoreLife Eatery to reflect its new thrust in promoting and enhancing the overall health of its community through a combination of diet, exercise and lifestyle programs. Aside from its North Syracuse original location, the chain has restaurants in Allentown, Pennsylvania; American Fork, Utah; and Amherst, New York, to name a few.

What They’re Famous For

CoreLife Eatery emphasizes the use of ingredients that are free of GMOs, trans-fats, and sweeteners, as well as artificial additives, colors and preservatives. The emphasis on whole foods means that only organic, natural and fresh ingredients are used in the salads, grains-based bowls, and even beverages.

The menu features a wide range of greens, grains and bone broths, which are available as part of a set menu and as a build-your-own option. These are also available in different sizes, as well as available in a kids’ menu. These are served in a cafeteria-style manner.

Even the beverages menu reflects CoreLife Eatery’s focus on whole foods. Thus, the available drinks include lemonades, extracted juices, and green teas, which are available in hot and cold versions.

CoreLife Eatery doesn’t stop with offering its customers with options for a healthy diet with whole foods either. The chain also sponsors active lifestyle events, such as Pilates and yoga classes, and health education in schools, among others.

Why Eat Here

The CoreLife Eatery menu is impressive in terms of the number of choices and their healthy quality. The challenge is in finding the right food that will satisfy your hunger, meet your nutritional needs, and fill your stomach. But since everything is served in generous portions and made with nutritious ingredients, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Start with the Green Bowls, a selection of salads with dark leafy greens, vegetables, and made-from-scratch dressing. Most of these salads are suitable for vegetarians, too, such as the Sriracha Ginger Roasted Tofu with shredded kale, baby spinach, broccoli, carrots, sprouts, and roasted organic tofu with sriracha sauce.

The Mediterranean salad has chopped romaine, shredded kale, organic chicken, tomatoes, and parmesan crisp while Chicken Cobb has avocado, hard-boiled egg, and avocado in it. For meat lovers, the Steak, Bacon & Bleu Cheese salad with its grass-fed steak, bacon, chopped romaine and mesclun mix is a great choice.

The Grains Bowls feature whole grains like quinoa with a mix of vegetables and a choice of dressing. The Watermelon Feta Chicken, for example, contains quinoa, baby spinach, green leaf lettuce, jicama, cucumber, pickled red onions, scallions, salt and pepper chicken, and watermelon. If that sounds like an odd combination, you should try it and be pleasantly surprised by its flavorful quality.

Other choices include Spicy Thai Chicken and Rice Noodle, Tuna Poke, and Southwest Grilled Chicken and Purple Rice. These grains bowls can come with your choice of dressing, such as Thai cashew dressing, miso sesame ginger dressing, and lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette.

The Broth Bowls have a refreshing quality, especially during a cold evening. There’s the Coconut Curry Chicken Soup with its slightly spicy flavor from the spicy sesame sprouts, peppers, and coconut curry broth with just the right amount of rice noodles. Other choices include the Grilled Chicken Tortilla, the Chicken and Rice Noodle, and the Tomato and Basil.

The Rice Bowls are for people who want something heavier yet still healthy. The meats and vegetables are set on a bed of rice, usually purple rice, so it’s a complete meal on its own, as is the case with the Ranch Flank Steak and Spicy Chicken.

You can also create your own bowls by choosing your preferred greens, grains, and broth or dressing.

To learn more about CoreLife Eatery or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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