zPizza Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest zPizza menu prices.

Item Price


Parmesan Flatbread Sticks $5.95
Mediterranean Plate $9.33
Zwings $10.92
Garlic Bread $5.01
Salt & Pepper Fries $4.63
Fries $4.67
Cheesy Garlic Bread $9.99
Meatball Bowl $8.92
Garlic Fries $6.15
Crispy Fries $5.35
Caprese $7.24
Truffle Fries $6.18
Cheesy Bread $9.50
Garlic Artichoke Dip $8.61
Mediterranean Flatbread $12.03
Zballs $8.50
Hummus Plate $7.88
Moroccan Flatbread $11.04
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts $7.40
Capreze $7.37

Popular Items

Pepperoni $10.87
ZCarnivore $12.54
Pear & Gorgonzola $9.56

Top Menu Items

Build Your Own Pizza $8.99
Small California Roasted Veggie Pizza $11.63
Build Your Own Gluten Free Pizza $9.85

Small Pizzas

10" - Please do NOT use Special Instructinos to add on items
Provence $11.63
Ham & Pineapple $12.19

Lunch Specials Lunch Spanish

Pick Any 2 $7.53
Pick Any 3 $9.65


Caesar Salad $12.94
Avocado Arugula $9.53
Greek Salad $13.42
Simple Salad $7.93
Pear and Gorgonzola Salad $15.18
Arugula Salad $8.84
California $9.63
Avocado Arugula Salad $15.52
California Salad $13.62
Cobb $11.43
Cobb Salad $18.50
Chopped Cobb Salad $10.49
Greek $10.01
Caesar $8.87

Rustica Flatbreads

Chicken Sausage Flatbread $13.06
Pear and Gorgonzola Flatbread $12.09

Meat Pizzas

Pepperoni Pizza $10.59
American Pizza $11.74
Bacon Spinach Mushroom Pizza $11.36
ZJalapeño $11.55
American $12.06
Z Carnivore Pizza $13.18
Bacon Spinach Mushroom $11.66
zJalepaño Pizza $11.30
Zcarnivore Pizza $12.43

Chicken Pizzas

Roasted Garlic Chicken $11.68
ZBQ Pizza $11.91
Mexican Pizza $11.90
Garlic Chicken Pizza $11.96
Mexican $12.19
ZBQ $12.03
Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza $11.93
Lemon Zing Pizza $11.97
Golden State Pizza $11.97

Veggie Pizza's

Antipasto Pizza Salad $14.15

Sandwiches Calzones

Calzone - Meat $9.10
Calzone - Veggie $9.81

Veggie Pizzas

Napoli $11.86
California Roasted Veggie $12.02
California Roasted Veggie Pizza $11.82
California Veggie Pizza $12.80
Large California Roasted Veggie Pizza $19.63
Berkeley Vegan Pizza $12.17
Cheese $8.61
Tuscan Mushroom $11.88
Provence Pizza $12.04
Berkeley Vegan $12.69
Cheese Pizza $8.65
Arugula Pesto Pizza Salad $13.21
Napoli Pizza $11.35
Tuscan Mushroom Pizza $12.29

Build Your Own Pizza

Large (Build Your Own Pizza) $16.65
Small (Build Your Own Pizza) $9.42
Build Your Own X - Large Pizza $23.21

Calzones and Sandwiches

Turkey Sandwich $8.65
Yuppie Veggie Sandwich $8.43
Chicken Pesto Sandwich $8.92

Calzones & Sandwiches

Classic Meat Calzone $10.45
Supersub $9.31
Roasted Veggie Calzone $9.92
Five Cheese Veggie Calzone $11.83
Hot Meatball Sub $9.46
Veggie Sub $10.51
Turkey Sub $11.59
Hot Pollo Latino $8.78
Super Sub $8.63

Zkids Byo Jr. Chef Kit

Build Your Own $7.18


Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.95
Cookie $2.46


Bottled Water $2.24
2L Diet Pepsi $4.36
2L Pepsi $4.36
Diet Pepsi $2.30


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About zPizza

Build-your-own pizza isn’t a new concept in the United States but zPizza, a chain of pizzerias, has differentiated itself from its competitors in many ways. The pizzerias, for one thing, offer healthy choices in crusts, cheeses and sauces, and toppings, as well as offer more interesting versions of these ingredients.

zPizza, also affectionately called simply as “z” by its fans, ensures that all of its ingredients used are of the highest quality, from the fresh vegetables and premium tomatoes to the tangy cheeses and flavorful sauces. This is a pizza chain that you will never get tired of patronizing!


In 1986, Sid Fanarof along with Suzi Megroz founded zPizza in Laguna Beach, California. The co-founders called it “the pizza place” while still looking for an appropriate name for their new business. Megroz, who was raised in France, pronounced it as “zee pizza place” complete with a French accent – and the name stuck.

The original co-founders were inspired to call their pizzeria as “z pizza”. But they soon decided to call it by its current official name “zpizza” or “zPizza”.

Today, the chain is owned by Fanarof along with Dan Rowe and Chris Bright, the founders of Fransmart. Its headquarters are  in Newport Beach, California while its stores are spread across California and Arizona, among other states.

What They’re Famous For

zPizza is known for its build-your-own pizzas, as well as for its terrific sandwiches.

Why Eat Here

Of course, you can build your own pizza creation and name it whatever you wish! You can pile on as many of the toppings and cheeses as you want, drizzle as much of the sauce, and choose the thinnest or thickest crust available. You can also be more mindful of your health and choose only the toppings, sauce, and cheese within your calorie needs.

Whatever path you choose to take at zPizza, you will find that it’s the right path. You can have pizza, after all, on your cheat day and on your non-cheat day – the trick is in making wise choices.

zPizza, nonetheless, also offer ready-to-eat pizzas (i.e., set menu) if you trust the palates of the chefs. The choices are aplenty, too, from contemporary American favorites to classic Mexican and Italian combos. You may also ask the staff to add or subtract certain ingredients depending on your specific dietary needs.

The American pizza is a huge deal at zPizza, thanks to its flavorful marinara sauce topped with spicy pepperoni, fennel sausage, roasted mushrooms, roasted red onions, fresh bell peppers, and baby heirloom tomatoes, and mozzarella. The Bacon Spinach Mushroom pizza is the perfect combination of healthy and hedonistic with its creamy white sauce, smoked bacon, roasted red onions and mushrooms, and spinach – and it can be made vegetarian, too, by substituting the bacon with artichoke hearts.

The Ham & Pineapple pizza is a firm favorite, too, because of its balance between sweet and tart from the tomato sauce, smoked ham and pineapple with generous dollops of mozzarella. Yet another pizza classic is the Pepperoni with all-natural pepperoni slices, tomato sauce, and part-skim mozzarella. The Sausage & Mushroom pizza is made more enjoyable with the addition of button mushrooms and fennel sausage.

The zCarnivore is the obvious favorite of meat lovers because of the savory combination of smoked ham, smoked bacon, pepperoni, and fennel sausage on a bed of marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella. The Mexican has a familiar feel to it, too, especially for people who like Mexican cuisine – pico de gallo as base topped with spicy lime chicken breast, sliced avocado, red and green onions, cilantro, and mozzarella make this pizza delectable with every bite.

The Roasted Garlic Chicken has a subtle garlicky flavor, thanks to its roasted garlic sauce combined with creamy white sauce, parmesan cheese, roasted garlic cloves, chicken breast slices, and fresh parsley.  The ZBQ appeals to people who love the taste of barbecue – mozzarella, barbecue sauce, marinated chicken breast, red onions, roasted red peppers, Roma tomatoes, sweet corn, and fresh cilantro are in it.

Going vegan? Then try the Berkeley Vegan, a delicious pizza with marinara sauce, roasted zucchini, mushrooms, and red onions, vegan sausage, and baby heirloom tomatoes with vegan cheese as toppings.Try the California Roasted Veggie pizza, too, with black olives contrasting against the fresh bell peppers, roasted red onions and mushrooms, and heirloom tomatoes.

zPizza is also a great place to satisfy your craving for Classic Meat Calzone, a classic Italian dish with fennel sausage and pepperoni. The sandwiches are a must-have, too, especially the Hot Meatball Sub (meatballs, marinara, and mozzarella on a freshly-baked baguette), the Hot Pollo Latino (spicy lime chicken breast, pico de gallo, and mixed greens on a baguette), and Roasted Veggie Calzone. If you’re going all out on your sub, then go for the SuperSub, a humungous sandwich filled with smoked ham, genoa salami, pepperoncinis, provolone, Roma tomatoes, and mixed greens.

To learn more about zPizza or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.zpizza.com.

zPizza FAQ

How much is zPizza's Parmesan Flatbread Sticks?

Parmesan Flatbread Sticks – $5.41

How much is a Cheesy Garlic Bread at zPizza?

Cheesy Garlic Bread – $9.76

How much are Garlic Artichoke Dip at zPizza?

Garlic Artichoke Dip – $8.61

How much does a zPizza's Pepperoni Cost?

Pepperoni – $10.85