Sher-E-Punjab India Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Sher-E-Punjab India menu prices.

Item Price


Aloo Paratha (1 pc) and Butter ₹19.00
Aloo Paratha (1 pc), Butter, and Dahi ₹29.00
Tandoori Roti ₹10.00
Butter Naan ₹35.00
Butter Chicken ₹250.00

Veg Dishes

Yellow Dal Fry ₹120.00
Dal Fry ₹100.00
Dal Makhani ₹120.00
Rajma ₹120.00
Chana Masala ₹120.00
Matar Paneer ₹140.00
Shahi Paneer ₹160.00
Palak Paneer ₹140.00
Malai Kofta ₹140.00
Matar Mushroom ₹140.00
Cheese Tomato ₹160.00
Jeera Aloo ₹100.00
Paneer Bhurji ₹170.00
Mushroom Malai ₹160.00
Kadhai Paneer ₹170.00
Mix Vegetable ₹100.00
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala ₹180.00
Paneer Butter Masala ₹170.00
Mushroom Masala ₹180.00
Aloo Matar ₹130.00


Veg Thali ₹130.00
Non Veg Thali ₹180.00
Simple Thali ₹80.00

Chinese Veg

Cheese Chilli (Dry) ₹180.00
Veg Manchurian ₹120.00
Veg Noodles ₹100.00
Veg Fried Rice ₹110.00
Veg Biryani ₹120.00


Sarson da Saag ₹110.00
Makki ki Roti ₹20.00

Raita and Salad

Mix Raita ₹80.00
Salad ₹80.00
Boondi Raita ₹60.00


Tandoori Roti (Tandoori) ₹10.00
Lachha Paratha ₹25.00
Missi Roti ₹25.00
Butter Roti ₹15.00
Butter Naan (Tandoori) ₹35.00
Plain Naan ₹30.00
Cheese Naan (Gravy) ₹150.00
Stuffed Paratha ₹50.00

Rice Dishes

Jeera Pulao ₹100.00
Jeera Rice ₹90.00
Paneer Pulao ₹120.00
Vegetable Pulao ₹110.00
Plain Rice ₹80.00
Matar Pulao ₹100.00

Non Veg

Masala Chicken ₹250.00
Butter Chicken (Non Veg) ₹250.00
Kadhai Chicken ₹250.00
Handi Chicken ₹250.00
Chicken Curry ₹150.00
Cream Chicken ₹250.00
Lemon Chicken ₹250.00
Mutton Rogan Josh ₹250.00
Keema Liver ₹250.00


Tandoori Chicken ₹200.00


Amritsari Fish Fry ₹225.00
Fish Pakora ₹225.00

Non Veg Naan

Keema Naan Gravy ₹170.00
Chicken Naan Gravy ₹160.00

Chinese Non Veg

Chicken Noodles ₹150.00
Chicken Noodles (Full) ₹150.00
Chicken Fried Rice ₹160.00
Chicken Fried Rice (Full) ₹160.00
Chilli Chicken (Dry) ₹250.00
Chicken Biryani ₹170.00
Chicken Biryani (Full) ₹170.00
Egg Fried Rice ₹150.00
Egg Fried Rice (Full) ₹150.00

Sweet Dish

Hot Gulab Jamun (1 pc) ₹30.00
Gajrela (1 Plate) ₹60.00
Ras Malai (1 pc) ₹50.00
Spongy Rasgulla (1 pc) ₹35.00

Rice Box

Dal Rice Box ₹60.00
Rajma Rice Box ₹60.00
Chana Rice Box ₹60.00
All Matar Rice Box ₹60.00
Matar Paneer Rice Box ₹70.00
Pulao Raita Box ₹60.00
Veg Manchurian Fried Rice Box ₹100.00


Aloo Paratha (1 pc) and Butter (Parathas) ₹19.00
Aloo Paratha (1 pc), Butter, and Dahi (Parathas) ₹29.00


Chicken Soup ₹50.00
Veg Soup ₹50.00
Tomato Soup ₹50.00
Item Price


Aloo Paratha ₹40.00
Mooli Paratha ₹40.00
Gobi Paratha ₹40.00
Paneer Paratha ₹60.00
Dahi ₹20.00
Sweet Lassi ₹50.00
Butter ₹10.00
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Exploring the Flavors of Sher-E-Punjab: A Culinary Journey Through India

India, a land known for its rich cultural tapestry and diverse cuisine, is home to numerous culinary treasures. Among these, “Sher-E-Punjab” stands out as a beacon of authenticity and flavor. In this article, we’ll delve into the reputation and popularity of “Sher-E-Punjab India,” a restaurant that captures the essence of Indian cuisine and offers a culinary journey like no other.

A Gastronomic Voyage Through Indian Cuisine

“Sher-E-Punjab India” takes diners on a gastronomic voyage through the diverse and vibrant flavors of Indian cuisine. With a menu that spans various regions and culinary traditions of India, the restaurant presents a comprehensive overview of the country’s culinary heritage. From the aromatic spices of North India to the coastal delights of the South, every dish tells a story that reflects India’s cultural diversity.

One of the hallmarks of “Sher-E-Punjab India” is its commitment to preserving the authenticity of Indian flavors. Traditional cooking techniques and carefully selected ingredients are used to create dishes that capture the essence of each region’s cuisine. Whether it’s the buttery richness of a North Indian curry or the tangy freshness of a South Indian sambar, every bite transports diners to the heart of India.

A Reputation Built on Excellence

The reputation of “Sher-E-Punjab India” is synonymous with excellence in both taste and experience. As word spread about the restaurant’s dedication to authenticity and quality, it quickly became a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Diners are drawn to the establishment for its flavorful dishes, warm ambiance, and attentive service.

The restaurant’s commitment to maintaining high standards is evident in every aspect, from the presentation of dishes to the quality of service. The staff at “Sher-E-Punjab India” takes pride in providing a memorable dining experience, ensuring that guests feel welcomed and well taken care of throughout their visit. This dedication has contributed significantly to the restaurant’s positive reputation in the culinary scene.

A Culinary Destination of Choice

The popularity of “Sher-E-Punjab India” has been fueled by its ability to cater to a wide range of palates and preferences. From families seeking a hearty meal to food enthusiasts craving authentic Indian flavors, the restaurant has become a culinary destination of choice. The use of social media platforms and online reviews has further amplified its popularity, with diners sharing their positive experiences and enticing visuals of the dishes they’ve savored.

The restaurant’s popularity is also rooted in its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort for those with Indian roots. The familiar flavors and aromas of home-cooked meals can transport diners to cherished memories, making “Sher-E-Punjab India” a place of connection and warmth.

In Conclusion: A Culinary Haven

“Sher-E-Punjab India” encapsulates the essence of Indian cuisine, offering a gateway to the diverse flavors and cultural richness of the country. With its commitment to authenticity, excellence, and providing a memorable dining experience, the restaurant has carved a special place in the hearts of those seeking an authentic culinary journey. Whether you’re a curious explorer of flavors or someone longing for the taste of home, “Sher-E-Punjab India” is a culinary haven where every dish tells a story and every bite is a celebration of India’s culinary heritage.

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Sher-E-Punjab India FAQ

How much is Sher-E-Punjab India's Yellow Dal Fry?

Yellow Dal Fry – ?120.00

How much is a Chana Masala at Sher-E-Punjab India?

Chana Masala – ?120.00

How much are Paneer Butter Masala at Sher-E-Punjab India?

Paneer Butter Masala – ?170.00

How much does a Sher-E-Punjab India's Cheese Chilli Cost?

Cheese Chilli – ?180.00