Alexander’s Steakhouse Menu Prices: How much is Alexander’s Steakhouse?

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Imagine a place where the sizzle of a perfectly seared steak meets the applause of delighted customers. Welcome to Alexander’s Steakhouse! Known far and wide for its mouth-watering meals and top-notch service, this steakhouse stands as a testament to what happens when passion meets the plate. Let’s journey through what makes Alexander’s Steakhouse a favorite among many. Below are the latest Alexander’s Steakhouse menu prices.


Popular Items

Fried Rice$14.00
Ribeye Chop 20 Oz$82.80
Filet Mignon 8 Oz$62.00
Miyazaki Japan$138.00
Kagoshima Japan$133.00
Hokkaido Japan$189.00


Beef Tataki$10.35
Organic Greens$18.00

Not Steak

Wagyu Burger$26.00
Duck Breast$43.00

Large Format

Omaha Prime Porter House 40 Oz$150.00
Flannery "Jorge" Ribeye 36oz$140.00

Steaks & Roasts

Filet Mignon 8 Oz (Steaks & Roasts)$62.00
Ribeye Chop 20 Oz (Steaks & Roasts)$82.80
Blackened Ribeye 16 Oz$75.00
Dry-Aged Bone-In New York$75.00
Omaha Bone-in Filet 16 Oz$115.00

A5 Wagyu

All Wagyu is hand cut to order, priced in 3oz increments and served with a tasting of salts
Miyazaki Japan (A5 Wagyu)$138.00
Kagoshima Japan (A5 Wagyu)$133.00
Shiga Ohmi Japan$173.00
Hokkaido Japan (A5 Wagyu)$189.00


Mashed Potatoes$15.00
Fries (Sides)$10.00
Fried Rice (Sides)$14.00


Blue Cheese$5.00
Bone Marrow$12.00


1A Steak Sauce$3.00
Yuzu Kosho Chimichurri$3.00


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A Menu That Makes Memories

The first thing you notice when you sit down at Alexander’s Steakhouse? The menu! It’s not just a list of dishes but a promise of a memorable culinary experience.

Begin with appetizers that awaken your taste buds. From the crispy calamari that melts in your mouth to the zesty salads that pack a punch of flavor, every starter tells you that you’re in for a treat. And then, the highlight – the steaks! Whether you’re a fan of the classic sirloin or the rich flavors of a ribeye, there’s a cut of meat with your name on it.

But the magic doesn’t stop with beef. Seafood lovers rejoice at the sight of fresh salmon, seared tuna, and buttery lobster tails. Not to mention the vegetarian options that are crafted with the same love and attention to detail as the carnivorous dishes.

Earning Stripes: The Reputation of Alexander’s Steakhouse

It’s one thing to have a great menu, but reputation? That’s earned one steak, one smile, and one satisfied customer at a time.

Alexander’s Steakhouse isn’t just known for its food but also for the experience it offers. When diners talk about their time here, it’s often with a gleam in their eye. Why? Because the restaurant ensures that from the moment you walk in to the time you leave, everything is just perfect.

Consistency plays a big role in this. The steak you enjoyed last month? It’s going to be just as delightful this month. This commitment to maintaining high standards has led to a lot of positive chatter. People post drool-worthy pictures online, write glowing reviews, and most importantly, come back time and time again.

More Than Just a Meal: The Popularity Aspect

While food is a massive part of Alexander’s Steakhouse’s appeal, there’s so much more to its story. Let’s peek behind the curtain.

The ambiance is one of the first things that strikes you. Elegant but welcoming, the atmosphere makes you feel at home, yet in a special way. It’s the kind of place where you can celebrate milestones or simply enjoy a meal with loved ones.

Then there are the special events. Alexander’s doesn’t just serve food; they celebrate it. From wine pairing nights to chef’s special tasting menus, there’s always something unique happening. These events are not only about trying something different but also about learning and appreciating the finer nuances of food.

Finally, let’s not forget the team behind the magic. The staff at Alexander’s Steakhouse are more than just employees; they’re ambassadors of the brand. Always attentive, always smiling, they ensure that every diner’s experience is nothing short of perfect.

Wrapping up, Alexander’s Steakhouse isn’t just about dining; it’s about celebrating food. Through its impeccable menu, steadfast commitment to quality, and the entire dining experience it offers, the restaurant has carved a niche for itself in the culinary world. If you’ve never been, make a reservation. If you’ve been before, go back. Because, at Alexander’s, every meal is a new story waiting to be told.

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