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If you’re looking for authentic Middle Eastern food in Canada, Basha Canada is the place to go. With locations across the country, this popular chain has gained a reputation for serving up some of the best shawarmas, falafels, and kebabs in the business. But what really sets Basha Canada apart is its commitment to quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations. Below are the latest Basha Canada menu prices.


Featured items

Shish Taouk Pita / Shish Taouk Pita$7.75
Assiette de shawarma / Shawarma Plate$16.42
Assiette de Shish Taouk / Shish Taouk Plate$14.81
Assiette de 3 choix avec poulet / Plate of 3 Choices with Chicken$17.33

Plats principaux / Mains

Assiette Falafel$9.49

Poutine libanaise / Lebanese Poutine

Original Poutine$10.82
Poutine mixte / Mixed Poutine$13.99
Taouk Poutine$11.14

Assiette végétarienne / Vegetarian Plate

Assiette falafel / Falafel Plate$11.66

Entrées / Appetizers

Taboulé / Tabbouleh$4.64
Patates / Potatoes$4.85
Patates Ă  l'ail / Garlic Potatoes$4.81
Hoummous / Hummus$4.45
Taboulé / Tabouleh$6.32
Patate Ă  l'ail / Garlic Potato$5.41
Patates à l'ail / Potatoes with Garlic$6.32
Boulettes de falafel / Falafel Balls$4.99
Riz au lentilles / Rice with Lentils$6.32
Riz aux lentilles / Rice with Lentils$4.74
Feuilles de vigne / Vine Leaves$4.95
Salade couscous / Couscous salad$7.16

Entrées / Entrees

Taboulés / Tabbouleh$5.45
Ail / Garlic$5.18
Salade / Salad$5.00

Plat Principaux / Main Dishes

Shish Taouk (Sandwich)$6.37
Falafel (Sandwich)$5.81

Entrées / Starters

Riz / Rice$4.66
Houmous / Hummus$4.74
Sauce Ă  l'ail / Garlic Sauce$3.22
Feuille de vigne / Vine leaves$5.50
Entrée Humus$5.00
Kébbé / Kebbe$3.08
Aubergines frits / Fried Eggplants$4.19
Choux-fleurs frits / Fried Cauliflower$4.19
Ragoût d'okra / Okra Ragù$5.19
Baba Ghanouj$6.59
Navet mariné / Marinated turnip$3.99
Frites / Fries$4.16

Assiettes / Plates

Shish Taouk (Pita)$7.66
Assiette de shish taouk poulet / Chicken Shish Taouk Plate$14.63
Assiette Shawarma / Shawarma Plate$13.98
Kafta Kebab$7.79
Assiette de Basha grillades / Basha Grilled Plate$16.37
Brochettes de poulet / Chicken Skewers$9.16
Assiette de crevettes / Shrimp Plate$16.37
Assiette Shish Taouk / Shish Taouk Plate$13.99
Végétarien / Vegetarian$5.03
3 choix avec poulet / Three Choices with Chicken$14.99
Assiette de couscous / Couscous Plate$11.49

Brochettes / Skewers

Assiette brochettes de poulet / Chicken Skewer Plate$16.49
Assiette kafta / Kafta Plate$14.48

Spéciale Familial / Family Specials

3. Special Duo$29.66
4. Special Trio$44.66
6. Special Quatro$52.32
2. Combo$53.49

Salades / Salades

Salade d'avocat / Avocado Salad$6.32
Salade de mangue / Mango Salad$5.49
Salade grecque / Greek Salad$6.21
Salade de brocoli / Brocoli Salad$5.74
Salade de pâtes / Pasta Salad$4.74
Salade quinoa / Qinoa Salad$5.99
Salade de légumineuses / Mixed beans Salad$4.99
Salade de crabe / Crab Salad$5.29

Nos spéciaux / Our Specials

Special A$49.81
Special C$59.49
Special D$30.94
Special B$29.43
Special E$30.94
Special F$25.19


Shish Taouk Trio$13.36
Trio Taouk$12.41
Shawarma Trio$13.22
Trio shawarma / Shawarma Trio$9.40
Trio mixte / Mixed Trio$13.18
Falafel Trio$10.76
Trio Végé / Veggie Trio$10.13
Trio végétarien / Vegetarian Trio$11.37

Grillades / Grills

Grillade Merguez / Grilled Merguez$13.99
Grillade Kafta Kebab / Grilled Kafta Kebab$6.50
Brochette de poulet / Chicken Skewer$11.79
Shish Kebab$8.22
Basha grillades / Basha Grill$15.79
Ailes de poulet / Chicken Wings$11.31
Brochette de crevettes / Shrimp Skewer$15.70
CĂ´telettes d'agneau / Lamb chops$14.32
Poitrine de poulet grillé / Grilled Chicken$14.24
Cuisse de poulet / Chicken Thigh$10.99


Assiette combo / Combo Plate$16.32
Brochette de poulet / Chicken Kebab$9.45
Grillade Brochette de poulet / Grilled Chicken Kebab$14.99
Assiette Végétarienne / Vegetarian Plate$11.94
Basha Combo Trio$12.87

Plats principaux / Main dishes

Basha végé / Veggie Basha$6.55
Shawarma Poutine$10.99
Basha Combo$9.43
Plat santé / Healthy Platter$14.99
Poutine classique / Classic Poutine$7.56
Couscous Poulet et Boeuf / Beef and chicken Couscous$13.99
Poutine Combo$10.50

Salade / Salad

Salade taboulé / Tabbouleh Salad$5.16

Spécial familial / Family Specials

Spéciale pour 2 / Special for 2$27.73
Spéciale pour 4 / Special for 4$53.33
Spécial végé / Veggie Special$27.79



Breuvages / Beverages

Jus / Juice$2.84
Canette / Can$2.14
Jus grand / Large Juice$3.49




Shawarma Pita$7.86
Pita mixte / Mixed Pita$7.84
Kafta Pita$8.90
Pita Brochette de poulet / Pita Chicken Skewer$7.91
Pita Shish Kabab$7.24
Pita végétarien / Vegetarian Pita$6.39
Pita Kafta Kabab$7.24
Falafel Pita$6.38

Grillades / Grill

Filet mignon$10.75

Les assiettes / Plates

Assiette de basha grillade / Grilled Basha Plate$19.50
Assiette de brochettes de poulet / Chicken Skewers Plate$17.00
Assiette de shish kabab / Shish Kabab Plate$17.00
Assiette de kafta kabab / Kafta Kabab Plate$17.00
Assiette grillades / Grill Plate$17.99
Merguez (Pita)$7.48
Assiette de merguez / Merguez Plate$15.25
Assiette végétarien / Vegetarian Plate$13.41
Assiette des couscous / Couscous Plate$13.33
Assiette santé / Healthy Plate$15.50
Assiette végétarien avec 5 choix / Vegetarian Plate with 5 Choices$15.16
Assiette végétarien avec 3 choix / Vegetarian Plate with 3 Choices$13.32
Assiette de Falafel / Falafel Plate$12.28
Assiette merguez / Merguez Plate$14.87

Pita / Pita

Merguez Pita / Merguez Pita$9.66
Pita brochettes de poulet / Chicken Skewers Pita$9.00
Kafta Kabab Pita / Kafta Kabab Pita$9.66

Boisson / Drinks


Boissons / Drinks

Coke diète / Diet Coke$2.00
Soda au gingembre / Ginger Ale$2.06
Jus d'orange / Orange Juice$3.06
Dr Pepper$2.23
Thé glacé / Ice Tea$2.96
Jus de pomme / Apple Juice$3.08
Punch au Fruit / Fruit Punch$3.36
Eau / Water$1.95

Falafel / Falafel

Pita falafel / Falafel Pita$8.50


Boîte baklava / Baklava Box$7.83
BoĂŻte de baklava / Baklava Box$7.63


Canada Dry$2.07
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About Basha Canada

The menu at Basha Canada features a variety of Middle Eastern favorites, including shawarmas, falafels, kebabs, and hummus. The chain offers a variety of meats, including chicken, beef, and lamb, as well as vegetarian options for non-meat eaters. Customers can also choose from a variety of fresh toppings, salsas, and sauces to customize their meals to their liking.

But it’s not just the food that makes Basha Canada so great – it’s the chain’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients. Basha Canada sources its meats from top-quality farms, ensuring that every dish is made with fresh and flavorful ingredients. The chain also offers a variety of toppings and sauces made in-house, ensuring that every bite is bursting with authentic Middle Eastern flavor.

Another great thing about Basha Canada is its commitment to customer satisfaction. The chain’s restaurants have a welcoming atmosphere, and its friendly staff is always on hand to ensure that customers have a great experience. Plus, with Basha Canada Prices that are competitive and affordable, it’s easy to indulge in a delicious Middle Eastern meal without breaking the bank.

In short, if you’re looking for authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in Canada, Basha Canada is the place to go. With its commitment to quality ingredients, unique flavor combinations, and customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder that this popular chain has become a go-to destination for food lovers across the country. So why not stop by your local Basha Canada restaurant today and try one of their delicious shawarmas or falafels for yourself?

To learn more about Basha Canada or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Basha Canada FAQ

How much is Basha Canada's BBQ Shish Taouk?

Shish Taouk – $6.25

How much is a Poutine Combo at Basha Canada?

Poutine Combo – $10.50

How much are Moussaka at Basha Canada?

Moussaka – $4.89

How much does a Basha Canada's Moussakaa Cost?

Moussakaa – $4.99

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