Plan B India Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Plan B India menu prices.

Item Price

Most Popular

Chicken Wings ₹288.00
Classic Beef Burger ₹358.00
Beef Lasagna ₹368.00
Coorg Pork ₹308.00
Grilled Veggie Pizza ₹388.00
Piri Piri Chicken Steak ₹398.00

Veg Appetizers

Jalapeno Poppers ₹278.00
Fried Mozzarella ₹288.00
Paneer Shashlik ₹278.00
Fried Paneer Strips ₹278.00
Stuffed Mushrooms ₹278.00
Corn and Cheese Nibbles ₹288.00
Potato and Cheese Croquettes ₹268.00
Spicy Mushroom and Pepper Skewers ₹268.00
Sauteed Mushrooms ₹268.00
Veggie Wingerz ₹288.00
Southwest Fried Rolls Vegetarian ₹268.00

Non Veg Appetizers

Fiery Chicken ₹268.00
Chicken Strips ₹268.00
Chilli Fried Chicken ₹288.00
Chicken Cheese Bites ₹288.00
Coorg Pork (Non Veg Appetizers) ₹308.00
Chilli Fried Pork ₹278.00
Bacon Wrapped Sausage ₹288.00
Fish Fingers ₹288.00
Chilli Fried Beef ₹278.00
Fiery Beef ₹278.00
Chicken Wings (Non Veg Appetizers) ₹288.00
Southwest Fried Rolls Chicken ₹268.00
Bacon Tots ₹288.00
Ham and Cheese Bites ₹298.00

Veg Burgers

Broc n Cheese Burger ₹358.00
Zucchini Burger ₹378.00
Potato and Corn Burger ₹338.00
Mushroom Burger ₹348.00
Fried Paneer Burger ₹338.00

Non Veg Burgers

Classic Beef Burger (Non Veg Burgers) ₹358.00
The Juicy Lucy Burger ₹378.00
Sticky Pig ₹368.00
Pandi Burger ₹418.00
The Notorious P.I.G. ₹448.00
Crispy Prawn Burger ₹448.00
Black Sheep Burger ₹418.00
Classic Chicken Burger ₹378.00
The Motherclucker Burger ₹388.00
Classic Bacon Cheese Burger ₹338.00

Veg Mains

Mac n Cheese ₹358.00
Stir Fried Veggies ₹348.00
Spinach and Corn Bake ₹378.00
Mushroom Stroganoff ₹348.00
Pasta Alfredo Veg ₹368.00
Pasta Arrabbiata Veg ₹368.00
Veg Lasagna ₹368.00

Non Veg Mains

Tenderloin Steak Well done ₹438.00
Chilli Cheese Dog ₹318.00
Piri Piri Chicken Steak (Non Veg Mains) ₹398.00
Hot Fried Chicken ₹398.00
Pork Chops ₹398.00
Grilled Fish ₹398.00
Citrus Garlic Fish ₹398.00
Seafood Casserole ₹428.00
Chicken Stroganoff ₹348.00
Beef Stroganoff ₹348.00
Chicken Lasagna ₹368.00
Beef Lasagna (Non Veg Mains) ₹368.00
Lamb Lasagna ₹368.00
Seafood Lasagna ₹368.00
Pasta Arrabbiata Chicken ₹368.00
Pasta Arrabbiata Bacon ₹368.00
Pasta Alfredo Chicken ₹368.00
Pasta Alfredo Bacon ₹368.00
Mac n Cheese Chicken ₹426.00
Mac n Cheese Bacon ₹426.00

Veg Pizzas

Margherita Pizza ₹358.00
Grilled Veggie Pizza (Veg Pizzas) ₹388.00
Hot n Spicy Mushroom Pizza ₹388.00
White Pizza Mushroom ₹393.00
White Pizza Paneer ₹398.00
White Pizza Broccoli ₹398.00
White Pizza Baby Corn ₹398.00

Non Veg Pizza

White Pizza Bacon ₹398.00
White Pizza Chicken ₹398.00
BBQ Chicken Pizza ₹388.00
BBQ Pork Pizza ₹398.00
Hot and Spicy Chicken ₹398.00
Hot and Spicy Beef ₹398.00
Loaded Pork Pizza ₹398.00
Meat Lovers ₹398.00
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Plan B India FAQ

How much is Plan B India's Chicken Wings?

Chicken Wings – ₹288.00

How much is a Fried Mozzarella at Plan B India?

Fried Mozzarella – ₹288.00

How much are Spicy Mushroom and Pepper Skewers at Plan B India?

Spicy Mushroom and Pepper Skewers – ₹268.00

How much does a Plan B India's Chilli Fried Pork Cost?

Chilli Fried Pork – ₹278.00