Chicken Express Prices: How much is Chicken Express?

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People who love fried chicken so much they will eat every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner will love the affordable Chicken Express prices! After all, it’s possible to actually satisfy their cravings whenever it hits without worrying too much about burning their wallets, so to speak. Below are the latest Chicken Express menu prices.


Top Menu Items

4 Express Tenders Combo$11.17
7 Express Tenders Combo$15.71
8 Piece Mixed Chicken Only$20.25

Popular Items

4 Express Tender Combo$12.25
#5. 6 Livers$10.69
Express Fish Fillet$7.18
6 Piece Hot Wings$8.95

Combo Meals

Includes 1 regular side item & a 32oz Drink.
7 Express Tender Meal$17.32
2 Piece Chicken$8.36
4 Express Tender Meal$12.25
3 Piece Chicken$11.15
5. 9 Gizzards$11.62
6 Livers or 9 Gizzards$9.23
3PC Chicken Meal$13.49
3PC Chicken Combo$13.49
2PC Chicken Combo$11.29
3. 3 Piece Chicken$11.96
2PC Chicken Meal$11.29
#5 - 6 Livers or 9 Gizzards$12.22
6 Livers Combo$9.98
#6 - 8 Piece Boneless Hot Wing$14.10
4. 2 Piece Chicken$11.60
9 Gizzards Combo$10.61
6 Pieces Hot Wings$9.21
6 Piece Hot Wings Combo$10.99
9 Gizzards Meal$10.61
2 Fish Combo$12.82
6. 8 Boneless Hot Wings$13.24
9 Gizzards$8.27
2 Piece Chicken Combo$10.48

Express Fish Fillet

3 Fish Fillets$12.33
2 Fish Fillets$8.87
1 Fish Fillet$5.40
Express Fish Fillets$4.61
Fillet Family Dinner$33.57
Express Fish Snack$6.80

Express Fish Fillets

2 Fillet Combo$11.80
3 Fillet Combo$15.65
2 Fillets Dinner$10.30
3 Fillets Dinner$13.00


30 Tender Dinner$75.35
20 Tender Dinner$49.53
25 Tender Dinner$62.49
15 Tender Dinner$40.06

Individual Meals

4 Express Tender Dinner$10.83
7 Express Tender Combo$17.32
2 Express Fish Dinner$11.22
2 Piece Chicken Dinner$9.78
3 Express Fish Combo$14.07
2 Express Tender Snack Pack$7.91
Liver or Gizzard Dinner$10.08
3 Express Fish Dinner$14.07
Liver or Gizzard Combo$10.08
2 Express Fish Combo$11.22
1 Piece Chicken Snack Pack$7.17
1 Express Fish Snack Pack$7.67


16 Piece Mixed Chicken Only$32.54
30 Express Tenders Only$44.67


3 Fish Combo$15.88


3 Piece Fish Dinner$17.27
Liver/Gizzard Dinner$13.00
8 Boneless Hot Wings Dinner$14.94
2 Piece Fish Dinner$13.85

Kids Meals

1 Piece Chicken Kid's Meal$6.57

Chicken Dinner

8 Piece Boneless Hot Wing Dinner$14.10

Party Meals

Mega Meal$95.12
40 Tenders Mega Meal$70.66
Gameday 25$186.60
50 Tenders Tailgate Meal$90.28
50 Piece Mixed Chicken$129.99
100 Piece Mixed Chicken$249.99

Family Meals

#20 - 20PC Express Tender Family Meal$51.49
25 Express Tender Meal$49.05
#8 - 8 Piece Family Mixed Chicken Meal$34.33
8 Piece Mixed Chicken$21.28
#25 - 25PC Express Tender Family Meal$63.20
25 Express Tenders Family Meal$46.17
8 Pieces Mixed Chicken$20.31
30 Express Tender Meal$58.85
8 Piece Mixed Chicken with 1 Family Side$28.85
12 Piece Mixed Chicken$26.70
20 Tenders$49.30
#30 - 30PC Express Tender Family Meal$79.19
20 Express Tenders Family Meal$38.72
30 Express Tenders Family Meal$56.50
12 Pieces Mixed Chicken$25.89
16 Piece Mixed Chicken$34.31
25 Tenders$59.17
#12 - 12PC Chicken Family Meal$42.74
12 Piece Mixed Chicken with 2 Family Sides$37.34
16 Piece Chicken Meal$45.44
8 Pieces Chicken$30.40
12 Pieces Mixed Chicken (with 2 Family Sides)$37.56
20 Express Tenders$41.63
30 Tenders$69.62
#8 - 8PC Chicken Family Meal$32.09
#12 - 12 Piece Family Mixed Meal$44.96
16 Pieces Mixed Chicken$31.81
25 Express Tenders Only$37.71
8 Piece Chicken Meal$25.45
25 Express Tenders$49.18
#16 - 16PC Chicken Family Meal$54.07
#16 - 16 Piece Family Mixed Meal$56.96
20. 20 Express Tenders$33.91
8 Express Fish Family Meal$36.98
16 Pieces Mixed Chicken (with 3 Family Sides)$50.02
16 Piece Mixed Chicken with 3 Family Sides$46.02
30 Express Tenders$57.66
12 Piece Chicken Meal$35.68
#20 - 20 Express Tenders Family Meal$55.13
8PC Express Fish Family Meal$46.51
12 Pieces Chicken$36.90
#25 - 25 Express Tenders Family Meal$71.12
40 Express Tender Mega Meal$74.16
20 Express Tenders with 1 Family Side$37.74
16 Pieces Chicken$44.54
20 Express Tender Meal$37.86
#30 - 30 Express Tenders Family Meal$87.16
8 Pieces Mixed Chicken (with 1 Family Side)$27.88
25 Express Tenders with 2 Family Sides$46.22
12. 12 Piece Mixed Chicken$26.75
15 Express Tender Meal$36.94
25. 25 Express Tenders with 2 Family Sides$45.00
30. 30 Express Tenders With 3 Family Sides$49.21
30 Express Tenders with 3 Family Sides$57.00

Hot Wings

6 Piece Hot Wings Dinner$9.04

40 Tender Mega Meal

40 Tender Mega Meal$76.74

Extras & Sauces

6 Rolls$4.30
16oz Gravy$2.91
6oz Gravy$1.34
Hot Sauce$0.45
1 Roll$0.97
3 Rolls+3 Biscuits$4.29
Jalapeno Ranch$0.52
Honey Mustard$0.52
6 Biscuits$4.30
Cocktail Sauce$0.50
Tartar Sauce$0.51
4 Hush Puppies$1.65
1 Biscuit$0.97
16 Hush Puppies$4.05
10 Sauces$5.50
5 Sauces$2.75
6 Jalapenos$3.68
1 Jalapeno$0.88


24 Corn Nuggets$6.55
9 Poppers$6.55
Family Fries$6.26
9 Cheese Sticks$6.28
Family Okra$6.17
Family Cheese Sticks$5.31
6 Extra Rolls$3.15
Potato Salad$2.45
Reg. Macaroni and Cheese$3.29
Family Mashed Potatoes$6.09
8 Corn Nuggets$3.32
Reg Green Beans$3.29
Family French Fries$5.71
Regular Macaroni and Cheese$2.78
Corn on the Cob$2.92
Regular Okra$3.32
Regular Mashed Potatoes$3.19
6 Cheese Sticks$6.69
Regular Corn Nuggets$2.78
16 oz Gravy$2.45
Regular Fried Okra$2.81
6 Chocolate Chip Cookies$5.97
Family Corn Nuggets$5.43
1 Corn on the Cob$3.32
1 Apple Fried Pie$2.47
8 Fried Pickles$3.32
Family Fried Okra$5.63
24 Fried Pickles$6.53
Regular Fries$3.32
Family Macaroni and Cheese$6.19
Family Mashed - No Gravy$6.53
Family Corn on the Cob$5.42
3 Poppers$3.32
Regular French Fries$2.81
3 Cheese Sticks$3.10
Family Green Beans$6.01
Regular Cheese Sticks$2.78
Regular Cole Slaw$3.20
Regular Fried Pickles$2.81
2 Apple and 2 Cherry Fried Pies$5.28
Reg Mashed - No Gravy$3.32
4 Apple Fried Pies$5.28
6 Extra Biscuits$3.15
2 Cheese Sticks$3.44
Reg Cream Corn$3.69
Family Cream Corn$6.99
Regular Green Beans$2.78
Family Cole Slaw$6.08
Family Fried Pickles$5.63
1 Cherry Fried Pie$2.47
1 Extra Roll$0.70
6 oz Gravy$1.23
1 Extra Biscuit$0.70
4 Cherry Fried Pies$5.28
13 Chocolate Chip Cookies$10.10
Regular Corn on the Cob$2.78

Fish Dinner

2 Piece Fish Fillets Dinner$14.01
3 Piece Fish Fillet Dinner$17.82
8 Piece Fish Fillet Family Dinner$50.38

Express Extras

7 Express Tenders$16.06
Chicken Pieces$5.93
Snack Packs$6.75
15 Express Tenders$37.49
3 Pieces Chicken$9.78
2 Express Fish Fillet$10.55
4 Express Tenders$10.55
Express Hot Wings$11.12
Express Tenders$7.30
1 Express Fish Fillet$6.93
2 Pieces Chicken$7.72
3 Express Fish Fillets$14.33
3 Pieces Fish$14.26
Corn Fritters$2.45
Kids Meal - 1 Express Tender$6.26
15 Tenders$33.74
8 Express Fish Fillets$36.46
1 Piece Fish$6.62
Livers & Gizzards$6.07
2 Pieces Fish$10.59
8 Hot Wings$11.25
12 Livers$11.60
24 Hot Wings$31.74
8 Pieces Fish$36.28

Most Ordered

#1 - 4 Express Tender Combo$14.11
4 Tender Dinner$13.70
#1 - 4 Express Tenders$12.79
4 Express Tenders Dinner$13.56
#2 - 7 Express Tender Combo$20.30
#2 - 7 Express Tenders$18.58
7 Tender Dinner$18.38
7 Express Tender Dinner$18.41
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy$3.20
7 Express Tenders Dinner$20.25
Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy$3.58

Sides and Extras



Kids Meal$7.53
#5 - Liver/Gizzard Combo$12.85
3 Piece Fish Combo$16.97
2 Piece Fish Combo$14.00
#6 - 8 Boneless Hot Bites Combo$15.36

Express Fish Only

8 Express Fish$29.15
2 Express Fish$8.43
3 Express Fish$11.58
1 Express Fish$5.12

Kids' Meal

1 Express Tender or 1 Leg$6.36


Family Biscuits$2.46
Chocolate Chip Cookies$1.40
Hush Puppies$1.88
Family Rolls$2.46
Family Gravy$2.42
Family Jalapenos$2.46
4 Hushpuppies$0.97
Apple or Cherry Pie$2.02
Extra Sauces$0.43
Extra Gravy$1.17

Chicken Pieces

8 Piece Chicken Mix$29.31
12 Piece Chicken Mix$37.07
16 Piece Chicken Mix$44.73

Drinks & Tea

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$1.27
Soft Drinks$2.15


Ranch Sauce$0.53
Jalapeno Ranch Sauce$0.53
Honey Mustard Sauce$0.51
BBQ Sauce$0.49

Side Orders

French Fries$2.93
Regular Side$3.04
Fried Okra$2.92
Mashed Potatoes$2.97
Fried Pickles$3.74
Cole Slaw$2.82
Green Beans$2.87
Macaroni and Cheese$2.95
Mini Poppers$3.12
Corn on Cob$2.79
Corn Nuggets$3.20
Cheese Sticks$3.18
Fried Pickle Slices$2.77

Snack Packs

2 Express Tenders Snack Pack$10.09
Express Fish Snack Pack$10.29


8PC Dark$10.10

Soft Drinks & Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

Gallon of Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$4.86
32 oz. Tea$1.43

Livers & Gizzards

12 Livers/18 Gizzards$13.99
6 Livers/9 Gizzards$10.22
6 Livers$8.66
18 Gizzards$12.62

Family Sides

Family Poppers$5.09
Family Cherry Pies$5.21
Family Apple Pies$5.21


Soft Drink$1.58
Gallon Sweet Tea$6.32
Gallon of Freshly Brewed Iced Tea$5.23
Diet Coke$1.64
44oz Sweet Tea$2.67
32oz Sweet Tea$2.02
Bottled Water$1.49
Half and Half Tea$1.56
44oz Coke$2.81
Bag of Ice$2.96
Gallon of Tea$5.04
Water Bottle$1.82
44oz Sweet Arnold Palmer$2.70
Gallon Unsweet Tea$6.32
16oz Sprite$1.76
Dr. Pepper$1.66
32oz Diet Dr Pepper$2.24
Fruit Punch$1.71
Diet Dr. Pepper$1.61
32oz UnSweetTea$2.02
44oz Fruit Punch$2.69
16oz 1/2 and 1/2 Tea$1.62
Root Beer$1.79
Sweet Tea$1.72
16oz Coke$1.76
16oz Diet Coke$1.76
Unsweet Tea$1.53
16oz Dr Pepper$1.76
32oz Strawberry$2.57
16oz Lemonade$1.72
16oz Powerade$1.71
16oz UnSweet Tea$1.62
16oz Sweet Tea$1.62
Gallon 1/2 and 1/2 tea$6.33
32oz Coke$2.24
44oz Water$0.90
32oz Diet Coke$2.24
16oz Root Beer$1.60
32oz Dr Pepper$2.24
32oz Lemonade$2.24
32oz Powerade$2.25
32oz 1/2 and 1/2 Tea$2.02
16oz Fruit Punch$1.71
32oz Sweet Arnold Palmer$2.28
32oz Unsweet Arnold Palme$2.26
44oz Diet Coke$2.81
32oz Fruit Punch$2.11
44oz Sprite$2.80
44oz Dr.Pepper$2.80
44oz Diet Dr Pepper$2.80
44oz Lemonade$2.80
32oz Root Beer$2.26
44oz Powerade$2.81
44oz UnSwt Tea$2.67
44oz Strawberry$3.18
44oz 1/2 and 1/2 Tea$2.67
16oz Cup of Ice$0.61
44oz Unsweet Arnold Palmer$2.70
16oz Water$0.63
32oz Sprite$2.24
16oz Strawberry$2.19
16oz Diet Dr Pepper$1.76
44oz Root Beer$2.87
16oz Sweet Arnold Palm$1.76
16oz Unsweet Arnold Palmer$1.73
32oz Cup of Ice$0.58
32oz Water$0.58
Gallon Lemonade$12.00
44oz Cup of Ice$0.87

Gallons of Tea

Gallon of Sweet Tea$5.12
Gallon of Unsweet Tea$5.12

Kids Meal

1 Express Tender$4.67
1 Tender$9.80
1 Leg$7.64

Express Boneless Hot Wings

8 Pieces Boneless Hot Wings$12.01
24 Pieces Boneless Hot Wings$33.16

Express Fish® Fillets

Includes hushpuppies
8 Fillets$37.60
1 Fillet$6.80
3 Fillets$14.86
2 Fillets$10.48

Fish Combos

2 Fish Fillet Combo$14.01
3 Fish Fillet Combo$17.70


6 Chocolate Chip Cookie$7.99
Apple Pie$2.70
1 Cherry Pie$2.48
Cherry Pie$2.16
12 Chocolate Chip Cookies$11.91
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.33
2 Cookies$1.97
2 Apple+2 Cherry Pies$7.05
1 Apple Pie$2.54
4 Cherry Pies$6.48
4 Apple Pies$6.47
13 Chocolate Chip Cookie$13.76
1 Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.49
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About Chicken Express

Of course, we don’t recommend eating fast-food fare every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner no matter how tempting it may be for health reasons. But we won’t blame you either if you eat at Chicken Express nearly every day because the food here is delicious and the prices are affordable.


Stuart Group Inc., a company owned by Richard and Nancy Stuart, established Chicken Express in 1988 with the first restaurant opened in Benbrook, Texas. Nowadays, the chain consists of more than 200 restaurants in Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana; the corporate headquarters are in Burleson, Texas.

What They’re Famous For

Chicken Express is known for its excellent fried chicken, as well as for its chicken tenders, fried catfish, and side dishes. The chain sells iced tea, a signature house blend, by the gallon. 

Why Eat Here 

If you’re the type who can’t get enough of fried chicken, then the Chicken Express may well be your second home! Here, you can have fried chicken to your heart’s content, especially as it’s offered in combo meals. You will also agree that Chicken Express’ fried chicken is among the best you have every tasted – crispy and crunchy skin with a slight saltiness that cuts through its slight grease and a juicy, flavorful and firm meat, the hallmarks of a great fried chicken. 

The menu features several combo meals with each meal served with a regular side order and a large drink. The choices include 4 chicken tenders served with gravy and either a roll or biscuit; 7 chicken tenders served with gravy and your choice of roll or biscuit; 2 pieces chicken (your choice in cuts) and served with either a biscuit or a roll; 6 pieces hot wings; and 6 livers or 9 gizzards. We have to say that the biscuit and roll aren’t standouts per se but these are satisfying in their own right. 

The Family Meals are larger versions of the combo meals since these are obviously intended for larger groups. Every family meal is served with biscuits and rolls so everybody can have their respective favorites.  The choices include 8 pieces mixed fried chicken with q family side; 20 chicken tenders with gravy and 1 family side; and 12 pieces mixed fried chicken with 2 family sides. 

Both the combo meals and family meals are reasonably priced so there’s always the opportunity to celebrate everyday life with your family and friends, as well as celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and first dates at your neighborhood Chicken Express restaurant. 

The side orders are more extensive than in your usual fried chicken-based fast-food restaurants, too. These are also available in regular and family sizes, again in acknowledgement of the fact that Chicken Express is highly popular with groups.  The choices include French fries, fried okra – because you’re in the South, mind you – mashed potatoes with gravy, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, mini poppers, green beans, corn on the cob, cheese sticks, corn nuggets, fried pickle slices, and apple and cherry pies.

Be sure to order these sides, too, because these perfectly complement the fried chicken and chicken tenders. The macaroni and cheese may not be your grandmother’s recipe but it has a cozy quality to it that we like. The French fries are a bit on the salty side, just as most people like it, while the fried okra is just pure delight for a Southerner. 

Do you feel hungry for fried chicken but you’re not too hungry to eat an entire combo meal? Order the snack packs! You can choose from a combo of either a single piece of chicken or 2 chicken tenders, which are served with a regular side and gravy. 

You may also order chicken tenders and hot wings in various quantities, from 4 pieces to 15 pieces for the tenders and from 6 pieces to 26 pieces for the hot wings. 

Chicken Express doesn’t just serve chicken either! You can order fried fish fillets with hushpuppies and a large drink just to mix up your meals. 

More than the food and drinks, Chicken Express has established itself in the hearts and stomachs of its customers partly due to its great customer service. Yes, it’s a fast-food chain but you’re made to feel like a valued customer by the staff, from the moment you’re ordering at the counter to the way they handle your requests. You will find that the staff members are usually helpful and courteous, a positive attitude that contributes to your enjoyable dining experience even when you’re basically just doing a hit-and-eat run.

To learn more about Chicken Express or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Chicken Express FAQ

How much is Chicken Express's 12 Livers?

12 Livers – $9.68

How much is a Two Piece Chicken Combo at Chicken Express?

Two Piece Chicken Combo – $8.73

How much are Piece Hot Wings at Chicken Express?

Piece Hot Wings – $14.99

How much does a Chicken Express's Express Tenders Dinner Cost?

Express Tenders Dinner – $11.82

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