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The Bahama Bucks prices are affordable so it isn’t surprising that it’s a popular hangout for students, groups of friends and families, and others who want to enjoy refreshing beverages at any time of the day and night. When you drink its shaved ice concoctions, you will feel as if you’re in the Bahamas enjoying a well-deserved vacation by the beach.  Below are the latest Bahama Bucks menu prices.


Acai Bowl

Açaí Bowl$11.21

Pieces of Paradise

Tiger's Blood SnoBlast$3.67
Red Bull$2.95
Cherry SnoBlast$3.67
Mango SnoBlast$3.67
Cotton Candy Sno Pops Popping Candy$1.41
Piña Colada Sno Pops Popping Candy$1.41
Watermelon Sno Pops Popping Candy$1.41
Bomb Pop Jr.$1.57
Sugar Free Red Bull$2.92
Tamarindo Straw$1.13
Warheads Extreme Sour SnoBlast$3.67
Lemon SnoBlast$3.67
Blue Raspberry SnoBlast$3.67

Island Smoothies

8. Coconut Kulana$5.03

Popular Items

Strawberry Banana Calypso$5.47
Bahama Colada$5.49
White Chocolate Frozen Hot Frost$4.94
Orange Cruiser$5.15
Strawberry Bliss$5.49

Buck's Famous Original Shaved Ice

Original Flavors$3.74
Super Sour Flavors$3.74
Thin Ice Flavors$3.73

Most Ordered


Most Ordered

Strawberry Freezecake$5.79


Serve your own Tropical Dessert Experience.
Paradise Party Pack$72.92
Jr. Paradise Party Pack$36.30
Flavor Fan Favorites Pack$78.10
Party Bundle$119.55
Island Smoothie Pack$66.10


Tropical Banana Whey$5.15
Coconut Kulana$5.50
Strawberry Freeze Cake$5.04

Island Smoothie Fruit Blends

Acai Berry Breeze$5.53
Mango Tango$5.49

Island Smoothie Cream Blends


Signature Snos®

Try one of our curated Snos® for the the Ultimate Tropical Dessert Experience
Pup Sno$1.10

Frozen Hot Koko

Dark Chocolate Frozen Hot Koko$4.94
Frozen Hot Koko$5.13
Frozen Hot Frost$4.67


Strawberry Lemonade$4.43
Cherry Limeade$4.41

Red Bull® Infusions

Our Red Bull® Infusions pair your favorite energy drink with our famous Bahama Buck's flavors!
Berry Crush$5.65
Peach Rush$5.91
Tropical Wave$5.65
Citrus Swell$5.60
Lite Tropical Wave$5.65
Lite Berry Crush$5.65
Lite Citrus Swell$5.61
Electric Lemon$5.91
Lite Electric Lemon$5.91
Lite Peach Rush$6.02

Bahama Sodas

Any icy blend of soda and any of Buck's famous flavors!
Caribbean Cola$3.34
Costa Colada$3.38
Cherry Sublime$3.09



Frozen Café Favorites

Island Mocha$5.07
Paradise Royale$5.07
Playa Del Caramel$5.18
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In the 1990s, Blake Buchanan began selling snow cones while a student at Texas Tech University as a way to earn an income aside from the usual lawn mowing, burger flipping, and other odd jobs. By March 2017, the Bahama Bucks chain has more than a 100 stores in Texas, Alabama, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. The corporate headquarters are in Lubbock, Texas where it all started. 

What They’re Famous For

Bahama Bucks is well-known for the addictive quality of their snow cones, a delectable treat made with melt-in-your-mouth shaved ice in a wide variety of flavors from apple to pickle juice and birthday cake. Indeed, the chain has set the gold standard for snow cones so much so that once your taste them, you won’t look back! 

Why Eat Here 

Let’s first talk about the Bahama Bucks snow cones because these are the main – or in some people’s cases, the only – reason for getting into its store. We love that the texture of the ice has a smooth, fluffy and powder-like texture that seem to melt in the mouth seconds after it touches the tongue. We just can’t get enough of it and so would you when you first taste its delectably refreshing goodness! 

In contrast, many of Bahama Bucks’ competitors offer snow cones with ice that’s too coarse for the treat to actually be delicious, much less refreshing. There are no large chunks that will crack your teeth with Bahama Bucks’ snow cones and that’s one of the reasons for their increasing popularity, even in areas where snow cones aren’t a traditional treat. 

And then there’s the diverse variety of flavors that will make you want to come back every day just to get your fill and get every flavour on the menu! There are 91 flavors – well, at least, that’s as of last count since the chain seems to be adding more flavors – to choose from and each flavor is just as good as the others. 

The Classic Flavors are classic for a reason – these evoke your happy childhood when happiness meant licking snow cones to your heart’s content while also bringing back your happiness now.  The choices include familiar flavors like apple, banana, banana colada, and black cherry as well as exotic flavors like Jamaican punch, Jamaican rum, and blue coconut. 

The Super Sour Flavors are, well, super sour and these are for the adventurous who want more than the usual snow cones. Of course, the extra-sour flavors are popular because there’s something so refreshing about drinking sour beverages on a hot and humid day. There are several choices, too, including blue raspberry, cherry, lemon, and jungle berry. 

The Thin Ice Flavors are for health-conscious people who want to enjoy Bahama Bucks’ snow cones without the sugar, carbs, fats, and cholesterol – think thin, if you will. There are just as many choices including strawberry shortcake, super sour apple, and super sour jungle berry. 

While Bahama Bucks’ snow cones are a must, these aren’t the only great beverages on the menu. Bahama Bucks also offers several smoothies, frostalattes, homemade sodas, and lemonades as well as paradise fruit.  You can’t go wrong with these choices, too, since these will satisfy your thirst and sweet tooth.

The smoothies are, indeed, smooth on the tongue and throat with just the right amount of sweetness from the milk and fresh fruits. Be sure to try the Bahama Colada, a combo of pineapple and coconut flavors, and the Bahama Daquiri with your choice of fruit. 

The Frostallates, such as Island Mocha with chocolate, coffee, and vanilla, are always topped with whipped cream that adds creaminess to the sweetness.

In keeping with its name, Bahama Bucks stores have a tropical island theme and it’s a relaxing vibe that makes customers stay for longer periods just to enjoy a mini-vacation. On most stores, the walls are decorated with portraits of tropical beaches and real-life surfboards while the seats have a tiki-themed shade. Even the exteriors of the stores evoke the tropical feel with colourful benches and decorated trees. 

Do you want to hang around for a while? You can also play the games in the store, said games of which include family board games, ring toss, and tether-ball.

The Bahama Bucks crew members are polite, friendly and helpful so it’s always a pleasure to visit the stores. To learn more about Bahama Bucks or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Bahama Bucks FAQ

How much is Bahama Bucks's White Chocolate Frozen Hot Frost?

White Chocolate Frozen Hot Frost – $4.96

How much is a Super Sour Flavors at Bahama Bucks?

Super Sour Flavors – $3.76

How much are Tropical Banana Whey at Bahama Bucks?

Tropical Banana Whey – $5.18

How much does a Bahama Bucks's Paradise Party Pack Cost?

Paradise Party Pack – $70.78

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