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Item Price

Cosmic Shimmer

Mango Shimmer Iced Green Tea (L) $8.10
Mango Shimmer Iced Black Tea (L) $8.10
Apple Shimmer Iced Green Tea (L) $8.10
Apple Shimmer Iced Black Tea (L) $8.10
Tropical Shimmer Iced Green Tea (L) $8.10
Tropical Shimmer Iced Black Tea (L) $8.10
Guava Shimmer Iced Green Tea (L) $8.10
Guava Shimmer Iced Black Tea (L) $8.10
Passionfruit Shimmer Iced Green Tea (L) $8.10
Passionfruit Shimmer Iced Black Tea (L) $8.10
Pomegranate Shimmer Iced Green Tea (L) $8.10
Pomegranate Shimmer Iced Black Tea (L) $8.10
Lychee Shimmer Iced Green Tea (L) $8.10
Lychee Shimmer Iced Black Tea (L) $8.10
Strawberry Shimmer Iced Green Tea (L) $8.10
Strawberry Shimmer Iced Black Tea (L) $8.10
Peach Shimmer Iced Green Tea (L) $8.10
Peach Shimmer Iced Black Tea (L) $8.10
Grapefruit Shimmer Iced Green Tea (L) $8.10
Grapefruit Shimmer Iced Black Tea (L) $8.10
Lemon Shimmer Iced Green Tea (L) $8.10
Lemon Shimmer Iced Black Tea (L) $8.10


Peach Green Tea (L) $7.20
Mango Green Tea (L) $7.20
Lychee Green Tea (L) $7.20
Mango Black Tea (L) $7.20
Pomegranate Green Tea (L) $7.20

Milky Iced Teas

Assam Milk Tea (L) $6.85
Earl Grey Milk Tea (L) $6.85
Chocolate Milk Tea (L) $7.75
Coconut Milk Tea (L) $7.75
Hazelnut Milk Tea (L) $7.75
Honeydew Milk Tea (L) $7.75
Jasmine Milk Tea (L) $6.85
Mango Milk Tea (L) $7.75
Matcha Latte (L) $7.75
Oolong Milk Tea (L) $6.85
Premium Pearl Milk Tea (L) $7.75
Roasted Milk Tea (L) $6.85
Strawberry Milk Tea (L) $7.75
Taro Milk Tea (L) $7.75
Thai Milk Tea (L) $7.75
Vanilla Milk Tea (L) $7.75
Premium Milk Tea (L) $6.85


Chocolate Frozen (L) $7.80
Coffee Frozen (L) $7.80
Guava Grapefruit Frozen (L) $7.80
Mango Frozen (L) $7.80
Passionfruit Frozen (L) $7.80
Strawberry Frozen (L) $7.80
Matcha Red Bean Frozen (L) $7.80
Thai Frozen (L) $7.80
Taro Frozen (L) $7.80

Fruity Iced Tea

Apple Black Tea (L) $7.20
Apple Green Tea (L) $7.20
Grapefruit Black Tea (L) $7.20
Grapefruit Green Tea (L) $7.20
Guava Black Tea (L) $7.20
Guava Green Tea (L) $7.20
Lemon Black Tea (L) $7.20
Lemon Green Tea (L) $7.20
Lychee Black Tea (L) $7.20
Lychee Green Tea (L) (Fruity Iced Tea) $7.20
Mango Black Tea (L) (Fruity Iced Tea) $7.20
Mango Green Tea (L) (Fruity Iced Tea) $7.20
Passionfruit Black Tea (L) $7.20
Passionfruit Green Tea (L) $7.20
Peach Black Tea (L) $7.20
Peach Green Tea (L) (Fruity Iced Tea) $7.20
Pomegranate Black Tea (L) $7.20
Pomegranate Green Tea (L) (Fruity Iced Tea) $7.20
Strawberry Black Tea (L) $7.20
Strawberry Green Tea (L) $7.20
Tropical Fruit Black Tea (L) $7.20
Tropical Fruit Green Tea (L) $7.20

Lightly Sparkled

Apple Lightly Sparkled Black Tea (L) $7.20
Apple Lightly Sparkled Green Tea (L) $7.20
Grapefruit Lightly Sparkled Black Tea (L) $7.20
Grapefruit Lightly Sparkled Green Tea (L) $7.20
Guava Lightly Sparkled Black Tea (L) $7.20
Guava Lightly Sparkled Green Tea (L) $7.20
Lemon Lightly Sparkled Black Tea (L) $7.20
Lemon Lightly Sparkled Green Tea (L) $7.20
Lychee Lightly Sparkled Black Tea (L) $7.20
Lychee Lightly Sparkled Green Tea (L) $7.20
Mango Lightly Sparkled Black Tea (L) $7.20
Mango Lightly Sparkled Green Tea (L) $7.20
Passionfruit Lightly Sparkled Black Tea (L) $7.20
Passionfruit Lightly Sparkled Green Tea (L) $7.20
Peach Lightly Sparkled Black Tea (L) $7.20
Peach Lightly Sparkled Green Tea (L) $7.20
Pomegranate Lightly Sparkled Black Tea (L) $7.20
Pomegranate Lightly Sparkled GreenTea(L) $7.20
Strawberry Lightly Sparkled Black Tea (L) $7.20
Strawberry Lightly Sparkled Green Tea (L) $7.20
Tropical Lightly Sparkled Black Tea (L) $7.20
Tropical Lightly Sparkled Green Tea(L) $7.20

Fresh Tea No Milk

Assam Tea (L) $6.60
Jasmine Tea (L) $6.60
Oolong Tea (L) $6.60
Premium Tea (L) $6.60
Roasted Tea (L) $6.60
Earl Grey Tea (L) $6.60

Hot Drinks

Hot-Roasted Milk Tea (R) $6.25
Hot-Assam Milk Tea (R) $6.25
Hot-Jasmine Milk Tea (R) $6.25
Hot-Earl Grey Milk Tea (R) $6.25
Hot-Oolong Milk Tea (R) $6.25
Hot-Premium Milk Tea(R) $6.25
Hot-Premium Pearl Milk Tea (R) $7.15
Hot-Thai Milk Tea (R) $7.15
Hot-Taro Milk Tea (R) $7.15
Hot-Matcha Latte Milk Tea (R) $7.15
Hot-Chocolate Milk Tea (R) $7.15
Hot-Coconut Milk Tea (R) $7.15
Hot-Hazelnut Milk Tea (R) $7.15
Hot-Vanilla Milk Tea (R) $7.15
Hot-Roasted Tea (R) $6.00
Hot-Assam Tea (R) $6.00
Hot-Jasmine Tea (R) $6.00
Hot-Earl Grey Tea (R) $6.00
Hot-Oolong Tea (R) $6.00
Hot-Premium Tea (R) $6.00
Hot-Honeydew Milk Tea (R) $7.15
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