Wagamama Menu Prices Ireland

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Wagamama Menu Prices Ireland.

Item Price

Curry Dishes

Chicken Katsu Curry €16.95
Prawn Firecracker €18.50
Chicken Nikko Curry *NEW* €16.95
Prawn Raisukaree €18.60
Chicken Itame €16.95
Chicken Raisukaree €17.25
Prawn Nikko Curry *NEW* €18.50
Yasai Itame €16.45
Chicken Firecracker €16.95
Prawn Itame €18.50


Beef Chilli Ramen €19.95
Chicken Chilli Ramen €16.50
Tantanmen Beef Brisket Ramen €19.45
Kare Burosu Ramen €16.45
Chicken Ramen €15.45
Chicken Gyoza Ramen €15.20
Yasai Gyoza Ramen €15.90
Chicken Tantamen Ramen €17.00
Sticky Vegan Short Rib €18.65


Chicken and Shrimp Yaki Soba €16.45
Chicken and Prawn Pad Thai €16.45
Chicken Teriyaki Soba €16.95
Yasai Pad Thai €15.45
Steak Teriyaki Soba €21.95
Yasai Yaki Soba €15.45
Yaki Udon €16.95
Salmon Teriyaki Soba €18.95

Vegan Main

VG Yasai Katsu Curry €15.95
VG Kare Burosu Ramen €16.45
Vg Yasai Pad €15.45
Vg Yasai Yaki Soba €15.45
Vg Yasai Itame €16.45
Vg Tofu Nikko Curry *NEW* €16.45
VG Sticky Vegan Short Rib €18.65
VG Yasai Gyoza Ramen €15.20

Vegan Sides

Vg Edamame €6.00
VG Yasai Gyoza €8.45
Bang Bang Cauliflower (VG) €7.45
Spicy Vegan Ribs €8.50
Sticky Miso Corn €6.85


Beef Teriyaki Donburi €17.95
Chicken Teriyaki Donburi €15.45
Chicken Yakimeshi €15.00
Yasai Yakimeshi €14.45


Yasai Veg Steamed Gyoza €8.45
Duck Fried Gyoza €8.95
Chicken Steamed Gyoza €8.45
Pork Steamed Gyoza €8.45


Teriyaki Salmon Kokoro €18.95
Shichimi Tofu Kokoro €15.45


Tori Kara Age €8.45
Chilli Squid €8.85
Suribachi Chicken Wings €8.45
Edamame €6.00
Bang Bang Cauliflower €7.45


Noodles €2.95
Kimchee €1.50
Miso Soup + Japanese Pickles €1.95
White Rice €2.95
Tea Stained Egg €1.00
Chillies €1.00
Japanese Pickles €1.00
Rice €1.50
Curry Sauce (V) €1.70

Soft Drinks

Can Fanta Orange €1.70
Can Coca Cola €1.70
Can Coke Zero €1.70
Can Sprite €1.70
Still Water €4.95
Sparkling Water €4.95
Can Still Water €2.00
Can Sparkling Water €2.00

Fresh Juices

High Five Juice €5.25
Blueberry Spice Juice €5.25
Fruit Juice €5.25
Positive Juice €5.25
Power Juice €5.25


Vianto Pinot Grigio €22.95
Vianto Montepulciano €22.95
Abadia Mercier Rosado €22.95
Treviso Prosecco €24.95


Mini Chicken Katsu €6.95
Mini Yaki Soba €5.75
Mini Grilled Noodles €6.95
Mini Chicken Ramen €7.45
Mini Yasai Katsu (V) €6.45
Mini Yasai Ramen(V) €5.75
Mini Cha Han €5.75

Special Offers

Personal Deal €25.00
Family Deal €49.95
Couples Deal €45.00

To Share

Subarashī Sharer €19.95
Vegan Subarashī Sharer €19.95
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Exploring Wagamama Ireland: A Fusion of Flavors and Culture

Wagamama, a name that resonates with food enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike, has left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape. In this article, we’ll delve into the reputation and growing popularity of Wagamama Ireland—an establishment that skillfully combines delectable flavors with a vibrant cultural experience.

Culinary Harmony: The Wagamama Experience

Wagamama Ireland isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey that celebrates both cuisine and culture. As you step into its inviting ambiance, you’re greeted by an environment that effortlessly blends the contemporary with the traditional. The interior design reflects the essence of Japanese minimalism while retaining a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

The true allure of Wagamama Ireland, however, lies in its culinary offerings. The menu is an intricate tapestry of flavors that seamlessly merge the authenticity of Japanese cuisine with global inspirations. Each dish is a testament to the chefs’ dedication to creating an unforgettable experience, combining fresh ingredients and innovative techniques to delight the palate.

A Fusion of Flavors: The Culinary Heritage of Wagamama Ireland

At the heart of Wagamama Ireland’s reputation is its commitment to culinary excellence. The restaurant’s offerings are a fusion of diverse ingredients and flavors, creating a symphony of taste that caters to a wide range of palates. From soul-soothing ramen to tantalizing curries and fresh sushi, Wagamama Ireland’s menu encapsulates the richness of Japanese cuisine while embracing influences from around the world.

One of the highlights of the dining experience is the open kitchen concept, which allows diners to witness the culinary magic as it unfolds. The sizzle of the grill and the aroma of expertly cooked dishes further heighten the anticipation, making every visit an immersive encounter with the art of cooking.

From Local Delight to Cultural Icon: The Popularity of Wagamama Ireland

Wagamama Ireland’s meteoric rise in popularity can be attributed to its ability to transcend the realm of food and become a cultural icon. Beyond offering delectable meals, the restaurant provides a unique blend of culture, creativity, and camaraderie. This has resonated deeply with patrons, turning them from mere diners into ardent advocates.

The establishment’s reputation isn’t confined to the flavors it serves; it’s rooted in the holistic experience it offers. The warm and attentive service, coupled with the vibrant atmosphere, creates an environment that encourages meaningful connections among guests. This sense of community and shared experience is what sets Wagamama Ireland apart, transforming it from a restaurant into a cultural hub.

Discover Wagamama Ireland: A Culinary and Cultural Expedition

Wagamama Ireland isn’t just a place to dine; it’s an invitation to explore a world of flavors and culture. Its reputation and burgeoning popularity stand as a testament to the dedication of its chefs, the warmth of its staff, and the authenticity of its offerings. Every visit to Wagamama Ireland is a journey that takes you on an expedition of taste, culture, and connection.

In conclusion, Wagamama Ireland has carved a niche for itself in the hearts of food enthusiasts and culture aficionados alike. Its unique blend of flavors, ambiance, and cultural experiences has propelled it to the forefront of culinary establishments. By consistently delivering exceptional experiences, Wagamama Ireland has solidified its reputation and ensured its place as a beloved destination for those seeking a taste of both Japan and the world.

To learn more about Wagamama Ireland or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.wagamama.ie/.

Wagamama Ireland FAQ

How much is Wagamama Ireland's Chicken Katsu Curry?

Chicken Katsu Curry – €15.90

How much is a Chicken Steamed Gyoza at Wagamama Ireland?

Chicken Steamed Gyoza – €7.80

How much are Prawn Itame at Wagamama Ireland?

Prawn Itame – €16.40

How much does a Wagamama Ireland's Prawn Raisukaree Cost?

Prawn Raisukaree – €17.50