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Chatime has taken the beverage industry by storm, captivating taste buds with its wide range of tantalizing tea creations. With its commitment to quality ingredients, innovative recipes, and exceptional customer service, Chatime has earned a well-deserved reputation and a devoted following worldwide. In this article, we explore the enchanting world of Chatime, uncovering the factors that contribute to its renowned reputation and enduring popularity. Below are the latest Chatime menu prices.


Milky Iced Tea

Large Thai$9.61
Large Chocolate$9.63
Large Thai Milk Tea w/ Pearls$10.81


Watermelon Energy$11.63
Apple Energy$11.63
Tropical Energy$11.63


Supercharged Watermelon$11.60
Large Grape Chupa Chups Tea$10.85
Large Grape Chupa Tea$10.85
Supercharged Apple$11.60
Large Strawberries and Cream Chupa Chups Tea$11.65
Large Strawberries and Cream Chupa Tea$11.65
Light Up Cup$28.71
Supercharged Tropical$11.60


Large Pop It Like It's Peach$10.22
Large Premium Pearl$9.62
Large Frozen Cookies and Cream$10.25
Large Cookies and Cream$10.15
Large Brown Sugar$9.83
Large What-a-Melon$10.25
Large Lychee Squared$10.22

Hot Drinks

Hot Thai$8.55
Hot Chocolate$8.54
Hot Earl Grey$6.90
Hot Premium Fresh$6.92
Hot Earl Grey Fresh$6.89
Hot Roasted Fresh$6.89
Hot Assam Fresh$6.89
Hot Jasmine Fresh$6.89
Hot Oolong Fresh$6.89

Fruity Iced Tea

Large Lychee Oolong$9.00
Large Lychee Green$9.02
Large Mango Green$9.02
Large Peach Green$9.02
Large Passionfruit Green$9.03
Large Peach Oolong$9.01
Large Grapefruit Green$9.03
Large Peach Black$9.03
Large Guava Green$9.03
Large Tropical Black$9.03
Large Passionfruit Black$9.03
Large Strawberry Green$9.03
Large Apple Green$9.03
Large Watermelon Green$9.04
Large Pomegranate Black$9.02
Large Tropical Green$9.03
Large Pomegranate Green$9.03
Large Lychee Black$9.03
Large Lemon Green$9.03
Large Lemon Black$9.03
Large Watermelon Black$9.04
Large Mango Black$9.03
Large Guava Black$9.03
Large Apple Black$9.03
Large Strawberry Black$9.03
Large Grapefruit Black$9.03

Fresh Tea No Milk

Large Fresh Jasmine$8.02
Large Fresh Oolong$8.02
Large Jasmine$7.94
Large Oolong$7.94
Large Fresh Premium$8.02
Large Earl Grey$7.94
Large Fresh Assam$8.02
Large Premium$7.94
Large Fresh Roasted$8.02
Large Assam$7.94
Large Fresh Earl Grey$8.02
Large Roasted$7.94


Large Mango (Frozen)$9.82
Large Mango$9.76
Large Watermelon$9.85
Large Frozen Watermelon$9.84
Large Frozen Passionfruit$9.87
Large Frozen Guava Grapefruit$9.82
Large Thai (Frozen)$9.83
Large Passionfruit$9.76
Large Frozen Lychee Oolong$9.87
Large Chocolate (Frozen)$9.84
Large Guava Grapefruit$9.76
Large Peach Caramel Yo-Yo$11.35
Large Frozen Peach Oolong$9.86
Large Strawberry$9.76
Large Frozen Strawberry$9.82
Large It Takes Mousse to Mango$11.81

Lightly Sparkled

Large Sparkling Apple Black$9.01
Large Sparkling Passionfruit Green$9.07
Large Sparkling Apple Green$9.01
Large Sparkling Tropical Black$9.03
Large Sparkling Guava Black$9.01
Large Sparkling Guava Green$9.01
Large Sparkling Peach Green$9.03
Large Sparkling Grapefruit Black$9.01
Large Sparkling Watermelon Green$9.05
Large Sparkling Grapefruit Green$9.01
Large Sparkling Strawberry Green$9.04
Large Sparkling Lemon Black$9.01
Large Sparkling Lemon Green$9.01
Large Sparkling Lychee Black$9.00
Large Sparkling Lychee Green$9.00
Large Sparkling Peach Black$9.01
Large Sparkling Mango Black$9.01
Large Sparkling Mango Green$9.01
Large Sparkling Pomegranate Black$9.04
Large Sparkling Pomegranate Green$9.01
Large Sparkling Strawberry Black$9.01
Large Sparkling Tropical Green$9.04
Large Sparkling Passionfruit Black$9.07
Large Sparkling Watermelon Black$9.05
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A Symphony of Flavors: The Chatime Experience

Chatime invites tea enthusiasts on a delightful journey through a symphony of flavors. With a menu that boasts an impressive selection of teas, from classic milk teas to refreshing fruit-infused concoctions, there is a beverage to satisfy every palate. The artistry lies in the perfect balance of flavors, textures, and temperature, creating a harmonious and refreshing experience with each sip. Chatime’s commitment to crafting exceptional beverages ensures that every cup is a moment of pure enjoyment.

Quality Ingredients for Exquisite Taste

One of the cornerstones of Chatime’s success is its dedication to using high-quality ingredients. Chatime sources premium tea leaves, fresh fruits, and quality milk to create their signature beverages. By using real, natural ingredients and avoiding artificial flavors or preservatives, Chatime delivers a drink that embodies the true essence of tea. The attention to detail in ingredient selection ensures that each sip is a testament to the brand’s commitment to exceptional taste.

Innovative Recipes and Customization

Chatime’s popularity can be attributed to its innovative recipes and commitment to customization. While offering classic flavors, Chatime continuously introduces new and exciting creations to its menu, keeping customers intrigued and eager to explore. Moreover, Chatime allows customers to personalize their drinks, offering various levels of sweetness and customizable toppings. This level of customization empowers customers to tailor their beverage to their individual taste preferences, adding to the overall enjoyment and satisfaction.

Unmatched Customer Service and Atmosphere

Chatime goes above and beyond in providing exceptional customer service and creating an inviting atmosphere. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Chatime greets customers with a warm smile and is always ready to assist in choosing the perfect drink. The vibrant and welcoming ambiance of Chatime’s stores further enhances the overall experience, making it an inviting space for tea lovers to relax and connect. This commitment to customer service and creating a welcoming environment has undoubtedly contributed to Chatime’s popularity.


Chatime has established itself as a frontrunner in the beverage industry, captivating customers with its commitment to quality ingredients, innovative recipes, and exceptional customer service. Through the art of crafting exquisite tea creations, Chatime offers an experience that transcends the ordinary. From the first sip to the last, Chatime takes tea lovers on a flavorful journey that delights the senses. Whether you’re a devoted tea enthusiast or new to the world of tea, Chatime promises a delightful exploration of flavors and customizable delights. Prepare to indulge in the magic of Chatime and discover why it has become a global sensation, elevating the art of tea one cup at a time.

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Chatime FAQ

How much is Chatime's Large Strawberry Green?

Large Strawberry Green – $8.40

How much is a Large Lemon Green at Chatime?

Large Lemon Green – $8.40

How much are Large Peach Oolong at Chatime?

Large Peach Oolong – $8.33

How much does a Chatime's Large Strawberry Black Cost?

Large Strawberry Black – $8.40

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