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Below are the latest Sweet Belgium menu prices.

Item Price

Authentic Belgian Waffles

Box of 12 Small plain Belgian waffles (3") $25.00
Box of 6 Large Belgian waffles (5") $25.00
Box of 12 Large Belgian waffles $45.00
1 Large Warm Belgian Waffle $5.00

Doughnut Waffles

Box of 6 doughnut glazed waffles (3") $18.00
Box of 12 doughnut glazed waffles (3") $35.00


Latte Macchiato $3.80
Cappuccino $3.80
Iced Macchiato $4.00
Iced Mojito Coffee $4.40

Cold Drinks

Orange Juice (Tropicana 15.2oz) $3.50
Soft Drinks $2.00
San Pellegrino Soda $3.00
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Sweet Belgium: A Delectable Journey of Belgian Delights

In the world of gastronomy, there exists a haven that captivates the hearts and palates of dessert enthusiasts – Sweet Belgium. Far beyond being just a bakery, it’s a sweet haven where Belgian delicacies come to life, inviting patrons on a journey of indulgence. As we explore the essence of Sweet Belgium, we unveil the layers that contribute to its esteemed reputation and enduring popularity.

Crafting Artistry in Every Confection: The Essence of Sweet Belgium

Nestled amidst the bustling culinary scene, Sweet Belgium isn’t just a bakery; it’s a sanctuary where flavors are transformed into edible art. Within its walls, patrons embark on a journey of taste and texture that pays homage to the mastery of baking. The atmosphere at Sweet Belgium is a blend of warmth and aroma, inviting guests to experience the magic of dessert creation.

The heart of Sweet Belgium lies in its dedication to crafting desserts that are not only visually appealing but also a delight to the senses. From delicate pastries to rich chocolates, each creation is a testament to the craftsmanship of skilled bakers who infuse their creations with a touch of sweetness and creativity. The scent of freshly baked goods and the sight of intricate designs create an ambiance that embodies the essence of Sweet Belgium.

Elevating the Art of Dessert: Sweet Belgium’s Culinary Reputation

The reputation of a bakery is built upon its commitment to quality and innovation. Sweet Belgium has earned a reputation that resonates with those who appreciate the artistry of dessert making. The bakers at Sweet Belgium blend traditional techniques with modern twists, resulting in treats that are both mouthwatering and visually stunning.

The menu at Sweet Belgium reflects its dedication to providing an unforgettable dessert experience. From delicate éclairs to melt-in-your-mouth macarons, each item is carefully crafted to showcase the essence of pastry artistry. This commitment has solidified Sweet Belgium as a haven where patrons gather to celebrate the magic of baking, crafting sweet memories with every bite.

A Haven of Delight: Sweet Belgium’s Timeless Popularity

The enduring popularity of Sweet Belgium is a testament to its timeless allure. It’s not just a bakery; it’s a destination where dessert lovers of all ages can satisfy their cravings. The appeal lies not only in the delectable treats but also in the overall experience, from the moment patrons enter the bakery to the last crumb of their favorite pastry.

Sweet Belgium excels at creating an environment that caters to a diverse range of tastes. Families gather to indulge in sweet treats, friends celebrate special occasions with custom cakes, and couples find a cozy spot to share a dessert and create cherished moments. This versatility is what has kept Sweet Belgium a beloved spot for dessert connoisseurs.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation

Sweet Belgium strikes a harmonious balance between honoring time-honored traditions and embracing innovative approaches. While deeply rooted in the classics of baking, the menu at Sweet Belgium welcomes contemporary twists and unique flavor combinations. Each dessert is a testament to the fusion of culinary heritage and modern experimentation.

This equilibrium isn’t limited to the menu alone; it extends to the very essence of Sweet Belgium’s identity. The inviting ambiance, friendly service, and focus on customer satisfaction create an environment that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. People from all walks of life gather at Sweet Belgium to embark on a culinary adventure that marries nostalgia and curiosity.

Embracing the Sweet Symphony

In the vast landscape of culinary delights, Sweet Belgium stands as a testament to the art of dessert making. Its celebrated reputation and enduring popularity beckon enthusiasts and newcomers alike to partake in a journey through flavors that evoke nostalgia and excitement. With every bite of a delicate pastry and every sip of a rich hot chocolate, Sweet Belgium invites guests to embrace the sweet symphony that defines its essence.

Stepping into Sweet Belgium means immersing oneself in an atmosphere where dessert artistry and culinary tradition come together in perfect harmony. Each visit is an opportunity to savor the medley of tastes, textures, and aromas that come together to create an unforgettable experience. Sweet Belgium encapsulates the essence of indulgence, showcasing the very best of what the world of dessert creation has to offer.

In summary, Sweet Belgium isn’t just a bakery; it’s a celebration of the culinary arts, a haven where sweet dreams come true, and an homage to the joy of savoring life’s sweetest moments. Its reputation as a dessert destination and its unwavering popularity are a direct result of its commitment to delivering an extraordinary culinary experience. As the scent of freshly baked goods wafts through the air and smiles fill the room, the journey through the world of Sweet Belgium continues, leaving a sugary imprint on the taste buds and memories of all who have the privilege of indulging in its delights.

To learn more about Sweet Belgium or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.sweet-belgium.com/.

Sweet Belgium FAQ

How much is Sweet Belgium's Box of 12 Small plain Belgian waffles?

Box of 12 Small plain Belgian waffles – $25.00

How much is a Box of 6 doughnut glazed waffles at Sweet Belgium?

Box of 6 doughnut glazed waffles – $18.00

How much are Iced Macchiato at Sweet Belgium?

 Iced Macchiato – $4.00

How much does a Sweet Belgium's Soft Drinks Cost?

Soft Drinks – $2.00