Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille Menu Prices: How much is Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille?

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In the realm of delectable dining and sports entertainment, Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille shines as a beacon of flavor and excitement. With a history deeply rooted in the love for great food and sports camaraderie, this establishment has become a staple for food enthusiasts and sports fans alike. In this article, we embark on an immersive journey into the world of Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille, uncovering its celebrated reputation, the factors that fuel its popularity, and the unique dining experience it brings to its patrons. Below are the latest Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille menu prices.


Popular Items

Mozzarella Sticks$10.39

Lunch Specials

6 oz Steak & Bake$11.17
Pressed Cuban$12.99
8 oz Sizzling Sirloin Steak$12.99
Brann's Steakhouse Burger$9.09
Cheddar & Bacon Burger$10.39
Rib Basket$11.17
Michigan Apple Salad$11.69
Michigan Smoked Turkey$11.69

Lunch Combos

Soup and salad or pair a soup or salad with half sandwich or potato.
Lunch Combos$11.20

Starters and Shareables

Loaded Potato Skins$12.99
Mozzarella Sticks (Starters and Shareables)$10.39
Avocado Nachos$12.99
Pickle Fries$10.39
MI Queso Dip$10.39
Bavarian Pretzels$11.69


Served with our famous yeast roll and housemade honey cinnamon butter.
Loaded Potato & Bacon$5.10
White Chicken Chili$5.10

Greens and Soups

Served with our famous yeast roll and housemade honey cinnamon butter.
Michigan Apple Salad (Greens and Soups)$11.69
Traverse City Salad$14.29
House Chicken Salad$14.29
Crispy Chicken Salad$14.29
Avocado Turkey Salad$14.29


All burgers and handhelds are available with a gluten free option and include our mesquite chips or specialty seasoned fries.
Pretzel Burger$14.29
Huge Burger$14.29
Cheddar & Bacon Burger (Burgers)$12.99
Shrooms & Swiss Burger$12.99
Steakhouse Burger$11.69


All burgers and handhelds are available with a gluten free option and include our mesquite chips or specialty seasoned fries.
Prime Rib Dip$14.29
Chicken Tenders$13.77
Pressed Cuban (Handhelds)$13.99
Chicken Sandwich$14.29
Screamin' Buffalo Chicken Wrap$13.77
Korean BBQ Carnita Tacos$14.29
Chipotle Chicken Wrap$14.29

Custom Combinations

Pick Any 2$23.40

Off the Grill Favorites

All entrées include 2 signature sides and our famous yeast rolls. Upgrade to a premium side for an extra charge
12 oz. Prime Rib$25.99
Off the Grill Favorites$15.60
Norwegian Atlantic Salmon$20.79
6 oz. Sizzling Sirloin Steak$16.37
11 oz. Sizzling Sirloin Steak$21.57
8 oz. Sizzling Sirloin Steak$17.67

Knife and Fork

All Entrees include 2 signature sides and our famous yeast rolls. Wet Burrito and Pastas include yeast rolls only.
White Cheddar Chicken Mac$16.89
Brann's Wet Burrito$14.29
Smothered BBQ Chicken$16.89
Sizzle Bowl$16.89

Kids Menu

Jack's Sizzling Steak$5.99
Nicolette's Mozzarella Sticks$5.97
Ben's Mini Cheeseburgers$4.59
Ben's Cheeseburger$5.97
Rory's Mac & Cheese$3.99
Grant's Chicken Tenders$4.59
Dylan's Grilled Cheese$3.99


Spotted Bull Lemonades$3.49
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake$6.49
Salted Caramel Apple Pie$6.49
Fruit Smoothies$3.49
Red Bull$3.75


Diet Pepsi$3.89
Mountain Dew$3.89
Dr. Pepper$3.89
Mug Root Beer$3.89
Raspberry Iced Tea$3.89
Sierra Mist$3.89
Cherry Pepsi$3.89
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A Fusion of Flavor and Fandom: The Essence of Brann’s

Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille is more than just a restaurant—it’s a vibrant fusion of mouthwatering cuisine and the thrill of sports. Founded with a vision to create a space where friends and family can gather to enjoy hearty meals and sports entertainment, this establishment opened its doors [year of establishment]. The name “Brann’s” stands as a testament to the dedication to delivering quality food and creating a sense of community.

At the heart of the Brann’s experience lies the harmonious blend of sizzling steaks and the excitement of sports. The menu offers an array of dishes crafted with care, from perfectly grilled steaks to appetizers that tantalize the palate. The inviting aroma of flame-grilled goodness mingles with the enthusiastic cheers of sports fans, creating an atmosphere that transcends traditional dining.

Crafting a Reputation: Where Every Bite Matters

The reputation of Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille is a reflection of its dedication to offering exceptional dining experiences. This reputation is built on the foundation of high-quality ingredients and culinary craftsmanship. Each dish is carefully curated to ensure that patrons not only taste the flavors but also feel the passion of the chefs behind each creation.

Yet, the restaurant’s reputation extends beyond its menu. It encompasses the experience as a whole, from the inviting ambiance to the warm hospitality of the staff. The restaurant aims to create a space where guests feel welcomed and valued, transforming each visit into a memorable occasion that leaves a lasting impression.

A Taste of Popularity: Unveiling the Allure

The popularity of Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille is a product of its ability to offer an all-encompassing experience that caters to a wide audience. The allure is a harmonious blend of factors that contribute to its charm. Central to its popularity is the concept of enjoying great food while cheering for your favorite sports team—a combination that resonates with sports enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

The interactive aspect of sports viewing, paired with hearty meals, enhances the dining experience and sets the restaurant apart. Whether it’s a championship game or a casual evening out, Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille has created an environment that encourages patrons to enjoy their meal while soaking in the excitement of the sports world.

A Flavorful Tomorrow: Continuing the Legacy of Taste and Entertainment

As time progresses, Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille remains committed to its mission of delivering a unique blend of culinary delights and sports entertainment. Its popularity and reputation are not mere happenstances; they are the result of a continuous pursuit of excellence and a genuine passion for offering a memorable experience.

Looking ahead, Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille is poised to evolve while staying true to its roots. The restaurant’s commitment to combining great food with the thrill of sports ensures its enduring appeal. With each plate served, each game watched, and each interaction with guests, Brann’s Steakhouse & Sports Grille contributes to its own narrative—a narrative that celebrates the joy of dining, camaraderie, and the love for sports in a space where taste and entertainment unite.

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