1 for 1 Pizza Canada Prices: How much is 1 for 1 Pizza Canada?

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If you’re a pizza lover living in Canada, chances are you’ve heard of 1 for 1 Pizza Canada. With multiple locations across the country, this popular pizza chain has been satisfying hungry customers for over 25 years. But what sets 1 for 1 Pizza Canada apart from other pizza chains is its commitment to quality and affordability. Below are the latest 1 for 1 Pizza Canada menu prices.


Sauce / Dips

Creamy Garlic$1.50
Cheddar Chipotle$1.50
Sweet Chili$1.50
Honey Garlic$1.50
Sour Cream$1.50

Create Your Own Pizza

Medium Cheese$13.80
Large Cheese$16.38
Extra Large Cheese$19.55
Small Cheese$10.65

Most Popular

Garden Salad$8.05

Amuse-Gueules / Appetizers

Croustilles Maison / Homestyle Crisps$5.50
Frites / Fries$4.40
Frites en Vrilles / Curly Fries$6.60
Frites au Patate Douce / Sweet Potato Fries$7.70
Rondelles d'Oignon / Onion Rings$6.60
Pommes de Terre en Quartier / Potato Wedges$6.60
Patates au Cheddar et Chipotle Spudz / Chipotle Cheddar Spudz$8.80
Pain Ă  l'Ail / Garlic Bread$4.40
Pain Ă  l'Ail avec Fromage / Garlic Bread with Cheese$5.50
Pain Ă  l'Ail avec Fromage & Bacon / Garlic Bread with Bacon & Cheese$6.60
Choisissez Votre Quatuor / Pick Your Pack$14.30


Classic Caesar$9.13

Salades / Salads

Jardinière / Garden$7.70
CĂ©sar / Ceasar$7.70
CĂ©sar Classique / Classic Caesar$8.80
Grecque / Greek$8.80


Curly Fries$5.75
Sweet Potato Fries$7.00
Onion Rings$5.75
Potato Wedges$5.75
Zucchini Sticks$11.00
Garlic Fingers$6.45
Mozzarella Sticks$11.94
Chipotle Cheddar Spudz$7.39
Garlic Bread$4.13
Garlic Bread with Bacon and Cheese$7.33
Pick Your Pack$14.36
Garlic Bread with Cheese$6.12

Specialty Poutines

Small Chips with Poutine$8.05
Small Original Poutine$8.03
Small Curly Fries Poutine$9.53
Small Potato Wedges Poutine$9.53
Small Sweet Potato Fries Poutine$9.88
Small Chicken Fries Poutine$11.62
Two Small Original Poutines$16.07
Large Chips with Poutine$10.35
Large Original Poutine$9.96
Large Curly Fries Poutine$12.23
Large Potato Wedges Poutine$11.85
Large Sweet Potato Fries Poutine$13.18
Large Chicken Fries Poutine$15.08

Sous-Marins Grillés au Four / Oven-Toasted Subs

Sous-Marin Végétarien / Custom Veggie Sub$9.90
Sous-Marin Pizza / Pizza Sub$11.00
Bifteck / Beef Steak Sub$12.10
Poulet Cajun / Cajun Chicken$11.00
Fillet de Poisson / Fish Fillet$12.10
Poulet Cajun & Bacon / Cajun Chicken & Bacon$12.10
Morceaux de Poulet / Chicken$12.10
Morceaux de Poulet Buffalo / Buffalo Chicken$12.10
Poulet Club / Chicken Club$12.10

Pizza and Wings

Small Pizza and Eight Wings$20.28
Medium Pizza and Twelve Wings$26.23
Large Pizza and Fifteen Wings$31.00
Extra Large Pizza and Twenty Wings$40.68

Oven Toasted Subs

Custom Veggie$9.87
Philly Cheese Steak$12.16
Cajun Chicken$11.20
Fish Fillet$12.62
Cajun Chicken Bacon$12.01
Chicken Strips$12.16
Buffalo Chicken$12.16


Chicken Fries$8.05
Boneless Chicken Bites$11.71
Chicken Wings$8.85


Chicken Burger$10.73
Any Two Burgers Platter$21.30
Chicken Club Sandwich$12.44
Fish and Chips$11.48


Triple Threat$41.00
Great Canadian Classic$20.43
Crowd Pleaser$44.14
XL Special$27.75
Fan Favourite$29.00
Bock-Bock Box$17.00
Wings N Things$33.43

One Topping Specialty Pizzas

Small Classic Pepperoni$11.61
Medium Classic Pepperoni$15.12
Extra Large Classic Pepperoni$21.45
Large Classic Pepperoni$17.68
Small Ultra Thin New York Pizza$11.61
Medium Ultra Thin New York Pizza$15.12
Large Ultra Thin New York Pizza$17.68
Extra Large Ultra Thin New York Pizza$21.45



Two Topping Specialty Pizzas

Small 1 for 1 Margarita$12.59
Medium 1 for 1 Margarita$16.44
Large 1 for 1 Margarita$19.61
Extra Large 1 for 1 Margarita$23.35
Small Hawaiian$12.59
Medium Hawaiian$16.44
Large Hawaiian$19.61
Extra Large Hawaiian$23.35
Small Potato$12.59
Medium Potato$16.44
Large Potato$19.61
Extra Large Potato$23.35

Three Topping Specialty Pizzas

Small Poutine EH$13.57
Medium Poutine EH$17.77
Large Poutine EH$20.85
Extra Large Poutine EH$25.24
Small Supreme Hawaiian$13.57
Medium Supreme Hawaiian$17.77
Large Supreme Hawaiian$20.85
Extra Large Supreme Hawaiian$25.24
Small Combination$13.57
Medium Combination$17.77
Large Combination$20.85
Extra Large Combination$25.24
Small Canadian$13.57
Medium Canadian$17.77
Large Canadian$20.85
Extra Large Canadian$25.24
Small Four Seasons$13.57
Medium Four Seasons$17.77
Large Four Seasons$20.85
Extra Large Four Seasons$25.24
Small Vegetarian$13.57
Medium Vegetarian$17.77
Large Vegetarian$20.85
Extra Large Vegetarian$25.24

Four Topping Specialty Pizzas

Small Mexican$14.55
Medium Mexican$19.10
Large Mexican$22.83
Extra Large Mexican$27.14
Small Meat Lovers$14.55
Medium Meat Lovers$19.10
Large Meat Lovers$22.83
Extra Large Meat Lovers$27.14
Small Bacon Cheeseburger$14.55
Medium Bacon Cheeseburger$19.10
Large Bacon Cheeseburger$22.83
Extra Large Bacon Cheeseburger$27.14

Five Specialty Topping Pizzas

Small Deluxe$15.53
Medium Deluxe$20.41
Large Deluxe$24.43
Extra Large Deluxe$29.03
Small Veggie Lovers$15.53
Medium Veggie Lovers$20.41
Large Veggie Lovers$24.43
Extra Large Veggie Lovers$29.03

Gourmet Pizzas

Small Chicken Club$14.10
Small Chicken Bacon Ranch$14.10
Small BBQ Chicken$14.10
Small White Pizza$14.10
Small Pesto Classic$14.60
Small Steak House$15.05
Small Greek$15.05
Small Tropical Pesto$15.05
Small Supreme Gourmet$15.58
Medium Chicken Club$18.45
Medium Chicken Bacon Ranch$18.45
Medium BBQ Chicken$18.45
Medium White Pizza$18.45
Medium Pesto Classic$19.14
Medium Steak House$19.78
Medium Tropical Pesto$19.78
Medium Greek$19.78
Medium Supreme Gourmet$20.47
Large Chicken Club$22.00
Large Chicken Bacon Ranch$22.00
Large BBQ Chicken$22.00
Large White Pizza$22.00
Large Pesto Classic$22.82
Large Steak House$23.63
Large Tropical Pesto$23.63
Large Greek$23.63
Large Supreme Gourmet$24.43
Extra Large Chicken Club$26.22
Extra Large Chicken Bacon Ranch$26.22
Extra Large BBQ Chicken$26.22
Extra Large White Pizza$26.22
Extra Large Pesto Classic$27.19
Extra Large Steak House$28.11
Extra Large Tropical Pesto$28.11
Extra Large Greek$28.11
Extra Large Supreme Gourmet$29.09


Chocolate Mousse Cake$3.50
Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie$6.93

Poulet / Chicken

Frites de Poulet / Chicken Fries$9.90
Ailes de Poulet / Chicken Wings$8.80


Bottled Pop$4.06

Assiettes / Platters

Inclus frites / Includes fries
Hambourgeois / Hamburger$9.90
Hambourgeois avec Fromage / Cheeseburger$11.00
Hambourgeois au Poulet / Chicken Burger$11.00
Club Sandwich avec Poulet / Chicken Club Sandwich$12.10
Poisson & Frites / Fish & Chips$11.00

Trempettes et Sauces / Dips and sauces

Crémeuse à l'Ail / Creamy Garlic$1.20
Cheddar Chipotle /$1.20
Sauce Ail et Miel / Honey Garlic$1.20
Ranch et Jalapeno / Jalapeno Ranch$1.20
Sauce Brune / Gravy$1.20
Sauce MĂ©dium / Medium Sauce$1.20
Sauce Forte / Hot Sauce$1.20
Sauce Suicide / Suicide Sauce$1.20
Sauce Sucrée au Chili / Sweet Chili$1.20
BBQ /$1.20
Marinara /$1.20
Ranch /$1.20
Fromage Bleu / Blue Cheese$1.20
Sauce Tartare / Tartar Sauce$1.20
Mayo /$1.20
Crème Sure / Sour Cream$1.20
Sauce aux Prunes / Plum Sauce$1.20

Boissons / Drinks

Dr. Pepper$1.50
Cream Soda$1.50
Grape Crush$1.50
Orange Crush$1.50
Mountain Dew$1.50
Brisk Iced Tea /$1.50
Diet Pepsi /$1.50
Soda au Gingembre / Ginger Ale$1.50
Biere de Racine / Root Beer$1.50
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To learn more about 1 for 1 Pizza Canada or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://1for1pizza.com/.

About 1 for 1 Pizza Canada

1 for 1 Pizza Canada offers a wide range of pizza options to suit every taste and preference. Whether you’re a fan of classic pepperoni or you prefer something a little more gourmet, there’s something for everyone on the menu. The chain also offers a variety of sides, including salads, wings, and garlic bread, to complement your pizza.

What’s even better is that 1 for 1 Pizza Canada offers its pizzas at an affordable price point, making it a great option for students or anyone on a budget. The chain also frequently runs promotions and deals to make their already affordable prices even more appealing.

But 1 for 1 Pizza Canada isn’t just about affordability – it’s also committed to quality. All of the chain’s pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavor. The chain also offers several options for customers with dietary restrictions, including gluten-free and lactose-free pizzas.

With its commitment to quality and affordability, it’s no wonder that 1 for 1 Pizza Canada has become a go-to destination for pizza lovers across the country. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy meal or a casual dinner with friends, you can’t go wrong with a delicious pizza from 1 for 1 Pizza Canada.

So why not check out 1 for 1 Pizza Canada’s menu today and see what all the fuss is about? Don’t forget to keep an eye out for 1 for 1 Pizza Canada Prices and promotions to get the most bang for your buck.

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1 for 1 Pizza Canada FAQ

How much is 1 for 1 Pizza Canada's Triple Threat?

Triple Threat – $36.00

How much is a Great Canadian Classic at 1 for 1 Pizza Canada?

Great Canadian Classic – $19.00

How much are Bock-Bock Box at 1 for 1 Pizza Canada?

Bock-Bock Box – $17.00

How much does a 1 for 1 Pizza Canada's Medium Classic Pepperoni Cost?

Medium Classic Pepperoni – $15.12