Veg Bites India Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Veg Bites India menu prices.

Item Price

Amritsari Naan

Garlic Naan with Dal Makhani ₹145.60
Garlic Naan with Chole ₹145.60
Garlic Naan with Rajma ₹168.00
Aloo Naan with Baingan Bharta ₹168.00
Garlic Naan with Baingan Bharta ₹168.00
Garlic Naan with Butter Paneer ₹168.00
Chilli Naan with Dal Makhani ₹145.60
Chilli Naan with Chole ₹145.60
Chilli Naan with Butter Paneer ₹168.00


Classic Burger ₹78.40
Classic Cheese Burger ₹89.60
Double Tikka Burger ₹156.80

Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer ₹168.00
Schezwan Chilli Paneer ₹179.20


Burger Combo ₹212.80
Sandwich Combo ₹222.88


Piri Piri Fries ₹100.80
French Fries ₹78.40
Cheese Fries ₹134.40
Chilli Cheese Fries ₹168.00
Pizza Fries ₹168.00
Garlic Fries ₹168.00
Schezwan Fries ₹168.00

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread ₹134.40
Schezwan Garlic Bread ₹134.40
Chilli Cheese Garlic Bread ₹134.40

Indian Snacks

Pav Bhaji ₹100.80
Chole Kulcha ₹145.60
Idli Sambhar ₹67.20
Paneer Bhurji Pav ₹168.00
Upma ₹67.20
Vada Pav ₹56.00

Italian Soda

French Kiss ₹123.20
Spicy Mango ₹123.20
Oh La La ₹123.20


Maggi Punjabi with Coke ₹123.20
Double Masala Maggi ₹67.20
Butter Maggi ₹89.60
Mix Veg Maggi ₹89.60
Maggi Punjabi ₹112.00
Maggi in Cheese Sauce ₹112.00
Maggi Cheese Corn ₹112.00
Cheese Vegetable Maggi ₹112.00
Schezwan Maggi ₹112.00


Virgin Mojito ₹123.20


Schezwan Momos ₹112.00
Hot Garlic Momos ₹112.00
Chilli Chinese Momos ₹112.00
Honey Chilli Momos ₹112.00
Manchurian Fried Momos ₹112.00


Veg Noodles ₹100.80
Hakka Noodles ₹100.80
Schezwan Noodles ₹112.00
Paneer Fried Noodles ₹156.80
Schezwan Paneer Noodles ₹156.80


Paratha with Dal Makhani ₹156.80
Paratha with Chole ₹145.60
Onion Paratha with Raita ₹84.00
Paratha with Rajma ₹145.60
Paratha with Baingan Bharta ₹145.60
Paratha with Butter Paneer ₹168.00


Cheese Veggie Pasta ₹168.00
Tomato Cheese Pasta ₹168.00

Pizza Combination Topping

La Pizza Indouri Pizza ₹156.80
Cheese Blast Pizza ₹168.00
Italian Pizza ₹156.80
Exotica Italian Pizza ₹179.20
Peppy Paneer Pizza ₹179.20
5 Peppers Pizza ₹179.20

Pizza Single Topping

Margherita Pizza ₹134.40
Onion Pizza ₹134.40
Capsicum Pizza ₹134.40
Tomato Pizza ₹134.40
Corn Pizza ₹134.40
Mushroom Pizza ₹134.40

Chinese Rice

Veg Biryani ₹168.00
Veg Fried Rice ₹100.80
Schezwan Fried Rice ₹112.00
Paneer Fried Rice ₹156.80
Schezwan Paneer Fried Rice ₹156.80

Indian Rice

Rice with Dal Makhani ₹145.60
Rice with Chole ₹145.60
Rice with Rajma ₹145.60
Rice with Butter Paneer ₹168.00
Rice with Dal Tadka ₹112.00
Rice with Kadhi ₹112.00
Butter Khichdi ₹78.40
Cheese Butter Khichdi ₹100.80


Aloo Masala Sandwich ₹56.00
Bombay Grilled Sandwich ₹89.60
Bombay Grilled Cheese Sandwich ₹100.80
Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich ₹78.40
Corn Mayonnaise Sandwich ₹78.40
Corn Cheese Sandwich ₹100.80
Cheese Vegetable Sandwich ₹100.80
Paneer Masala Sandwich ₹100.80
Schezwan Paneer Sandwich ₹100.80
Vegetable Paneer Sandwich ₹100.80
Cheese Chutney Sandwich ₹112.00
Butter Cheese Club Sandwich ₹112.00
Cheese Veg Club Sandwich ₹156.80
Italian Veg Cheese Club Sandwich ₹156.80


Veg Manchurian ₹168.00
Honey Chilli Potato ₹168.00
Hot Garlic Potato ₹168.00


Paneer Tikka Wrap ₹112.00
Paneer Vegetable Wrap ₹112.00
Schezwan Paneer Wrap ₹112.00
Chilli Paneer Wrap ₹112.00
Cheese Vegetable Wrap ₹112.00


Chocolicious Waffle ₹112.00
Nutella Waffle ₹112.00
Say Cheese Waffle ₹112.00


Hot Brownie with Ice Cream ₹168.00
Nutella Sandwich ₹168.00
Sizzling Brownie ₹196.00

Cold Coffee

Classic Cold Coffee ₹89.60
Cold Coffee with Ice Cream ₹123.20
Oreo Blended Coffee ₹123.20
Hazelnut Cold Coffee ₹145.60
Caramello Cold Coffee ₹145.60
Nutella Cold Coffee ₹179.20
Brownie Cold Coffee ₹179.20
Cutting Cold Coffee ₹56.00
Kit Kat Cold Coffee ₹179.20
Cold Coffee Combo ₹112.00

Iced Tea

Lemon Iced Tea ₹123.20

Ready Beverages

H2O Bottle ₹16.80

Red Bull Breezers

Berrylicious Red Bull ₹224.00
Green Apple Red Bull ₹224.00


Chikoo Shake ₹134.40
Mango Shake ₹112.00
Chocolate Shake ₹89.60
Vanilla Shake ₹89.60
Blackcurrant Shake ₹89.60
Kiwi Shake ₹112.00
Khus Shake ₹89.60
Butterscotch Shake ₹134.40
Strawberry Shake ₹112.00
Sitaphal Shake ₹134.40
Oreo Shake ₹134.40
Strawberry Oreo Shake ₹145.60
Chocolate Oreo Shake ₹145.60
Nutella Shake ₹179.20
Kit Kat Shake ₹179.20
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Veg Bites India: A Long History of Delicious Vegetarian Food

Veg Bites India is a popular restaurant chain that specializes in vegetarian food. The restaurant has been serving up delicious vegetarian meals for many years and has built a loyal following among vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Let’s take a look at the history of Veg Bites India and the type of food they specialize in.

A Brief History of Veg Bites India

Veg Bites India was founded in 2004 with a mission to provide delicious and healthy vegetarian food to people in India. The restaurant quickly became popular and started expanding to other locations throughout the country. Today, Veg Bites India has over 20 locations across India.

Specialty Foods at Veg Bites India

Veg Bites India specializes in a variety of vegetarian dishes that are made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, including traditional Indian cuisine, as well as international dishes with an Indian twist.

One of the most popular items on the Veg Bites India menu is the paneer tikka, which is a traditional Indian dish made with marinated cottage cheese that is grilled to perfection. The dish is served with a side of mint chutney and is perfect for people who are looking for a healthy and filling meal.

Another popular item on the menu is the veggie burger, which is a vegetarian take on the classic burger. The burger is made with a vegetable patty, lettuce, tomato, and a special sauce that adds a burst of flavor. The burger is also available in a vegan option, which is made with a soy patty and vegan cheese.


Veg Bites India has been serving up delicious vegetarian food in India for many years. The restaurant specializes in a variety of dishes, including traditional Indian cuisine and international dishes with an Indian twist. Whether you’re in the mood for paneer tikka or a veggie burger, Veg Bites India has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for some delicious and healthy vegetarian food in India, be sure to check out Veg Bites India.

To learn more about Veg Bites India or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Veg Bites India FAQ

How much is Veg Bites India's Garlic Naan with Dal Makhani?

Garlic Naan with Dal Makhani – ?145.60

How much is a Classic Burger at Veg Bites India?

Classic Burger – ?78.40

How much are Schezwan Chilli Paneer at Veg Bites India?

Schezwan Chilli Paneer – ?179.20

How much does a Veg Bites India's Piri Piri Fries Cost?

Piri Piri Fries – ?100.80