Carlo’s Bakery Prices

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Is there anything more enjoyable to eat than a scrumptious cake from Carlo’s Bakery? Perhaps, perhaps not but we all agree that the bakery is among the best places to satisfy your cravings for the best cakes, pastries and cookies!

Well, of course, there’s the relatively expensive Carlo’s Bakery prices but these are well worth the price. You will agree when you see the long lines snaking out of the bakery and then when you get your first taste of its goodies. You will even say that its cannoli, an Italian classic, is the best you have ever tasted, even better than the ones your Italian grandmother made.

Below are the latest Carlo’s Bakery menu prices.


Fall Menu

Fall Unicorn Cake$49.95
Fall Buttercream Wreath Cake$39.95
Pumpkin Patch Drip Cake$39.95
Leaf Fondant Cookie$4.95
Sunflower Fondant Cookie$4.95
Unicorn Fondant Cookie$5.95

Summer Menu

Flamingo Fondant Cookie$4.95

Cake - Ready To Eat

Rainbow Fudge Cake$34.95
Red Velvet Cake$33.95
Chocolate Fudge Cake$26.95
Strawberry Cheesecake$26.95
Vanilla Confetti Cake$26.95
Carrot Cake$33.95
Chocolate Mousse Cake$31.95
Cookies & Cream Cake$31.95
Salted Caramel Cake$31.95

Cake Slices - Ready To Eat

Chocolate Fudge Cake Slice$7.95
Salted Caramel Cake Slice$7.95
Cookies & Cream Cake Slice$7.95
Vanilla Confetti Cake Slice$7.95
Rainbow Cake Slice$7.95
Carrot Cake Slice$7.95
Red Velvet Cake Slice$7.95
Rainbow Chocolate Fudge Cake Slice$7.95

Cookies - Ready To Eat

Sprinkle Cookie$3.25
Double Chocolate With White Chocolate Chips$3.25
Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.25
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$3.25
M&m Cookie$3.50
Peanut Butter Cookie$3.25
Black & White Cookie$3.50
Unicorn Fondant Cookie (Cookies - Ready To Eat)$5.95
Rainbow Sugar Butter Cookies (1 Lb)$21.95

Individuals - Ready To Eat

Individual Dark Chocolate Mousse$5.95
Individual White Chocolate Mousse$5.95
Individual Strawberry Cheesecake$7.95
Individual Chocolate Mousse Strawberry Cheesecake$7.95

Pastries - Ready To Eat

Traditional Lobster Tail$5.50
Cookies & Cream Lobster Tail$5.50
Chocolate Hazelnut Lobster Tail$5.50
Salted Caramel Lobster Tail$5.50
Chocolate-Dipped Cannoli$4.95
Cream Puff$2.50
Hazelnut Cream Puff$2.50

Cupcakes - Ready To Eat

Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake$2.95
Vanilla Fudge Cupcake$2.95
Chocolate Fudge Cupcake$2.95
Red Velvet Cupcake$3.50

Buddy Bundles

5 Pack Cannoli Bundle$19.95
4 Pack Lobster Tail Box$19.95
Buddy's Favorite Box$24.95

Platter/tray Pre-Order

Classic Cannoli Platter$66.00
Specialty Lobster Tail Platter$49.50
Classic Lobster Tail Platter$49.50
Assorted Cookies (12Pc)$36.00

New Italian Recipes

Original Taralli$7.95
Sugar Taralli$7.95
Red Pepper Taralli$7.95
Garlic Taralli$7.95

Buttercream & Whipped Cream Cakes

Textured Turquoise - Bc33 (9 Inches)$81.95
Textured Turquoise - Bc33 (10 Inches)$100.00
Textured Turquoise - Bc33 (12 Inches)$140.00
Textured Soft Peach - Bc35 (9 Inches)$81.95
Textured Soft Peach - Bc35 (10 Inches)$100.00
Textured Soft Peach - Bc35 (12 Inches)$140.00
Textured Fuschia - Bc32 (9 Inches)$81.95
Textured Fuschia - Bc32 (10 Inches)$100.00
Textured Fuschia - Bc32 (12 Inches)$140.00
Textured Green - Bc34 (9 Inches)$81.95
Textured Green - Bc34 (10 Inches)$100.00
Textured Green - Bc34 (12 Inches)$140.00
Buttercream Bloom - Bc36 (Quarter Sheet)$100.00
Buttercream Bloom - Bc36 (Half Sheet)$185.00
Buttercream Bloom - Bc36 (Full Sheet)$330.00
Flower Power - Bc31 (9 Inches)$39.95
Flower Power - Bc31 (10 Inches)$65.00
Flower Power - Bc31 (12 Inches)$80.00
The Dotty Blue (Quarter Sheet)$65.00
The Dotty Blue (Half Sheet)$100.00
The Dotty Blue (Full Sheet)$170.00
The Dotty - Bc08 (Quarter Sheet)$65.00
The Dotty - Bc08 (Half Sheet)$100.00
The Dotty - Bc08 (Full Sheet)$170.00
Green Garden - Bc31 (Quarter Sheet)$65.00
Green Garden - Bc31 (Half Sheet)$100.00
Green Garden - Bc31 (Full Sheet)$170.00
Rosette Bouquet - Gb509A (10 Inches)$115.00
Rosette Bouquet - Gb509A (12 Inches)$155.00
Rosette Bouquet - Gb509A (14 Inches)$205.00
Two-Tier Ombre Buttercream - Gb509$450.00

Fondant Cakes

Hole In One (Quarter: Serving 15-20)$150.00
Hole In One (Half: Serving 30-40)$235.00
Hole In One (Full: Serving 80)$285.00
Summer Lovin' - Cf17 (9 Inches)$131.95
Summer Lovin' - Cf17 (10 Inches)$150.00
Summer Lovin' - Cf17 (12 Inches)$190.00
Polka - Cf22 (9 Inches)$81.95
Polka - Cf22 (10 Inches)$100.00
Polka - Cf22 (12 Inches)$140.00
Summer Daisies - Gb553 (9 Inches)$81.95
Summer Daisies - Gb553 (10 Inches)$100.00
Summer Daisies - Gb553 (12 Inches)$140.00
Wrapped In A Bow - Cf18 (Quarter: 15-20 Persons)$100.00
Wrapped In A Bow - Cf18 (Half: 30-40 Persons)$185.00
Wrapped In A Bow - Cf18 (Full: 80 Persons)$330.00
Spanish Rose - Gb552 (10 Inches. Serves 15-20.)$125.00
Spanish Rose - Gb552 (12 Inches. Serves 25-30.)$165.00
Spanish Rose - Gb552 (14 Inches)$215.00
Elegant Rose - Cf05 (Quarter Sheet)$125.00
Elegant Rose - Cf05 (Half Sheet)$210.00
Elegant Rose - Cf05 (Full Sheet)$355.00
Party Animal - Cf31 (10 Inches. Serves 15-20.)$125.00
Party Animal - Cf31 (12 Inches. Serves 25-30.)$165.00
Party Animal - Cf31 (14 Inches)$215.00
King Of The Jungle - Cf08 (10 Inches. Serves 15-20.)$125.00
King Of The Jungle - Cf08 (12 Inches. Serves 25-30.)$165.00
King Of The Jungle - Cf08 (14 Inches)$215.00
Sweet Streamers - Cf10 (9 Inches)$131.95
Sweet Streamers - Cf10 (10 Inches)$150.00
Sweet Streamers - Cf10 (12 Inches)$190.00
Dots & Stripes - Cf49 (Quarter Sheet)$150.00
Dots & Stripes - Cf49 (Half Sheet)$235.00
Dots & Stripes - Cf49 (Full Sheet)$380.00
Fresh As A Daisy - Cf07 (10 Inches)$150.00
Fresh As A Daisy - Cf07 (12 Inches)$190.00
Fresh As A Daisy - Cf07 (14 Inches)$240.00
The Cosmopolitan - Cf11 (Quarter Sheet)$150.00
The Cosmopolitan - Cf11 (Half Sheet)$235.00
The Cosmopolitan - Cf11 (Full Sheet)$380.00
Leopard - Cf03 (Quarter Sheet)$175.00
Leopard - Cf03 (Half Sheet)$260.00
Leopard - Cf03 (Full Sheet)$405.00
Groovy Kind Of Love - Cf12 (10 Inches)$175.00
Groovy Kind Of Love - Cf12 (12 Inches)$215.00
Makeup Mania - Cf02 (10 Inches)$175.00
Makeup Mania - Cf02 (12 Inches)$215.00
Makeup Mania - Cf02 (14 Inches)$265.00
Pints & Pretzels - Cf42 (Quarter Sheet)$175.00
Pints & Pretzels - Cf42 (Half Sheet)$260.00
Pints & Pretzels - Cf42 (Full Sheet)$405.00
Fan Favorite - Cf19 (Quarter Sheet)$195.00
Fan Favorite - Cf19 (Half Sheet)$285.00
Fan Favorite - Cf19 (Full Sheet)$425.00
Flowers On The Vine - Cf20 (12 Inches)$215.00
Flowers On The Vine - Cf20 (14 Inches)$265.00
Paging Doctor Sweet Tooth - Cf25 (Quarter: Serving 15-20)$225.00
Paging Doctor Sweet Tooth - Cf25 (Half: Serving 30-40)$310.00
Paging Doctor Sweet Tooth - Cf25 (Full: Serving 80)$455.00
Reel Fun - Cf16 (12 Inches)$265.00
Reel Fun - Cf16 (14 Inches)$315.00
Play The Field - Cf34 (Half Sheet)$285.00
Play The Field - Cf34 (Full Sheet)$425.00

Two-Tier Cakes

Neon Ribbon - Cf62$225.00
Pink Pearl - Cf68$225.00
Parade Of Sprinkles - Cf69$225.00
The Ringmaster - Cf64$300.00
Bubbly Baby - Cf67$300.00
Crowned Zebra - Cf13 (12"/6" - Serves 50)$500.00
Bright & Bold - Cf26$500.00
Pretty In Pink - Cf66$300.00
Many Blessings - Cf27$500.00
Stacked Presents - Cf63$300.00

Italian Cakes

Italian Cake$60.00
Cream Puff Cake$100.00

Birthday Candles & Party Supplies

Carlo's Bakery Paper Plates$2.95
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In 1910, Carlo Guastaferro opened Carlo’s Bakery. In 1964, Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro, Sr. purchased the bakery and it has remained a family-run business since then. Today, Buddy Valastro, Jr. manages the chain of bakery with assistance from his sisters, brothers-in-law and other relatives, as well as his friends.  Despite the growth of the business, he has said that it will continue to be in the family for various reasons.

While Cake Boss has established a strong reputation for its wide range of baked goodies, it came to national public attention through the TLC television series, Cake Boss, which premiers on April 2009. The show depicted the staff at the original location in Hoboken, New Jersey creating elaborate customized themed cakes, such as for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

The chain consist of several locations in the United States. These include bakeries in Santa Monica, California, Atlanta, Georgia, Orlando, Florida, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as well as in Marlton, Red Bank, Morristown, Wayne, Ridgewood and Westfield, all in New Jersey. There’s even a kiosk booth in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the chain’s first international location.

What They’re Famous For

Carlo’s Bakery is well-known in the United States for its scrumptious cakes, pastries and cookies, among other dessert items. These are all made with excellent quality in terms of taste, texture and flavor, as well as appearance, in mind. Such is the word-class quality of its classic and contemporary baked goods that it has been featured several times in prestigious publications and voted as offering the best cakes in the country.

Why Eat Here

If you’re looking for good-to-the-last-bite baked goodies, then the best place to be is in your nearest Carlo’s Bakery! Here, the prices may be more expensive than your usual neighborhood bakery but the cakes, cookies and pastries are always delicious. There are also dozens of choices so you don’t have to be stuck with the same old baked goodies every day.

If you come on peak hours, which can happen nearly the entire day, you should be prepared to wait in line for more than an hour, no thanks to the long lines snaking out the door. But when you get to the counter, the service is fast, efficient and friendly so your order should be ready in 5 minutes or so.

As soon as you enter, you will feel like a child in a toy store – row upon row of cannoli, cakes and cookies, as well as pastries, are displayed on the large cases. There’s at least one baked goodie for every preference, especially if you’re into classic Italian desserts like cannoli, biscotti, and tiramisu; Buddy Valastro is proudly of Italian descent.

Start with the cannoli as it’s the bestselling item on Carlo’s Bakery menu. The classic Italian treat comes in a generous size, about two to three bites, as well as served with a crispy and firm shell and its filling is rich, creamy and sweet with chocolate chips mixed in.

Then there’s the tiramisu, a dessert item that’s so beautiful to the eyes that you may not want to eat it. These are made as individual-sized cakes bordered with ladyfingers and layered with a light cream filling, ladyfingers, and cocoa powder. You may want to enjoy it with a cup of espresso but it isn’t too sweet that you can’t eat it as it is.

Don’t forget to try the lobster tail, an iconic Carlo’s Bakery treat with a recipe that goes back to the 1900s when its original owner opened it. These pastries are shaped like lobster tails, filled with scrumptious filling, and topped with powdered sugar that complements their crunchy crust.

And then there’s the rainbow cake, a beautiful creation that immediately catches your attention because of its multi-colored appearance. The cake itself is so delicious that the creamy icing just seems like, well, icing on the cake.

There are also more than a dozen choices in cookies, such as cashew cookies, sugar cookies, and butter cookies, as well as brownies with and without nuts.  Be sure to try the signature Cannoli Donut, a must-have combo of doughnut filled with cannoli cream and topped with cannoli shells and cinnamon glaze.

Beyond the cakes, the obvious camaraderie between the staff members makes the wait worthwhile. Customers feel that, indeed, they are part of a family business.

To learn more about Carlo’s Bakery or to find a location near you, visit their website at