Assado Portuguese Steakhouse Menu Prices: How much is Assado Portuguese Steakhouse?

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In the heart of our bustling city lies a culinary gem that has captured the hearts and palates of both locals and visitors – Assado Portuguese Steakhouse. This establishment isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a journey through time and taste, where tradition and culinary excellence intertwine to create an unforgettable dining experience. Below are the latest Assado Portuguese Steakhouse menu prices.



Shrimp in Garlic Sauce$16.95
Portuguese Grilled Sausage$14.95
Grilled Octopus$17.95
Fried Calamari$14.95
Stuffed Mushrooms$15.95
Clams in Green Sauce$17.95
Clams Casino$15.95
Stuffed Crabs$16.95
Roasted Portobello Mushroom$11.95
Cod Fish Cakes$11.95
Mussels in Red Sauce$16.95
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail$18.95

Soup & Salads

Classic Caesar Salad$12.95
Tuna Balsamic Salad$24.95
Seasonal Mixed Greens$11.95
Cream of Asparagus$7.95
Soup of the Day$7.95


Seafood Linguini$26.95
Fettuccine Alfredo$19.95
Penne Pasta in Pink Vodka Sauce$19.95
Lobster Ravioli$25.95
Fettuccine Bolognese$22.95
Penne Pasta Primavera$21.95

Seafood & Fish

Paella Valenciana$33.95
Seafood Festival (for 2)$85.95
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce (Seafood & Fish)$28.95
Paella Marinheira$32.95
Grilled Salmon$28.95
Twin Lobster Tails$49.95
Seafood Mariscada$34.95
Stuffed Shrimp$29.95
Bacalhau a Lagareiro$30.95
Stuffed Flounder$28.95
Red Snapper Fillet Fishermen Style$28.95
Prawns Mozambique$39.95
Polvo Lagareiro$29.95
Sword Fish in Green Sauce$28.95
Yellowfin Tuna Balsamic$28.95

Meats & Chicken

Grilled Cow Boy Steak (24 oz.)$49.95
Grilled New York Strip (12 oz.)$30.95
Assado Mixed Shish Kabob$29.95
Surf and Turf$45.95
Grilled Prime Rib (16 oz.)$39.95
Fillet Mignon 10 oz. Wrapped in Bacon$38.95
Chicken in Garlic Sauce$22.95
Picanha Na Braza$28.95
Grilled T-Bone Steak (16 oz.)$39.95
Beef a Portuguese$29.95
Grilled Lamb Porter House$29.95
Pork Cubes with Shrimp (Picadinho)$23.95
Chicken Marsala$22.95
Barbecued Chicken$20.95
Assado Surf and Turf Shish Kabob$31.95
Chicken Francese$22.95
Barbecued Beef Ribs$26.95
Barbecued Pork Ribs$23.95
Grilled Center Cut Pork Chops$28.95

Whole Orders (BBQ)

Orders feed 2-3 people. From our pit all orders served with rice and French fries.
Whole BBQ Chicken$19.95
BBQ Pork Ribs$21.95
BBQ Beef Ribs$25.95
BBQ Picanha$24.95
Pork Cubes with Shrimp$22.95

Combos (BBQ)

Orders feed 2-3 people. From our pit all orders served with rice and French fries.
BBQ 1/2 Chicken and 1/2 Beef Ribs$25.95
Bbq 1/2 Chicken and 1/2 Pork Ribs$23.95
Super Combo$31.95
BBQ Beef Ribs and Pork Ribs$26.95

Side Orders (BBQ)

Black Beans$6.00
Yellow Rice$5.00
French Fries$6.00
Garden Salad Med$11.95
Large Garden Salad$15.95
Potato Chips$6.00
Red Beans$6.00
Sauteed Mixed Vegetables$7.00
Mashed Potatoes$6.00
Steamed Broccoli$7.00
Sauteed Broccoli Rabe$8.00
White Rice$5.00
Steamed Vegetables$7.00

Homemade Desserts

Portuguese Flan$8.00
Creme Brûlée$8.00
Chocolate Mousse$8.00
Passion Fruit Mousse$8.00
Cookies and Cream$8.00

Gourmet Cakes

Tres Leches Cake$8.00
Triple Chocolate Cake$8.00
Warm Apple Tart$9.00
Strawberry Cheese Cake$8.00
Marble Cheese Cake$8.00

Gelato & Sorbets

Hazelnut Gelato$7.95
Lemon Sorbet$7.95
Banana Caramel Macadamia Nut Gelato$7.95
Gran "Slam" Cracker Gelato$7.95
Mango Sorbet$7.95
Raspberry Sorbet$7.95
Strawberry Gelato$7.95
Vanilla Gelato$7.95

Children's Menu

Chicken Tenders$12.95
Grilled 8oz Sirloin Steak$16.95
Grilled Chicken Breast$14.95
Penne Pasta with Meat Balls$13.95
Penne Pasta$10.95
Penne Pasta with Chicken$12.95
Broiled Flounder$15.95


All sodas are can products
Brazilian Soda$3.00
Ginger Ale$2.50
Sumal Orange$3.00
Brisk Ice Tea$2.50
Diet Coke$2.50
Bottle Water$2.50
Sumal Orange (Sodas)$3.00
Club Soda$2.50

Entrées - Lunch

Shrimp in Garlic Sauce$21.95
BBQ Chicken$16.95
Chicken Marsala$19.95
Grilled Salmon$23.95
Picanha Na Braza$21.95
Grilled New York Strip$26.95
Chicken in Garlic Sauce$19.95
Pork Cubes with Shrimp (Picadinho)$19.95
Barbecued Pork Ribs$17.95
Chicken Francese$19.95
Portuguese Style Steak$23.95
Stuffed Shrimp$23.95
Stuffed Flounder$24.95
Grilled Center Cut Pork Chop$22.95
Yellowfin Tuna Balsamic$23.95


Shrimp in Garlic Sauce (Appetizers)$15.95
Fried Calamari$14.95
Grilled Octopus$16.95
Portuguese Grilled Sausage$13.95
Stuffed Crabs$16.95
Roasted Portobello Mushroom$10.95
Clams Casino$13.95
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail$15.95
Turkey Wrapped in Bacon$12.95

Soup & Salads

Classic Caesar Salad$9.95
Seasonal Mixed Greens$9.95
Tuna Balsamic Salad$18.95
Soup of the Day$7.00
Cream of Asparagus$8.00


Fettuccine Alfredo$17.95
Seafood Linguini$22.95
Penne Pasta in Pink Vodka Sauce$17.95
Lobster Ravioli$21.95
Fettuccine Bolognese$18.95
Penne Pasta Primavera$16.95

Seafood & Fish

Seafood Festival (for 2)$65.95
Paella Marinheira$28.95
Paella Valenciana$28.95
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce (Seafood & Fish)$24.95
Red Snapper Fillet Fishermen Style$27.95
Grilled Salmon (Seafood & Fish)$25.95
Stuffed Shrimp (Seafood & Fish)$27.95
Sword Fish in Green Sauce$27.95
Twin Lobster Tails$34.95
Prawns Mozambique$32.95
Polvo Lagareiro$28.95
Bacalhau a Lagareiro$27.95
Stuffed Flounder (Seafood & Fish)$26.95
Seafood Mariscada$32.95
Yellowfin Tuna Balsamic (Seafood & Fish)$26.95

Meats & Chicken

Fillet Mignon 10 oz. Wrapped in Bacon$33.95
Grilled New York Strip (12 oz.)$28.95
Grilled Prime Rib (16 oz.)$32.95
Grilled Cow Boy Steak (24 oz.)$38.95
Grilled Center Cut Pork Chops$27.95
Chicken in Garlic Sauce (Meats & Chicken)$21.95
Surf and Turf$37.95
Barbecued Beef Ribs$22.95
Pork Cubes with Shrimp (Picadinho) (Meats & Chicken)$21.95
Picanha Na Braza (Meats & Chicken)$25.95
Grilled Lamb Porter House$28.95
Chicken Francese (Meats & Chicken)$21.95
Barbecued Pork Ribs (Meats & Chicken)$18.95
Beef a Portuguese$25.95
Barbecued Chicken$16.95
Grilled T-Bone Steak (16 oz.)$32.95
Chicken Marsala (Meats & Chicken)$21.95

Whole Orders (BBQ)

Orders feed 2-3 people. From our pit all orders served with rice and French fries.
Whole BBQ Chicken$18.00
BBQ Pork Ribs$19.00
BBQ Beef Ribs$22.00
Seafood Paella$28.00
BBQ Picanha$23.00
Pork Cubes with Shrimp$19.00

Combos (BBQ)

Orders feed 2-3 people. From our pit all orders served with rice and French fries.
BBQ 1/2 Chicken and 1/2 Pork Ribs$19.00
BBQ 1/2 Chicken and 1/2 Beef Ribs$21.00
Super Combo$33.00
BBQ Beef Ribs and Pork Ribs$22.00

Side Orders (BBQ)

Black Beans$5.00
French Fries$5.00
Garden Salad$12.00
Red Beans$5.00

Homemade Desserts

Portuguese Flan$7.95
Passion Fruit Mousse$7.95
Cookies and Cream$7.95
Chocolate Mousse$7.95

Gourmet Cakes

Triple Chocolate Cake$7.95
Strawberry Cheese Cake$7.95
Marble Cheese Cake$7.95
Cannoli Cake$7.95
Lemon Mascarpone Cake$7.95

Express Lunches

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A Taste of Portugal’s Rich Culinary Heritage

Stepping into Assado Portuguese Steakhouse is like stepping into the vibrant streets of Portugal. Established in 1995 by the visionary chef Miguel Silva, the restaurant was born out of a deep passion for sharing Portugal’s culinary heritage with the world. With its warm and rustic décor, Assado envelops you in an inviting ambiance that perfectly complements the authentic dishes it serves.

Miguel’s commitment to preserving traditional recipes while adding his own creative twist is what sets Assado apart. The menu is a testament to this dedication, offering a tantalizing array of Portuguese flavors that pay homage to the nation’s diverse culinary influences.

Savoring Culinary Excellence, One Dish at a Time

Assado’s reputation is anchored in its ability to bring forth the rich flavors of Portugal onto each plate, creating a symphony of tastes that dance on your palate.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the “Picanha,” a grilled beef delicacy that exemplifies Assado’s culinary mastery. With a charred exterior giving way to tender, succulent meat, each bite is a journey through the heart of Portuguese grilling traditions.

But the culinary journey doesn’t stop there. The menu boasts an array of dishes that showcase the diversity of Portuguese cuisine. From the iconic “Bacalhau à Brás,” a delectable codfish creation, to the hearty “Feijoada,” a bean and pork stew that embodies comfort, each dish tells a story of Portugal’s history and culture.

A Culinary Haven Loved by Many

What truly sets Assado Portuguese Steakhouse apart is its ability to transcend being just a restaurant and become a cherished memory-maker. Families gather to celebrate milestones, friends enjoy laughter-filled evenings, and couples find romance in the warm ambiance – all while indulging in the exquisite flavors of Portugal.

Assado’s popularity isn’t just limited to its local charm. Through the power of social media, the restaurant has managed to connect with a global audience. Mouthwatering images of their dishes and captivating stories have turned Assado into an international sensation, with food enthusiasts worldwide becoming captivated by its offerings.

The restaurant’s acclaim isn’t only in the virtual world. Assado has earned numerous accolades within the culinary industry, solidifying its position as a true culinary powerhouse.

Conclusion: Embarking on a Flavorful Adventure

In conclusion, Assado Portuguese Steakhouse is more than a dining establishment; it’s a voyage for the senses. Its commitment to tradition, blended with culinary excellence, has resulted in a dining experience that transports you to the heart of Portugal with each bite.

From the first taste of the “Picanha” to the last spoonful of “Arroz de Marisco,” Assado creates memories that linger long after the meal is finished. Its popularity isn’t just based on the flavors it offers, but on the stories it tells and the connections it fosters.

So, whether you’re a devoted food enthusiast or someone looking to embark on a flavorful adventure, Assado Portuguese Steakhouse invites you to take a seat at its table and discover the rich tapestry of Portuguese cuisine.

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