Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse Menu Prices: How much is Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse?

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In the heart of the culinary world lies a haven for food enthusiasts – the Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse. This dining establishment has earned a reputation for its delectable dishes and impeccable service, making it a favorite among gastronomy aficionados. From the mouthwatering Parmigiana classics to the succulent steaks that are a treat for the palate, the restaurant’s reputation and popularity are nothing short of remarkable. Below are the latest Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse menu prices.


Most Popular

Double MSA Rump Steak$40.00


MSA Rump Steak$20.00
Original Parmigiana$20.00
Buff Chaumin$15.00
MSA 300g Rump Steak$25.00
Chicken Jhool Momo$15.00


Chef's Special Chicken Springroll$10.00
Cheesy Garlic Bread$7.00
Lemon Pepper Calamari$13.00
Beer Batter Chips$7.00

Mains À La Carte

Pork Belly$20.00
Salmon Steak$25.00
Salmon Steak (Mains À La Carte)$25.00
Grilled Chicken Breast and Prawn$20.00
MSA Rump Steak (Mains À La Carte)$20.00
Sirloin 250g$25.00
MSA 300g Rump Steak (Mains À La Carte)$25.00
Porterhouse Steak 250g$25.00
Reef and Beef$30.00


Family Pack$50.00
Chicken Schnitzel$20.00
Original Parmigiana (Parmigiana)$20.00
Amigo Parmigiana$20.00
Italiana Parmigiana$20.00
Meat Lovers Parmigiana$20.00
Fisherman Parmigiana$20.00
Supreme Parmigiana$20.00
Sweet Avo Parmigiana$20.00
Tropical Parmigiana$20.00
Avocado Salsa Parmy$20.00
Bruschetta Parmy$20.00
Breaky Parmy$20.00
Pumpkin Fetta Parmy$20.00
Sweet Potato and Fetta Parmigiana$20.00
Bangers and Mash Parmigiana$20.00
Pulled Pork Parmigiana$20.00
Eggplant Parmigiana$20.00
Vegerama Parmy$20.00
Vegerama Parmy (Parmigiana)$20.00


Chicken Wings$7.00
Buffalo Chilli Wings$7.00
Awesome Wings$7.00
Hot Chilli Wings$7.00
Honey and BBQ Wings$7.00


Chicken Caesar Salad$20.00
Chicken Caesar Salad (Salad)$20.00


Fish and Chips$7.00
Chicken Strips$8.00
Kids Steak and Chips$8.00


New York Slice Cheese Cake$7.00
Sticky Date Pudding$7.00
Choc Mud Cake$7.00


Bottles (300 mL)$5.00
Bottles (465 mL)$5.00
Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling$4.50


Chicken Steam Momo$13.00
Buff Steam Momo$13.00
Veg Steam Momo$13.00
Chicken Jhool Momo (Momo)$15.00
Buff Jhool Momo$15.00
Veg Jhool Momo$15.00
Chicken Chilli Momo$18.00
Buff Chilli Momo$18.00
Veg Chilli Momo$18.00
Chicken Momo Sadheko$15.00
Buff Momo Sadheko$15.00
Veg Momo Sadheko$15.00


Chicken Chaumin$18.00
Buff Chaumin (Chaumin)$15.00
Veg Chaumin$15.00
Egg Chaumin$18.00

Khaja Set

Choila Set$25.00
Mutton Set$25.00
Chicken Set$25.00
Sukuti Set$25.00
Tash Set$25.00


Chicken Chilli$18.00
Chips Chilli$18.00
Hot n' Spicy Wings$18.00
Chat Pat$12.00

Single-Use Items

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A Legacy of Culinary Excellence

The journey of the Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse began in a small corner of the city, with founders who were deeply passionate about both traditional and modern cuisine.

The restaurant’s founders had a vision of creating a dining experience like no other, and their dedication to using only the finest ingredients and adhering to meticulous preparation techniques quickly caught the attention of food enthusiasts.

Parmigiana Perfection: A Symphony of Flavors

One of the cornerstones of the restaurant’s reputation lies in its mastery of Parmigiana dishes. These dishes are a testament to the culinary artistry that the restaurant has perfected over the years.

The secret to the delectable Parmigiana dishes lies in the combination of high-quality ingredients – farm-fresh vegetables, rich cheeses, and savory tomato sauces. The result is a harmonious blend of flavors that takes diners on a journey to the heart of Italy.

Steakhouse Sensation: Where Meat Meets Mastery

While the Parmigiana dishes showcase the restaurant’s Italian influences, the Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse also excels in the art of grilling.

The restaurant’s selection of prime cuts of meat, aged to perfection and seasoned with expertise, reflects the skill and dedication of its chefs. From the New York Strip to the tender Ribeye, each steak is a masterpiece of culinary finesse.

The Culinary Experience: Beyond the Palate

The Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse is not just about the food; it offers a complete sensory experience that goes beyond the taste buds.

The ambiance of the restaurant is carefully curated to engage all the senses. The warm lighting and inviting decor create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

Cultural Fusion: Bridging Tradition and Innovation

What sets the Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse apart is its ability to blend tradition with innovation seamlessly.

The restaurant pays homage to classic recipes while also embracing modern culinary techniques and flavors. This fusion creates a unique dining experience that appeals to both those seeking nostalgia and those in pursuit of culinary novelty.

A Blossoming Popularity: From Local Gem to Global Icon

Word of mouth has played a significant role in the restaurant’s popularity.

Diners leave the Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse not only satisfied but also eager to share their experiences with others. The tales of exquisite flavors and delightful dining moments have spread far and wide, turning the restaurant into a must-visit destination for both locals and visitors.

Social Media Delight: A Digital Culinary Journey

In the age of digital communication, the restaurant’s popularity has also been propelled by social media.

The restaurant’s social media platforms showcase captivating images of beautifully presented dishes and glimpses into the kitchen’s creative process. These online connections have allowed the Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse to reach a global audience, inspiring food enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

Conclusion: A Feast for the Senses and the Soul

In the world of gastronomy, the Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse stands as a testament to culinary excellence, creativity, and the power of flavors to create lasting memories.

With its reputation for Parmigiana classics and steakhouse delights, the restaurant has become a beacon for food lovers seeking an extraordinary dining experience. Beyond the exquisite dishes, the Awesome Parmigiana and Steakhouse offers an immersive journey that engages all the senses.

As it continues to captivate the hearts and palates of individuals around the world, the restaurant cements its status as an iconic destination in the realm of dining.

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