Cinnabon Prices: How much is Cinnabon?

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Cinnamon rolls may be among the most fattening snacks and desserts on the American table but these are perennial favorites, and we can definitely understand why. There’s something akin to being home, or coming home, when biting into a perfectly baked cinnamon roll. Cinnabon prices are fairly average for the baked goods industry. Here are the latest Cinnabon menu prices that are as sweet as your sweetheart!



Cup of Pecans$1.10
Side of Cream Cheese Frosting$1.07
Frosting Cup$0.85
Side of Caramel$0.98
Side of Pecans$1.19
Side of Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce$1.17
Side of Caramel Topping$1.11
Side of Oreo Pieces$1.15
Side of Caramel Frosting$1.10
Side of Chocolate Sauce$1.09
Extra Pecans$0.85
Extra Frosting$0.94

Picked For You

Center of the Roll (Classic)$4.70
Cinnabon® Classic Roll Cinnapack®$11.33

Popular Items

Classic CinnaPacks™$17.40
Cinnabon Classic$5.18
Classic 6 Pack$20.58
MiniBon 15 Pack$20.80
Center of the Roll™$4.87

Most Ordered

Caramel Pecan Center of the Roll$5.26

Pick 2

Half Medium Sandwich and Half Salad Pick 2 Combo$10.37
Half Medium Sandwich and Half Soup Pick 2 Combo$10.37
Half Salad and Half Soup Pick 2 Combo$10.37

Cinnamon Rolls

Classic Roll$5.71
Caramel PecanBon$6.48
BonBites (Classic)$4.54


Caramel Pecan Roll$5.12


Cinnabon - Bonbites$4.85



Top Menu Items

Classic CinnaPack™$16.12
Classic Rolls CinnaPacks™$16.28


Veggie Avocado Smokecheesy™ - V$9.70
Deluxe Original-Style$7.52
Turkey Original-Style$7.47
Ham & Cheese Original Style$6.40
Turkey Guacamole$7.48
Turkey Bacon Club$7.52
Fiesta Chicken$7.52
Smoked Turkey Breast$6.44
Spicy BBQ Turkey Smokecheesy™$9.59
Angus Beef & Cheese$7.52
Fresh Veggie - V$6.44
Albuquerque Turkey$7.52
Pastrami Stacker$7.58
Pastrami & Swiss$7.58
Beef Bacon Smokecheesy™$9.59
Chicken Bacon Smokecheesy™$9.59
Bacon Grilled Cheese$9.64
French Dip$9.64
Caprese - V$9.71

Delicious Sweet Treats

Cinna Sweeties$3.81

Baked Goods

Classic MiniBon® Roll$3.89
Cinnabon Bites$4.53
Classic BonBites™ 16ct.$16.69
Cookie BonBites$3.53
Caramel Pecan BonBites™ 16ct.$19.49
Center of the Roll Pecan$5.87
Classic and Caramel Pecan BonBites™ 16ct.$18.29
Caramel Cup$0.89
Pecan Cup$1.09

Treats on the Go

Churro Swirl Sandwich$3.56


Signature Cream Cheese Frosting Pint$7.22
Valentine's Bundle$15.00
Chocolate Frosting Pint$7.72


Pecanbon Cinnapack$15.99
Caramel Pecan CinnaPack™$18.68
Caramel PecanBon® CinnaPacks™$18.14
Classic 4 Pack$18.10
Combination Classic CinnaPack™$17.98
Bonbite Pack$13.99
MiniBon CinnaPacks™$18.27
Classic MiniBon® CinnaPack™$17.72
Caramel Pecan Mini Bon$15.24
Caramel Pecan MiniBon® CinnaPack™$19.53
9-Pack Minibon$17.99
Caramel Pecan Bon Bites$10.74
Combination MiniBon® CinnaPack™$18.88
Classic BonBites® CinnaPack™$13.04
Caramel Pecan BonBites® CinnaPack™$14.82
Bonbites Cinnapacks$12.92
Combination BonBites® CinnaPack™$14.12


Turkey Avocado Cobb Salad$10.08
Southwestern Chicken Salad$10.15
Chicken Caesar Salad$10.32

Cinnabon Baked Treats

Caramel Pecanbon® Roll$6.06
MiniBon® Roll$4.00
MiniBon® PecanBon$4.64
Caramel Pecan MiniBon$4.52
Cinnabon Stix®$4.73
Caramel Pecan BonBites™$5.40
Churro Swirl Frosting Sandwich$6.03
MiniBon Roll (PecanBon®)$4.68
Churro Frosting Sandwich$5.60


BonBites CinnaPack$15.81

Don't Forget!


Sweet Sips

Frozen Cold Brew Coffee$4.99

Cinnabon Beverages

OREO® Cookies & Cream Chillatta™$4.98
Hot Coffee$2.45
Cinnabon Chillattas$4.96
Cold Brew Iced Coffees$3.55
Cold Brew Iced Coffee$4.13
Hot Chocolate$2.93
Mochalatta Chill®$5.22
Bottled Milk$2.03
Cinnabon Chillatta$5.01
Fountain Soda$2.48
Frozen Lemonade$3.93
Classic Frozen Lemonade$3.93
Strawberries & Cream Chillatta™$5.00
Raspberry Frozen Lemonade$3.97


Classic Roll and a Cold Brew$10.55
Classic 6ct CinnaPack and 2 Cold Brews$30.41
Oreo Chillatta and BonBites$11.92
16 Ct BonBites CinnaPack and 2 Vanilla Cold Brews$40.94

Other Beverages

Soft Drink$1.93


Double Cheese Pizza - V$9.71
Pepperoni & Double Cheese Pizza$9.61
Fresh Veggie Pizza - V$9.71
BBQ Chicken & Jalapeno Pizza$9.57


California Chicken & Avocado Flatbread$9.71
Margherita Flatbread - V$9.71


Classic Lemonade$4.71
Raspberry Lemonade$5.07
Bottled Water$2.35
Bottled Soda$2.72
Hot Cocoa$3.16
Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee$6.39
Iced Coffee$8.35
Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew Iced Coffee$5.66
Orange Juice$2.87
Chocolate Milk$2.50
Bottle Water$2.95


Signature Cinnamon Roll$4.56
Double Chocolate Mocha Chillatta$4.98

Limited Time Offer

Makara® Cinnamon, fresh-baked dough, waves of frosting and even love baked into every bite.
Cookie Bonbite$3.75


French Onion Soup$5.69
Broccoli and Cheese Soup$5.70
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup$5.67
Chicken and Dumplings Soup$5.65
Loaded Baked Potato Soup$5.68
Timberline Chili$5.68
Tomato Basil Soup$5.70
Garden Vegetable Soup$5.62
Chicken Enchilada Soup$5.61

Chillatta Drinks

Signature Cinnamon Roll Chillatta$4.79
Double Chocolate Mocha$4.53
Oreo Cookies & Cream$4.63
Strawberries & Cream$4.61


Iced Lemonade$2.73


Combo Cinnapack®$16.18
Caramel Pecanbon® Cinnapack®$18.02
Cinnabon® Caramel Pecan Cinnapack®$9.49
MiniBon® Rolls Cinnapack®$16.42
Caramel Pecan MiniBon® Rolls Cinnapack®$19.12
Combo MiniBon® Rolls Cinnapack®$18.37

Iced Beverages

Cinnamon Roll Iced Coffee$5.20

Cold Brew & Iced Mochas

Signature Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew$3.30
Mocha Latta Chill$8.27
Signature Vanilla Cold Brew$3.28


Big S Chocolate Chip Chunk Cookie$2.47
Big S Salted Caramel Toffee Cookie$2.47
Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.78
Sugar Cookie$0.78
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$0.78

Coffee & Hot Cocoa

Freshly Brewed Coffee$1.99
Signature Cinnamon Roll Hot Cocoa$2.73
Signature Ghirardelli$2.59

Cinnabon® Products

Cinnabon® Classic Roll$5.13

Kids Meals

Kid's Cheese Pizza Meal - V$5.56
Kid's Pepperoni Pizza Meal$5.56
Kid's Ham & Cheese Sandwich Meal$5.56
Kid's Turkey & Cheese Sandwich Meal$5.56

Fountain Drinks & Bottled Beverages

Fountain Drink$2.79
Iced Tea$2.31
Topo Chico$2.89
Sparkling Water$1.89
Mexican Coke$2.49
Cold Brew$3.35
Mexican Sprite$2.49
Smart Water$2.69
Red Bull$2.53
Milk Box$1.49
Apple Juice Box$1.49
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About Cinnabon

And there’s nothing like the Cinnabon cinnamon rolls to bring back the warm feelings of coming home! While the cinnamon rolls are obviously baked in batches in a commercial kitchen, these have a homemade quality to them.


Cinnabon’s first location opened in Federal Way, Washington on December 4, 1985; the bakery featured a signage featuring it as the “World Famous Cinnamon Rolls”. The bakery was the brainchild of Rich Komen and Ray Lindstrom who wanted to make and sell the perfect cinnamon roll. The duo hired Jerilyn Brusseau who was then famous for her baking skills and who eventually created the signature Cinnabon cinnamon roll.

Nowadays, Cinnabon is an international chain of baked goods stores and kiosks in wide range of venues including malls, truck stops, and airports. There are more than 1,200 locations in nearly 50 countries including the United States, Canada, Poland and Peru, among others. The corporate headquarters are in Sandy Springs, Georgia in the United States. 

What They’re Famous For

Cinnabon is world-famous for its unparalleled traditional cinnamon rolls! These are a blend of homemade quality with a gourmet touch, a combination that continues to contribute to Cinnabon’s enduring popularity across diverse cultures. The rolls are always made fresh from made-from-scratch dough, which doesn’t need more fillings since it already has a sweet flavor on its own. 

But of course, no Cinnabon cinnamon rolls will be complete without its signature Makara cinnamon! While Makara cinnamon is more expensive, it’s worth the price considering that it has a more luscious flavor and feel to it.

Why Eat Here

Are you an addict for cinnamon rolls? Then, always head to the nearest Cinnabon bakery in your area and satisfy your constant craving! Here, you will find that the cinnamon rolls are worth the trip and the price – sweet like first love, creamy with its cream cheese frosting, and chewy with its perfectly baked consistency. 

In short, these are addictively delicious! Keep in mind that the recipe used isn’t an old family heirloom recipe but it may as well be considering the homemade quality. 

The cinnamon rolls are baked according to a set of precise instructions. According to inside sources, the dough is baked for around 14 minutes in a convection oven, and each cinnamon roll served to diners has to be baked fresh daily.  Such is the freshness of the cinnamon rolls that these are served warm regardless of the time of day you order them! 

The cinnamon rolls are immediately tempting – these look so pillowy that you can’t help but press lightly in it yet these hold their shape. The cream cheese icing has a lemony flavor such that the tartness cuts through the sweetness of the sticky-sweet syrup.

And speaking of the sticky-sweet syrup, it’s the hallmark of every Cinnabon cinnamon roll! Known as the “goo”, it’s a brown sugar and cinnamon syrup that forms a drool-worthy puddle underneath every cinnamon roll. No other bakery-produced cinnamon roll has it and it is an undeniable part of the strong Cinnabon appeal. 

The Cinnabon cinnamon roll distinguishes itself from others of its kind by its just-cooked middle. Think of it as a medium rare to rare steak since it isn’t overcooked, and it’s a good thing, too, considering that an overcooked cinnamon roll just isn’t enjoyable.

Aside from the classic cinnamon roll, the Cinnabon menu also features baked treats like BonBites, Caramel PecanBon, MiniBon Roll, Center of the Roll, and Caramel Pecan Center of the Roll. Many of the baked goods are available in single servings and in packs, which are great as on-the-go treats.

You may also be able to ask for extra toppings on your cinnamon rolls, and the extra toppings will enhance the flavor profile without adding to your total bill. You should also consider ordering popcorn and strudels, both of which are as nearly addictive as the cinnamon rolls.

When ordering from Cinnabon, you should consider your distance from its bakery. You may want to buy a box of its world-famous cinnamon rolls in case you aren’t within walking distance, so to speak. You can place the cinnamon rolls in the fridge and then microwave them when you have to eat them or perish. 

The beverage menu is just as impressive! There are several choices including iced beverages like CinnaSweeties, cold brew iced coffee, lemonades, MochaLatta Chill, and Chillattas. There are also hot drinks like cocoas and coffee. 

The Cinnabon crew members are friendly and efficient so you can get your orders within minutes. You will love the casual and chic ambiance of the bakery, which isn’t surprising considering that Cinnabon has a young, upscale clientele.

To learn more about Cinnabon or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Cinnabon FAQ

How much is Cinnabon's Cinnabon® Classic Roll Cinnapack®?

Cinnabon® Classic Roll Cinnapack® – $11.94

How much is a Half Salad and Half Soup Pick 2 Combo at Cinnabon?

Half Salad and Half Soup Pick 2 Combo – $10.37

How much are Extra Frosting at Cinnabon?

Extra Frosting – $0.70

How much does a Cinnabon's Smoked Turkey Breast Cost?

Smoked Turkey Breast – $6.49

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