Pizza Hut South Africa Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Pizza Hut South Africa menu prices.

Item Price


Monster Energy Drink R34.50
500ml Bonaqua Water R17.47
Monster Energy Drink x 2 R63.25
440ml Buddy Bottle R21.35
1.5L Coke R38.97
Coke No Sugar Buddy 440ml R23.39
1.5L Coke No Sugar R41.12
Cappy R23.60


Beefy Bolognese R49.40
Creamy Chicken and Mushroom R49.40
Alfredo R49.40
Mac and Cheese R49.40

Promotion (Daily Deals)

Hut Doubles Large and Magnum R252.90
The Boss Deal R32.90
The Big Boss R232.37
My Box R46.65
Fold & Drink R64.02
Super Boss Box R244.22
Family Meal R252.90
Hut Double Medium Pizzas R161.55
Hut Double Large Pizzas R223.84

Picked For You

Untoppable Double Large Deal R167.07

Untoppable Deals

Untoppable Single Small R27.50
Untoppable Single Medium R55.00
Untoppable Single Large R82.50
Untoppable Single Stuffed Crust R104.50
Untoppable Double Stuffed Crust Deal R186.90

3 Deals: Hut Doubles

Hut 3 Doubles Large Pizzas R565.15
Hut 5 Doubles Large Pizzas R935.00
Hut 2 Doubles Large Pizzas R385.00

Vegetarian Pizza

Double Cheese Pizza R38.40
Tropical Veggie Pizza R38.40
Fiery Veg Pizza R38.40
Feta and Roasted Pizza R38.40
Tikka Veg Pizza R38.40
Margherita and Diced Tomato Pizza R38.40

Chicken Pizza

Sweet Chilli Chicken and Feta Pizza R43.90
Mexican Chicken Pizza R43.90
Fiery Chicken Pizza R43.90
Chicken Supreme Pizza R43.90
Chicken and Mushroom Pizza R43.90
BBQ Chicken and Macon Pizza R43.90
Tikka Chicken Pizza R43.90
Creamy Chicken Pizza R43.90
Tropical Chicken Pizza R43.90

Meat Lover's Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza R50.50
BBQ Meat Lovers Pizza R50.50
Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza R50.50
Pepperoni Pizza R50.50
Meat Lover’s Pizza R50.50
Macon, Feta and Avocado Pizza R50.50
Super Supreme Pizza R50.50
Smoky Beef Sausage Pizza R50.50
Four Seasons Pizza R50.50

Pizza Fold

Creamy Chicken Pizza Fold R49.42
Double Cheese Pizza Fold R49.42
Hawaiian Pizza Fold R49.42
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza Fold R43.90
Pepperoni Pizza Fold R52.44
Smoky Beef Pizza Fold R49.42
Sweet Chilli Chicken and Feta Pizza Fold R48.93
Tikka Pizza Fold R49.42


Regular Fries R24.39
Garlic Bread R24.85
Cheesy Loaded Chips R46.72
Loaded Cheesy Fries R38.40
Chicken Strips 4pcs R43.40
Cheesy Tikka Fries R38.40
Large Fries R36.91
Cheesy Bacon Fries R49.30
Cheesy Macon Fries R46.45
Cheesy Jalapeno Fries R47.40

Kids Menu

Small Pizza R43.40
3 Chicken Strips, Fries and Dip Sauce R43.40


Just Juice R16.40
1L Coke Zero R21.90
1.5L Coke Zero R32.90
1L Coke R24.10

Sweet Ones

Giant Choc Chip Cookie R47.72
Chocolate Pizza Small R42.05
Chocolate Pizza R34.92
6 Pack Magnum Mini Classic R87.90
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Pizza King South Africa: A Slice of History and Deliciousness

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, and Pizza King South Africa is a great example of how this Italian dish has become a global phenomenon. With a long history of pizza making and a dedication to quality ingredients, Pizza King South Africa has become a favorite among pizza lovers in the country.

The History of Pizza King South Africa

Pizza King South Africa was founded in 1991 by a group of pizza enthusiasts who shared a passion for quality ingredients and great taste. The company started as a small pizzeria in Cape Town and quickly became a hit among locals. With its commitment to quality ingredients and authentic recipes, Pizza King South Africa soon expanded to other cities across the country.

Specializing in Pizza and More

Pizza King South Africa specializes in a wide range of pizzas, from classic Margherita to more adventurous flavors like BBQ chicken and bacon. The company also offers a variety of sides, such as garlic bread and chicken wings, as well as pasta dishes and salads. Pizza King South Africa is committed to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in all of its dishes, which is evident in the taste of their food.

What to Expect When Visiting Pizza King South Africa

When you visit Pizza King South Africa, you can expect to be greeted by a warm and friendly atmosphere. The company’s restaurants are designed to be inviting and comfortable, making them the perfect place to enjoy a slice of pizza with friends or family. The staff is knowledgeable about the menu and can help you choose the perfect pizza for your taste buds.


Pizza King South Africa is a great example of how pizza has become a global food phenomenon. With a long history of pizza making and a commitment to quality ingredients, Pizza King South Africa has become a favorite among pizza lovers in the country. Whether you are a fan of classic Margherita or more adventurous flavors, Pizza King South Africa has something for everyone. So, the next time you are craving a delicious slice of pizza, head over to Pizza King South Africa and experience the taste of quality ingredients and authentic recipes.

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Pizza Hut South Africa FAQ

How much is Pizza Hut South Africa's Monster Energy Drink?

Monster Energy Drink – R34,50

How much is a Regular Potato Tots at Pizza Hut South Africa?

Regular Potato Tots – R20,28

How much are Cheesy Tikka Fries at Pizza Hut South Africa?

Cheesy Tikka Fries – R38,40

How much does a Pizza Hut South Africa's Beefy Bolognese Cost?

Beefy Bolognese – R49,40