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When it comes to hearty and flavorful dining experiences, few establishments can rival the reputation of Buzz Inn Steakhouse. With its delectable range of steaks, cozy ambiance, and a history that spans decades, Buzz Inn has become a go-to destination for food enthusiasts seeking a taste of excellence. This article delves into the world of Buzz Inn Steakhouse, exploring its renowned reputation, its captivating flavors, and the unwavering popularity that it has garnered over the years. Below are the latest Buzz Inn Steakhouse menu prices.


Popular Items

Chicken Fried Steak “Big Foot"$14.99

3-Egg Omletes - All Day Breakfast

Served with country cut hash browns and toast. Substitute toast and make it a wrap
Meat & Cheese$12.79
Cheese Steak$14.79
Veggie Omelet$12.79

Breakfast Skillets - All Day Breakfast

Served on a piping hot cast iron skillet! All served with choice of toast.
Philly Cheesesteak$12.99

Meat & Eggs - All Day Breakfast

Served with two eggs, country cut hash browns and toast.
Chicken Fried Steak$12.99
Kielbasa (Meat & Eggs - All Day Breakfast)$12.99
New York Steak (10 oz)$20.99
Top Sirloin$14.99
Ham Steak (8 oz)$12.99

Favorites - All Day Breakfast

Biscuits & Gravy mini$10.79
Biscuits & Gravy Only$7.97
Buzz Inn Benedict$13.79
Minced Ham & Scrambled Eggs$10.79
corned beef hash$11.79
Loggers Special$12.79
French Choice$10.79
Western Pan Fry$12.79
Lighter Side$8.79
Country Benedict$12.79
Waffle Breakfast$12.79
Waffle Only$7.49

Chicken Dinners

Chicken Breast$14.99
Chicken Cordon Blue$16.99
Chicken Fried Steak “Big Foot" (Chicken Dinners)$14.99
Regular Chicken Fried Steak$12.99
Buffalo Chicken Mac 'n Cheese$15.99
Fried Chicken Dinner$14.99
Apple Crisp$6.99
Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie$6.99

Seafood Dinners

Beer Battered Cod$14.99
Coho Salmon Fillet (8 oz)$18.99
Coconut Prawns$14.99
1/2 Pound Shrimp$14.99
Bacon Wrapped Prawn Dinner$17.99
Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie (Seafood Dinners)$6.99


Sweet Potato Fries$7.99
Cheese Sticks$10.99
Coconut Prawns (Appetizers)$11.99
Garlic Parmesan Prawns (12 pc)$14.99
Breaded Chicken Tenders$12.99
Onion Rings$8.99
Waffle Fries$8.99
Chili Cheese Waffle Fries$9.99
Chicken Wings$9.99
Bacon Wrapped Steak Bites (8 pc)$15.99
Bacon Wrapped Prawns (10 pc)$15.99
Super Nachos$14.99
Toasted Ravioli$11.99
Loaded Tater Tots$10.99
Shredded Pork Tacos$8.99
Spicy BBQ Bacon Wrapped Meatballs (10 pc)$11.99


Clam Chowder ( Bowl )$6.49
Clam Chowder ( Cup )$4.99
Billy's Chili ( Bowl )$5.99
Billy's Chili ( Cup )$4.99
Soup & Salad Combo$9.49


Served with garlic toast.
Oriental Chicken$13.49
Black & Blue Chicken$13.99
Black & Blue Steak$14.99
Taco Salad$13.49
Chicken Fajita$13.99
Chef Salad$13.99
Caesar Salad$13.49


All baskets served with fries and coleslaw.
Chicken Tenders$11.99
Beer Battered Cod (Baskets)$12.99
Breaded Shrimp$12.99

Sandwiches & Wraps

Served with fries. $ 0.39 for extra sauces .
French Dip$12.99
California Chicken Sandwich$12.79
Turkey Club$12.79
Turkey Melt$11.99
Reuben Sandwich$12.79
Super True Blue BLT$12.79
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$11.99
Choice Philly$13.99
Oriental Chicken Wrap$11.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap$11.99
Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap$11.99

Burgers - Half Pounders

Served with fries. All burgers are cooked to 155° internal temperature.
The Good Stuff'd$14.99
Swiss Dip$12.99
Super Swiss Dipper$15.99
Billy Burger$12.99
Chilly Billy$13.99
Patty Melt$13.99
Rodeo Burger$14.99
Big Mouth Burger$14.99

Burgers - Quarter Pounders

Served with fries. All burgers are cooked to 155° internal temperature.
Baja Burger$12.99
Farmer Burger$14.99
Mushroom Burger$11.99
Teriyaki Chicken Burger$12.99
Chicken Burger Melt$12.99
Bacon Blue Burger$13.99
Deluxe Burger$11.99
Garden Burger$11.99


All entrees served with garlic toast and choice of 2 sides excluding pasta dishes will be served with choice of 1 side(soup or salad)
Center Cut Top Sirloin$14.99
"The Works"$19.99
Rib (16 oz)$23.99
Boneless Ribeye (10 oz)$20.00
New York Steak (10 oz) (Steaks)$20.99
Texas T-Bone (18 oz)$24.99
Super 8 Oz Ground$14.99

Senior Favorites

Chicken Breast (6 oz )$10.99
Chicken Fried Steak (Senior Favorites)$10.99
Top Sirloin (6 oz )$12.99
Ground Sirloin (6 oz )$10.99
Chilly Burger$11.99
Fish & Chips$11.99
1/2 Sandwich & Soup$8.99
1/2 Chef Salad$11.99
Mini Bacon & Eggs$8.99


Bacon (Sides)$4.79
Sausage (Sides)$4.79
Oatmeal & Toast$5.79
2 Slices of French Toast$5.79
2 Eggs$3.79
Hash Browns$4.79
Country Gravy$3.29
1/2 Lb Ham Steak$5.79
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A Glimpse into Buzz Inn Steakhouse’s Legacy

Buzz Inn Steakhouse has a storied past that dates back to its inception in 1961. From its humble beginnings in Marysville, Washington, this family-owned restaurant has grown to become a beloved institution in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. With a commitment to providing top-notch service and mouthwatering dishes, Buzz Inn quickly gained a reputation for being more than just a steakhouse; it became a cherished gathering place for families, friends, and steak aficionados alike.

Crafting a Reputation of Excellence

In the realm of restaurants, reputation is everything. Buzz Inn Steakhouse has meticulously cultivated a reputation that resonates with quality and taste. At the heart of their reputation is a dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients for their menu. From premium cuts of beef to fresh produce and thoughtfully chosen accompaniments, every aspect of their offerings reflects a commitment to excellence.

What truly sets Buzz Inn apart is its attention to detail in preparing each steak. The art of grilling is at the core of their culinary approach. Their expert chefs skillfully work the grill, ensuring that each steak is cooked to perfection, preserving its natural flavors and juices. This commitment to culinary mastery has solidified their reputation as a steakhouse that never compromises on quality.

The Allure of Buzz Inn Steakhouse’s Popularity

Popularity is the lifeblood of any restaurant, and Buzz Inn Steakhouse has garnered a dedicated following over the years. Its popularity isn’t solely derived from the savory steaks; it’s the result of a multifaceted approach that resonates with its diverse customer base. The ambiance plays a significant role; the warm and welcoming atmosphere creates a sense of comfort that keeps patrons coming back for more.

Buzz Inn’s popularity also hinges on its community engagement. The restaurant actively participates in local events, sponsors community initiatives, and gives back to the neighborhoods it serves. This engagement fosters a sense of belonging, making Buzz Inn not just a place to eat, but a vital part of the community fabric.

Conclusion: Savoring the Buzz Inn Experience

In the grand tapestry of dining destinations, Buzz Inn Steakhouse stands out as a testament to culinary craftsmanship, reputation building, and unwavering popularity. From its modest origins to its present-day prominence, Buzz Inn has consistently delivered exceptional dining experiences, creating lasting memories for generations of patrons.

The legacy of Buzz Inn Steakhouse is woven with the threads of quality, taste, and community connection. Its reputation for excellence is a result of its commitment to sourcing the best ingredients and preparing them with precision. Its popularity is a reflection of its inviting ambiance and meaningful engagement with the community.

As food enthusiasts and curious diners continue to seek flavorful experiences, Buzz Inn Steakhouse remains a beacon of culinary delight, inviting all to savor the flavors, embrace the ambiance, and become part of the ever-growing circle of those who have experienced the charm of Buzz Inn.

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