Aodake Sushi and Steakhouse Menu Prices: How much is Aodake Sushi and Steakhouse?

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Nestled within the heart of dining excellence, Aodake Sushi and Steakhouse has emerged as a haven for culinary enthusiasts, bringing together the art of sushi and the sizzle of steak to create an unforgettable dining experience. With a diverse menu, welcoming ambiance, and a reputation that echoes far and wide, Aodake has firmly established itself as a culinary gem that delights and captivates. Below are the latest Aodake Sushi and Steakhouse menu prices.


Top Menu Items

8 oz. Chicken Teriyaki$14.99
New York Strip Steak Hibachi$21.99
6 Piece Spicy Tuna Roll$5.99
6 Piece California Roll$4.99
6 Piece Spicy California Roll$4.99
6 Piece Philadelphia Roll$5.99
6 Piece Dynamite Roll$6.99
5 Piece Shrimp Tempura Roll$5.99
8 Piece Godzilla Roll$12.99
Chicken Fried Rice$3.99

Kitchen Appetizers

Crispy Calamari Rings$6.99
Spicy Rock Shrimp$8.99
Crunchy Shumai$5.99
Agedashi Tofu$4.99
Aodake Shrimp$7.99
Oyster Tempura$8.99
Vegetable Tempura$5.99
Crab Stick Tempura$6.99
Chicken Tempura$6.99
Shrimp Tempura$6.99
Chicken Karaage$6.99

Sushi Appetizers

Nigiri Sushi Sampler$10.99
Sashimi Sampler$12.99
Tuna Tataki$9.99
Albacore Tuna Tataki$9.99
Pepper Tuna$10.99
Yellowtail Jalapeno$8.99
Snow Crab Naruto$10.99

Soup and Salads

Clear Soup$1.59
Miso Soup$1.59
House Salad$2.59
Cucumber Salad$3.99
Avocado Cucumber Salad$4.99
Seaweed Salad$4.99
Eel Salad$6.99
Spicy Squid Salad$6.99
Crunchy Crab Salad$6.99
Spicy Seafood Salad$8.99
Sashimi Salad$10.99
Salmon Skin Salad$4.99

Teriyaki (Grilled)- Hibachi

8 oz. Chicken Teriyaki (Teriyaki (Grilled)- Hibachi)$14.99
8 oz. Beef Teriyaki$19.99
8 oz. Filet Mignon Teriyaki$21.99
9 Piece Shrimp Teriyaki$17.99
8 oz. Salmon Teriyaki$17.99
4 oz. Surf and Turf Teriyaki$29.99

Tempura (Deep Fried)- Hibachi

Vegetable Tempura (Tempura (Deep Fried)- Hibachi)$10.99
Shrimp Tempura (Tempura (Deep Fried)- Hibachi)$17.99
Chicken Tempura (Tempura (Deep Fried)- Hibachi)$15.99
Calamari Tempura$17.99
Combination Tempura$18.99

Teriyaki and Tempura Combination - Hibachi

Chicken Teriyaki and Shrimp Tempura$18.99
Beef Teriyaki and Shrimp Tempura$20.99
Salmon Teriyaki and Shrimp Tempura$19.99

Donburi (Rice Bowl) - Hibachi

Chicken Katsu$14.99
Beef Katsu$14.99


Yaki Soba$14.99
Yaki Udon$14.99
Nabe Yaki Udon$14.99
Aodake Ramen$16.99

Hibachi Entrees

10 Piece Shrimp Hibachi$19.99
8 oz. Calamari Hibachi$19.99
8 oz. Scallop Hibachi$21.99
8 oz. Salmon Hibachi$19.99
8 oz. Swordfish Hibachi$19.99
Chicken Hibachi$16.99
New York Strip Steak Hibachi (Hibachi Entrees)$21.99
Filet Mignon Hibachi$23.99
5 oz. Lobster Tail Hibachi$24.99

Combination Hibachi

Chicken with Protein Combo Hibachi$21.99
N. Y. Strip Steak with Protein Combo Hibachi$22.99
Filet Mignon with Protein Combo Hibachi$26.99
Lobster and N. Y. Strip Combo Hibachi$29.99
Lobster and Filet Mignon Combo Hibachi$34.99
Lobster with Protein Combo Hibachi$30.99
Pick 2 Seafood Combo Hibachi$24.99
Aodake Fanatic Combo Hibachi$30.99
Lobster and Pick 2 Additional Combo Hibachi$34.99

Pressed Box Sushi

8 Piece Pressed Box Sushi$12.99

Vegetable Sushi Rolls

6 Piece Avocado and Cucumber Roll$4.59
6 Piece Tamago Cucumber Avocado Roll$4.59
6 Piece Asparagus Roll$4.59
6 Piece Asparagus Cream Cheese Roll$4.59
6 Piece Asparagus Tempura Roll$4.59
6 Piece Sweet Potato Roll$4.59
6 Piece Inari and Avocado Roll$4.59
6 Piece Inari and Seaweed Roll$4.59
6 Piece Inari and Tamago Roll$4.59
6 Piece Vegetable Roll$4.59
6 Piece Pickled 3-in-1 Roll$4.59
6 Piece Fresh 3-in-1 Roll$4.59

Raw Fish Sushi Rolls

6 Piece Tuna Roll$5.59
6 Piece White Tuna Roll$5.59
6 Piece Salmon Roll$5.59
6 Piece Yellowtail Scallion Roll$5.59
6 Piece Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll$5.59
6 Piece Tuna and Avocado Roll$5.99
6 Piece Salmon and Avocado Roll$5.99
6 Piece Salmon and Seaweed Roll$5.99
6 Piece Fresh Philly Roll$5.99
6 Piece Alaska Roll$5.99
6 Piece Spicy Tuna Roll (Raw Fish Sushi Rolls)$5.99
6 Piece Spicy Salmon Roll$5.99
6 Piece Spicy White Tuna Roll$6.99
6 Piece Spicy Yellowtail Roll$6.99
6 Piece Spicy Scallop Roll$6.99
8 Piece Rainbow Roll$10.99

Nigiri Sushi and Sashimi

2 Piece Tuna$5.99
2 Piece Salmon$5.99
2 Piece White Fish$4.99
2 Piece Scallop$6.99
2 Piece Shrimp$3.99
2 Piece Sweet Egg$2.99
2 Piece Anago$5.99
2 Piece Unagi$5.99
2 Piece White Tuna$5.99
2 Piece Smoked Salmon$5.99
2 Piece Surf Clam$5.99
2 Piece King Crab$8.99
2 Piece Sweet Shrimp$6.99
2 Piece Inari$2.99
2 Piece Tobiko$5.99
2 Piece Masago$4.99
2 Piece Ikura$5.99
2 Piece Quail Egg$2.99
2 Piece Quail Egg Topping$1.29
2 Piece Albacore Tuna$5.99
2 Piece Yellowtail$5.99
2 Piece Squid$4.99
2 Piece Crab Stick$3.99
2 Piece Octopus$5.99

Cooked Sushi Rolls

6 Piece California Roll (Cooked Sushi Rolls)$4.99
6 Piece Spicy California Roll (Cooked Sushi Rolls)$4.99
6 Piece Spicy Crab Roll$5.99
6 Piece Spicy Shrimp Roll$5.99
6 Piece Spicy Octopus Roll$7.99
6 Piece Spicy King Crab Roll$10.99
6 Piece Hokkaido Roll$7.99
6 Piece Boston Roll$4.99
6 Piece Snow Crab Roll$4.99
6 Piece Crawfish Roll$5.99
6 Piece Shrimp and Crunchy Roll$5.99
6 Piece Philadelphia Roll (Cooked Sushi Rolls)$5.99
6 Piece Seattle Roll$5.99
6 Piece Crunchy Roll$4.99
6 Piece Dynamite Roll (Cooked Sushi Rolls)$6.99
6 Piece Eel Cucumber Roll$6.99
6 Piece Eel Avocado Roll$6.99
8 Piece Dragon Roll$13.99
6 Piece Salmon Skin Roll$4.99
5 Piece Futomaki$5.99
5 Piece Soft Shell Crab Roll$9.99
5 Piece Shrimp Tempura Roll (Cooked Sushi Rolls)$5.99
5 Piece Calamari Tempura Roll$5.99
5 Piece Chicken Tempura Roll$5.99
5 Piece Crab Stick Tempura Roll$5.99
5 Piece Rock N' Roll$7.99
5 Piece Aodake Roll$10.99
5 Piece Chicago Roll$10.99

House Special Maki Rolls

8 Piece Godzilla Roll (House Special Maki Rolls)$12.99
8 Piece Pink Lady Roll$10.99
10 Piece Dragonfly Roll$14.99
8 Piece Monster Roll$14.99
8 Piece Perfect California Roll$11.99
12 Piece Perfect Rainbow Roll$15.99
8 Piece Perfect Dragon Roll$15.99
8 Piece Ebirah Roll$16.99
12 Piece Red Dragon Roll$15.99
12 Piece Orange Dragon Roll$15.99
12 Piece Chinese Dragon Roll$15.99
8 Piece Hawaii Roll$14.99
8 Piece TNT Roll$15.99
8 Piece Spanish Grasshopper Roll$14.99
9 Piece Volcano Roll$14.99
8 Piece Sakura Roll$10.99
8 Piece Black Widow Roll$15.99
8 Piece Caterpillar Roll$14.99
8 Piece Amigo Roll$14.99
8 Piece Millipede Roll$12.99
10 Piece Larry Lobster Roll$15.99
8 Piece Bermuda Triangle Roll$14.99
8 Piece Pink Panther Roll$14.99
8 Piece Tokyo Roll$14.99
8 Piece Perfect 2-in-1 Roll$14.99
8 Piece Akoya Pearl Roll$14.99
Romeo and Juliet Roll$15.99
8 Piece Polar Express Roll$13.99
Mango tango$14.99
Ocean (gluten free)$10.99

Sushi Entrees

Aodake Sushi Boat$59.99
Nigiri and Maki Combo$19.99
Sashimi and Maki Combo$26.99
Sashimi Deluxe$23.99
Tuna Special$28.99
Salmon Special$28.99
Yellowtail Special$28.99
Unagi Don$21.99
Sushi Sashimi Combo$26.99

Side Order Items

Steamed Rice$1.59
Sushi Rice$2.59
Vegetable Fried Rice$3.59
Chicken Fried Rice (Side Order Items)$3.99
Shrimp Fried Rice$4.99
Hibachi Noodle$5.99
Sauteed Vegetables$5.99
4 oz. Chicken$6.99
4 oz. N. Y. Strip Steak$9.99
4 oz. Filet Mignon$12.99
4 oz. Seafood$8.99
5 oz. Lobster Tail$15.99
8 oz. Swordfish$19.99
Egg Yolk Topping$2.00
Garlic Topping$2.00
Dipping sauces$0.50

Kids Hibachi (12 and Under)

Kid's 4 oz. Chicken Hibachi$9.99
Kid's 6 Piece Shrimp Hibachi$9.99
Kid's 4 oz. N.Y. Strip Steak Hibachi$10.99
Kid's 4 oz. Scallop Hibachi$10.99
Kid's 4 oz. Filet Mignon Hibachi$14.99
Kid's 4 oz. Calamari Hibachi$9.99
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Exploring a Fusion of Flavors

Aodake Sushi and Steakhouse is more than just a restaurant; it’s a journey through the rich tapestry of Japanese cuisine. Upon entering, you’re greeted by an inviting atmosphere that seamlessly blends modern design elements with traditional Japanese aesthetics. The sleek interior, adorned with soothing colors, sets the stage for an exceptional dining encounter.

The menu at Aodake is a testament to the skillful art of Japanese cooking. Each dish showcases the freshness of ingredients and the meticulous attention to detail that defines Japanese culinary traditions. From delicate sashimi to hand-rolled sushi, each plate is a testament to the culinary mastery that Japanese chefs bring to the table.

The Sizzle of Culinary Performance

Aodake’s unique appeal lies in its commitment to an interactive dining experience, combining the allure of sushi with the spectacle of teppanyaki-style cooking. Central to this experience is the teppanyaki grill, where adept chefs transform meals into captivating performances. The rhythmic sounds, the sizzling aromas, and the sizzle of ingredients create an ambiance that is both engaging and thrilling.

The teppanyaki experience at Aodake transcends simple dining; it’s a celebration of culinary craftsmanship. Skillful chefs expertly handle ingredients, grilling them to perfection before your eyes. The theatrical element adds an exciting dimension to the meal, making it an ideal choice for gatherings of family, friends, or special celebrations.

Building a Culinary Legacy

Aodake Sushi and Steakhouse’s reputation is a testament to its dedication to excellence and delivering unforgettable dining experiences. Its popularity has grown through a combination of word-of-mouth endorsements, social media buzz, and an unwavering commitment to surpassing customer expectations.

In the world of culinary delights, news travels fast, and Aodake’s exquisite offerings have become a topic of conversation among food enthusiasts. Guests who have savored the delectable flavors and witnessed the captivating teppanyaki performances are eager to share their experiences, contributing to the restaurant’s widespread recognition.

Furthermore, Aodake’s commitment to quality shines through every facet of its operation. From sourcing the freshest ingredients to the artistic presentation of each dish, the restaurant upholds the highest standards. The attentive service provided by the staff enhances the overall dining experience, ensuring that patrons feel valued and cared for.

In Conclusion

Aodake Sushi and Steakhouse is a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Through its welcoming ambiance, mouthwatering menu, and dedication to crafting immersive dining experiences, Aodake has made a lasting impact on the hearts of food enthusiasts and casual diners alike.

Whether you’re a curious palate eager to explore the nuances of Japanese cuisine or a seasoned diner seeking an extraordinary meal, Aodake Sushi and Steakhouse promises a remarkable culinary journey. As the sizzle of the grill and the aroma of skillfully prepared dishes envelop you, it’s evident that Aodake isn’t just a restaurant – it’s a gateway to the flavors, customs, and delights of Japanese culinary brilliance.

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