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Step into the world of Centre Street Steakhouse and Pub, where delectable flavors and cozy ambiance come together to create an unforgettable dining experience. In this article, we delve into the heart of Centre Street Steakhouse and Pub, uncovering its revered reputation and enduring popularity among both locals and visitors. Below are the latest CENTRE STREET STEAKHOUSE AND PUB menu prices.



Calamari with Tzatzik$11.00
Onion Rings$10.00
Chicken Finger$11.00
Not So Dry Ribs$11.00
Mozza Sticks$10.00
Mac and Cheese Bite$10.00


Rib Eye (10oz)$22.00
Blueberry Elk Burger$16.00
Veal Cutlets$12.00
New York Strip (10oz)$20.00

Starters / Shareables

French Fries$3.00
Sweet Potato Fries$8.00
Onion Fries$10.00
Deep Fried Pickle$10.00
Mac and Cheese Bites$10.00
Chicken Strips$12.00
Thai Chicken Bites$10.00
Boneless Dry Ribs$10.00
Fried Calamari$10.00
Spinach and Artichoke Dip$10.00
Beef and Elk Sliders$12.00
Nachos (Starters / Shareables)$13.00
Chicken Wings$12.00


Big Boy Burger$14.00
Chicken Bacon Burger$14.00
Steak Sandwich Burger$16.00
Classic Reuben Burger$14.00


Caesar Salad$10.00
Greek Salad$12.00
Garden Salad$10.00
Cobb Salad$12.00
Roasted Beet Salad$12.00


Classic Poutine$10.00
Butter Chicken Poutine$12.00
Duck Bacon Poutine$14.00
Perogie Poutine$12.00
Short Rib Poutine$14.00

Steak and Entrees

Sirloin (10oz)$18.00
New York Strip (10oz) (Steak and Entrées)$20.00
Phyllo Wrapped Salmon$20.00
Rib Eye (10oz) (Steak and Entrées)$22.00
Bison Steak (10oz)$22.00
T-Bone Steak (10oz)$28.00
Peppercorn Steak (10oz)$20.00
Fish and Chips$16.00
New York Strip$24.00
BBQ Baby Back Ribs$16.00
Rib Eye$26.00
Bison Steak$28.00
Veal Cutlets (Steak and Entrées)$12.00
Butter Chicken$12.00
T-Bone Steak$36.00
Peppercorn Steak$26.00


The Real Deal Spaghetti and Meat Balls$15.00
The Real Deal Spaghetti and Meatballs$14.00
Chicken Mushroom Alfredo$16.00
Chicken and Shrimp Penne$16.00
Baked Spaghetti$14.00
Baked Lasagna$14.00
Seafood Veloute Linguine$19.00


Roasted Beef Salad$13.00


Seafood Mix Pizza$14.00
Build You Own Pizza$14.00
Chicken Santa Fe Pizza$14.00
House Pizza$14.00
Meat Lovers Pizza$14.00
Taco Pizza$14.00
Veggie Lovers Pizza$14.00
Butter Chicken Pizza$14.00
Butter Pizza$14.00
Miss Centre Street Pizza$14.00
Greek Pizza$14.00
Build Your Own Pizza$14.00


Bacon Cheese Burger$12.00
Big Boy$14.00
Blackened Chicken$14.00
Classic Reuben$14.00
Blueberry Elk Burger (Burgers)$16.00
Prime Rib Provolone Dip$14.00
Chicken Club$14.00
Lettuce Wrap$12.00
Beyond Burger$14.00
Steak Sandwich$14.00
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A Journey Through Culinary Craftsmanship: Centre Street’s Legacy

Centre Street Steakhouse and Pub is more than just a restaurant – it’s a culinary journey that pays homage to the art of cooking. Every dish served at Centre Street is a testament to the chefs’ dedication to their craft. From sizzling steaks to mouthwatering appetizers, every plate reflects the expertise and passion that the chefs pour into their creations. Centre Street isn’t just about satisfying hunger; it’s about providing an exceptional dining experience that lingers in your memory.

Crafting Flavors and Atmosphere: The Magic of Centre Street

What sets Centre Street Steakhouse and Pub apart is the perfect blend of flavors and ambiance. The pub’s rustic charm and warm hospitality create an inviting space where diners can unwind and relish the moment. The menu at Centre Street offers a diverse range of dishes, from hearty steaks to flavorful pub-style fare. The attention to detail in both taste and presentation showcases the dedication to providing an extraordinary dining encounter.

A Taste of Tradition and Innovation: Centre Street’s Culinary Expertise

Centre Street Steakhouse and Pub has managed to capture the essence of both tradition and innovation in its culinary offerings. While the restaurant pays tribute to classic dishes that have stood the test of time, it also embraces innovation by introducing creative twists that tantalize the taste buds. This harmonious blend of old and new has earned Centre Street a reputation as a place where tradition meets innovation on every plate.

Building a Legacy of Flavor: Centre Street’s Culinary Mastery

Centre Street Steakhouse and Pub’s reputation has been meticulously built on its commitment to culinary excellence. Each dish is a canvas where flavors come alive, and every bite is a testament to the dedication of the chefs. This commitment to using the finest ingredients and techniques has made Centre Street a haven for food enthusiasts seeking an authentic and elevated dining experience.

Where Flavor and Community Converge: Centre Street’s Influence

Centre Street Steakhouse and Pub isn’t just a place to enjoy a meal; it’s a hub where flavor and community converge. Its reputation extends beyond the culinary realm, as it becomes a gathering place for friends, families, and colleagues. The pub’s warm and welcoming atmosphere fosters connections and conversations that make every visit memorable.

Conclusion: Savoring the Legacy of Centre Street Steakhouse and Pub

Centre Street Steakhouse and Pub stands as a testament to the power of flavor and community. Its commitment to culinary excellence, warm ambiance, and creative innovation have solidified its place in the hearts of many. As Centre Street continues to redefine the dining experience, its reputation and popularity remain unshaken, making it a beloved destination for those seeking exceptional cuisine in a welcoming setting.

To learn more about CENTRE STREET STEAKHOUSE AND PUB or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063663184382.

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