Super Donuts – American Eatery & Bakery India Prices

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December, 2022 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Super Donuts – American Eatery & Bakery menu prices.

Item Price


Pink Lemonade ₹149.00
Club Strawberry Donut ₹104.00
Nutella Shake ₹199.00
Ice Tea Peach ₹139.00
Rainbow Room Donut ₹85.00


Kinder Joy Donut ₹99.00
Passion Fruit Macadamia Donut ₹104.00
Simpson'S Special Donut ₹94.00
Black Forest Donut ₹85.00
Black Magic Donut ₹85.00
Blueberry Jambell Donut ₹85.00
Boston Crème Donut ₹85.00
Caramel Donut ₹85.00
Carnival Donut ₹85.00
Chocolate Éclair Donut ₹85.00
Cinnamagic Donut ₹85.00
Cookie Dough Monster Donut ₹85.00
Crème Caramel Donut ₹85.00
Dark Sin Donut ₹85.00
Hazelnut Blast Donut ₹85.00
Nutella Magic Donut ₹85.00
One Happy Bean Donut ₹85.00
Oreo Dust Donut ₹85.00
Originally Glazed Donut ₹85.00
Rainbow Room Donut (Donut) ₹85.00
Red Velvet Donut ₹85.00
Rocky Road Donut ₹85.00
Snow White Donut ₹85.00
Sweet Dreams Donut ₹85.00
Team Double Donut ₹85.00
Walnut Woods Donut ₹85.00
White Forest Donut ₹85.00
Electric Currant Donut ₹95.00
Blueberry Blast Donut ₹94.00
Club Strawberry Donut (Donut) ₹104.00
Passion Fruit Donut ₹104.00
Nutella S'Mores Donut ₹113.00

Super Burgers

Big Black Burger ₹199.00
Herb Chilli Buger ₹79.00
Super Veg Buger ₹159.00
Butter Chicken Buger ₹169.00
Super Chicken Buger ₹169.00
Chicken Keema Buger ₹179.00
Lamborghini Buger ₹179.00
New Yorker Buger ₹199.00

Super Dogs

Potato Skillet Dog ₹159.00
All American Dog ₹159.00
Chicken Chipotle Dog ₹179.00
Chilli Keema Dog ₹179.00


Chilli Paneer Wraps ₹159.00
Potato Crunch Wraps ₹159.00
Smoked Chicken Wraps ₹179.00
Crispy Chicken Fiery Wraps ₹189.00

Grilled Sandwiches

Summer Light Sandwich ₹149.00
Paneer Tikka Sandwich ₹179.00
Chicken Tikka Sandwich ₹199.00
Chicken Keema Sandwich ₹209.00

Loaf Sandwiches

The Bawse Sandwich ₹169.00
Philly Chicken Steak Sandwich ₹209.00

Bagel Sandwiches

Veg Bagel Sandwich ₹179.00
Non Veg Bagel Sandwich ₹219.00

Veg Pasta

Veg Penne Alfredo ₹259.00
Veg Penne Arrabiata ₹259.00
Veg Penne Primavera ₹259.00
Veg Pesto Penne Alfredo ₹259.00

Non Veg Pasta

Non Veg Penne Alfredo ₹279.00
Non Veg Penne Arrabiata ₹299.00
Non Veg Penne Primavera ₹309.00
Non Veg Pesto Penne Alfredo ₹289.00


Sloppy Joes Chucklers ₹179.00
The Spartans Chucklers ₹159.00

Fries and Nachos

Peri-Peri Fries ₹139.00
Jalapeno Fries ₹159.00
Mexican Salsa Fries ₹169.00
Chicken Ranch Fries ₹189.00
Keema Fries ₹199.00

Cold Brew Ice Tea

Lemon Ice Tea ₹139.00
Peach Ice Tea ₹139.00
Strawberry Ice Tea ₹139.00

Super Drinks

Masala Limone ₹129.00
Power Lemonade ₹129.00
Ice Tea Lemon ₹139.00
Ice Tea Peach (Super Drinks) ₹139.00
Fly to Hawaii Super Drink ₹149.00
Arctic Blu Super Drink ₹159.00
Summer Berry Cooler ₹169.00
Pink Lemonade (Super Drinks) ₹149.00
Fruit Punch ₹180.00

American Thick Shakes

Choco Brain Freeze ₹169.00
Magic Potion Thick Shake ₹209.00
Oreology Thick Shake ₹189.00
Nutella Shake (American Thick Shakes) ₹199.00
Mojo Brown Thick Shake ₹209.00
Red Velvet Shake ₹209.00
Whey Power Punch Thick Shake ₹209.00
Billion Dollar Thick Shake ₹219.00
Ferrero Rocher Thick Shake ₹219.00
Red Devil Thick Shake ₹219.00

Freak Shakes

Birthday Bash ₹280.00
Do Not Freakout ₹280.00

Super Coffee

Cafe Americano ₹70.00
Espresso ₹70.00
Iced Latte Coffee ₹159.00
Café Frappe [Cold] ₹169.00
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Super Donuts – American Eatery & Bakery India FAQ

How much is Super Donuts – American Eatery & Bakery India's Club Strawberry Donut?

Club Strawberry Donut – ₹104.00

How much is a Rainbow Room Donut at Super Donuts – American Eatery & Bakery India?

Rainbow Room Donut – ₹85.00

How much are Simpson'S Special Donut at Super Donuts – American Eatery & Bakery India?

Simpson’S Special Donut – ₹94.00

How much does a Super Donuts – American Eatery & Bakery India's Nutella Magic Donut Cost?

Nutella Magic Donut – ₹85.00