Papa John’s Prices India

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January, 2023 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Here is a list of latest and up-to-date Papa John’s menu prices (India).

Item Price


Chicken Tikka Grilled Sandwich ₹108.00
Butter Chicken Burger ₹108.00
Chicken Tandoori Breast Sandwich ₹135.00
Chicken Club Sandwich ₹162.00
Chicken Salami Sandwich ₹126.00

Veg Wraps

Summer Veggie Cheese Wrap ₹63.00
Crunch Crispy Cheese Wrap ₹72.00
Paneer Paprika Cheese Wrap ₹81.00
Corn Mushroom Crispy Wrap ₹81.00

Non Veg Wraps

Fried Crispy Chicken Wrap ₹108.00
BBQ Crispy Chicken Wrap ₹117.00
Chicken Breast Cheese Wrap ₹126.00
Chicken Tikka Cheese Wrap ₹126.00
Chicken Tikka Cheese Wrap (Non Veg Wraps) ₹126.00

Veg Pizzas

Veg Delight Pizza ₹89.10
Paneer Tikka Pizza ₹98.10
Punjabi Express Pizza ₹116.10
Farm Fresh Pizza ₹134.10
Farm Fresh Pizza (Veg Pizzas) ₹134.10

Non Veg Pizza

Chicken Sausage Pizza ₹125.10
Chicken Salami Pizza ₹134.10
Chicken Tikka Pizza ₹143.10
Chicken BBQ Pizza ₹152.10
Butter Chicken Pizza ₹170.10
Non Veg Delight Pizza ₹179.10

Veg Grilled Sandwich

Summer Veggie Grilled Sandwich ₹63.00
Mushroom Veg Corn Sandwich ₹72.00
Club Grilled Sandwich ₹108.00
Paprika Paneer Grilled Sandwich ₹126.00

Non Veg Grilled Sandwich

Chicken Tikka Grilled Sandwich (Non Veg Grilled Sandwich) ₹108.00
Chicken Salami Sandwich (Non Veg Grilled Sandwich) ₹126.00
Chicken Tandoori Breast Sandwich (Non Veg Grilled Sandwich) ₹135.00
Chicken Club Sandwich (Non Veg Grilled Sandwich) ₹162.00

Veg Snacks and Fries

French Fries ₹63.00
French Fries (Veg Snacks and Fries) ₹63.00
Cheese Fries ₹81.00
Jalapeno Fries ₹99.00
Piri Piri Fries ₹99.00
Mexican Salsa Fries ₹108.00

Non Veg Snacks and Fries

Smoked Chicken Fries ₹126.00
Chicken Spicy Stripes ₹108.00
Chicken Nuggets ₹126.00
Fried Wings ₹126.00
Chicken Lollipop ₹162.00
Chicken Lollipop (Non Veg Snacks and Fries) ₹162.00


Garlic Bread ₹80.09

Veg Salads

Thai Veggie Paneer Salad ₹63.00
Cottage Cheese Salad ₹81.00
Seasoning Yogurt Veggie Salad ₹108.00

Non Veg Salads

Thai Grill Smoke Chicken Salad ₹135.00
Chicken Breast Salad ₹144.00
Chick Chicken Salad ₹162.00

Veg Pasta

Veg Alfredo White Sauce Pasta ₹81.00
Veg Alfredo White Sauce Pasta (Veg Pasta) ₹81.00
Veg Arrabbiata Red Sauce Pasta ₹81.00
Veg Primavera Pasta (Mix Sauce) ₹90.00

Non Veg Pasta

Non Veg Alfredo White Sauce Pasta ₹117.00
Non Veg Arrabbiata Red Sauce Pasta ₹117.00
Non Veg Primavera Pasta (Mix Sauce) ₹135.00

Veg Burgers

Herb Spicy Burger ₹27.00
Mushroom Cheese Burger ₹63.00
Crunchy Crispy Burger ₹72.00
Cheese Paneer Mac Burger ₹72.00
Double Attack Cheese Burger ₹81.00

Non Veg Burgers

Chicken Burger ₹63.00
Chicken Burger (Non Veg Burgers) ₹63.00
Crispy Chicken Spicy Burger ₹72.00
Chicken Salami Burger ₹81.00
Butter Chicken Burger (Non Veg Burgers) ₹108.00
Chicken Maharaja Burger ₹126.00

Thick Shakes

Oreo Shake ₹63.00
Strawberry Shake ₹54.00
Strawberry Shake (Thick Shakes) ₹54.00
Chocolate Shake ₹54.00
Nutella Shake ₹81.00
Ferrero Rocher Shake ₹108.00


Cold Coffee Frappe ₹54.00
Hazelnut Frappe ₹63.00
Nutella Frappe ₹81.00


Masala Lemonade ₹36.00
Pink Grappe Fruit ₹54.00
Fruit Punch ₹72.00
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